The Hollywoodbets live features a comprehensive schedule, reliable payout system, and up-to-date livescore information.

Live wagering has become an increasingly thriving industry, captivating the interest of sports betting aficionados with each passing day. Regardless of whether you're just starting out or a seasoned bettor, the allure of live betting brings people together. While Hollywoodbets boasts a straightforward and neatly arranged live platform, it falls short compared to the top-tier options available in the South African market.

Hollywoodbetsk live
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Live Sports 5+
Live markets 60+
Live odds 94.25%
Live streaming No
Livescore Excellent service
Live bonus Some great giveaways
Conclusion Full sufficiency
FAQ 3 questions and answers
50% off your initial deposit 150$
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Assessment 4.25 / 5.0
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For those interested in exploring the offerings of the French operator, this section aims to delve into the realm of live gaming, regardless of the availability of streaming services. Additionally, users can have access to an array of statistics and the livescore of matches taking place across the globe on a daily basis. If you have a curious mind and wish to uncover all the wonders that this transalpine bookmaker has in store for its customers, simply continue perusing this page.

Hollywoodbetsk: Balancing Game Propositions and Payouts

The schedule at Hollywoodbets does not have as many events as one would expect, and it never includes more than 5 sports, in contrast to Betwinner's 10, for instance. Football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball are the fixed sports, while baseball, tennis, and other sports rotate depending on the season. Even in terms of markets, there isn't a wide range of options since most of them are focused on football at the expense of other sports. The dedicated section for a specific match is well-organized with constantly updated odds and an infographic that provides you with all the necessary information about the game's progress: scores, offensive moves, disciplinary actions, and various other details based on the sport you choose to follow.

Different categories of in-play wagers
Football Tennis basketball Ice Hockey Volleyball
Final result Final result Final result Final result Final result
The team that will score next Game winner Total points Total goals Set winner
Double chance Correct set score Time result Period result Handicap set
Exact result Total game points Even odd First goal minute Total sets

When conducting a comprehensive evaluation of a bookmaker, payouts are a highly relevant and ever-present subject. Football, in particular, remains a focal point, with a pinnacle not surpassing 90.9%. In this regard, it becomes quite apparent that there is a noticeable disparity between Hollywoodbets and the leading performers in the industry. Turning our attention to tennis, the payout percentages range from 89.6% to 92%, offering a relatively diverse landscape. However, it is in basketball where we encounter an intriguing scenario. The operator holds both the minimal and maximal records for payout peaks in this sport, at 86.1% and 94.2% respectively. As for other sports, they all align flawlessly with the national average, boasting percentages that fall between 91.2% and 92.2%.

No live stream

Regrettably, Hollywoodbets happens to be among the limited number of bookmakers featured on this platform that lacks a live sports streaming interface. We are all aware of the significance of this feature for individuals engaging in real-time betting, and thus, we hold high hopes that the French company will promptly address this deficiency. If you find yourself in need of such a service, intertops might be an appropriate alternative for you, and it is worth noting that Betwinner also possesses commendable attributes.

A superb live scoring and statistical service

Hollywoodbets may not offer live streaming, but that doesn't stop them from impressing their customers with comprehensive sports updates from across the globe. While their graphical interface could use some improvement, they make up for it with an extensive range of tracked events that can be easily sorted by sport. This means you'll not only find football updates, but also updates on motorsports, volleyball, basketball, and even less mainstream sports like badminton and billiards. However, where this French operator truly shines is in the realm of statistics. With a dedicated page filled with an abundance of sporting data, Hollywoodbets leaves no stone unturned. Whether it's a tennis match you're interested in, you'll discover everything from the number of participants in the tournament to the tournament bracket, head-to-head records, and detailed statistics for each player.

There were also unexpected developments in terms of promotional activities.

If you want to enhance your winning potential in the realm of gambling, why not explore the promotions section on the website of the renowned French bookmaker? This exclusive page is brimming with captivating deals that can even be utilized during live betting sessions. One prime example is the widely recognized accumulation bonus, where you can enjoy incremental boosts based on the number of events incorporated into your betting slip, all in real-time.

Hollywoodbets receives a 7 on the report card.

Hollywoodbets' unresolved issues overshadow the presence of a comprehensive livescore and statistics service. Whether it is a deliberate company policy or not, they have opted to maintain a comparatively restricted live betting selection. To further enhance their competitiveness, addressing the absence of live TV, which is offered by numerous other live betting platforms we have evaluated, is an imperative task at hand.

Strengths and weaknesses of live betting
  • Major strengths
  • Fantastic variety of soccer options available
  • Additionally, minor sports are also in attendance.
  • Minor strengths
  • Info and statistics presented with animated visuals.
  • Major Weaknesses
  • No streaming available
  • A limited number of markets available for certain games.
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Unappealing graphics

In the final evaluation, it is worth noting that a slight tweak to the distribution of payouts in favor of players can only be beneficial. The overall quality of the product is commendable, with room for enhancement in different areas. When it comes to live betting, it unquestionably merits a solid 7.


For additional details regarding Hollywoodbets and their live betting option, feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We are more than happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

What are the advantages of live betting on Hollywoodbets?

With its vast array of betting markets and an impressive live football schedule, the Hollywoodbets live platform emerges as a top-notch choice for enthusiasts seeking real-time betting thrills. This platform is a haven for football fans, offering an extensive range of wagering opportunities to keep you engaged throughout every match. Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of live betting, where you can seize the moment and place your bets as the action unfolds. Hollywoodbets live platform ensures that you never miss a beat, providing an exhilarating experience for both casual punters and seasoned bettors alike. Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of live betting and embrace the excitement that awaits!

Which sports are available for streaming on the Hollywoodbets platform?

Regrettably, the video streaming service has yet to be introduced by the current French operator.

⚽ How can I locate the section that displays the real-time scores and statistical information?

In the right sidebar under "betting tips and tricks," Hollywoodbets offers a specialized section dedicated solely to these two offerings. Here, users can conveniently access a wealth of valuable information for their betting needs. By clicking on this section, you will be instantly directed to a comprehensive collection of statistics and a live scores tracker, ensuring that you stay well-informed as you navigate the exciting world of online betting.

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