Top-rated Sports Betting Sites That Accept Paysafecard | Comprehensive Guide to Betting with Paysafecard

Discover the ultimate directory of top-notch bookmakers that accept Paysafecard, a widely popular prepaid card renowned for its rapid and discreet transactions across various online platforms. Whether you're an avid gamer or simply seeking to manage your online gaming accounts with utmost ease, our comprehensive review is here to guide you. Unveiling essential factors such as deposit limits, accreditation speed, enticing welcome bonuses, exceptional service standards, and seamless mobile optimization, we strive to provide you with an unparalleled betting experience. Join us as we embark on a journey to the finest Paysafecard betting sites available.

Top 5 online bookmakers PayPal
  • There are no fees charged for depositing funds.
  • Many football markets
  • Large welcome bonus
3 deposits up to 100$ Visit the site
  • Zero fees and expedited processing
  • Greetings, prestigious bonus at a superior level.
  • Great mobile application
50% up to 25€ Visit the site
  • No entry fees
  • Betting Club Promotion
  • Very experienced bookie
100% up to R3500 Visit the site
  • Immediate Deposit Timing
  • Highest quality streaming
  • Betting exchange option
100% up to 30€ Visit the site
  • Fast Deposit Timeline
  • High deposit cap
  • Top-notch probabilities and payouts
100% up to R3000 Visit the site

Top-rated online betting platforms that accept Paysafecard as a payment method.

  • 🥇 PariPesa ✪ The top-rated bookmaker that accepts Paysafecard as a payment method
  • 🥈 William Hill ✪ One of the swiftest when it comes to processing durations.
  • 🥉 MrPlay The top rewards for using Paysafecard
  • BetSafe ✪ The Paysafecard bookmaker with the highest number of markets
  • Betway ✪ Lowest deposit limit

Let's explore the Paysafecard topic in more detail, as we've mentioned it frequently in our reviews. So, is obtaining a prepaid card a straightforward process? The answer is undoubtedly affirmative, given its wide availability in leading supermarkets, gas stations, tobacco shops, and newsstands. Throughout this analysis, we will also unveil the procedure for card top-ups and provide insights on creating a my.paysafecard profile.

Top bookies that accept Paysafecard by category
🏆 Bookie Paysafecard from 2023 Betwinner
⚽ Betting, soccer, and Paysafecard PariPesa
⏱️ Fast deposit timing William Hill
🔄 Exchange and Paysafecard MrPlay
⚡ High deposit limits intertops
Sport betting and Paysafecard: An Exploration Betway
🎁 Bet bonuses Sports Illustrated
🧾 No fees 888sport
The Paysafecard sites that are at the pinnacle of excellence. Interbet
🆕 New Paysafecard bookmaker BetSafe

The top betting platforms that accept Paysafecard as a payment method.

In the year 2000, a group of innovative Austrian visionaries devised a groundbreaking payment system that has forever transformed the landscape of online transactions. Known as the Paysafecard PIN, this ingenious method mirrors the convenience and versatility of physical cash. Remarkably, it eradicates the necessity to divulge personal information, credit card particulars, or banking credentials, thus ensuring a remarkably high level of anonymity. Unquestionably, the system's formidable security measures stand as a testament to its excellence, while its user-friendly nature ensures a seamless experience for all.

Commissions, timing, and restrictions imposed by bookmakers accepting Paysafecard

In order to discover the finest betting sites that accept Paysafecard, we conducted a thorough evaluation based on a range of criteria. Our assessment encompassed factors such as transaction speed, potential fees, and the minimum and maximum deposit thresholds. Additionally, we took into account various other aspects of the operators under scrutiny, including the size of their welcome bonuses.

Please note that Paysafecard, being a prepaid card, is exclusively intended for making deposits. Consequently, no details pertaining to withdrawals are provided in the following table. To withdraw funds, an alternate method must be employed. Rest assured, our platform offers a range of viable alternatives for seamless withdrawals.

Operator name Credit times Minimum and maximum boundaries Commissions
Immediately $10 – $1,000 None
Up to 10 minutes $20 – $1,000 None
Immediately $25 – $1,000 None
2-3 business days $5 – $1,000 None
Immediately $10 – $100 None

In our carefully curated ranking, William Hill secures the top spot, distinguished by its swift credit processing and remarkable range of deposit limits, spanning from a mere $10 to an impressive $1,000. While PariPesa matches Comeon's upper limit, it sets itself apart with a more accessible minimum deposit requirement of just $5. Nonetheless, the GVC-affiliated bookmaker bears the burden of extended waiting periods for credit clearance, which may extend up to 2-3 working days.

Among the top contenders in our ranking, 888sport stands out for its remarkable speed in processing accreditations, ensuring nearly instant deposits. With a maximum deposit limit of $1,000, it offers a generous opportunity for high rollers. However, it's worth noting that the minimum rechargeable amount required is $20. On the other hand, Betwinner, another excellent option, sets a slightly higher minimum deposit threshold at $25, setting it apart from 888sport. As we examine the right column, it becomes evident that Paysafecard transactions for gaming account deposits come free of any additional charges across all operators.

A guide on utilizing Paysafecard as a payment method for online gambling.

Once we've provided you with this brief introduction, let's resolve a common query right off the bat: how can you make payments for your wagers using Paysafecard? Is it truly as simple as it sounds? The response is a resounding yes, and all you have to do is peruse through our informative sections to gain a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Paysafecard and William Hill logos.
Paysafecard al top
  • 100% success on the initial wager
  • Multiple football markets exist.
  • Amazing live section
215$ Welcome bonus

To begin loading your game account, the essential requirement is to possess a Paysafecard. This prepaid card, comprising a 16-digit PIN, can be procured from a plethora of brick-and-mortar vendors strewn across South Africa. Subsequently, you can utilize this card to load funds into your online account. Alternatively, you have the option of conveniently ordering the card online, and we will duly elaborate on the procedure in due course.

Discover the simple steps to register on the official Paysafecard website and acquire PINs effortlessly for your betting needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting physical stores, as the online platform offers a convenient alternative. Let us guide you through the process of creating an account and purchasing PINs directly from the comfort of your own home. Experience the seamless transition from traditional to digital as you unlock the world of online betting with ease.

The registration form to open a Paysafecard account

Enroll on the Paysafecard website through the online registration process.

To obtain your recharge online rather than acquiring it from any of the numerous physical retail outlets worldwide, where you can pay with cash or card directly, adhere to the subsequent guidelines meticulously. Proceed to the designated epin reseller link available on the official company webpage. However, beforehand, it is imperative to complete a brief registration process, which only requires a few moments of your time. Once you have duly filled the uncomplicated form, you will be able to conveniently make your payment online and promptly receive your Paysafecard PINs.

The form to top up the Paysafecard account

Refill your online account with funds.

You have been issued a legitimate Paysafecard prepaid card with a unique PIN code. This code serves the purpose of refilling your previously established my.paysafecard account. The amount of credit you receive is contingent upon your current geographical location. In South Africa, the available options for denominations include 10$, 25$, 50$, and 100$. Proceed to enter the 16-digit PIN code into your Paysafecard e-wallet in order to successfully replenish your account balance and progress to the subsequent stage.

It is not feasible to withdraw using this approach.

As stated earlier, the option to withdraw funds using Paysafecard is not available due to the inherent characteristics of this payment system. Rest assured, this is not an issue of malfunction but rather a feature designed to offer a different user experience. Nevertheless, this limitation does not pose a significant obstacle. In fact, the ability to make online payments akin to using physical cash offers its own set of benefits. In the event of winning, you can effortlessly choose an alternative withdrawal method like a bank transfer, credit or debit card, or even popular e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill. There are plenty of convenient options available to suit your preferences.

Before selecting an e-wallet as your preferred payment method, it is crucial to verify the compatibility of this option with your chosen bookmaker. It is advised to refer to the guidelines provided by your reliable bookmaker to ensure that e-wallets are accepted for both deposit and withdrawal transactions. Certain operators may mandate the utilization of digital wallets for all financial activities, hence confirming their acceptance beforehand is of utmost importance.

The pros and cons of using Paysafecard for betting

Paysafecard, as with any other digital payment option available for gambling purposes, presents both advantages and drawbacks. The selection ultimately hinges on your unique requirements and preferences.

If you prioritize anonymity and seek swift and uncomplicated transactions within the vast world of online casinos, then this payment system might be the ideal choice for you. It eliminates the need for personal information and instead simply demands the input of a 16-digit PIN code to successfully top up your account. With its focus on privacy and efficiency, this payment method ensures a seamless experience for users.

With the incorporation of this functionality, users can carry out highly secure transactions that eliminate any potential threat of fraudulent activities or the compromise of personal information. These transactions are fortified by stringent anti-fraud protocols, ensuring complete peace of mind. Alternatively, for those seeking to establish a Paysafecard account through an expedited registration process, they can relish the advantages of enrolling in the my PLUS loyalty program. By utilizing this program, in addition to gaining access to a comprehensive transaction history, users can amass points with each purchase, which can subsequently be redeemed for enticing rewards in the my PLUS Shop or utilized to obtain remarkable discounts on their online acquisitions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paysafecard
  • Major advantages
  • Extremely secure
  • No personal information needed.
  • Simple and speedy deposit methods
  • Minor advantages
  • Rigorous anti-fraud measures
  • myPLUS loyalty program
  • Simplified registration
  • Major disadvantages
  • Withdrawals not possible
  • Low upper limits for deposits
  • Minor disadvantages
  • MasterCard fees of 3$
  • Acquiring a prepaid card is not a simple task.

Withdrawals are not an option on Paysafecard betting sites, but fear not, there are alternative methods provided by your bookmaker. It's important to note that the maximum recharge limits offered by all operators are quite reasonable. In fact, the highest deposit you can make is $1,000, and no bookmakers have a higher limit. This limitation is primarily due to the available denominations in which Paysafecard is sold. Rest assured, there are ways to make the most of your Paysafecard experience.

For your convenience, we offer prepaid cards in various denominations: $10, $25, $50, and a maximum of $100. However, if you wish to top up your account with $1,000, you will need to enter 10 individual codes of $100 each, which can be a bit cumbersome. It is important to note that when making your initial deposit at a new bookmaker, not all operators will provide a welcome bonus if you use this particular payment method. Alternatively, you have the option of acquiring a branded prepaid MasterCard card from Paysafecard. Nevertheless, please be aware that the application process for this card is more laborious and may involve commission costs starting at $3.

Paysafecard offers various avenues for customers to seek assistance with their needs.

When it comes to Paysafecard, there is an additional advantage worth mentioning. The renowned Paysafe group offers a top-notch customer service that can be reached through three distinct channels. Recent surveys have demonstrated that the problem resolution rate of their customer care surpasses industry norms by a significant margin. To provide you with easy access, we have consolidated the primary communication channels along with the necessary contact details in a helpful image.

The methods of contacting Paysafecard customer service: by email, by phone, or by FAQ

Deciding which approach to take relies on the immediacy of the issue as well as your personal inclinations. You have the option of directly perusing the FAQ section, where commonly asked questions are addressed, increasing the likelihood that your encountered problem has already been resolved by others in the past. Alternatively, you can effortlessly reach out to our customer service team via email, elaborating on your circumstances. Our team is known for their prompt and round-the-clock responses, ensuring a speedy resolution.

Concerning the telephone service, the situation remains unchanged. Should you desire to converse with a representative, rest assured that an online operator will always be at your disposal throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 20.00, as well as on Saturdays from 09.00 to 18.00. Furthermore, you can expect minimal waiting periods. The customer support staff is well-informed and remarkably accommodating.

Are there any promotions available on betting platforms that accept Paysafecard?

Moving on to another crucial aspect of this Paysafecard betting sites review, let's delve into the verification process for exclusive bonuses and promotions available to individuals utilizing this prepaid card for their game account deposits. It is essential to highlight that, regrettably, this practice has not yet become standard.

The best bonuses from Paysafecard betting sites in South Africa
4.5/5 Get a cashback bonus of up to 25€ on your bets. Replay: minimum stake 2.00 , Validity: 7 days Visit site

Rest assured, for those who value their privacy and the ease of using Paysafecard, there is no need to worry. By utilizing this payment method, you can still enjoy the fantastic sports betting bonuses that online bookmakers commonly provide, ranging from enticing welcome offers to exciting periodic promotions. However, it is crucial to ensure that the different rewards are compatible with Paysafecard by thoroughly perusing the terms and conditions. Embrace the benefits of anonymity and convenience while maximizing your betting experience with these exclusive bonuses.

This payment system's security measures are of high importance.

The safety of playing bets with Paysafecard is a topic of utmost importance. How do they ensure such a secure environment? Let's delve into the safety measures implemented by the company to safeguard its valued customers. Firstly, let's discuss the primary safeguard, which alone should bring peace of mind to anyone utilizing this payment system. The hacking of Paysafecard PINs is entirely impossible. Despite encountering articles or videos on the internet that may hint at programs for hacking or generating PINs, or even increasing credit, these claims hold no truth due to the technical mechanisms in place.

Hence, it is imperative to steer clear of such websites and exercise caution when sharing your PIN with individuals who lack the proper authorization or are not affiliated with certified vendors. It is crucial to note that law enforcement agencies or government organizations do not employ this payment system for transactions. In the event you receive a request of this nature, it is highly probable that it is a fraudulent scheme, as it has been previously highlighted in media reports. Thus, it is of utmost importance to remain vigilant and protect your sensitive information from potential scams.

All the reasons why Paysafecard is a secure payment method: fraud protection, security protocols, PIN blocking, 256-bit encryption, customer service

Rest assured that when you transact online with Paysafecard, your personal information is safeguarded using state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption. Nonetheless, if you ever come across any indicators of potential threats or dubious behavior, you have the option to promptly request a PIN block. By doing so, the remaining funds in your card will be rendered inaccessible. Even in the unlikely event that a cybercriminal manages to gain access to your PIN, the amount they can pilfer is limited to the balance loaded onto your prepaid card, with a maximum value of $100. Consequently, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your bank account is impervious to depletion.

Here's a snippet about Paysafecard.

Paysafecard has become an indispensable component of the renowned Paysafe Group PLC, which also oversees Neteller and Skrill. Yet, its inception dates back to the year 2000 in Austria, where a quartet of enterprising local individuals, with Michael Müller as the primary investor, introduced the concept of "online cash" to the market. IBM played a crucial role in setting up the required technological framework for the widespread adoption of this payment system within Austria and in crafting the accompanying software.

In 2005, with the expansion of operations to new horizons, the payment system secured financial backing from the European Union through the eTEN initiative. This crucial support paved the way for their entry into Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, and Slovakia, solidifying their position as a trailblazer in online payment methods. Notably, it was also during this period that Germany witnessed the dawn of commercialization and the groundbreaking achievement of receiving official authorization under banking laws. This remarkable progression set the stage for a future marked by continuous growth and unwavering success.

paysafecard: Useful Information about the Company
Paysafecard's headquarters in Vienna, Austria
Name: paysafecard
Branch: Financial services
Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
Regulatory body: The Financial Sector Supervisory Commission
Share price: Quote and Pacific Standard Time (PST) chart.
Foundation date: January 2000
CEO: Udo Müller
Founders: Armin Sageder, Michael Müller, Reinhard Eilmsteiner, and Michael Altrichter.
Employees: 245 (2016)
Revenues: 191,600 million $ (2016)
Supported currency count: Reception: 30+ ; Withdrawal: 30+ ; currency on account: 30
Accounts active worldwide: n.a.
Customers in South Africa: n.a.
Customer Service: [email protected]
Apps: Yes
Buyer fees: None
Seller fees: None
Paysafecard bookmaker: 18
Help: FAQ
Top Choice for Betting with Paysafecard: William Hill
Paysafe Group Headquarters in London

Paysafecard acquired a license from the British FCA in 2008, enabling them to distribute electronic funds across Europe. The international expansion of the company progressed in the 2009/10 period, with launches in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. A native mobile app was developed in 2011, catering to the growing mobile user base. Subsequently, my.paysafecard was introduced in 2013, followed by the implementation of the my PLUS loyalty program the following year.

In 2017, after successfully penetrating the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, Paysafecard achieved its peak expansion. The prepaid card can now be availed in 46 countries worldwide, and it boasts an extensive network of over 600,000 authorized retailers operating in 26 diverse currencies. Presently, the group's expansion thrives steadily, leveraging a well-established and interconnected global distribution network.

The choices among different payment systems.

Experienced gamblers are well aware that the multitude of Paysafecard-accepting betting platforms also provide various alternative payment methods. While this prepaid card, originating from Austria, stands out for its uniqueness, you might find yourself inclined towards e-wallets, with PayPal being the most renowned and widely adopted option. Peruse the comprehensive compilation of payment systems discussed on our website, listed below.

Settling wagers using Paysafecard: a swift and discreet method for engaging in gaming activities.

Opting for betting sites that accept Paysafecard as a payment method is a brilliant decision for any player seeking a trustworthy financial system. The ability to uphold anonymity while making transactions is an immense benefit that only a handful of platforms can provide. Although there are some minor drawbacks, such as relatively lower maximum limits and the inability to use this method for outgoing transactions, these concerns pale in comparison to the convenience and reliability offered. Should you require alternative withdrawal options, you can easily choose from a range of other dependable systems.

Gif with the characteristics of Paysafecard bets in collaboration with William Hill

On the other hand, it is crucial to emphasize an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective service that comes with a fully operational MasterCard and rewarding loyalty schemes. The package is comprehensive, making it an excellent choice. Among the numerous online sportsbooks available, William Hill stands out as an exceptional Paysafecard betting site. Renowned as one of Europe's industry leaders in the realm of sports betting, its credibility is further solidified by the wide array of payment options it provides.


If there are any lingering uncertainties or inquiries about Paysafecard, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the product and delved into every aspect. Should any reservations or questions arise, we are here to address them. Do not hesitate to connect with us via email.

What are the top-rated online betting platforms that allow payments through Paysafecard?

In South Africa, a variety of top-notch betting sites that accept Paysafecard are available for discerning punters. William Hill, renowned for its exceptional betting services, stands tall among the best options. For an all-encompassing sports betting experience, 888sport is a go-to platform that offers a wide range of markets and competitive odds. Meanwhile, Betwinner boasts an impressive selection of sports and enticing bonuses. Intertops, with its long-standing reputation, guarantees a secure and enjoyable betting environment. Lastly, Betway, a prominent name in the industry, offers a user-friendly interface and an array of betting options. These top-rated Paysafecard betting sites in South Africa ensure a seamless and thrilling wagering experience for all enthusiasts.

How can I obtain a refund for my PIN?

If there are any doubts about fraudulent activity, one can opt to disable a PIN and seek reimbursement, as elaborated in the security measures portion of this Paysafecard manual. The procedure entails completing an online form for refund requests, along with providing bank particulars, duplicates of the impacted PINs, and personal identification documents. The processing of such a request could take as long as 11 days, and a fee of $7.50 will be levied.

What are the advantages of utilizing Paysafecard for convenience?

The security, ease, and quick utilization of this prepaid card bestow upon it a significant advantage, as we elucidate in the advantages and disadvantages segment of this manual. Moreover, it presents an opportunity for anonymity, amplifying its appeal to users.

How can I utilize Paysafecard to fund my betting account?

In this comprehensive guide, we have taken the time to thoroughly outline the step-by-step procedure for depositing funds on a betting platform through the utilization of Paysafecard. This straightforward process entails the mere inputting of the 16-digit PIN code that accompanies the card. A significant portion of this instructional material has been allocated to offering detailed explanations and instructions on how to successfully complete this uncomplicated transaction. Rest assured, our aim is to ensure that your experience in funding your betting account using Paysafecard is as seamless as possible.

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