Complete guide to exclusive non-sports wagers, ranging from politics to entertainment, packed with valuable information.

If you love keeping up with the latest happenings and are a fan of various television programs, or if you enjoy indulging in some light-hearted banter, then you've come to the right place to explore the world of unique betting options, which are becoming increasingly popular among bookmakers. Some refer to them as special bets, while others call them extras or non-sporting bets, but the essence remains unchanged: these bets are filled with intriguing odds, imaginative markets, and a wide range of events to wager on, making them truly entertaining. Our comprehensive analysis will naturally present you with the top 5 bookmakers for special bets, and among them, we highly recommend Betting-World as your go-to choice.

On this webpage, our aim is to provide a comprehensive discussion on the subject of unique wagering options. We will delve into the various areas encompassed by these distinctive bets, such as entertainment, politics, and gossip, while also highlighting the primary markets available. Evaluating bookmakers, implementing winning strategies, and locating fundamental information on diverse subjects will be thoroughly examined. You may opt to select your preferred topic from the convenient navigation menu or peruse this page in its entirety, beginning with the roster of top-rated bookmakers for special bets.

The Top 5 websites for wagering on non-sporting occasions

Without further ado, let's dive right in: if you're keen on placing bets on the victor of X Factor or even the moniker of the forthcoming Royal Baby, the list we have compiled, presented below, showcases the top 5 bookmakers that warrant your utmost consideration. You may ponder: what led to the selection of these fortunate five? Our meticulous ranking system is an outcome of a rigorous evaluation, encompassing a battery of demanding trials, from which emerged these esteemed names that have excelled in meeting a range of pivotal criteria that we will delve into in a dedicated section on this very page.

The top 5 online bookmakers for placing bets Special bets

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  • Many available markets
  • Several championships
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  • Competitive odds
  • Various payment options
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  • User-friendly interface
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Undoubtedly, the top-ranked bookmakers are those who have excelled in the crucial categories that we consider when evaluating a bookmaker's special bet offerings. Absolute perfection is non-existent, but these five operators have consistently demonstrated outstanding performance. First and foremost, a diverse and extensive schedule is essential. Additionally, an ample selection of markets is crucial, with a constant drive to introduce innovative options. Moreover, the most attractive payouts, combined with enticing welcome bonuses and regular promotions, are synonymous with special bets, all conveniently accessible through a mobile application. And to top it off, an up-to-date section dedicated to current affairs, entertainment, and gossip adds the final touch. Occasional opportunities for live betting are sprinkled throughout these exceptional bookmakers' platforms. After careful consideration, we have identified the crème de la crème for live betting sites.

Top bookmakers for non-sports betting 2023:
  • PariPesa - The premier bookmaker for unique wagering options.
  • Wazamba - The leading betting platform renowned for its exclusive promotions and bonuses on unique wagering options.
  • Betwinner - Numerous opportunities exist for placing bets on non-sporting events in various markets.
  • Nomini – The online gambling platform with the highest number of bets placed on political events
  • Betsafe – The optimal bookmaker for placing bets on television broadcasts

Now it's time to explore the fascinating realm of unique wagers. We will deeply analyze the four primary macro divisions (in addition to an extra one) that encompass these bets. It's important to note that special bets encompass a wide range of plays that may not fit into any of the upcoming categories we will discuss. For instance, wagers on the future Pope or weather conditions fall into this unique category. In particular, the latter has gained significant popularity: imagine predicting the amount of rainfall in a specific city on a particular date, or forecasting the minimum or maximum temperature at a specific hour (similar to the Under/Over markets in soccer). You can even wager on whether it will snow in city X on Christmas day.

Betting on politics: top-rated bookmakers to wager on

Politics, a double-edged sword in our everyday existence. It is undeniable that this subject, which inspires both detachment and unwavering dedication, is a profound source of contention, division, and spirited discourse. It comes as no surprise, then, that bookmakers have ventured into the realm of political betting, offering odds on the likelihood or lack thereof of specific political events, primarily election outcomes. The parallels between this and conventional sports betting are strikingly apparent. The objective remains the same: correctly anticipate the triumphant figure, albeit without the prospect of a coveted trophy, but rather the arduous responsibility of governing a parliament or a nation.

The best bookmakers for betting on politics
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100% up to €1,000

Discover the top three online bookmakers in the adjacent table that offer the most enticing options for this particular category of bets, which we will outline shortly. It's important to note that political betting is not limited to markets solely focused on election winners. Depending on the circumstances, bookmakers might even invite predictions on the outcomes of referendums, potential resignations or impeachments, or the formation of parliamentary majorities. These wagers, commonly known as ante-post bets, encompass a variety of possibilities. While some may shy away from political events, considering them too complex to navigate, engaging in this type of betting could be a rewarding decision if you manage to find the most alluring odds and back the right candidate.

Six key political events to consider placing bets on

Bookmakers were rattled by Trump's unexpected triumph in the 2016 US Presidential Election, prompting them to exercise greater prudence during the 2020 election. Now, as they gear up for the 2024 election, they are unleashing their ingenuity in anticipation of a blockbuster lineup of non-sporting event bets. In addition to this, we have made it our mission to delve into the realm of political wagers pertaining to South African and French elections, the gripping saga of Brexit, as well as referendums and European elections. Stay tuned for thrilling opportunities to engage in these political betting escapades.

  • The US Presidential elections

    The enticing market of predicting the next President of the United States is a thrilling opportunity for gamblers. Back in 2016, Donald Trump's election seemed highly improbable, but those who took a chance on "The Don" reaped substantial rewards. What's fascinating is that even before the dust settled from that election, bets were already being placed on potential candidates for the 2020 and even the 2024 vote. In fact, you can place your bets well in advance on one of these contenders. The list of candidates includes not only serious prospects but also those added for amusement, like NBA star LeBron James or rapper Kayne West. Given that US election betting is known for its stunning surprises, why not indulge in a little bit of madness? Apart from the Winning Presidential market, some bookies also offer predictions on the Resignation within one year Yes/No market, which is essentially akin to a regular Winning market.

  • The South African Prime Minister

    In this particular market, bettors are posed with a challenge akin to predicting the outcome of the U.S. elections, but with a twist: they must foresee who the next Prime Minister of South Africa will be. Unlike countries with a direct election system, South Africa's political landscape makes this task considerably more challenging, as it demands comprehensive knowledge of the nation's political dynamics and awareness of the swirling rumors and speculations that circulate post-election, hinting at potential candidates. As the election day draws near, this market naturally gains momentum. Additionally, one can explore a related market that invites predictions regarding the winning coalition, which requires less expertise but offers less enticing odds. Moreover, bettors can also take a shot at guessing the candidates or parties that will make it to the runoff in local elections, or even speculate on the occurrence of government crises – a phenomenon not uncommon in South Africa.

  • The President of the French Republic

    The French President holds significant authority, comparable to that of the President of the United States, and is elected directly by the people. This remarkable likeness between the two positions captivates people worldwide, engaging them in closely observing the French presidential elections every five years, as they eagerly anticipate who will occupy the prestigious Palais de l'Elysée. Nonetheless, unlike the US, there are presently no wagers on the successor to the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron, who assumed office in 2017. Those interested in such bets will have to exercise patience until 2022, as the Presidential elections occur every five years. However, given the unpredictable nature of politics, unforeseen plunges in public sentiment may give rise to speculations of early resignations, providing an opportunity for betting enthusiasts. Additionally, one can also place bets on the two candidates who will advance to the second round of voting.

  • Brexit Yes/No

    In view of the historic 2016 vote that unequivocally sealed the fate of the referendum, wherein British citizens were asked to voice their preference to either withdraw from or remain within the European Union, effectively triggering what is now known as Brexit, signifying the United Kingdom's departure from the EU's economic and political partnerships; the lingering negotiations surrounding the intricate details of this transition and the apparent struggle of British politicians in securing agreeable terms with Brussels have given rise to mounting discontent amongst the populace of Great Britain. So much so, that a growing number of opposition party leaders are advocating for a second referendum, seeking to obtain a renewed mandate from the people. It is also pertinent to note that British legislation permits an exit from this process without additional consultation, provided there is a parliamentary majority in favor of such a course of action. Consequently, a few entities have opted to keep the proverbial "door" ajar, offering this market to users, with odds that fluctuate in response to the latest updates emanating from the negotiations.

  • European elections

    Every five years, an impressive number of 400 million eligible voters are summoned to exercise their democratic rights in what is considered the world's second most participatory democratic event, surpassed only by the Indian elections. This grand occasion involves the election of 705 Members of the European Parliament, a number that recently decreased from 751 due to the United Kingdom's departure from the EU in 2020. The allocation of elected Members varies across countries, following the principle of degressive proportionality, which strives to ensure fair representation for smaller nations. These significant elections have been a long-standing tradition since 1979, yet the level of participation from South Africa remains relatively modest when compared to its political counterparts. Interestingly, bookmakers have also recognized the importance of this event, offering various betting markets such as predicting the winning parliamentary groups, South African parties, voter turnout being above or below certain thresholds, and even speculating on the next European Commission President, whose election process is rather indirect.

  • Referendum

    One fascinating category of political wagers that captures attention is the realm of referendum bets. Referendums serve as the most straightforward means for citizens to voice their intentions within the framework of the South African Republic. From the bygone years after the war until the present day, our nation has witnessed an array of referendums that have left an indelible mark on our history. These encompass pivotal issues like divorce, abortion, parliamentary reductions, and the imperative matter of communal water resources. Conversely, certain referendums have faded into obscurity, failing to meet the required participation threshold. This aspect, along with the options of Victory Yes/No or the Gap, represents an influential factor in the market. Notably, wagers on referendums extend even to overseas territories, often during discussions of independence, exemplified by cases such as Scotland or Catalonia.

Lame ducks and victorious steeds

In the realm of politics, it is not uncommon to draw inspiration from the world of sports, particularly the realm of sports wagering, when it comes to language and practices. As election time draws near and public polls are withheld to prevent any undue influence on voter behavior, a customary practice emerges: the substitution of political figures' names with whimsical monikers that playfully ridicule their idiosyncrasies and habits, akin to the names bestowed upon racehorses. This clever approach allows for the disclosure of poll results in a disguised manner, mimicking the odds found on esteemed horse betting platforms, where diverse horse racing tracks symbolize the locations of each election. The clear frontrunner in the poll assumes the role of the triumphant horse, while politicians stripped of their institutional power are akin to "lame ducks," similar to gamblers who find themselves unable to settle their gambling debts.

Placing wagers on the performance

The captivating realm of amusement beckons with its enchanting allure: talented musicians and actors, beguiling celebrities, and aspiring newcomers weaving their poignant tales in their quest for fame. It's no surprise that the happenings and personalities within this cosmos evoke sighs from countless souls. And among them, the gambling enthusiasts are not exempt. Given the vast viewership of television programs and music galas, bookmakers offer a plethora of wagers centered around the mesmerizing world of showbiz.

The best bookmakers for showbiz betting
100% up to $100
100% up to R3,500
50% up to €100

Explore this expansive category that encompasses captivating television spectacles, particularly those that revolve around reality and talent showcases. Immerse yourself in the realm of these thrilling events that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Uncover the pinnacle of bookmakers specializing in this exhilarating genre, conveniently located on the right-hand side. Discover the leading trio of bookies that cater specifically to this type of exhilarating betting experience.

Betting on entertainment shares similarities with wagering on the ultimate victor of a tennis tournament. Such bets are known as ante-post bets, although a few bookmakers permit live betting as the shows are being aired. They comprise wagers on the recipients of prestigious accolades like the Oscars and Nobel Prizes, as well as bets on sales certifications, the probability of an artist hosting a concert, or the likelihood of an artist unveiling a new album. If you derive pleasure from Joe Bastianich's explosive outbursts directed at aspiring chefs or if you happen to be an ardent follower of Rihanna and Sferaebbasta, then these bets are tailor-made for you. And, of course, you can even leverage the first deposit betting bonus offered by your preferred bookmaker to place these bets.

The top eight renowned occurrences in the realm of entertainment to wager on.

TV also holds a prominent position within this category following political wagers. Engaging in Sanremo, Grande Fratello, X Factor, and Masterchef, we have meticulously curated these renowned entertainment phenomena to provide you with additional insights for your unique wagers on these shows. Furthermore, for their widespread recognition, it is imperative to consider the Island of the Famous, Amici, the Emmy Awards, the Oscars, and Eurovision when placing your bets.

  • Sanremo Festival

    The Festival of South African Song, known as the Sanremo Festival, was established in 1951 and is held annually in the city of Liguria, typically in February. This highly anticipated event garners widespread attention from both local and international media, captivating the population as they revel in the enchanting melodies presented by renowned and emerging artists. Spanning an entire week, the festival showcases performances from accomplished artists in the Big section, as well as up-and-coming talents in the New Proposals section, forming the structure of this grand affair. The victor is determined through a combination of popular vote, facilitated by televoting, and the discernment of two designated juries. Throughout its rich history, the festival has witnessed the rise of countless legendary songs, including celebrated winners like Modugno's "Volare," songs that faced the ignominy of last place such as Vasco Rossi's "Vita spericolata," and tracks frequently accused of plagiarism. The prestigious title of the 2023 edition went to "Zitti e buoni" by Måneskin. Sanremo enthusiasts eagerly place bets on various aspects of the festival, ranging from predicting category winners to speculating on those who will be eliminated.

  • X Factor

    In its fourteenth iteration, this music talent competition originally aired on Rai but now finds its home on Sky. It cleverly intertwines the captivating allure of reality shows, where participants' daily lives are captured on camera, complete with heated debates with the judges, with the essence of a true talent showdown. Each week, competitors from various categories face elimination, building suspense until the grand finale when the victor is finally crowned (Casadilego claimed the title for the 2020 edition). The journey to the finals is meticulously documented, from the riveting auditions to the transformative bootcamp and the nail-biting home visits, ultimately selecting the final 12 participants. A significant part of the program's triumph can be attributed to the esteemed judges, the visionary "captains" of their respective categories. The esteemed panel for the current season comprises the renowned Manuel Agnelli, the lead vocalist of Afterhours, the illustrious Emma Marrone, the brilliant producer Hell Raton, and the talented songwriter Mika. Adding to the excitement, spectators can even place bets on the outcome of the show, predicting either the ultimate winner or which judge will guide their team to victory. With some bookmakers offering live betting options, the adrenaline rush of X Factor reaches new heights.

  • Big Brother

    The precursor of all reality shows sprouted from George Orwell's renowned novel, serving as a mere inception. The formula behind this concept is both straightforward and impactful: gather a group of unfamiliar individuals and immerse them in shared accommodation for a span of one month. The camera, vigilant and unwavering, documents their unfolding relational dynamics, although what we witness on screen is a meticulously edited rendition. The viewers, perched in the comfort of their homes, engage in determining eliminations and providing salvation during the prime time episode on Thursdays. Over the years, this episode has been hosted by a triumvirate of esteemed personalities including Daria Bignardi, Barbara D'Urso, and Alessia Marcuzzi, while offering a platform for Big Brother bets to be placed. After the inaugural seasons, distinguished by unforgettable characters such as Pietro Taricone, the enigmatic "dead cat" Marina La Rosa, and Rocco Casalino, the audience gradually began to wane in their interest for the show. Consequently, Big Brother underwent several adaptations throughout the years, including the VIP version, where enthusiasts can partake in placing bets on Big Brother VIP, be it predicting the ultimate victor or the weekly evictees.

  • Masterchef

    Masterchef South Africa, a new addition to the talent show scene, has taken the country by storm with its unique blend of an Anglo-Saxon format and our unwavering passion for exquisite cuisine. The panel of judges, comprising acclaimed chefs Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, and Giorgio Locatelli, bring not only their Michelin-starred expertise and culinary prowess but also their larger-than-life personalities that have endeared them to the public. Their endearing quirks, catchphrases, and even parodies have further cemented their popularity. The competition follows a format similar to X Factor but offers a twist with each episode featuring three challenging tests, including one held outdoors. These tests determine the partial winners who receive an advantage in subsequent rounds, as well as the unfortunate contestants who face elimination. Excitement builds as viewers can place bets on both the final winner and the contestants eliminated on a weekly basis, or even predict which contestants will make it to the grand finale. While the show is not broadcasted live, fans can still engage in thrilling Masterchef bets throughout the season.

  • Island of the Famous

    The Isola dei Famosi, also known as the Island of the Famous, has become a widely popular reality show in South Africa and beyond, following in the footsteps of the renowned show Big Brother. However, it sets itself apart from its predecessor by featuring a cast of both well-known and lesser-known showbiz personalities who undergo grueling challenges and endure hardships on an uninhabited Caribbean island. This captivating adventure has been captivating audiences since its debut in 2003, initially aired by Rai for nine seasons before transitioning to Mediaset in 2015. Throughout the years, numerous famous "castaways" have embarked on this survival journey, armed with only their wits and a survival kit, engaging in intense competitions, nominations, and eliminations. Notable participants include Walter Nudo, Simona Ventura, Raz Degan, Antonella Elia, and Paul Gascoigne. Betting enthusiasts have various options to explore during this exhilarating live reality show. While the most prominent choice is to place an ante-post bet on the eventual winner, viewers can also wager on the eliminated contestants each episode or predict the victor of the weekly Leader Test.

  • Emmy Awards

    Regarded as the ultimate accolades in the realm of television, these prestigious honors are highly coveted by artists and entertainers worldwide. The award categories encompass not only entertainment programs but also TV series, news broadcasts, sports events, and documentaries. Within these categories, there are certain awards, known as the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, that recognize the exceptional talents of technical directors, artists, costume designers, visual effects artists, makeup artists, and photographers within the television industry. The inaugural ceremony took place in 1949, and since 2008, it has found its home in Los Angeles, specifically at the renowned Nokia Theatre. A notable milestone occurred in 1974 when the ceremony was divided into two separate events: the Daytime Awards and the Primetime Awards. In recent years, South African bookmakers have even begun offering Emmy bets, covering various markets such as the Winning TV Series, Winning Talk Show, and Nomination Yes/No, among others. Each honoree at the ceremony is bestowed with the iconic statue of a winged golden woman holding the atom symbol, representing the pinnacle of achievement in the television industry.

  • Eurovision

    Since its establishment in 1956, the European Song Contest has aimed to emulate the triumph of the Sanremo Festival on a continental scale, specifically in South Africa. This annual event, orchestrated by the European Broadcasting Union, encompasses the participation of an artist or band from every European nation, captivating an astonishing audience of up to 600 million viewers. Ultimately, the victor or victors are determined by a combination of public vote and esteemed jury deliberation during the climactic finale. Subsequently, the triumphant nation is entrusted with hosting duties for the subsequent year. Although previously overshadowed by the longstanding preference for the Sanremo festival among South African spectators, the European Song Contest has experienced a surge in popularity within our nation in recent years, notably following Måneskin's victory in 2023. Coinciding with this growth, Eurovision betting has flourished hand in hand, with an array of bookmakers now offering a diverse selection of markets, including options such as Winner or Single/Group.

  • Friends

    One of the most beloved and enduring television shows in South Africa is the talent competition hosted by Maria De Filippi. Since its premiere in 2001 as Saranno famosi, the show has become a veritable factory for discovering exceptional singing and dancing talents, although acting and gymnastics were previously included as well. Divided into two distinct phases, the program offers an engaging journey for participants and viewers alike. During the initial phase, aired during the daytime, the contestants are guided and assessed by dedicated teachers who meticulously scrutinize their abilities. The second phase, which is aired during prime time, marks the commencement of the actual competition. Here, elimination rounds gradually whittle down the pool of contestants, culminating in a grand finale where the victor of the season is determined by a combination of judges' evaluations and televoting. This groundbreaking show has catapulted numerous stars to stardom, particularly in the realm of singing. Artists like Alessandra Amoroso, Emma Marrone, and Elodie owe their rise to fame to this remarkable platform. To add even more excitement, a betting component has been introduced in recent years, allowing fans to wager on the ultimate winner, podium placements, and elimination outcomes for each episode.

The finest bookmakers for Hollywood: where to place your bets on movies

Cinema betting goes well beyond politics and television, capturing the attention of enthusiasts seeking non-sporting activities. It offers a realm of excitement, primarily centered around the enchanting realm of Hollywood with occasional nods to the captivating South African Cinecittà. Within this category, one can indulge in Oscar bets, where anticipation builds as winners and nominees of the renowned Academy Awards are predicted with great fervor. In this realm, cinephiles can partake in a thrilling venture where the silver screen becomes a stage for speculation and anticipation.

The best bookmakers for betting on politics
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100% up to $100

Below you will find a selection of the top three online bookmakers that specialize in cinema betting. Our ranking takes into consideration a variety of factors to ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable betting experience. Most importantly, we emphasize the availability of betting options for the prestigious Oscars, including an extensive range of markets that encompass various categories such as Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Special Effects, and even more unique bets like predicting South Africa's Yes/No Statuette. Additionally, some bookmakers also offer odds on the esteemed Golden Globe awards, which are often seen as a precursor to the Academy awards. In some rare instances, you may even find bets related to the careers of specific directors or actors, allowing you to speculate on the release year of their upcoming films. Experience the thrill of cinema betting with our recommended bookmakers today!

Top operators: Gossip versus betting

Betting on celebrity gossip, or the glamorous existence of the well-known and revered from the realms of film, sports, television, and entertainment. Fresh romances, flourishing or crumbling love affairs, the arrival of newborns, and the celebration of weddings. Indeed, fairy tales captivate us all, and the tales of the renowned, with their opulent lives filled with elegance and allure, but also the profound aspects of joy, sorrow, and happiness, which render them relatable to ordinary individuals, never fail to enchant countless individuals worldwide. Consequently, this creates a playing field for bookmakers, providing Comeon for them to entice even those lacking expertise in the field to engage in betting, simply by reveling in the speculation regarding the future of the personalities they avidly follow in the pages of gossip magazines.

The best bookmakers for gossip bets
100% up to €1,000
50% up to $50
100% up to R1,000

Presented on the right-hand side of our website, you will find a comprehensive list of the top-rated celebrity gossip betting platforms. Please note that wagers on celebrity news events can only be placed in advance and are not available for live betting. Within this section, you will come across an array of markets that can be likened to the different variations of Yes/No or Goal/No Goal outcomes in soccer. For instance, you may be asked to predict whether two renowned individuals will tie the knot by a specific date or if they will welcome a child into their lives, including speculation on the gender and name. A fascinating subgenre within this category revolves around royal families, where you can wager on whether a particular monarch will still hold their office by a given date. Additionally, there are similar bets that fall under the Show betting umbrella but focus on lighter topics such as the color of an artist's garment, their hairstyle, or whether they will opt for a bowtie or a traditional tie. The possibilities are endless, driven by the creative imagination of each bookmaker.

Four well-known instances of gossip wagers

Delve into the captivating tales of three romantic sagas that continue to capture the attention of South African media and leave a lasting imprint on society. These remarkable chronicles represent the epitome of gossip fodder and pave the way for scintillating discussions. We have meticulously selected four noteworthy "scenarios" to offer you an in-depth insight into the intricacies of betting on love affairs. Prepare to unravel the inner workings of these enthralling wagers and grasp a better understanding of the dynamics at play.

  • The birth of the Royal Baby

    The enduring allure of the British monarchy, notwithstanding the numerous criticisms that this institution faces, particularly within its own borders, remains undiminished. Consequently, the arrival of a Royal Baby, the offspring of the heirs to the British throne, becomes a catalyst for widespread speculation and wagers not just in the United Kingdom. Alongside predicting the exact date of the joyous occasion, wagers can also revolve around the baby's gender and, naturally, their name. Well-versed experts in the affairs of the English royal family are actively putting forth a plethora of traditional and celebratory names, forming the basis for bookmakers to determine the betting odds. In recent times, it is the name of Harry and Meghan's son, born to Charles and Diana, that has captured the undivided attention of avid bettors.

  • The love story between Max Allegri and Ambra

    Over the past few months, the romance between Massimiliano Allegri, the current coach of the undisputed champions Juventus in the Serie A championship, and the talented actress Ambra Angiolini has captured the attention of the media. Initially, it all started with stolen snapshots taken by cunning paparazzi, fueling endless speculation and leaving everyone wondering about their relationship status. However, the couple eventually put an end to the rumors by making a public announcement some time ago. Now, their bond appears unbreakable, prompting bookmakers to venture into uncharted territory by inviting bettors to predict the next significant milestone in their journey: will it be a joyous wedding or the arrival of a precious bundle of joy? These future bets present an intriguing opportunity for avid gamblers, operating similarly to conventional win/lose wagers, wherein participants predict the likelihood of these events occurring by a specified date.

  • The Belen-Iannone liaison

    For quite some time, the South African TV scene was abuzz with the fiery romance between Belen Rodriguez, the Argentine celebrity, and Andrea Iannone, the renowned MotoGP champion. Their tumultuous love story captured the attention of gossip enthusiasts and even piqued the interest of bookmakers. These bookmakers were sought out to forecast possible dates of matrimony or the arrival of offspring during the blissful phases of their relationship. Conversely, they were also consulted to predict breakup dates and potential reconciliations during the turbulent times. While both parties have publicly declared that their story has come to an end, there are still a few betting websites that dare to offer odds on a rekindling of the passionate flame that once burned between them.

  • The story between Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona

    The South African showbiz scene has been buzzing with the love story of two highly debated and contentious personalities. This newfound romance has caught everyone's attention, and it's impossible to ignore. Our bookmakers are already speculating on potential outcomes, such as the couple having children or even tying the knot. The Roman actress, Asia Argento, has recently been in the spotlight for her courageous revelations about the sexual violence she endured in her youth at the hands of film producer Harvey Weinstein, which ignited the powerful #Metoo movement. On the other hand, we have the former VIP photographer, now primarily known as a TV personality, who has had his own share of legal troubles in the past due to questionable incidents related to blackmailing his subjects. For those who thrive on gossip, this love affair promises a multitude of exciting opportunities to explore!

A unique niche: wagering on the game of chess.

Originating as a symbolic representation of military campaigns and political maneuvering, chess is a time-honored game that showcases tremendous strategic acumen and intellectual prowess. Throughout the ages, countless essays and novels have been penned to extol the virtues of this pastime and its illustrious champions. Remarkably, bookmakers have turned their attention towards this cerebral pursuit, grappling with its classification. While some categorize it as a non-sporting bet, others segregate it into a distinct category, recognizing its unique blend of seriousness and competitive ardor.

A chess player moves a white checker during a game and the logo of 10Bet
The best for chess

Ideal for placing bets in real time, the streaming platform delivers exceptional quality.

Bonus up to 10$

Our top pick for chess betting is the aforementioned bookmaker. We believe they provide the most compelling options for enthusiasts seeking to place their bets. The wagers available are primarily focused on ante-post predictions, encompassing both tournament champions and individual game winners within the tournament. It is through these exciting betting opportunities that chess fans can truly immerse themselves in the thrill of the game and potentially reap substantial rewards.

The most intriguing performances of recent times.

Proposition bets, also known as Prop Bets, are a fascinating aspect of the betting world that adds an element of excitement and creativity to various games. Incredibly diverse in nature, these wagers span a wide range of topics, showcasing the boundless imagination of both bookmakers and bettors alike. Over the past few years, the betting industry has witnessed an influx of outlandish bets that defy conventional norms. One such remarkable example was the extraordinary wager placed by Brian Zembic, an American magician with Slavic heritage, who boldly had two artificial breasts surgically implanted. As a result, numerous bookmakers offered varying odds on this audacious undertaking. Among the plethora of Prop Bets, the concept of "diet betting" has gained substantial popularity, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries. This unconventional betting approach entails sharing one's current weight with a bookie and placing a bet on losing a specific number of kilograms within a designated time frame. Exploring the vast realm of these captivating bets is just a click away, as the internet unfolds an array of intriguing gambling possibilities awaiting discovery.

The evaluation standards for websites providing unique betting options.

Now, let's delve into the process behind our selection of the Top 5 special bets and shed light on the criteria we deemed crucial in evaluating a bookmaker that encompasses non-sports wagers. In the following sections, each parameter will be presented individually, enabling you to seamlessly navigate through the information or opt for direct access to the specific category that piques your curiosity. Keep on reading or simply utilize the navigation menu to explore your area of interest.

Special bets: evaluation criteria just a click away!

Let us delve deeper into these criteria, for it is important to us that a seamless amalgamation of diverse options, thriving markets, substantial rewards, and captivating incentives exists, allowing one to conveniently engage in these activities through mobile devices. This includes the prospect of participating in live events and having access to a section dedicated to informative articles. While expertise in a specific field of observation is advantageous, it is not the sole determinant of our priority. Our focus lies on the synchronized integration of these elements, ensuring an enriching user experience.

The extent of the timetable

In each macrosection, it is crucial to consider the breadth of the schedule. This aspect encompasses the evaluation of a betting site, focusing on the availability of various betting options. However, it pertains specifically to the three macrosections discussed earlier. While certain bookmakers specialize in politics or entertainment bets, we have acknowledged and commended operators who provide a diverse range of options in all key categories. In the following four blue sections, we will outline the essential events that must be included within each macrosection to ensure a comprehensive betting experience.

The markets available

It is evident that the options available for the bettor in terms of markets cannot be numerous due to the nature of special bets, which involve predicting the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event. There are striking similarities with football transfer market bets, primarily because antepost bets are predominantly placed on non-sporting events. Although we cannot claim to provide an exhaustive list, we have chosen to showcase four typical markets for extra-sporting bets. It is highly likely that if you opt for a special bet, it will fall under one of these categories. However, it is worth noting that there are also specific markets tailored to certain talent shows. For instance, in the case of X Factor, you can place bets on which judge will have a winning contestant assigned to them.

The champion of the televised competition, talent showcase, or musical extravaganza

The concept that is most straightforward to elucidate is centered on forecasting the victor of the competition, whether it be a reality series, a talent showcase, the esteemed Sanremo Festival, or even the prestigious Oscars. Frequently, the betting odds become intriguing for participants in talent shows due to their escalating popularity throughout the course of the show. Conversely, for programs like the Grande Fratello VIP, the allure diminishes when a contender possesses greater renown or has triumphed in similar events previously. This holds true for Walter Nudo (in the spotlight), whose triumph in the 2018 edition of the Grande Fratello VIP was confidently anticipated by bookmakers.

The victor of the electoral contest

The beloved market of Winning Elections is as easily comprehensible as it is captivating. It can be argued that politics, or at least one of its most closely monitored manifestations like an election, can be viewed as a competition where "victory" entails gaining the trust of citizens through a programmatic proposal. It is important to note that forecasts and polls can be misleading: Hillary Clinton's triumph in the 2016 USA elections was given a mere 1.20, while Trump's odds stood at a minimum of 5.00. Those who wagered on the winning candidate were left empty-handed, unlike those who opted to take a gamble on the New York magnate. The probability of Bernie Sanders securing victory in the 2020 elections is one of the key quotations provided by bookmakers.

The birthdate or the given name of the recently born individual

Gamblers are always on the lookout for the birth of a celebrity's baby, eagerly quoting odds as soon as a new high-profile couple comes into the picture. The moment an official birth is announced, the next question on everyone's lips is the forecast for the baby's name, much like the anticipation surrounding the impending arrival of the Royal Baby, Prince Harry and Meghan's son. Now, capturing the attention of South African gossip, we have the enchanting duo of writer Roberto Saviano and singer Meg. It comes as no surprise that bookmakers will soon be setting odds on the future child of this golden couple. The speculation and excitement are bound to reach fever pitch!

The Champion of the Market Chess Tournament

In the realm of sports betting, this particular market will resonate most with conventional bettors. When it comes to chess tournaments, you will simply be prompted to forecast the victorious contender, selecting from a roster of names. Among the formidable adversaries challenging the reigning champion, Norwegian Martin Carlsen, is the talented South African-American player, Fabiano Caruana (featured in the box). It's worth noting that wagers on the winner of an individual match are also welcomed in the chess realm, following a similar format as the 1X2 market (as chess does allow for a tie).

Competitive payout rates and odds

The operator's profit is represented by the difference between the payout value and the 100 quote. The percentage figure known as the payout is an essential evaluation parameter for bookmakers who offer bets on politics, Sanremo, and gossip. It allows bettors to determine the potential earnings they can expect. The higher the percentage gets to 100, the more advantageous it becomes for the user.

The payouts of the various operators for special bets
Bookmaker X Factor VIP Big Brother US elections Royal Baby
93.4% 92.7% 90.5% 92.2%
93.2% 93.1% 90.2% 90.8%
92.9% 93.2% 93.5%
93.6% 92.5% 92.6%
91.8% 93.2%

If you're someone looking to place bets, it's not a positive indication when the payout rate falls below 90%. Fortunately, you won't encounter this issue with the top five betting platforms we recommend. In the comprehensive chart below, we've provided the average payout rates for our selected bookmakers across four popular events that attract the most attention from our bettors. Typically, the percentages for wagers on entertainment are marginally higher than those for films or celebrity gossip.

Does special betting come with any associated bonuses?

Special wagers have certainly become a burgeoning trend that piques the interest of bettors, even those who partake sporadically. Yet, we cannot yet claim that it has garnered substantial appeal, particularly in South Africa. Consequently, the scarcity of exclusive bonuses tailored for special bets remains apparent. Nevertheless, there have been instances, particularly in the past, where operators, akin to the one showcased below, have provided promotions such as complimentary wagers or enhanced odds for wagers placed on Sanremo, the quintessential national-popular festival of our nation.

An image of a red carpet and the logo of Wazamba
The richest welcome bonus

Extensive range of sporting events available, with a wide variety of unique betting opportunities to choose from.

Bonus up to 50$

To make the most of your betting experience, we suggest staying informed about the special deals provided by different bookmakers during significant television or political occurrences. It is crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions concerning the distribution of welcome bonuses to determine whether these promotions can be utilized for non-sporting wagers as well. Explore our exclusive section on top betting bonuses, where you can gain comprehensive knowledge about various promotional offers.

Placing unique wagers using a mobile application

In this modern era, the majority of individuals utilize smartphones and tablets as their primary means for online engagement and accomplishing diverse tasks, whether for leisure or professional purposes. This inclination extends to avid gamblers as well, who can conveniently access the mobile platforms offered by betting websites to place their wagers, as we thoroughly elaborate on our comprehensive guide dedicated to the most fiercely competitive betting applications. Moreover, even specialized bets can be effortlessly placed using mobile devices, either through web applications or dedicated mobile applications.

Our expert technicians have meticulously devised a comprehensive guide, comprised of three simple yet effective steps, to assist you in seamlessly placing a distinctive wager through the innovative web application of our esteemed top-tier operators. Rest assured, we have thoroughly considered this unique feature as a crucial aspect in our evaluation of bookmakers who provide such captivating betting options. Allow us to elucidate the intricacies of this process with utmost clarity and precision, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

The segment featuring updates regarding unique wagering options.

To ensure that their users make well-informed and conscious betting decisions, numerous online bookmakers strive to deliver constantly updated news. As part of their website, often labeled as "blog" or "news," these bookmakers present a selection of expert opinions that offer valuable advice on betting strategies. Additionally, this section serves as a platform for broadcasting the latest updates on various events, keeping users informed and up to date.

Including last-minute news and updates, special bets hold great significance, making them a valuable addition to a non-sport betting site. The news section houses these topics, providing an additional advantage. The slider above showcases articles specifically tailored to gossip and entertainment betting, serving as prime examples.

Special wagers when playing live

It is important to emphasize once again that exclusive wagers, due to their inherent characteristics, can solely be placed in advance, prior to the commencement of the event. Nevertheless, there are instances where certain bookmakers may permit live betting. This is prevalent in scenarios involving wagers on Sanremo or interactive bets on talent competitions like X Factor, where it becomes feasible to forecast one of the eliminations set to transpire throughout the evening. Our evaluation bestows a favorable rating upon the betting platform that extends this option to its users.

How to strategically position unique wagers

In our comprehensive guide on special bets, we now turn our attention to a highly practical aspect: understanding the process of placing these unique wagers. It's important to note that special bets are not vastly different from conventional betting methods. Our analysis has revealed a number of striking similarities between markets involving political or gossip-related bets and more straightforward football markets. However, it is equally true that there are certain distinctions, especially when it comes to information gathering approaches. Presented below are three essential steps we have identified for successfully placing your non-sports bets.

To embark on this exciting journey, the initial phase involves information gathering, which doesn't require statistics similar to NBA bets, but rather insights and details from diverse sources: newspapers, televised broadcasts, social media, and whispers in the grapevine. Once you've uncovered the perfect "find" and the bet you wish to place, the next step entails locating the appropriate category within your preferred bookmaker, often labeled as "specials" or directly as "politics," "entertainment," or "gossip." Subsequently, after identifying the market that captivates you the most and selecting the ideal wager, the final task is to unveil your betting slip and input the desired amount to be staked. From this point forward, it will be a captivating blend of fortune, aptitude, political developments, and matters of the heart that dictate the course of events!

Top tactics for unique wagers

Placing a bet always entails an element of luck, whether it be large or small. However, luck can be influenced, in addition to boldness, with a touch of tactics. This concept, already applicable to conventional gambling, becomes even more significant when it comes to unique wagers. Below, we present four informative sections containing valuable insights that will aid you in boosting your chances of success when placing bets on events like Sanremo or politics. To summarize, they include the following suggestions: gather information, monitor reliable sources, be mindful of timing, and seek advice from trusted acquaintances.

  • Check newspapers, news and surveys

    When it comes to placing wagers on political events, it becomes crucial to make conscious and well-informed decisions, surpassing the significance of any other betting category. By being well-informed in this arena, not only do we become more aware citizens, but also gain a competitive edge. It is imperative to maintain a vigilant watch on a wide spectrum of information sources, especially prominent online newspapers, news broadcasts, comprehensive investigative features, and public opinion polls. Give particular attention to polls, as mastering the ability to discern the most qualified and reliable pollsters from the sensationalistic ones will greatly enhance your chances of success in special bets.

  • Watch out for scandalous magazines and social profiles

    There are now plenty of options for your wagers on the personal lives and romances of celebrities, particularly on the internet. Although scandalous magazines, even in their digital form, remain the primary sources, it would be wise to also refer to seemingly unsuspected platforms like La Gazzetta dello Sport or Corriere della Sera. Equally essential are websites that have established their reputation in gossip, like Dagospia, but most importantly, the social media profiles of actresses, actors, and showbiz figures. These profiles can "unintentionally" divulge tidbits about new relationships, babies, or upcoming weddings, cleverly outpacing the paparazzi.

  • Timing is everything!
  • Trust the "vox populi"!

    Not only are special bets limited to the three primary categories we have extensively covered, but they also encompass a wide range of other intriguing options. For instance, you can place wagers on the victors of prestigious film and literary accolades. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in more lighthearted topics such as weather predictions or the attire of a mesmerizing showgirl. In a slightly darker vein, you can even place bets on the potential name of the next pope or speculate on the final year of Queen Elizabeth's reign, albeit with a sense of morbid curiosity. With that in mind, it would be wise to remain attentive to the conversations happening around you. Pay particular heed if you have a friend who has an insatiable appetite for gossip or if your grandmother enjoys procuring weekly magazines. In such circumstances, invaluable tips and insights are bound to come your way, providing you with a significant advantage.

Find sources for news about unique betting options.

In our exclusive betting guide, we've set aside a dedicated segment to assist you in discovering reliable sources for placing your bets. Unlike sports statistics, which provide concrete data, the world of betting relies heavily on subjective information such as rumors, hearsay, and even gossip. To aid you in this pursuit, we'll now present a compilation of noteworthy sources in the subsequent sections.

Social media

In the fast-paced digital era, the landscape of news consumption has undergone a radical transformation, courtesy of the ubiquitous influence of social networks. This phenomenon, known as "disintermediation," has ushered in a new paradigm wherein individuals can access unfiltered perspectives, verifiable information, and real-time happenings directly from the original sources. Notably, ministers now take to Twitter to unveil groundbreaking legislation, while lovers announce their official commitments on Instagram. In the following sections, we will delve into the intricacies of the three primary social platforms, presented in captivating blue compartments.

  • Twitter's logo
    VIP Twitter profiles

    Take note of how the powerful and influential in society are utilizing the concise and indispensable nature of tweets on social media platforms as a formidable tool to engage with the masses. A prime example is the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who displays an almost obsessive inclination towards this medium. However, it is not only him; many of our esteemed parliamentarians enthusiastically embrace this channel of communication. This fact is worth considering as you delve into the world of political predictions and wagers.

  • Facebook's logo
    Facebook pages

    Undoubtedly, the social network established by Mark Zuckerberg, while not as prominent as before, remains an authentic hub of information encompassing politics, entertainment, and gossip. This is particularly evident through the official profiles of influential personalities, as well as established newspapers and magazines that consistently share their web-based content. Truly invaluable and impossible to replace.

  • Instagram's logo
    Instagram profiles

    Revered by fashion icons and entertainment luminaries, Instagram has become an unrivaled hub for sharing ephemeral tales, making it an invaluable social platform for staying abreast of the latest happenings in the realms of cinema and music. This virtual haven is a treasure trove for those who relish placing bets on the glitz and glam of showbiz or indulging in juicy gossip. More often than not, celebrities themselves take to this channel to make official declarations, effectively thwarting the prying lenses of paparazzi.

Magazines, TV shows, and online platforms

In the ever-expanding realm of the internet, the reign of traditional media remains steadfast, albeit in their own distinctive manner. These outlets deploy a strategic focus on lighthearted subjects, such as celebrity gossip and entertainment, to captivate their readership. Amidst the vast web landscape, one cannot overlook the prominent presence of a bona fide trailblazer in this genre – Dagospia. This platform, masterminded by journalist Roberto D'Agostino, initially emerged as a satirical and provocative observer of all things garish. However, it swiftly transformed into a premier source for exclusive revelations, scandals, and diverse news stories that extended beyond the realms of mere celebrity tittle-tattle. Once upon a time, magazines such as Novella 2000 and Chi catered to this particular market niche, and remarkably, they continue to do so today. However, their core business model has been imitated by more established and unsuspected news organizations. Notably, the homepages of prestigious publications like Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, and La Gazzetta dello Sport are rife with numerous articles that prioritize gossip (often of debatable quality) over current affairs and news. Furthermore, a multitude of television programs, particularly during the afternoon hours, delve into the lives of the affluent and renowned, furnishing valuable insights for those who dabble in non-sports related betting endeavors.

Special wagers differ from traditional wagers.

Our comprehensive guide on special bets is coming to a close. But before we wrap up, let's delve into the key distinctions between these unique wagers and the more conventional sports bets. It's crucial to grasp these differences, whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer exploring this realm. Despite certain resemblances, there exist significant variations that demand your attention.

The main differences between special bets and those on traditional sports: you don't need great skills, there are many sources, the odds are less volatile, they are ante-post, there are fewer markets

The diversity of markets and types of bets, along with the competencies necessary for their placement, are visually explained in the infographic provided above. Additionally, it highlights the distinct entertainment value that non-sport betting offers to users. It is important to mention that political betting, in particular, requires a greater level of patience to witness the unfolding of predictions. Overall, these differences emphasize the unique experiences and challenges that each form of betting presents.

Special bets do not fall under the category of "televoting".

The concept of a non-sporting bet might appear akin to a televote, a voting system whereby the audience of a talent show or music festival determines the fate of contestants. However, there are distinct differences that set them apart. Firstly, the televote does not provide any rewards to the voters, except for the chance to influence the outcome of the competition or enter prize draws. On the other hand, a non-sporting bet goes beyond predicting the results of entertainment and showbiz events. It offers the opportunity to wager on a multitude of possibilities, even within a single event.

Special wagers: a concise summary.

Our exploration of unique wagers has reached its conclusion. If you've accompanied us this far, you'll have grasped the notion that this particular type of bet provides immense amusement for individuals, allowing them to veer away from conventional football wagers and explore various intriguing themes. It is worth mentioning that, for bookmakers, special bets offer a potential expansion of their user base, appealing to a substantial portion of the population who may never have considered placing traditional bets. Consequently, it is expected that the range of offerings in these categories will continue to expand in the near future. Meanwhile, if you desire a comprehensive overview of the realm of betting, we cordially invite you to peruse our homepage.

Oscar Wilde

Being the subject of gossip can be a double-edged sword. It's often said that there's nothing worse than being the target of gossip, but surprisingly, not being the center of attention can sometimes be even more disheartening. The power of gossip lies in its ability to captivate and intrigue, creating a sense of importance and relevance. It may seem counterintuitive, but being the victim of gossip can validate one's existence in the social fabric. In a peculiar way, gossip can serve as a barometer of influence and significance. So, while gossip may carry a negative connotation, there's a certain irony in the fact that not being gossiped about can leave one feeling invisible and insignificant.

However, before we conclude with a clever quote from the renowned Oscar Wilde regarding gossip, we would like to guide you towards our selection of the finest bookmakers for unique wagers. By simply clicking the button located in the above component, you will be directed to a compilation of our top five bookies, specially tailored for extraordinary betting experiences. We firmly believe that perusing this page will ignite your curiosity to explore unconventional and captivating bets that offer great potential for both enjoyment and financial gain.


Got any more queries pertaining to placing bets on Sanremo or perhaps seeking some juicy gossip? No worries, simply drop us a line at [email protected] and our dedicated team will get back to you in a jiffy with all the information you need.

When will the Special Bet event come to a close?

Our strategies for betting on special events, such as weddings or births, emphasize the importance of setting a deadline date for these unique bets. This date serves as the cutoff point beyond which the bet loses its validity. To accurately predict the occurrence of such joyful occasions, it is crucial to consider this deadline.

Is it possible for me to make unique wagers in multiple or system mode?

You have the opportunity to utilize unique betting markets and special techniques by employing the operators we carefully examined. Through these avenues, you can engage in the excitement of playing multiples and systems, enhancing your overall betting experience.

Does every event on betting sites offer the option to place bets?

In South Africa, bookmakers typically include a variety of events in their schedules, ranging from entertainment to politics. However, the availability of such events may vary depending on the preferences of individual operators.

What types of markets can be found in the special betting options?

Different betting markets often cater to specific events that you may wish to place your bets on. For instance, you will come across a variety of options for winners in reality shows, talent competitions, festivals, elections, as well as predictions for the birth date or the name of a newborn. The diversity of these special markets ensures that you have a wide range of exciting betting opportunities to explore and potentially win from.

Which special bets hold utmost significance in the annals of history?

Political bets have become a prominent subject in recent times, captivating the attention of many. The focus lies on bets related to political events, notably predicting the outcome of the United States presidential election or the likelihood of Brexit being realized. These specialized wagers have generated significant interest and intrigue among enthusiasts.

The comprehensive compilation of bookmakers providing exclusive wagering opportunities.

In a similar fashion to the PayPal page, our dedicated page concludes with an extensive compilation of gambling platforms that present exclusive wagering opportunities. This comprehensive catalog serves as a convenient reference to explore the intricacies of different operators specializing in this particular form of entertainment. By simply clicking on our detailed review, you can effortlessly delve into the specifics of each platform and personally evaluate their offerings. Rest assured, this list will be regularly refreshed to accommodate the addition of new contenders and promptly remove any bookmakers that cease to provide non-sports betting options. Enjoy your exploration!

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