Everything you need to know about 1xBet's live betting: timetable, winnings, and many other details.

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When it comes to live betting, seasoned bettors understand the importance of seizing opportunities presented by enticing odds. Hence, making swift decisions becomes paramount, and online betting has revolutionized this aspect compared to brick-and-mortar agencies. Nonetheless, not all bookmakers are created equal. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the playability of the 1xBet live betting website surpasses any competition in the field.

Skybet live
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Live Sports 6+
Live markets 80+
Live odds 93.12%
Live streaming No
Livescore Sports update: Numerous sports have been updated.
Live bonus No in-play promos
Conclusion Page with potential
FAQ 3 questions and answers
100% success rate on the initial wager 225$
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Website www.skybet.com
Overall rating 4.0 / 5.0
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During our comprehensive assessment of the Leeds book, we delved into the meticulous construction of the entire platform, placing a strong emphasis on the seamless flow of gameplay. However, in this exclusive evaluation of 1xBet's live features, we intend to explore beyond mere playability, for to limit our discussion to such a single dimension would be overly simplistic. As you are well aware, the realm of in-play betting encompasses a multitude of factors that demand careful consideration. One such factor is the availability of diverse schedules, which are subject to significant variations across different bookmakers. Additionally, we shall examine the dynamic nature of odds during live events, which often deviate from their pre-match counterparts. Furthermore, we shall assess whether the operator furnishes the discerning live player with invaluable tools to enhance their gambling experience.

A comprehensive handbook on game selection and real-time cashouts.

1xBet stands out from other bookmakers in terms of its live offerings. Unlike many competitors, they have organized their live section in a unique way. Instead of cramming all the live events onto one page, they have dedicated a separate live section for each sport. This clever division makes it incredibly easy to find the specific event you want to bet on, which is crucial for in-play betting. This approach will become even more valuable as the number of live sports events continues to grow, making it even simpler to navigate through the schedule. The live gaming options closely resemble the pre-match options. You'll find the same sports available, each with its own dedicated live section. Currently, football and tennis dominate the daily events schedule, although ice hockey also enjoys a respectable representation.

Varieties of live wagers
Football Tennis basketball Ice Hockey Volleyball
Final result Final result Final result Final result Final result
Under/Over Exact result Handicap Head to head Winning set
Goal/No Goal Under/Over sets Heads up quarter T/T Handicap Exact result
Handicap Winning set Even odd Double chance Under/Over

Football, being the most popular sport, dominates the live markets with an extensive array of betting options. Top matches alone can offer up to 80 different betting choices, providing a thrilling experience for football enthusiasts. However, 1xBet also caters to the interests of tennis, volleyball, and basketball fans, presenting a diverse range of betting possibilities. These options include head-to-head bets, partial scores, and predictions on upcoming points. When it comes to live payout, 1xBet ensures that their offerings are on par with pre-match bets. While the maximum odds may not be as high as those offered by sportsbooks like 888sport, they are still substantial and, more importantly, consistently rewarding. Football events boast an impressive payout percentage of 93.1%, while tennis matches reach up to 92.8%. Even sports like ice hockey and volleyball, which typically offer lower payouts, surpass the 91% mark, guaranteeing an enjoyable betting experience across various sports.

Discover the offerings of the 1xBet live stream.

The Leeds operator, despite being a part of an industrial group, seemingly paradoxically, has not yet developed a streaming service. While many rivals provide a comparable service, there are variations in the schedule, which proves particularly advantageous for live betting enthusiasts. Nevertheless, leveraging their expertise and access to sports rights, the parent company is actively striving to provide South African customers with an exceptional streaming service, focusing specifically on football and tennis.

There is an absence of livescore and statistics.

Regrettably, 1xBet fails to provide its customers with a substantial amount of statistics and live scores. This deficiency, which cannot be overlooked, will undeniably affect the overall rating of this particular aspect. Live statistics and historical outcome databases play a crucial role in making informed betting choices, particularly in the realm of live betting. Consequently, English bettors will need to seek alternative sources to fulfill this requirement.

I politely decline any live bonuses on offer.

If you're a bettor who thrives on seizing every opportunity to capitalize on a bookmaker's offer, you may find yourself slightly disheartened in this instance. Regrettably, 1xBet does not provide promotions or bonuses that are specifically tailored to cater to the desires of live betting enthusiasts. Nevertheless, fret not, as the enticing welcome bonus offered by this esteemed British operator is readily accessible to all new customers, extending its allure to those who wish to partake in the thrill of live betting.

An actively evolving segment currently in progress

Providing an unbiased assessment of 1xBet's live betting poses a challenge for us in this evaluation. It is crucial to distinguish between preconceived notions and the actual state of affairs when this review was written. The impeccable graphical design, seamless navigation, and enjoyable user experience unquestionably stand out. The payouts, while not exceptional, are on par with industry competitors. Regrettably, the range of events offered still lags behind that of leading market players, and the absence of streaming services, real-time scores, and statistical data is disheartening. Nonetheless, factoring in these aspects, we are inclined to give 1xBet live a favorable rating, eagerly anticipating future advancements.

Strengths and weaknesses of live betting
  • Major strengths
  • A substantial range of football markets are available.
  • Very polished graphics
  • Minor strengths
  • Awesome live hockey section
  • Major weakness points
  • Few sports available
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Streaming absent


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️ Where can I locate the live area of 1xBet?

To conveniently access the exciting world of live sports betting at 1xBet, you won't find a dedicated section that neatly organizes all the sports in one place. Instead, you'll need to explore the various live subsections specific to each sport to stay updated on the in-play schedule. This allows you to immerse yourself in the action and make informed bets as events unfold. So, embark on your thrilling journey by delving into the different live subsections and discover the dynamic atmosphere of live sports betting at 1xBet!

Can I watch live football games on 1xBet?

Currently, the British operator has not yet introduced a specialized football live streaming service. However, there is anticipation of imminent news regarding this matter in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

Is it possible for me to utilize the 1xBet welcome bonus for engaging in live gameplay?

Indeed, the British bookmaker extends its generosity to in-play betting as well, granting a remarkable £225 bonus on the initial wager. It is worth highlighting that this enticing offer is not limited solely to pre-match bets but also encompasses live betting, leaving no room for exclusivity in promotions.