Discover the top-rated online platforms for betting on darts in 2023.

On this webpage, we have compiled an extensive examination of the finest darts betting platforms licensed in South Africa. Uncover the ultimate destinations for superior payouts, enticing promotions, extensive event calendars, and live-streamed tournaments. Additionally, explore the esteemed darts bookmakers' rankings. The traits of a successful darts champion, including precision, composure, and unflappable nerves, are equally essential for any avid bettor. Discover all the essential knowledge within this comprehensive review, where you can acquire invaluable expertise.

The top bookies for darts bets in South Africa
Dart betting sites Welcome Bonus Learn more Assessment Visit the online gambling platform
Up to $100 On the initial three deposits 15 10 Great payout level 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €105 50% bet refund 22 30 Super Championship Payouts 5.0/5 Visit the site
Up to €1,000 100% on first bet 20 30 Great streaming proposition 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to R25 on your inaugural wager 7 9 Markets that successfully achieve their objectives 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to R1,000 100% on first deposit 18 25 Live events are also included in the jam-packed itinerary. 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €30 100% on first bet 20 30 Great streaming proposition 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $50 100% on first deposit 11 17 Extensive selection of dynamic markets available for live trading. 4.5/5 Visit the site

Discover the best darts bookmakers and their amazing bonuses.

  • 🥇 Betwinner ✨ Receive a generous 100€ welcome bonus!
  • 🥈 PariPesa Get a 100% bonus of up to $100 when making your first deposit.
  • 🥉 William Hill ✪ 100% up to 30€ bonus
  • Hollywoodbets Get 25R upon initial deposit completion.
  • Wazamba Get a welcome bonus of up to 50 dollars.

Topping our list of premier bookmakers for darts betting are two renowned Anglo-Saxon operators, a fact that comes as no surprise considering the immense popularity of darts in those regions. These exceptional bookies stand head and shoulders above the rest, consistently making appearances in the esteemed roster of top-rated (ADM) betting platforms.

Top darts sports betting sites by category
🏆 Darts bookmaker 2023 PariPesa
⚡ Exciting live coverage of darts matches from the heart of the action. Betwinner
📒 Top darts schedule William Hill
Check out the incredible real-time betting odds for darts matches 10Bet
To place bets using a mobile device Betway
The optimal choice for the United Kingdom's Open competition. Betsafe
Enjoy the perks of darts with exciting bonuses and wagers. Wazamba
To place a wager on the FIFA World Cup Nomini
✅ All popular markets Hollywoodbets
🆕 New darts bookmaker

We have compiled an additional table for your convenience. This table does not consist of an actual ranking, but rather highlights the various strengths and categories in which the top online platforms for darts betting excel.

Get ready to experience the thrill of the pub and unleash your dart-throwing skills! The list of the finest online darts betting platforms, meticulously curated based on a comprehensive evaluation of countless criteria, awaits you in the table above. Our journey commenced with a meticulous examination of tournament payouts, followed by an exploration of the diverse array of schedules and markets available. Additionally, we took into account the enticing bonuses and promotions offered by each site. So, if you're eager to dive into the vibrant ambiance of a pub, grab that dart and let the games begin!

Bookmakers provide payouts for darts odds.

Let's begin our assessment by diving into the analysis of payout rates, a critical factor when assessing the value of a darts bookmaker. This aspect holds immense significance as it directly impacts the odds offered on darts events, ultimately influencing our potential winnings. Utilizing our meticulous payout calculation approach, we have meticulously extracted and compiled a comprehensive table showcasing the percentages for your reference. These figures shed light on the bookmaker's commitment to fair and rewarding payouts.

The top-notch betting websites present favorable darts odds for the crucial tournaments.
Darts betting sites PDC Darts World Cup Premier League Darts YesPlay Masters UK Open
94.5% 93.7% 94.0% 93.8%
94.0% 94.1% 92.9% 93.9%
93.3% 93.1% 92.0% 91.7%
93.6% 93.0% 91.1% 92.2%
92.9% 92.8% 91.2% 92.5%

We meticulously assessed the standings of the leading darts operators by crunching numbers derived from the odds presented in the world's foremost four tournaments. Through this process, we have formulated a comprehensive ranking of the top four bookmakers in the industry. Interestingly, the overall percentages displayed remarkable coherence, with the English-based betting giants, such as William Hill, emerging as true pioneers in this domain. Their expertise and proficiency have undoubtedly set the bar high.

The most crucial darts competitions across the globe.

Discovering the pinnacle of dart tournaments worldwide, the ones that offer unparalleled odds and an extensive array of markets, is indeed a quest for ardent enthusiasts. Ensuring your quest is met with success, we have meticulously compiled a comprehensive table showcasing the top five marquee events of the darting season. These tournaments, akin to the illustrious Darts Grand Slam, unfold across the vibrant landscapes of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, leaving a lasting impression on every fervent fan.

The most esteemed competitions for darts
Tournament Logo Nation Participants Foundation
The PDC World Cup of Darts Germany 24 2010
Premier League Darts UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany 10 2005
YesPlay Masters United Kingdom 16 2013
UK Open United Kingdom 16 2003
German Darts Masters Germany 16 2017

For enthusiasts of the beloved game of darts, these nations are akin to a veritable haven, where no pub would dare to be without the essential darting gear. In these lands, the dartboard reigns supreme, captivating the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Amongst the myriad of prestigious competitions, the PDC World Cup of Darts, the Premier League Darts, the YesPlay Masters, the UK Open, and the German Darts Masters stand tall as the pinnacle of darting excellence.

Darts betting options

Understanding the various betting options available for the game of darts is crucial as it grants you the ability to diversify your approach and employ effective strategies for winning. Hence, we have opted to highlight four distinctive bet types associated with this sport and delve into their explanations, while also furnishing illustrative instances of how these bets can be executed.


The classic and ever-thrilling Winning market holds a prominent place in the realm of sports betting. A top-notch platform for darts betting would never be complete without this market, focusing on the ultimate triumph of the competitors. In this enthralling arena, two players engage in intense face-offs on iconic tree-shaped dartboards, striving to emerge victorious in the end. With no room for a draw, your wagers are centered solely on predicting the triumphant player in each match.


Handicap betting in darts entails a unique wager where one of the competitors, typically the one perceived as the frontrunner, must secure victory by surpassing the predetermined point gap assigned to them by the bookmaker. This specific betting method requires the favorite player to outperform their opponent by a margin greater than the handicap, as determined by the darts bookmaker.

Greater than 180

Undoubtedly, one of the most sought-after markets for enthusiasts of online dart betting platforms is the renowned Most 180s. This particular category involves the thrilling task of predicting which of the two players will achieve a higher number of triple twenties throws, the pinnacle of success in a single turn of throws, throughout a 501 match. Notably, a draw option is also provided for those seeking an additional element of excitement in their wagers.

Consider this scenario: a thrilling World Matchplay clash between Daryl Gurney and Steve West serves as a perfect illustration. The probabilities, in this case, are as follows: Gurney stands at 1.72 to secure the highest number of 180s, while West trails slightly at 2.60. Alternatively, a draw between the two is set at reasonable odds of 7.00. Placing a bet on Gurney entails a victory only if he outperforms his adversary by consistently achieving triple 20s on the dartboard.

In matches such as the one we've used for demonstration purposes, where we perceive the favorite's odds to be unreasonably low, the draw option within this market can prove to be valuable. It allows for a shift in the odds for Gurney from 1.36 in the Winner market to 1.72 in the Most 180s market. This adjustment presents an alternative avenue for potential bettors to explore, offering a different perspective and an opportunity to capitalize on the match dynamics.

9 dart finish Yes/No

The 9 dart finish is undeniably captivating within the Yes/No market, presenting a truly mesmerizing aspect of this beloved sport. Often referred to as the perfect game, it demands the closure of a 501 match using a mere 9 throws. This remarkable feat occurs rarely, reserved only for the true titans of the game. Achieving such mastery is a testament to the greatness of these exceptional champions.

Live darts betting and the availability of live streaming.

The immense craze for darts in the United Kingdom has spurred a multitude of British bookmakers to provide comprehensive coverage of this beloved sport. In keeping with this trend, South African bookmakers have also adeptly adjusted their offerings to include captivating live betting options for darts enthusiasts.

Discovering online platforms for live darts betting is effortlessly attainable these days. These sites often provide video streaming services that cover a wide array of events, especially the five pivotal tournaments throughout the season. Optimal darts betting sites incorporate visually appealing graphic animations of the tournaments, supplemented by accurate real-time statistics. By offering such comprehensive features, these platforms cater to the needs of users who wish to engage in real-time betting and gain insights into the ongoing progression of the event.

There are promotions and deals specifically designed for dart enthusiasts.

Betting brings immense joy, and when accompanied by lucrative bonuses and promotions to boost your earnings, it amplifies the thrill. Each of the mentioned online platforms for darts betting presents an array of enticing packages, commencing with generous sign-up bonuses and extending to exclusive promotions tailored towards specific sporting events.

A darts board
  • There are numerous darts markets in existence.
  • Complete list of scheduled tournaments
  • The renowned expertise of English dart players.
ItThawteLicense: NGB Playing games in a lawful and conscientious manner

During the high-profile tournaments of the darts season, it is not uncommon for exclusive deals and enticing promotions to emerge. Interestingly, it is predominantly the bookmakers hailing from the United Kingdom that take the lead in organizing such activities. In light of this, we have carefully chosen an operator that has truly impressed us with its offerings. For your convenience, you can locate this exceptional bookmaker in the section below. Rest assured, they stand out from the rest.

Darts betting strategies: mastering the bullseye

Let's shift our attention from thorough research on top-rated dart betting platforms to the game itself and the tactics worth implementing. Naturally, there are no foolproof techniques that can assure victory. Nonetheless, for less prominent sports like darts, certain "knacks" may come in handy. Here, we present a selection of pointers for wagering on dart tournaments.

Studying the desired betting subject is an indispensable and highly lucrative approach, as we always emphasize. To maximize our profitability, it is crucial to familiarize ourselves with the rules and regulations governing different dart competitions. This knowledge enables us to expand our betting options, select wagers with optimal payouts, and make more informed decisions, thereby enhancing our chances of success. Furthermore, by implementing an effective budget management strategy, we can further bolster our likelihood of securing victories.

Historical capsules from the realm of darting

Now that we have acquired all the necessary knowledge regarding darts betting, it is the perfect moment to fully engage ourselves in the vibrant ambiance of this sport. Let's transport ourselves mentally to a cozy pub in Sussex, where the flickering lights highlight the dartboard, eagerly awaiting our skilled throws. With three darts firmly gripped between our fingers, we can embark on an immersive journey. To enhance the atmosphere, we have prepared three captivating tales, filled with intriguing anecdotes and charismatic individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of darts.

Phil Taylor, also known as 'The Power,' is widely regarded as the Pele of the darts world.

Undoubtedly, there exists a quintessential figure in the annals of darts, and that is none other than Phil 'The Power' Taylor. Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, this formidable champion has amassed an astounding tally of 214 victorious tournaments to his name, an astonishing feat that encompasses 83 illustrious majors and an extraordinary cache of 16 world championships. Furthermore, he holds the unique distinction of being the pioneer to accomplish two exceptional "nine-dart finishes" in a solitary match, undeniably solidifying his status as the unparalleled Pelé of the darts world.

The greatest moment in the history of darts

In the annals of this sport's recent history, fans fondly recall an extraordinary occasion. The Dutchman, Michael van Gerwen, hailed as the undisputed powerhouse of the game, remarkably etched his name into the minds of spectators. It was during the intense semifinals of the 2013 World Darts Championship that he tantalizingly approached the brink of accomplishing the unthinkable - notching up two consecutive sets of nine-darters. Alas, his mesmerizing run halted at a remarkable streak of 17 flawless darts in succession.

What is the definition of a perfect game?

In the realm of this particular sport, the notion of the 'flawless competition' encompasses a solitary match consisting of 501 points, culminated by the remarkable feat of throwing a mere 9 darts. This extraordinary accomplishment, commonly referred to as a nine-darts finish or nine-darters, necessitates the closure of the initial 6 throws with a remarkable total of 360 points (6 triple 20s). Subsequently, the remaining 141 points are concluded by selecting from an impressive array of 7 distinct finishing options.

Placing bets on the sport of darts offers a comprehensive and immersive experience.

After a comprehensive examination of various platforms for darts betting, we have come to the end of this extensive evaluation. To wrap up, we would like to share our final thoughts on the subject matter discussed thus far. The emergence of English dart bookmakers in South Africa has fostered significant growth in the realm of online dart wagering, prompting our local bookies to adapt accordingly. The range of options available is undeniably satisfactory, encompassing a multitude of tournaments, a wide array of markets, and notably higher payouts compared to other sports. It is possible that we may witness additional enhancements in the future, particularly in terms of bonuses and live streaming, both of which have not yet given us cause for complaint. Engaging in darts betting is an all-encompassing experience. If you wish to explore a similar venture with a less mainstream sport in our country, we encourage you to peruse our guide to baseball betting sites. Conversely, if you fancy placing bets on another bar game, consider trying your luck with pool betting sites.


If you have any inquiries or a burning desire for knowledge regarding placing bets on the thrilling sport of darts, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team of experts at [email protected]. We are here to address your concerns and provide you with the information you seek. Feel free to contact us and let us assist you in enhancing your understanding of the intricate world of darts betting. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are committed to serving you with utmost diligence and professionalism. Drop us a line today and embark on a journey of excitement and entertainment with darts betting.

What are the top-rated platforms for betting on darts?

With a thorough and independent analysis conducted by our team, we have identified the finest bookmakers for darts in our rankings. From renowned platforms like Wazamba,, to industry giants such as William Hill and World Sports Betting, these top operators have demonstrated exceptional performance. Our evaluation encompassed crucial factors including payout value, as well as the diversity of tournaments and markets available. Rest assured that these reputable bookmakers have met our stringent criteria, ensuring a remarkable betting experience for darts enthusiasts.

For other sports, which bookmakers would you suggest?

On our homepage, you will discover the latest compilation of top-rated gambling platforms. From this comprehensive list, you can effortlessly identify the ideal betting site that aligns perfectly with your preferences and financial resources. Explore the extensive range of options and choose the operator that caters to your specific needs and budgetary constraints.

Is it possible to utilize accumulator bonuses for darts tournaments?

Unless otherwise stated in the promotion's terms and conditions, the multiple bonus can also be applied to darts events. When it comes to darts, you can make use of the typical offers offered by bookmakers, beginning with the welcome bonus.

⚗️ What advice can you offer for wagering on dart matches?

In order to increase your chances of success when betting on darts, it is crucial to thoroughly delve into the realm of information. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights on various tips and strategies to ensure your tickets result in a triumphant outcome. Familiarizing oneself with tournament formats, regulations, and statistics is of paramount importance. Furthermore, analyzing the current form of the athletes involved plays a pivotal role in minimizing reliance on sheer luck. By dedicating time and effort to study, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and maximize your betting prowess.

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