An in-depth analysis of Betsafe's live betting platform: a comprehensive review.

In the world of in-play betting, the smallest intricacies can yield significant variations. The importance of swift reactions is magnified, necessitating a user-friendly and instantly accessible online platform. Therefore, our assessment of BetStar's live page left us pleasantly astonished. The real-time wagers provided by this bookmaker seamlessly blend optimal functionality with flawless visual aesthetics. Furthermore, their comprehensive daily timetables rank among the most extensive in the realm of licensed South African betting websites.

Bet Stars live
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Live Sports 6+
Live markets 50+
Live odds 93.45%
Live streaming No
Livescore Perfect product
Live bonus Something moves
Conclusion High playability
FAQ 3 questions and answers
First bet + tranche 25€
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Assessment 4.25 / 5.0
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Throughout our comprehensive analysis of Betsafe, we have meticulously explored every aspect, recognizing their significance in the process of selecting a trusted betting provider. With utmost scrutiny, we have examined the complete spectrum of wagers, meticulously evaluating each event and market. Additionally, we have obtained the precise information regarding minimum and maximum payouts for every sport, and meticulously tested the myriad of supplementary services offered by the bookmaker, encompassing live statistics, historical results, and streaming functionality. However, we refrain from divulging all the intriguing details that await you in the subsequent sections.

The up-close observation of the live payment timetable.

In our comprehensive overview of Betsafe, we previously highlighted the striking similarity between their live betting and pre-match options. The selection of sports remains consistent, encompassing football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, and handball. However, it is worth noting that the variety of leagues and tournaments available is slightly reduced. The inclusion of more obscure leagues such as the Palestinian, Paraguayan, and Bahraini leagues, as well as minor leagues like the English Isthmian Football League or the Argentine Primera D Metropolitana, is limited. Additionally, certain youth tournaments like the South African Campionato Primavera may not be featured. Nevertheless, the daily offering of live betting events is impressive, averaging over 150 opportunities per day, ensuring that enthusiasts of this betting format are suitably catered for. The primary divergence between live and pre-match betting lies in the selection of markets. For instance, when it comes to in-play football betting, the number of available betting types is reduced from over one hundred to a maximum of fifty for the most high-profile matches. There is undoubtedly room for improvement in this aspect.

Different categories of in-play wagers
Football Tennis basketball Ice Hockey Volleyball
Final results Winning match Final results Final results Final results
Total Goals Winning set Handicap Overtime winner Winning set
Next goal Exact score set Fourth winner Handicap Total set points
Exact result Correct score game Total points quarter Winning period Exact result

Based on the captivating data extracted from Betsafe's dynamic odds, we have acquired riveting insights that are pivotal to our comprehensive assessment, determining the finest live betting platform on a monthly basis. Football showcases unparalleled percentages, boasting extraordinary zeniths of up to 93.4% alongside commendable averages. Notably, basketball and ice hockey also exhibit stellar performances, with maximum payouts nearing 93%. Conversely, tennis, previously acknowledged for its pre-game odds, exhibits a slight lag. Nonetheless, it is worth highlighting that even the minimum odds for this racket sport persistently outshine the norm.

The absence of the Betsafe stream still persists.

While the game selection and live betting odds at Betsafe were impressive, it was disappointing to find no live sports streaming page. This absence can be particularly frustrating for experienced live bettors. However, there is good news on the horizon, as the Stars group bookmaker is actively working to introduce this service to its platform in the near future. In the meantime, if you're in urgent need of live sports streaming, we suggest exploring the offerings of Sports Illustrated Matchpoint and World Sports Betting. These two South African bookmakers may have just what you're looking for in terms of live streaming options.

An examination of Betsafe statistics and live match scores

On the Betsafe betting platform, you can conveniently access a comprehensive and up-to-date archive of sports results. To locate this feature, navigate to the lower toolbar on the homepage and click on the Results section. In contrast, Betsafe's livescore feature is integrated within the in-play betting page. This also holds true for live match statistics, which are crucial for informed betting decisions. With a single click, you can select your desired match, even on your mobile device, and gain access to a dedicated page showcasing detailed infographics and an extensive range of available betting markets for that specific match.

Bet live and enjoy exclusive bonuses - it's possible at times!

For every betting enthusiast, the ultimate goal is to discover lucrative promotions that can be leveraged to boost their winnings. While such opportunities may not arise frequently, Betsafe offers occasional live bonuses that can be utilized for real-time betting, making them highly sought after. Another option worth considering is making use of the welcome bonus specifically tailored for in-play betting. These alternatives provide bettors with various avenues to maximize their chances of success and enhance their overall betting experience.

Engage in dynamic live betting experiences with exceptional playability.

The live evaluation of Betsafe has reached its logical endpoint and could not omit a final assessment of the operator's in-play offering located in Malta. The examination of the game offering and payout proceeded without complications. We were fond of the offering since it mirrors the pre-match timetable, albeit with a reduced selection of markets, an aspect we couldn't help but emphasize. The inclusion of live historical results and statistics has pleasantly amazed us in terms of comprehensiveness and visually appealing graphics.

Strengths and weaknesses of live betting
  • Main strengths
  • The payouts of live events are at a satisfactory level.
  • Intuitive graphics
  • Minor strengths
  • Thoughtfully selected real-time data
  • Main Weaknesses
  • No live streaming
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • None

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on a fantastic live streaming platform, which ultimately resulted in a deduction of points in our evaluation. Nevertheless, we remained focused and acknowledged the potential for improvements in this area. As a result, we have enthusiastically endorsed Betsafe's remarkable live betting feature, granting it a well-deserved promotion.


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Is it possible to place a Betsafe multiple bet that includes both live and pre-match events?

You can take advantage of Betsafe's extensive options for placing bets, whether you prefer pre-match events or the excitement of live betting. With a wide range of choices, you have the flexibility to select the betting style that suits you best. Explore the diverse pre-match events available and make your predictions before the action unfolds. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the dynamic live schedule and place bets in real-time as the games progress. Betsafe offers a seamless betting experience, catering to both pre-match enthusiasts and live betting aficionados.

Is it possible to live stream Betsafe matches?

Regrettably, the online platform of the operator currently does not provide a functioning live streaming service.

Are there any live betting bonuses available at Betsafe?

Occasionally, albeit not with great regularity, there are instances where you may come across incentives specifically designed for engaging in live betting on the operator's online platform.

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