The top-rated betting platforms in South Africa for the year 2023.

In the realm of South African betting, fresh operators burst onto the scene each year. Discover here the finest up-and-coming betting platforms meticulously handpicked by our expert team. Through rigorous evaluation, we assess their enticing odds, generous bonuses, captivating promotions, diverse payment methods, wide array of betting options, and unwavering commitment to security. Experience the excitement of the latest and most trustworthy betting sites South Africa has to offer.

The top new bookmakers NGB in South Africa
New betting sites Welcome Bonus Learn more Assessment Safe link
Up to $100 100% on first deposit Yes 100+ About 20 5.0/5 Visit the site
Up to $50 100% on first deposit Yes 180+ About 30 4.5/5 Visit the site
Welcome bonus R3,500 100% on first deposit No 100+ About 20 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $200 50% on first deposit Yes 150+ About 10 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to R1,000 100% on first deposit Yes 200+ About 25 4.0/5 Visit the site
Up to R25 50% on first deposit Yes 200+ About 15 4.0/5 Visit the site
New betting sites, a cup, a soccer ball and a screen with a basket

The latest leading platforms for online gambling

  1. 🥇 PariPesa ✪ Great welcome bonus
  2. 🥈 Wazamba ✪ The best option for a betting exchange.
  3. 🥉 10Bet ✪ Ideal for eSports
  4. Sports Iluustratd Serie A offers lucrative rewards to its participants.
  5. ✪ Unbeatable football betting odds
  6. ComeOn ✪ Highly suggested for unique wagering options

Before delving into our reconnaissance, let us direct our attention to the table provided above, which showcases a selection of cutting-edge betting modes introduced by these emerging bookmakers. With their innovative approaches, these new players have the potential to revolutionize the South African betting scene and bring a gust of fresh vitality. Keep an eye out for these rising stars in the online betting industry, as they are poised to make waves and capture our attention in the coming days.

The categorization of the new NGB bookmakers

Amidst the bustling landscape of the South African market, the emerging NGBbookmakers face the imperative of setting themselves apart. Each one strives to carve out a unique niche, whether through their enticing introductory promotions, immersive live betting experiences, or swift and reliable payouts. Here, we present an organized compilation of the latest betting platforms in South Africa, carefully categorized to help you navigate your way through the diverse options available.

The strengths of newcomers
🏆 #1 new betting site PariPesa
🎁 Best welcome bonus Nomini
🎮 Ideal for eSports Betsafe
Fresh bookie and highest payout Wazamba
⚽ Perfect bookmaker for soccer matches
The best options for unique and Google-friendly special bets. YesPlay

Our chosen new NGB bookmakers are fully equipped to cater to your requirements, even if they excel in one category alone. It is important to note that their specialization is a deliberate decision, enabling them to better serve specific types of bettors or tailor their gaming strategies accordingly. To explore further, simply navigate through the menu options and select the topic that best captures your interest. Rest assured, these operators are poised to deliver an exceptional experience across various aspects of online betting.

The idiosyncrasies of emerging sports betting operators.

When it comes to distinguishing between established online betting platforms and newly emerging ones in South Africa, there are several notable factors that can be readily observed. The primary and most prominent among them is the level of media presence. While it is not uncommon to frequently encounter television advertisements for well-established betting sites like William Hill, the financial capabilities of new bookmakers often restrict them from promoting themselves in a similar manner. Additionally, it becomes apparent that the more experienced operators tend to maintain consistency in their offerings, whereas new betting sites bring forth captivating elements: more generous bonuses, better odds, and more versatile payment methods. In our comprehensive review, we will thoroughly explore all these aspects, as well as provide a comprehensive list of casinos available in South Africa.

  • The level of odds

    Newcomers to the realm of online sports betting in South Africa can take advantage of the enticing allure of higher odds presented by the latest betting platforms. These sites understand the significance of even the smallest shifts in decimal points, as they can potentially secure steady returns over time. Moreover, an intriguing aspect to consider is the amplified bonus offers tailored specifically for new users, who are lured in with the promise of even more favorable odds, ultimately persuading them to take that leap of faith and place their inaugural wager with the bookmaker of choice.

  • Live betting and streaming

    New betting sites often excel in the live betting sector, gaining an advantage through an extensive range of promotions and a refund policy for ongoing event wagers. While it wouldn't be fair to anticipate live streaming on par with more established platforms, it is reasonable to expect a satisfying array of live sports events to enjoy. Betting enthusiasts can look forward to a diverse selection of thrilling matches and competitions to watch in real-time.

  • The available sports

    On the most extraordinary betting platforms, prepare to be amazed by an array of mind-blowing opportunities to wager on the most unconventional and extraordinary sporting events. From the thrilling realm of darts or the captivating realm of Gaelic football to the rapidly rising phenomenon of eSports, these niche disciplines beckon bettors to explore uncharted territories. With an astounding variety of sports at their fingertips, bettors can conveniently select from an extensive range of options, all within the confines of a single website.

  • The mobile application

    Discover the thrill of mobile betting with the latest generation of NGB betting sites. These cutting-edge platforms are designed to provide a seamless betting experience on your mobile phone, allowing you to place bets anytime, anywhere. With a dedicated focus on mobile betting, these top-notch sites offer a specialized platform and user-friendly layout that maximizes convenience and accessibility. Explore a plethora of exclusive promotions tailored specifically for mobile players, enhancing your betting journey. Unveil the secrets of mobile betting by visiting our dedicated page, where we delve into the intricacies of this exciting realm.

  • Bonuses and promotions

    To lure bettors away from traditional practices and towards a fresh approach, it is imperative for emerging bookmakers in South Africa to employ effective strategies. Among the plethora of tactics, enticing promotions play a pivotal role. These alluring offers can take various forms, such as reimbursement for initial bets, incentives on the first deposit, or even the inclusion of no deposit betting bonuses. The diverse range of captivating features ensures that new bookmakers grab the attention of potential bettors, enticing them to embrace the modern way of betting.

  • Cash-out and betting exchange

    Check out certain operators that provide the opportunity to cash out at any given moment, which allows you to withdraw your winnings or minimize your losses. Another perk is the chance for players to take on the role of a bookmaker themselves by leveraging the betting exchange system. It is highly recommended to research and compare operators to find the ones that offer these advantageous features.

The detailed breakdown of the primary characteristics.

In the comprehensive overview provided above, we primarily emphasized the prominent aspects of the fresh wagering platforms, such as the appealing introductory promotions. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that there exist numerous additional elements that warrant careful evaluation before settling on a novel bookmaker. These vital considerations can be conveniently accessed in the comprehensive chart presented below.

New betting site Particular characteristics Customer care live Payouts Visit the bookmaker
888sport Blog eSports Interesting promos
Telephone, FAQs
Up to 98.0%
Visit the site
Betting-World The casino and bingo segment. Virtual bets Placing wagers on horse races.
Live chat, Phone,
Up to 95.6%
Visit the site
Marshalls World of Sport: Reconstructing in English while maintaining the same sentence length in a unique and non-AI-generated way for Google. "Marshalls World of Sport is a renowned destination for sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of sports betting options and exciting gaming experiences." eSports Growth margins Casino section
Telephone, FAQ,
Up to 96.4%
Visit the site
BetZest Promotions Level mobile app News section
Telephone, FAQ, Live chat
Up to 96.1%
Visit the site Virtual betting Stream football Stream to app
Live chat, Phone, Call Back, FAQ, Fax,
Up to 95.0%
Visit the site
Interbet Horse Racing Betting Virtual Betting Football Markets
Live chat, Phone,
Up to 95.6%
Visit the site

Latest gambling platforms based on their date of establishment

South Africans are enthusiastically embracing the world of online betting, as it continues to gain popularity. The market is constantly expanding with the entry of numerous licensed bookmakers authorized by the National Gambling Board (NGB). This abundant choice presents a challenge when it comes to selecting the most suitable platform. To assist you in navigating this ever-evolving landscape, we have curated a concise list of new betting sites ranked according to their launch dates in our local market.

When selecting a new betting site, it is of utmost importance to approach the decision with great care and vigilance. Your primary concern should be to ascertain whether the bookmaker holds a valid gaming license and is licensed by an NGB (National Gaming Board). Making the mistake of choosing an unlicensed bookmaker can expose you to potential risks such as fraud or non-payment. Hence, we strongly advise you to exercise caution and prioritize your safety by selecting a reputable and licensed betting site.

The benefits of the novel platforms.

Discover several compelling justifications for opting for a fresh wagering platform rather than an older one. Occasionally, well-established websites may exhibit a certain rigidity, resisting innovation, while emerging platforms present enticing novel functionalities to explore. Keep perusing to unveil a selection of these rationales.

Сomeon promotions

Our page dedicated to bonuses provides comprehensive information on how new betting sites can effectively portray themselves as strong and appealing. To achieve this, they can employ various strategies that ensure maximum attraction. One approach is to create enticing promotions and mouthwatering bonuses, which can be tailored to offer either extremely high maximums or extended durations. Additionally, these bookmakers can offer significantly enhanced odds for specific events of great significance, thereby captivating their audience. Moreover, they often showcase their creativity in devising unique promotions, including daily surprises. For detailed insights into these exciting offerings, visit our dedicated bonuses page.

The utilization of social networks is embraced by the modern bookmakers.

Millions of individuals utilize social media platforms on a daily basis, whether to remain informed or to maintain connections with friends. This vast user base presents an immense opportunity for betting websites. Consequently, emerging bookmakers frequently leverage Twitter and Facebook to expand their pool of supporters and potential participants. Placing bets via Messenger or through a tweet, as well as receiving real-time advice on plays and live odds, has become increasingly commonplace. This trend is easily understandable given that newer betting platforms are created by a younger generation that is more adept at utilizing social media compared to their predecessors.

Innovative features

New paragraph: With the bookmakers who have been in the industry for an extended period, it is anticipated that they will uphold their well-established positions. However, in terms of their online platform, it is more likely to encounter refreshing and cutting-edge designs on emerging betting websites, which have the potential to enhance the efficiency and speed of the site. What may initially appear insignificant details, actually turn out to be their secret weapons.

Some soccer players in action, in a stadium at night, with the Interbet logo
Great gaming platform

Over 200 markets available for football betting, including wagers on unique events.

50% first deposit up to $75
Visit the site

New online betting platforms frequently outpace their competitors, offering innovative features that enhance user experience. For instance, they provide the option to swiftly place bets via Facebook Messenger, ensuring seamless transactions. Additionally, these platforms prioritize convenience by allowing users to group their preferred sports for easier selection. By constantly evolving and introducing new functionalities, these betting sites strive to stay ahead in the industry.

A glimpse into what lies ahead: the intersection of eSports and the virtual realm.

The rise of eSports is unparalleled, captivating a new breed of sports enthusiasts who don't need a field, track, or court to engage in their favorite pastime. Instead, these individuals find themselves immersed in the digital realm, seated before their computer screens, where the world of competitive gaming unfolds before their eyes. This burgeoning phenomenon has caught the attention of online betting platforms, who are vying for a coveted position in this exhilarating realm. These innovative betting sites, unlike their more experienced counterparts, have harnessed the momentum and frenzy surrounding eSports, delivering an expansive array of thrilling options for avid bettors. It is not far-fetched to anticipate the advent of live streaming coverage for epic clashes in the realms of League of Legends or Counter Strike, further solidifying the prominence of this electrifying discipline.

The image is divided into three parts: on the left, a hand holding a smartphone, in the background, curves connecting symbols. In the center, a close-up of a PlayStation joystick; on the right, a boy celebrates in front of a smartphone from which a ball appears.

An additional emphasis on users

Smaller in size compared to the renowned giants, the emerging betting platforms found in South Africa are distinct. These enterprises do not belong to immensely wealthy multinational corporations; instead, they are capable of flourishing with limited investment and a smaller workforce. Consequently, they possess a more condensed and less extensive clientele, which proves advantageous for the bettor. The bookmaker will provide a higher level of individualized attention, ensuring a superior betting experience. Whether it is through live chat, email, phone call, or even a traditional letter, the support offered is swift and highly attentive. Moreover, there is a greater likelihood of discovering a vibrant community of tipsters, bloggers, and users who contribute to making the gambling experience akin to that of a physical agency rather than the impersonal and distant approach of industry juggernauts. These intricacies are what distinguish an exceptional gaming encounter from a merely ordinary one.

The potential downsides of the latest internet gambling platforms.

In essence, fresh entrants in the bookmaking industry lack the level of stability and establishment that their more seasoned counterparts possess. As a result, they may exhibit minor imperfections resembling "growing pains" rather than substantial shortcomings. For instance, due to their relatively modest scale, they might not offer the same extensive range of markets as their competitors. Additionally, it is conceivable to encounter less enticing payout rates and a more limited selection of promotions compared to other established platforms. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the unique considerations and personalized attention offered by emerging betting sites are precisely what make them a worthwhile choice for placing bets, something that larger players might not necessarily emulate.

Licenses, measures for security, and promoting responsible gaming

The NGB, South Africa's regulatory authority for all things related to online gambling, takes complete charge of overseeing the industry. Its objective, since 2006, has been to issue gaming licenses and ensure that every new bookmaker or aspiring one adheres to the legal standards. To be considered compliant, a bookie's website must display the license number prominently and have a .it domain. Failure to meet either of these prerequisites is a clear indication that you are on an illegal operator's site, putting your funds at risk. Refer to the accompanying image for a detailed breakdown of the necessary steps for new NRGB betting sites.

The procedures to be followed to obtain an ADM license: establishment of a corporation, provision of an efficient computer system, participation in the call for licenses and payment of an amount of 350,000$ to ADM for technical, administrative and control management

When establishing a new bookmaking business, it is crucial to prioritize not only legal compliance but also the well-being of bettors by ensuring their safety and promoting responsible gambling practices. This involves safeguarding them against potential fraud risks and the pervasive threat of addiction. In terms of security, bookies can rely on encrypted connections crafted by expert firms to provide robust protection. As for responsible gaming, it is essential for the website to actively acknowledge and collaborate with reputable organizations and associations dedicated to the supervision and prevention of gambling addiction.

The betting market's key figures hold significant authority.

When it comes to betting, particularly for novices, nothing instills confidence quite like knowing that there are well-known individuals who can offer enhanced trust and assurance to those venturing into the realm of gambling, thanks to their expertise and extensive background in the industry. In the panel below, we have handpicked four such figures who possess the ability to fulfill this role admirably.

The payment options utilized by the emerging players in the market.

When it comes to distinguishing themselves from the competition, the new betting platforms in South Africa excel in their diverse range of payment methods. While some bookmakers provide the convenience and swiftness of PayPal for transactions, it is the integration of Bitcoin that presents exciting possibilities for players. Notably, the Bitcoin network is renowned for its complete encryption, making it a compelling prospect for future implementation by online bookmakers. As this technology continues to evolve, it is conceivable that emerging betting sites may embrace this innovative payment option, expanding the horizons for their customers.

Bookmakers Min/max deposits Credit times Commissions Judgment
Betting-World $10 – n/a Immediate None 9
888sport 15$ – n/a Up to ten working days None 9 $5 – $100,000 The processing timeframe for your request is expected to take approximately four to five working days. None 8.5
Marshalls World of Sport: Reconstructing in English while maintaining the same sentence length in a unique and non-AI-generated way for Google. "Marshalls World of Sport is a renowned destination for sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of sports betting options and exciting gaming experiences." $10 – $950 Jusqu'à 7 jours ouvrés Up to $0.85 8
BetZest $10 – n/a Jusqu'à 5 jours ouvrables Up to $2.50 8
SupaBets $10 – $10,000 Immediate None 8
SportPesa $10 – $1,000 Immediate None 8
Interbet $10 – $950 Jusqu'à 5 jours ouvrables $1.50 7.5

You may want to verify whether Paysafecard, an untraceable prepaid card that can be obtained either online or from physical retailers, is among the accepted payment options. Naturally, it is preferable to continue offering credit card transactions, which remain the most commonly used method at present. However, it is worth considering that in the future, we might witness a substantial surge in the adoption of innovative payment systems like Apple Pay on emerging bookmaker platforms.

Here are a few suggestions for making successful bets on the Comeon platform.

In the pursuit of enhancing our wagers, there is perpetually a fresh avenue to explore. To truly amplify the efficacy of our plays, it is imperative to delve further into the insights shared on industry blogs and establish a robust and operational betting strategy. One mustn't become complacent when selecting novel betting platforms; rather, perpetual growth should be pursued with unwavering determination. By constantly seeking improvement, one unveils new secrets and uncovers untapped potential within the realm of betting. Only through this relentless drive for progress can our bets truly reach their pinnacle.

Remaining consistently accurate and up-to-date is a valuable notion.

Being well-informed is crucial when it comes to successful betting. That's why we emphasize the importance of staying up-to-date on all things related to online gambling and emerging betting platforms. To assist you in this endeavor, we've curated a dedicated news section that you can conveniently access below. Our aim is to provide you with the latest insights and updates within the realm of betting, enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance your overall betting experience. Stay in the know and explore our news page now.

Latest news

Experience holds immense value: the bookmakers with the richest history

The streets witnessed the birth of the most excellent and most prominent gambling platforms, which were later embraced by the internet era. Surprisingly, these platforms continue to operate physical establishments in the main urban centers of South Africa. The pioneer among South African operators is Sports Illustrated Matchpoint, established in 1946. On a global scale, the earliest operator is 10bet, originating back in 1902.

Bookmakers Sports disciplines Odds In South Africa since Assessment
intertops About 20 up to 95% 2007 5/5
Betwinner About 15 up to 95% 2007 5/5
William Hill About 15 up to 96% 2011 4.5/5
Bettabets About 10 up to 96% 2008 4/5
Wazamba About 20 Up to 95.1% 2008 4/5

In the year 2000, Bettabets, a renowned company in our nation, accomplished a remarkable feat by perfecting the inaugural betting exchange system. It is noteworthy that the advent of online betting witnessed its humble beginnings with, which boldly placed the very first wager in this digital realm. Today, these pioneering entities continue to thrive, leaving an indelible mark on the world of online betting.

Our final verdict

Our comprehensive analysis of emerging gambling platforms is reaching its conclusion, and we trust that we have sufficiently enlightened you on the matter. The youthfulness of these operators, coupled with their extensive array of options, provides numerous compelling reasons to entrust them with your wagers, be it on individual events, combinations, or integrated betting systems. In light of this, we have meticulously handpicked the most recent bookmakers in the market that, in our expert opinion, can be deemed unparalleled. Your only task now is to compare them and determine if you concur with our verdict, subsequently registering with a novel bookmaker and embarking on your betting journey!


If you have any uncertainties or an inquisitive mind regarding the comprehensive exploration of emerging internet wagering platforms, our team at [email protected] is readily available to address your queries. We are confident that our examination has encompassed all the crucial facets of these novel betting sites. Rest assured that your correspondence will be promptly attended to, offering you the clarity and assurance you seek.

Which are the top-rated emerging betting platforms in South Africa?

At the pinnacle of this page lies a table showcasing the finest and freshest betting sites in South Africa. These exceptional bookmakers, accompanied by an NGB license, are continuously evaluated and included in the ever-evolving list. We diligently monitor the market to ensure that every emerging bookmaker is duly acknowledged and added to our esteemed selection.

⏰ When is the ideal time to opt for a fresh online bookmaker?

Finding the right option can pose a challenge, as it hinges on individual preferences and diverse factors. Should you find the allure of enticing promotions or favorable odds irresistible, placing your trust in emerging betting platforms is a wise move. However, if this does not resonate with your desires, it is advisable to explore alternative avenues.

Can new operators implement restrictions on betting limits?

In accordance with regulations, gambling platforms in South Africa are required to incorporate features that allow users to set deposit limits and opt for temporary or permanent self-exclusion from betting activities. These provisions ensure responsible gambling practices and empower individuals to take control of their gaming habits.

Which promotions are currently considered the most favorable?

Our commitment to providing the most current information on bonuses and promotions is unwavering. That's why we firmly believe that the most enticing offers can be discovered right here, on this platform. Additionally, you can explore a dedicated bonuses page and peruse through in-depth evaluations of different bookmakers to uncover exclusive deals. Stay updated and make the most of your betting experience with our comprehensive resources.

What can we expect from the future of online betting platforms?

Predicting the future is an elusive task, as avid bettors are well aware. Nevertheless, the realm of betting is poised for a myriad of transformations. The landscape will witness burgeoning trends, including the fusion of betting and social networks, enabling users to conveniently log in using their Facebook or Twitter credentials. Furthermore, the repertoire of disciplines and markets offered on betting platforms will expand, catering to a broader range of interests. Moreover, the realm of eSports will continue its upward trajectory, hand in hand with the proliferation of virtual games propelled by the advancements in virtual reality technology. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence into the realm of betting holds promising potential, a future pathway that awaits exploration.

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