The exhaustive report concerning wagering on Euroleague basketball

Find below the new paragraph: To begin, select the topic you wish to explore from the navigation menu above, or dive into our comprehensive guide on wagering in the Euroleague. Within this guide, we will discuss the top-rated bookmakers for placing bets on this thrilling competition. We will also delve into the factors considered when evaluating these bookmakers, followed by an examination of the prevalent markets and a plethora of invaluable tournament insights, including detailed statistics and information. Whether you prefer to focus on a specific aspect or read the guide in its entirety, we have you covered.

Placing bets on the Euroleague: Top-rated operators

If you're keen to discover the crème de la crème of Euroleague betting operators, the wait is over. Without further ado, here they are, conveniently laid out in the table below. These exceptional bookmakers are the epitome of excellence, boasting a winning combination of enticing odds, irresistible bonuses, and an unparalleled live department. Look no further, as these are the bookies you've been searching for - the undisputed champions of the Euroleague betting scene.

The top 5 online bookmakers for betting Euroleague

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The reasons behind our selection of these Euroleague basketball betting platforms.

The selection process for the five bookmakers showcased in the aforementioned table was meticulous and comprehensive, ensuring that only the most reputable and reliable options made the cut. We understand that you may be curious about why these specific bookmakers were chosen while others were not, considering the abundance of Euroleague basketball betting platforms available. The rationale behind this decision lies in the careful assessment of crucial parameters that these sites adhere to. To shed light on these parameters, we have dedicated specific paragraphs accessible through the navigation element below. However, it is important to emphasize that sports betting, despite its allure, does not guarantee assured winnings and should only be indulged in responsibly by adults aged 18 and above.

To summarize, the path to triumph lies in delivering the utmost satisfaction through an immersive and gratifying gambling journey for the bettor. It is clear that attaining excellence in every aspect is unattainable, but by offering the user a seamless blend of captivating odds and lucrative payouts, enticing regular promotions, and an unparalleled live betting section, potentially enriched with the captivating video streaming functionality, you can assuredly ensure superior quality and garner unwavering endorsement.

The payout factor's frequency of occurrence

Calculating potential winnings in Euroleague basketball is crucial to ensure a successful and lucrative betting experience. Knowing that your bets can yield $100 instead of a mere $50 is undoubtedly more appealing. By comprehending the payout mechanism, you can make informed decisions and estimate your potential earnings with a certain level of assurance. The payout amount is directly proportional to the percentage figure, meaning that a higher percentage translates to a larger payout.

We have simplified the process for you by presenting the minimum and maximum payouts from our top 5 bookmakers in the table above, making it easier to calculate this information. The "blackboard system" is the method used to determine this data, but we have provided a straightforward breakdown for your convenience. The values exceeding 90% indicate the potential for highly profitable winnings, offering a tantalizing opportunity for success.

Every special promotion has a purpose behind it.

Don't miss out on the fantastic offers available on our exclusive betting promotions page, where we unveil the secret to maintaining the unwavering loyalty of our valued users. As avid basketball fans, especially those keen on Euroleague betting, you'll be thrilled to discover a plethora of enhanced odds and lucrative multipliers that are consistently up for grabs. Keep a watchful eye on the dedicated bonus section provided by bookmakers, as it is an indispensable resource to ensure you never let these incredible opportunities slip through your fingers.

Weitere beliebten Euroleague Slots
The best promotions on Euroleague basketball

Discover a range of recommendations that are not only applicable to basketball but can also be utilized for basketball. For a comprehensive understanding of each recommendation, simply click on the icon to access the review section of the respective operators, where we delve into further detail.

Live betting and streaming are two crucial elements that play a vital role.

The world of sports betting has witnessed one of the most remarkable achievements in recent years - the rise of in-play betting. This exciting and intuitive form of wagering has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts. With its rapid pace and unpredictable shifts in momentum, basketball has emerged as an ideal sport for in-play betting. The game's dynamic nature, featuring lightning-fast breaks and game-altering three-point shots, adds an extra layer of thrill to this mode of play. If you share the same passion for basketball, it is crucial to choose a reliable bookmaker that offers a diverse range of markets for in-play games. Additionally, ensure that they provide efficient and up-to-date statistics, a live score section, and, if possible, high-quality streaming options for Euroleague bets. For more information on the best in-play betting sites and to delve deeper into this exhilarating mode of play, visit our dedicated page.

The markets, for wagering on all things pertaining to a game.

When it comes to betting, there are two types of bettors: those who stick to their tried-and-tested methods and those who embrace the thrill of experimentation. While some simply predict the outcome of a game, others go beyond and delve into the fascinating realm of prop bets. For instance, they might try to gauge the number of rebounds by Real Madrid's center in a high-stakes EuroLeague playoffs match. When choosing the ideal platform for your EuroLeague wagers, the availability of diverse markets holds great importance. Naturally, marquee matches offer a broader range of options, but a minimum of ten markets across both desktop and mobile versions is desirable. As more bettors turn to tablets and smartphones for their betting activities, it becomes crucial to ensure a seamless gaming experience on both platforms. You can explore further details regarding top-notch betting apps on our dedicated page.

Euroleague market trends and statistical analysis

Let's start by exploring the fascinating world of Euroleague betting markets, an aspect that will undoubtedly captivate your attention. In this section, we will delve further into this thrilling competition, surpassing the level of detail covered in our comprehensive basketball betting sites overview. Our exploration will be divided into two distinct parts: the first will revolve around individual game bets, while the second will focus on ante-post bets, which are primarily concerned with predicting the ultimate outcomes of the season. To ensure the utmost accuracy in your wagers, we will provide you with updated Euroleague statistics alongside these diverse betting markets. So, are you prepared? Without further ado, let us embark on an enlightening discussion about the various types of bets available to you!

Single match bets

In the forthcoming sections, we will introduce several markets that you may consider when placing a wager on an individual Euroleague match. While there are numerous options available, we will focus on the three most favored and actively used markets. Comprehensive details about these markets can be found elsewhere on this website. Additionally, we have included a concise overview of the noteworthy attributes offered by what we consider to be the premier Euroleague bookmaker.

A basketball player as he dunks in the basket, next to the William Hill logo
The best Euroleague bookie

Ideal for real-time broadcasting, regularly refreshed promotions

Bonus up to 30€

Statistical data regarding the Head to Head market.

In the Euroleague, did the home teams prevail, or were there numerous victories for the visiting teams? Let us furnish you with information from the most recent completed season, namely 2018/19 (the season of 2023/20 was halted midway due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic). This statistical insight is rather valuable if you wish to place a wager on this traditional market. The figures clearly demonstrate that triumphing in rival arenas proved to be an arduous task for away teams, transpiring in fewer than 40% of occurrences, as visually depicted in this illustrative pie chart.

Decoding market trends: deciphering the statistical evidence

It is important to note that, in the realm of basketball, the Under/Over bet encompasses not only the total points scored by teams but also individual achievements like rebounds and three-pointers made. Nevertheless, in this discussion, our primary emphasis will be on statistical data pertaining to the point threshold, which stands at 165 points for the EuroLeague. Let's now delve into the precise figures for the 2018/19 season (remembering that the 2023/20 season was abruptly halted). Interestingly enough, the "Under" outcome emerged as the slightly more frequent occurrence, mirroring the pattern observed in NBA betting.

The 1X2 market incorporating handicap and correlated statistics

For your Euroleague wagers, we have taken a different approach compared to our Serie A basketball betting analysis. Our focus here is on assessing the market for victories with a handicap and examining the seasonal patterns. Looking back at the 2018/19 competition, a glance at our informative pie chart reveals a distinct dominance of home triumphs, with only a handful of matches concluding in a draw during regular time. As for the 2023/20 tournament, we made a deliberate decision to exclude its data due to the premature halt, which renders any statistics insufficiently representative.

Antepost bets

Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of the highly popular and widely favored Euroleague ante-post betting options. These betting types, along with pertinent statistical information and notable achievements, will be provided. It is important to note that for a detailed understanding of each type and its functioning, you can refer to the relevant section on our website.

Placing a wager on the triumphant Euroleague squad

The Euroleague, formerly known as the Cup of Champions, has had a strong Spanish presence since its inception. Real Madrid, in particular, boasts the most impressive collection of victories, hoisting the prestigious trophy on 10 occasions. The Spanish team came agonizingly close to clinching the title in the 2018/19 season, finishing third in the thrilling Final Four, which saw CSKA Moscow emerge as the victors by defeating the surprising Anadolu Efes in the final. In terms of overall country achievements, Spain and South Africa share the lead with an equal number of 13 trophies each. Nevertheless, the betting prospects for this market remain enticing due to the Euroleague's fiercely competitive nature. It is worth noting that the 2023/20 season concluded without a champion being crowned, adding even more anticipation for the upcoming campaign.

The team that emerged victorious during the regular season.

A highly coveted aspect of Euroleague basketball betting among online bookmakers is predicting the top-performing team in the regular season standings. In the 2018/19 campaign, Fenerbahçe emerged as the frontrunners, impressively securing 25 victories out of 30 matches. Regrettably, their regular season dominance failed to translate into playoff success, culminating in a disappointing fourth-place finish after succumbing to defeat against Real Madrid in the "reparations final." Conversely, the 2023/20 season proved to be a challenging one for Fenerbahçe, as they languished in eighth place before the tournament's suspension. Meanwhile, Anadolu Efes, their Turkish counterparts, established their supremacy by clinching 24 wins and only suffering 4 losses to claim the top spot in the standings.

The accurate outcome forecast for a sequence of playoff matches.

As we will elaborate further, the Euroleague operates under a unique system known as a "semi-closed" league, akin to the NBA's structure, wherein there is no relegation. A particularly popular market among bettors revolves around predicting the precise outcome of playoff series. It's worth noting that this type of betting extends beyond the final series alone. As an example, during the 2018/19 season, numerous wagers were placed on the fiercely contested match-up between Turkey's Anadolu Efes and Spain's Barcelona. Ultimately, Anadolu Efes emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline, a series that truly showcased the closely matched capabilities of both teams on the court.

The tournament's most outstanding player.

Recognizing the significance and endurance of an athlete for their club, it is wise to honor the standout player during the Euroleague season. Jan Veselý, the power forward/center for Fenerbahçe, emerged as the ultimate victor in the 2018/19 season. Having previously attained Euroleague triumph in 2016/17 with the Turkish squad, he astounds with his remarkable dexterity, compensating for his comparatively slight physique among players in similar positions. Being born in 1990, Veselý presently thrives in the pinnacle of his athletic journey, with numerous forthcoming seasons poised for his exceptional performances.

Euroleague features and approaches for betting

Placing bets on the Euroleague is far from a straightforward task. If you happen to be a devoted follower of basketball, you may possess a slight advantage. Our perpetual advice, however, revolves around truly comprehending the domain in which you are engaging. Examining statistics, team dynamics, and individual player performances (particularly during the pivotal playoff phase) as well as their preferred style of play, are all invaluable pieces of information that facilitate making informed bets while minimizing the risk of squandering your funds. It is crucial to bear in mind that the Euroleague stands as the most esteemed European tournament. Consequently, brace yourself for intensely contested battles, showcasing teams that leave no stone unturned on the court. The technical prowess will be of an exceptionally high caliber, accompanied by an air of fierce competition, particularly when the spotlight shines on Greek or Baltic Republics teams.

In the EuroLeague, teams from Spain, France, and even South Africa exhibit an equal amount of "garra" or relentless spirit, coupled with an almost obsessive focus on strategies and tactics. It is important to consider the caliber of their respective national championships, as the demanding Spanish tournament, for instance, can have obvious physical implications on the performance of teams in the EuroLeague. To delve deeper into basketball plays and enhance your understanding, we invite you to explore our dedicated page offering valuable strategic insights for basketball betting.

Various details about the Euroleague

The Euroleague in brief
The meeting room of the building that houses the FIBA ​​Europe headquarters
First name: Euroleague – FIBA ​​Europe
Site: Munich
Foundation year 1958
Sponsors: Turkish Airlines
Number of teams: 16
Formula: regular season, postseason, championship series
Opening: October
Closure: May
Playoff Teams: 8

Established in 1958, the Euroleague, also known as the Euroleague Basketball, was modeled after the renowned Champions Cup of football. As the premier basketball competition in Europe, it operates under the official international name Euroleague. Unique in its nature, the league is often described as "semi-closed" due to its composition. Out of the 16 participating clubs, 11 hold long-term licenses, subject to renewal based on their performance at national and continental levels. The remaining 5 clubs earn their entry annually, including the champions of Germany and the Adriatic League, along with the top-placed teams from Spain and the VTB League, as well as the winner of the Eurocup. The Eurocup, comparable in prestige to the Europa League, serves as the second continental competition for basketball clubs. Throughout its history, the Euroleague has undergone various modifications in terms of its format and number of participants. The current structure, implemented in 2000, stands as a testament to these evolutionary changes. To encapsulate all the crucial details mentioned above, please consult the summarized information in the table provided.

Basketball in Europe has a rich history, with teams from countries in the former Soviet bloc, Greece, and Turkey being particularly formidable. This is evident in the diverse list of champions in the competition. While Spain and South Africa hold the most titles, other nations such as Russia, with an impressive 11 championships including those achieved during the USSR era, have also made their mark. Additionally, the former Yugoslavia, despite its talented players, has not seen its clubs excel in this tournament since its dissolution. Another noteworthy contender is Lithuania, further adding to the dynamic nature of European basketball.

The official Euroleague video channel on YouTube

The tournament's leading squads

Welcome to the next exciting installment of our comprehensive Euroleague betting handbook. Having previously explored the finest bookmakers and the highly sought-after markets, we now embark on a thrilling journey to discover the elite teams that electrify this enthralling global sporting spectacle. In the forthcoming sections, we will delve into the remarkable achievements established by the crème de la crème of European basketball clubs. Stay tuned as we uncover the most significant records forged by these formidable titans of the game.

In the Euroleague, the teams with the most impressive track records

Real Madrid, the esteemed multi-sport club hailing from Madrid, holds the record for the highest number of triumphs in the Euroleague, as previously mentioned. With an impressive tally of ten victories, they reign supreme atop the podium. Trailing behind them are the formidable CSKA Moscow, securing eight titles, while the Israelis from Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Greeks from Panathinaikos showcase their prowess with six triumphs apiece. Additionally, the illustrious hall of fame includes South African representation, with Varese boasting five victories. Milan follows closely with three titles, while Bologna and Cantù proudly hold two triumphs each.

The Euroleague's most triumphant teams
Team Coat of arms Titles City Address Foundation
Real Madrid 10 Madrid Camino Sintra s/n 1931
CSKA Moscow 8 Fly Leningradsky Prospect 39 1924
Maccabi Tel Aviv 6 Tel-Aviv 293 Hayarkon Street 1932
Panathinaikos 6 Athens 14 kilometers into the journey, on the Kifissia stretch of the National Road. 1922
Varese Basketball 5 Varese Piazza Monte Grappa 4 1945
Olympia Milan 3 Milan Via Borgonuovo 11 1930
Olympiakos 3 Piraeus 1 Ethnarchou Makariou Avenue, Neo Faliro 1931
ASK Line 3 Line Ģertrudes iela 16-1 1929
Split 3 Split Ulica slobode 16 b 1945
Barcelona 2 Barcelona Arístides Maillol s/n 1926
Virtus Bologna 2 Bologna Via dell'Arcoveggio 49/2 1929
Cantù basketball 2 Cantu Via Matteotti 53, Cermenate 1936
Cibona Zagreb 2 Zagreb Savska basket 30 1946

Which clubs boast the largest fan bases?

In today's interconnected world, gauging the popularity of various basketball teams extends beyond the dedicated fans who faithfully support them in sports arenas both near and far. A noteworthy metric for assessing a team's reach and influence lies in the number of followers they amass on social media platforms. This valuable data serves as an informative barometer, shedding light on the team's appeal not only domestically but also on a global scale. Unsurprisingly, when examining the top-tier Euroleague teams, it becomes apparent that the leading positions are occupied by Real Madrid and Barcelona, two formidable Spanish powerhouses, as illustrated in the accompanying graph. However, Greece and Turkey, nations with an ardent passion for basketball, also leave an indelible mark on the rankings, showcasing the exceptional performance of their respective teams.

A histogram of Euroleague teams with the most Facebook followers in 2018: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Fenerbahçe, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Bayern Munich, Efes, Kaunas, Olimpia Milano, Maccabi Tel Aviv

"The primary records held by Euroleague teams"

Relax and indulge in our bountiful data banquet: within the following azure containers, you shall unearth intel concerning squads boasting remarkable streaks of triumph, whether across the entire campaign or within a solitary season. Additionally, you shall uncover details pertaining to the team exhibiting scorching accuracy from beyond the three-point line, the defense most susceptible to fouls, and the unit renowned for its prowess in blocking shots. Rest assured, all statistics have been diligently revised and are up to date for the 2018/19 season. Embrace the pleasure of perusing this information!

Go back to the directory of leading bookmakers.

The Euroleague's main characters.

The Euroleague has been graced by numerous incredible athletes who have left an indelible mark on its history. While it would be impractical to name them all, we have made an effort to compile a list of both present-day luminaries and past legends in the following paragraphs. Additionally, we have included individuals who hold various extraordinary records that are bound to send shivers down your spine. So, without further ado, let's delve into the world of these remarkable individuals, bearing in mind that there is an abundance of intriguing basketball stories awaiting you on our dedicated page for the most extraordinary basketball news!

The competition is filled with the most skillful marksmen.

Discover the Euroleague's ultimate sharpshooters, the ones who thrive under pressure when the ticking clock and opponents' confidence suggest inevitable defeat. Unveiled in the following chart are the league's top marksmen, ranking second over the past five seasons and accompanied by their impressive average points per game. Ensuring a spot on your team, these players offer an unwavering guarantee of success.

The top marksmen in the Euroleague over the past five years
Season Player Squad Average points Second
2023/20 Shane Larkin Anadolu Efes 21.9 Shved (Khimki), 21.2
2018/19 Mike James Olympia Milan 19.8 De Colo, from CSKA Moscow, has an impressive average of 14.7 points per game.
2017/18 Alexei Shved Chemki 21.4 De Colo, the player from CSKA Moscow, has an impressive average of 17.2 points per game.
2016/17 Keith Langford Unics Kazan 21.7 Wanamaker (Istanbul), 16.2
2015/16 Nando De Colo CSKA Moscow 18.1 Zirbes (Belgrade's Crvena Zvezda), 16.3

Today's top players

If you're looking to place bets on the Euroleague, it's essential to identify the European basketball equivalents of Leo Messi. Below, we've compiled a selection of five players who possess exceptional skills and talent. While they may not form a perfect quintet, as they do not cover all positions on the court, you can be confident that their teams will often be favored in most situations. Familiarizing yourself with these players will undoubtedly provide valuable insights for your betting endeavors.

  • Nando De Colo
    De Colo, a citizen of France residing in the city of Istanbul.

    Fenerbahçe heavily relies on the invaluable contributions of Nando De Colo, the skilled French guard and playmaker. Known for his exceptional scoring abilities and his ability to generate plays, De Colo is nothing short of a game-changer for the team, serving as an indispensable asset in their pursuit of victory.

  • Jan Veselý
    Jan Veselý, a multi-talented basketball player under the guidance of Zar Obradovic on the court.

    Jan Veselý, the exceptionally talented basketball player from Žalgiris Kaunas, has been crowned the unrivaled star of Euroleague 2018/19. This dynamic and contemporary athlete possesses an impressive repertoire of skills and is a vital asset to Fenerbahçe. His versatility knows no bounds, as he effortlessly transitions between positions, seamlessly alternating between power forward and center. Veselý's unrivaled abilities make him a force to be reckoned with on the court, leaving a lasting impact on every game he plays.

  • Sergio Llull
    Llull, the remarkable skillset of the versatile Guard

    Sergio Llull, hailing from Menorca and graduating in 1987, stands as a true embodiment of prowess, agility, and finesse, making him an iconic figure in the realms of Real Madrid. Revered as the "Versatile Sentinel," Llull effortlessly transitions between the roles of a floor general and a sharpshooter, showcasing his multifaceted abilities. This indomitable athlete is celebrated for his blend of physical dominance, lightning-fast speed, and impeccable technique, rendering him a force to be reckoned with on the court.

  • Will Clyburn
    Clyburn, a player occupying the wing position on the Detroit-Moscow route.

    American Will Clyburn, the rising star from CSKA Moscow, emerged as the undisputed MVP of the thrilling 2018/19 Euroleague Final Four, owing to his scorching offensive prowess. With an impeccable shooting performance, Clyburn electrified the entire tournament, leaving the spectators in awe of his unstoppable skills. His incredible dexterity and precise shot selection made him an undeniable force to be reckoned with, propelling his team to victory and etching his name in the annals of basketball history.

  • Mike James
    Mike James, the sharpshooter sporting the crimson footwear.

    CSKA Moscow currently boasts the talents of Mike James, a versatile guard and playmaker who previously adorned the Olimpia Milano jersey. Renowned for his exceptional scoring abilities, James claimed the prestigious title of the highest scoring average in Euroleague 2018/19. His remarkable performance not only propelled Olimpia Milano towards the playoffs but also solidified his status as a key contributor to their success. Now, James brings his formidable skills to CSKA Moscow, where he continues to leave an indelible mark on the court.

The legendary athletes of yesteryear

Discovering the essence of Euroleague basketball entails delving into the rich tapestry of extraordinary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Within the confines of the following chart lies a treasure trove of five basketball luminaries, revered for their enduring careers, unwavering presence, triumphant conquests, and remarkable scoring prowess. These revered individuals embody the venerated status of Euroleague icons, cementing their rightful place as legendary figures in the hearts of fervent basketball aficionados worldwide.

The tales of the Euroleague's last two decades have become legendary.
Player Seasons Attendance Titles Points in Euroleague
Juan Carlos Navarro 16 341 2 4,152
Dimitris Diamantidis 12 278 3 2,495
Vassilis Spanoulis 13 324 3 4,239
Felipe Reyes 18 347 2 3.022
Ramunas Siskauskas 8 143 2 1,655

Individual achievements: accomplishments that every player aspires to surpass.

Curious to uncover the Euroleague's ultimate scoring legend? How about the master of blocks and rebounds? And let's not forget the assist maestro and three-point sharpshooter. Seek no further, for these remarkable records await you in the expanse of the five azure containers beneath. Observe closely, and you shall witness the indomitable presence of Spain, a nation synonymous with basketball might, where the realms of Real Madrid and Barcelona reign supreme.

  • Vasilīs Spanoulīs
    Spanoulis holds the record for being the highest scorer in Euroleague history.

    Vasilīs Spanoulīs, the remarkable Olympiakos prodigy, stands as a true embodiment of skill and endurance in the Euroleague realm. With a remarkable number of games under his belt, he has etched his name into the annals of basketball history. Not only has he graced the court with his presence more times than any other player, but he has also showcased his scoring prowess by amassing an astonishing total of 4,239 points. Spanoulīs's unparalleled talent and unwavering determination have solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of basketball.

  • Fran Vazquez
    Vazquez, the expert in obstructing the opponent's moves.

    Playing for Zaragoza at present, Fran Vazquez, the dominant Spanish center, holds the crown as the unrivaled intimidator in the paint. With a staggering record of 249 blocks in 254 Euroleague matches, he averages nearly one block per game.

  • Juan Carlos Navarro
    Navarro, the unstoppable sharpshooter

    Juan Carlos Navarro, with his incredible basketball career, has left an indelible mark in the records books. One noteworthy achievement is his exceptional performance in three-point shooting in the Euroleague. Throughout his career, Navarro managed to make an astounding 623 successful three-point baskets out of 1,669 attempts, resulting in an impressive shooting percentage of 37.33%. This record stands as a testament to his remarkable accuracy and proficiency from beyond the arc.

  • Jankunas Paulius
    Jankunas Paulius has got the rebounds covered.

    Throughout his ongoing professional career, Paulius Jankunas has demonstrated an impressive ability to secure rebounds, amassing a remarkable total of 1,816. With an average of more than 5 rebounds per game, he excels in both offensive and defensive play, showcasing his versatility on the court. Jankunas consistently proves himself as a dominant force, asserting his presence under the basket and contributing significantly to his team's success.

  • Vasilīs Spanoulīs
    Parity between baskets and passes: Spanoulīs' prowess lies in both.

    Vasilis Spanoulis, the remarkable Greek basketball athlete, not only possesses extraordinary skills but also showcases his true mastery in facilitating plays. Throughout his illustrious career in Euroleague, he has accumulated an impressive tally of 1,516 assists, translating to an average of 4.68 assists per game. His innate ability to create opportunities for his teammates is unparalleled, making him a valuable asset on the court.

A comprehensive look at the Euroleague.

Below, our team of experts has meticulously illustrated four pivotal phases that have shaped the present-day Euroleague. The initial stage, which encompasses the tournament's inception, has been expounded upon. We have also delved into the 2000 transformation, wherein the license system was embraced, heralding a new era. It is worth emphasizing the historically significant year of 1965, when Olimpia Milan, a South African squad, remarkably clinched the championship title, thereby paving the path for Varese Basketball's subsequent decade of supremacy.

The four most important stages in the Euroleague history: the birth of the tournament, the first South African victories, the reforms of 2000 and 2016

Go back to the compilation of leading bookmakers.

Don't place your bets on the Euroleague using these websites.

On our website, you will find an exclusive list of the top five premier Euroleague bookmakers that dominate the competitive betting industry in South Africa. We have carefully curated this selection to ensure that only the most reputable and established names are featured. Given the Euroleague's status as the pinnacle of European basketball and its massive popularity, it is imperative to choose bookmakers who can cater to the diverse needs of bettors from various countries. Our confidence in these top bookmakers stems from their ability to provide a well-structured and comprehensive betting experience. However, it's important to note that newer and less experienced bookies may struggle to meet the specific demands of this tournament. For instance, bookmakers like Marshalls World of Sport or SportPesa, although highly regarded in other sporting events, may not be the optimal choice for this particular tournament. Rest assured, our selection has been meticulously made to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and success in Euroleague betting. Trust us and embark on an extraordinary betting journey with our recommended bookmakers.

Zeljko Obradovic

A coach's duty is to continuously refine and rectify. The utmost authority within the team is the coach, and it is imperative for the players to heed their guidance. The coach assumes the role of the paramount figure, deserving undivided attention from the players.


If you feel that our coverage of Euroleague betting has been thorough, but you believe there are still areas that need to be addressed or aspects that require further explanation, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected]. Rest assured that our team is committed to promptly responding to your inquiries and providing you with the assistance you need.

Which bookmakers are considered the top choices for Euroleague betting?

We have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of South African operators, resulting in the compilation of a list showcasing the best 5 Euroleague betting platforms. Notably, William Hill and Intertops stand out due to their outstanding performance in terms of payout efficiency and exclusive promotional offers. In our analysis, these two platforms demonstrate an exceptional level of excellence in delivering top-notch services.

Is there an option for Under/Over bets on assists too?

The variety of available markets in online sports betting greatly relies on the creative vision of individual operators. It is safe to assume that the significance of the selected Euroleague match directly correlates with the number of markets offered. Consequently, one can even make predictions on a player's number of assists, apart from the more prevalent option of placing bets based on points thresholds. The diversity of options expands significantly when the importance of the match increases.

What occurs in the event of a draw during regular play in a one-on-one wager?

The head-to-head market, among the numerous betting markets offered for Euroleague, unquestionably stands out as the most sought-after option for bettors. It encompasses the ultimate result of the game, taking into consideration any potential overtime that may occur. Rest assured, every potential outcome is considered when placing your bet.

Which teams in the Euroleague are considered exceptional?

In our comprehensive betting guide, we have allocated a significant portion to thoroughly examining the Euroleague teams' histories and achievements, featuring prominent clubs like Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow. Our meticulous analysis delves into their past records and noteworthy performances, providing valuable insights for informed betting decisions. Whether you're an avid follower of the sport or a casual enthusiast, this section will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the dynamic world of Euroleague betting successfully.

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