Discover the key details regarding HiPay gambling platforms.

Discover all the essential details concerning betting platforms that support HiPay, a French-developed electronic wallet used for both deposits and withdrawals. Our comprehensive evaluation encompasses factors such as transaction speed, minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, potential commissions, and more. Presently, HiPay is exclusively available as a payment option on 22Bet. Uncover the ins and outs of utilizing this convenient payment method for your betting needs.

The best online bookmaker HiPay
  • A vast array of wagering options are available for betting enthusiasts.
  • Competitive chances and enticing offers
  • A user-friendly interface and a mobile application
100% up to 100$ Visit the site
  • No charges for incoming or outgoing transactions.
  • Additionally appropriate for players who possess significant skill or expertise.
  • Very fast timing
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You will discover a comprehensive guide in our evaluation, providing an in-depth walkthrough on deposit and withdrawal procedures, thorough analysis of security concerns, and a comprehensive examination of the pros and cons associated with the top-rated HiPay betting websites. We will compare this approach with various alternative methods put forth by bookmakers functioning in South Africa, offering a thorough assessment of their merits and potential drawbacks.

The most pertinent concepts regarding the top HiPay gambling platforms

In our comprehensive analysis of the top-rated HiPay gambling platforms, let's kick off by addressing a few technical particulars. As you delve further, a plethora of valuable insights awaits, covering an array of essential aspects such as the lower and upper limits for transactions, applicable charges, and the swiftness of this French-born e-wallet when utilized for both depositing and withdrawing funds. Stay tuned to gain a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits that HiPay brings to avid bettors opting for this seamless payment solution.

Effectively oversee HiPay wagers: limits, timing, and remunerations.

As stated in the opening remarks, as of the current moment when this assessment of HiPay wagering platforms is being composed, there exists solely a single provider that permits the utilization of this particular financial system, specifically 22Bet. While anticipating the integration of additional providers in adopting this payment method, it remains judicious for us to delve into the authentication and disbursement durations, the presence of fees, and the minimum and maximum thresholds for both depositing and withdrawing funds. By doing so, you will be able to ascertain whether the terms and requirements proposed by the site headquartered in Malta align with your preferences and needs.

Timing, caps and fees for transactions with HiPay betting sites
Bookmakers Credit times The boundaries of both the smallest and largest values. Commissions
Immediately $10 -$1,000 None
2 business days 10$ – None None

When it comes to HiPay, the payment method for your bets on 22Bet, you'll find that it operates similarly to other well-known e-wallets such as PayPal. Deposits are processed instantly, ensuring a seamless betting experience. As for withdrawals, you can expect a maximum waiting time of 48 hours, ensuring that you can quickly access your winnings. The minimum limit for both incoming and outgoing payments is set at $10, ensuring that you have flexibility in managing your funds. While there is no specific maximum threshold for withdrawals, it is important to note that deposits are capped at $1,000. Additionally, you'll be pleased to know that there are no fees associated with either deposits or withdrawals, allowing you to fully enjoy your betting experience without any unnecessary charges.

Ensuring the compatibility of HiPay with the welcome bonus.

When it comes to receiving bonuses, particularly the welcome bonus, we advise our users to carefully review the terms and conditions outlined on our portal pages. It is crucial to be aware that certain offers, as detailed on our dedicated page for top betting bonuses, may not be available if the initial deposit is made using specific methods like e-wallets. Thankfully, this does not apply to bookmakers that accept HiPay as a payment option. We assure you that by choosing HiPay, you can enjoy the full benefits of the bonuses without any restrictions.

The contrast between HiPay and a conventional credit card

HiPay, akin to renowned platforms like Skrill, is an electronic wallet that functions as a payment platform. It operates by leveraging external techniques, enabling users to effortlessly conduct transactions in their preferred currency. Acting as a facilitator, HiPay seamlessly connects users with an array of payment systems, encompassing credit cards, alternative digital wallets, and even Apple Pay. Embracing versatility, HiPay serves as a comprehensive hub for diverse payment methods.

The Pros and Cons of HiPay Betting

Moving on from the previous data analysis, we will now delve into a qualitative examination of the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with utilizing the HiPay betting sites. This payment system may not be widely recognized among South Africans, and while it may not differ significantly from other electronic wallets, there are noteworthy advantages to consider. The foremost advantage lies in its remarkable user-friendliness, which is hard to overlook.

The list of pros and cons in using HiPay

Good news! HiPay is a payment system that comes with a range of benefits. Firstly, there are no commissions involved, ensuring that your transactions remain cost-effective. Additionally, the deposit limits are quite favorable, allowing you to comfortably manage your funds. Moreover, you can rest assured about the security of your transactions as HiPay prioritizes safeguarding your sensitive information. Another advantage is that there are no terms and conditions that would hinder you from receiving the welcome bonus when using HiPay on betting sites that accept it. While it's true that not all bookmakers offer this payment option, it shouldn't overshadow the system's advantages. Furthermore, HiPay is not reloadable in physical shops, but this limitation is often outweighed by its suitability for high rollers – players with substantial budgets. For those seeking a secure and convenient payment method for their online gaming activities in South Africa, exploring HiPay as a viable option is highly recommended.

How to add funds to a HiPay sports betting platform.

Let's explore the process of depositing funds into a HiPay gambling platform, shall we? The good news is that it's a straightforward procedure, as you'll soon discover in the following blue sections. Don't worry, there's no need for any complex maneuvers or intricate steps. It's all conveniently laid out for you, ensuring a seamless experience. So, let's dive in and explore the effortless way to complete your deposit on the HiPay betting site.

The logos of HiPay and 1xBet
HiPay al top
  • Get a 50% bonus when you make your initial deposit
  • Extremely quick deposit durations
  • There are no restrictions on the amount you can withdraw.
3000R Welcome bonus

Paying heed to specific procedures is crucial, even for those with a basic understanding of digital money transfers. These procedures, though prevalent among online fund transfers, necessitate careful consideration.

A screenshot of a page on HiPay's website

Create a HiPay account

To create a HiPay account, begin by visiting the payment platform's homepage and locating the "Register" button situated in the top right corner. Simply click on the vibrant blue button to commence the registration process. The subsequent step involves filling out the registration form, providing the necessary information, and linking your existing account details that you plan to utilize for your transactions. Rest assured, this straightforward procedure will set you on the path towards enjoying the benefits of HiPay's services.

To transfer the desired amount to your betting account, please adhere to the guidelines presented in the chart below. These instructions outline the necessary steps that HiPay account holders should follow. By following this chart, you can effortlessly transfer the specific funds you wish to allocate to your betting activities. Ensure a seamless transaction by carefully following the instructions provided in the chart.

Withdraw funds using HiPay gambling platforms.

And how about when it comes to cashing out? What are the necessary measures to be implemented in case we decide to withdraw our winnings from the finest HiPay gambling platforms? The process is actually even more straightforward than the one required for deposits, however, we have still broken it down into three sections, which will undoubtedly reassure you that this particular system is accessible to both newcomers in online monetary transactions and individuals who are interested in placing bets. To commence, the initial stage involves logging into your gaming account and initiating a withdrawal via HiPay.

The three steps to make a HiPay withdrawal from an online bookmaker's gaming account

Once the necessary technical processing times have been allowed, which typically takes around 24 to 48 hours following the completion of the operation, it is advisable to verify your HiPay account to ensure that the credited amount has been successfully recorded. Subsequently, the decision of whether to transfer the funds to your bank account or employ them for any other requirements will be entirely at your discretion. The entire process is remarkably straightforward, to the extent that committing an error is virtually inconceivable!

HiPay and all associated charges

If you opt for HiPay betting sites, rest assured that you won't encounter any commissions. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that for other transactions on this platform, there are nominal commissions amounting to approximately $0.25 per transaction. Moreover, if you transfer funds to Visa or MasterCard credit cards, totaling less than $2,500 per month, a commission rate of 2.90% will be levied. It is evident that these sums are not exorbitant; however, individual requirements vary, and this information might dissuade some from utilizing this payment method.

Do HiPay betting sites offer any bonuses?

When it comes to deciding whether to trust HiPay betting platforms for our gaming account transactions, there is another crucial factor to consider - the availability of bonuses and exclusive promotions for users who opt for this French payment method. Following thorough investigation, it can be concluded that this is not a widely established practice.

The best bonuses from HiPay betting sites in South Africa
5.0/5 Get a 50% bonus of up to $100 when you make your initial deposit. Replay: Quadruple the worth of the bonus. , Validity: 7 days Visit site

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the operator highlighted earlier is the sole provider that accommodates the payment system showcased on this particular webpage. Interestingly, this operator not only accepts HiPay for transactions but also extends the full range of its customary wagering bonuses to those who opt for this payment method. These bonuses span from the inviting welcome offer to the enticing enhanced odds, ensuring that HiPay users can fully partake in the diverse array of benefits offered by this operator.

Security concerns related to HiPay gambling platform

Security is undeniably a crucial aspect in the realm of online payment systems. It is evident that the bygone era of the "untamed frontier of the internet" has ceased to exist, where security was considerably less robust, and the imminent threat of fraudulent activities loomed over users. Presently, stringent controls and cutting-edge protective mechanisms ensure an exceptionally secure and virtually impenetrable money transfer process. Nevertheless, given the involvement of funds in betting, tranquility of mind is invaluable. Hence, we have made the conscious decision to allocate a dedicated segment to elucidate the security measures that await you in the realm of HiPay wagers. The accompanying image below vividly illustrates these measures.

The security measures provided for those who pay bets with HiPay

To ensure optimum security, it is essential to take certain precautionary measures. Firstly, it is advisable to use our personal computer instead of public wifi, particularly while engaging with HiPay through betting apps. This approach will provide an initial level of protection. Secondly, bookmakers operating in South Africa are bestowed with the NGB certification by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Rest assured, we exclusively feature betting sites with this certification on our platform. Additionally, the French payment platform has implemented several protective measures. One such measure is the 3D Secure system, which offers triple scrutiny for transactions conducted using this system. Furthermore, in compliance with the European regulation introduced in September 2023, HiPay ensures Strong Authentication, effectively doubling the security levels for all operations performed.

Further details regarding HiPay

If you want to explore HiPay beyond the realm of betting and delve into the fascinating world of the company itself, our readers are in for a treat. First and foremost, it's worth mentioning that HiPay came into existence in 2015, originating from its separation from HiMedia Group, where it had once been a subsidiary. Hailing from the magnificent city of Paris, France, HiPay has steadily etched its name in the industry. Steering the ship since 2016 is the capable CEO, Grégoire Bourdin, who took over from Gabriel de Montessus. As a payment platform, HiPay primarily caters to merchants and sellers, but the company has made impressive strides by extending its reach to include the needs of buyer users as well. Discover the intriguing journey of HiPay, a pioneer in the world of payment solutions.

HiPay: Useful Information about the Company
HiPay's headquarters in Levallois-Perret, France
Name: HiPay
Branch: Online payment providers
Headquarters: Levallois-Perret, France
Regulatory body: The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Share price: Here is the quote and PST chart.
Foundation date: July 2015
CEO: Gregoire Bourdin
Founders: Gabriel de Montessus
Employees: 200 (2023)
Revenues: 34.9 million $ (2023)
Supported currencies: count of different currencies accepted Reception: 20+ ; Withdrawal: 20+ ; currency on account: 20
Accounts active worldwide: n.a.
Customers in South Africa: n.a.
Customer Service: Contact form available on the website.
Apps: Yes
Buyer fees: $0.25 / 2.90%
Seller fees. For deposits only
HiPay bookmakers: 1
Help: FAQ
The Top-Rated HiPay Betting Platform 22Bet
HiPay Headquarters in Levallois-Perret

Since its listing on the stock exchange in June 2015, this corporation, boasting a workforce of 180 individuals, reported a remarkable increase of 17%, with a turnover of nearly 29 million euros in 2018, surpassing the previous year's figures. Renowned names in the realm of online fashion, including Promod and Kooples, as well as major players in the retail sector like Intermarché, have entrusted their business to this brand. Noteworthy affiliated payment methods comprise Klarna, Skrill, and Sports IllustratedPay. Overseeing operations in South Africa is the esteemed Paola Tricarichi.

If HiPay isn't suitable for you, consider using an alternative system.

Are you looking for information on HiPay betting sites? Our dedicated page aims to guide you in determining whether this payment system is the right fit for your needs. If the French proposal doesn't align with your preferences, worry not! We've thoroughly analyzed multiple alternatives on our platform, which you'll find listed below. Options like MasterCard and Emoney are just a couple of examples worth exploring. Take your time to browse through and discover the solution that suits you best.

Transform your betting experience with HiPay gambling platforms, revolutionizing your transactions and providing a fresh perspective.

Our analysis of HiPay betting sites concludes with the evaluation of an alternative payment system. Currently, only one bookmaker .it provides this payment method, which we have thoroughly scrutinized. Despite the limited options, we are optimistic that more bookmakers will adopt this system due to its numerous benefits. The absence of commissions, coupled with favorable minimum and maximum limits, as well as prompt credit and debit timing, make it an attractive choice for both users and bookies. With these advantages, it is highly likely that the number of bookmakers offering this payment method will grow in the near future.

Gif representing the top five features of HiPay in partnership with 22Bet

If you're seeking a top-notch operator, look no further than the one we've singled out above. What sets it apart from the competition is its unrivaled performance. Our extensive testing has confirmed that the combination of 22Bet and HiPay is remarkably effective, particularly when it comes to the seamless process of depositing and withdrawing funds. The impeccable safety measures in place are yet another advantage of this French company, which is gaining traction even in South Africa. If you're eager to join their upward journey, simply give HiPay bets a try!


Not sure where to start when it comes to HiPay betting sites? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Simply drop us a line at [email protected] with any questions you may have, and our dedicated team will get back to you in a flash. Looking for information on the top bookmakers in South Africa? Look no further than our homepage, where you'll find all the details you need to make the best choice.

Which are the top HiPay gambling platforms available in South Africa?

Currently, the roster of contenders vying for the coveted crown of premier HiPay bookmaker is rather limited, with only 22Bet embracing it within its array of payment alternatives. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to anticipate that numerous others will follow suit in due course. By diligently monitoring this page, you shall be at the forefront of uncovering the additional operators we shall meticulously scrutinize. Rest assured, the list shall expand, and you shall be duly informed.

Is it possible to place bets on the transfer market using HiPay bookmakers?

Certainly, absolutely! The crucial requirement is clearly that the betting platform actually offers wagering options for the transfer market within its lineup. In such a scenario, there are no wagers where you are unable to share your prediction and make payments effortlessly using HiPay!

Is it secure to deposit with HiPay bookmakers?

Rest assured, your financial transactions are guaranteed to be secure with HiPay, the leading French payment gateway. They have implemented rigorous security measures to safeguard your funds. What sets HiPay apart is their adherence to high standards of protection, ensuring the utmost safety for your deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the presence of the NGB license further attests to the legality and trustworthiness of bookmakers utilizing HiPay. You can have peace of mind knowing that your money is in safe hands.

What are the benefits of using HiPay betting platforms?

When it comes to betting on HiPay, rest assured that you'll enjoy numerous benefits. From lightning-fast transactions to zero commission charges, the advantages are manifold. Not to forget the generous deposit limits that add even more value to your experience. So buckle up and get ready to make the most of your betting journey with HiPay!

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