Exploring the PariPesa application: an extensive evaluation

If you find yourself utilizing tablets and smartphones more often than your home PC for online gambling, then you've come to the perfect destination to uncover the PariPesa application, the mobile offering provided by the bookmaker SKS365. Within this analysis, we will delve into the app's timetable, features, and prerequisites for downloading, while also presenting a comprehensive guide on how to successfully place your bets.

PariPesa mobile
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Game offer 20+ sports
Click to bet 6
Navigability and design User friendly graphics
Special features Last minute bets
Mobile bonus Welcome bonus
Operating system Apple, Android
Conclusion Well structured app
FAQ 4 questions and answers
During the initial three transactions Bonus 100$
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Website www.paripesa.com
Overall rating 4.5 / 5.0
Strengths PariPesa mobile:
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Payment ranking Top bookies Paysafecard
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Our exploration of the PariPesa mobile experience extends beyond this point: apart from assessing the diversity of betting options, we shall also examine the visual presentation of the app. Furthermore, we will evaluate the existence of exclusive incentives and the range of payment alternatives, along with any other pertinent considerations. Can the PariPesa mobile application measure up to its rivals and, more critically, meet your personal aspirations? The answer lies ahead!

PariPesa mobile subjected to scrutiny: a comprehensive analysis

A closer look at the extensive range of betting options

PariPesa's app schedule boasts an impressive lineup of approximately twenty different sports, mirroring the offerings found on the desktop version. The app covers all the crucial disciplines, ranging from football and tennis to basketball and various team and individual sports. Similar to its computer counterpart, the app provides users with a user-friendly interface that clearly separates single event bets from ante-post wagers, ensuring a convenient betting experience.

We have a wide range of winter activities available for you to enjoy, along with exciting eS sports and thrilling darts. You can also dive into the world of poker and casino games, and on the left side of your screen, you'll find an icon that leads you to various card games like seven and a half. And don't worry, the thrill of live betting can be experienced seamlessly, just like on the desktop version.

Procedures for wager placement.

When it comes to our analysis of PariPesa's mobile platform, a key aspect we focus on is the seamless navigation it offers. The efficiency of placing bets on a tablet or smartphone relies on being able to quickly locate the necessary buttons and perform various actions, especially for live betting. Let us begin by stating that the bookmaker's application performs exceptionally well in this regard, aligning with its competitors like the Betway app. It only takes six simple steps to place a bet, from the moment we launch the app to confirming the bet. Below, you will find a slider that illustrates these six steps. As you can observe, the first step involves selecting a sport (1). Since we cater to a diverse audience, we have opted for football. Moving on to the second step, we are presented with a wide array of championships offered by the bookmaker, and in order to be inclusive, we have chosen the Premier League (2).

How to bet with PariPesa apps

Identifying the most intriguing games and odds is essential at this stage. We can do this by simply clicking on the ones that catch our attention (3). Once we have made our selections, they will automatically be added to the betting slip. To access the betting slip, we need to click on the icon labeled "Betting Slip," conveniently located at the center bottom of the PariPesa application screen (4). Now, let's review our choices. Opening the betting slip will provide us with a comprehensive summary of our selections. All that's left to do is enter the desired betting amount. If we prefer, the bookmaker has already preset four options ranging from $2 to $25, conveniently placed just above the overall odds of the bet (5). Ready to place the bet? Simply press the green button marked "Proceed" to confirm. If you're having second thoughts, click on the red button labeled "Cancel" to start over. Alternatively, you can click on the "Save" button to save the bet for later. It's really as straightforward as that, right? Now, let's compare this process with the one offered by the William Hill app.

Surfing the PariPesa mobile app is as easy as child's play.

When reviewing the PariPesa app, our main emphasis is on the user experience aspect. Previously, we discussed the app's exceptional maneuverability, but it's important to consider the visual appeal as well. Placing bets in a visually pleasing and serene graphical setting is equally important, ensuring that all sections are easily accessible and intuitive for a seamless betting experience.

Using the PariPesa mobile app is an incredibly user-friendly experience, even if you're not particularly tech-savvy. The desktop version's colors, fonts, and labels remain consistent, ensuring a seamless transition. However, the mobile app introduces a horizontal navigation feature at the bottom, providing quick access to the homepage, real-time games, and your personal bet slip. Conveniently positioned at the top are the register and login buttons. The central body showcases various elements, starting with odds below 2.00, followed by live bets, results, and statistics. Additionally, you'll find the Market Movers bets, which we discussed in our comprehensive review of PariPesa, as well as last-minute betting options and the poker/casino section.

When accessing the live section of PariPesa, the speech remains consistent. The top of the screen displays the available sports with their corresponding icons, while below, the ongoing sports events are categorized by discipline. It is worth mentioning that the graphic design and ease of navigation are even more user-friendly on mobile devices compared to desktop. This is primarily due to the developers' intention to prioritize simplicity, which proves to be a very wise decision indeed!

Additional noteworthy characteristics of the application

It should come as no surprise that the PariPesa mobile and desktop versions bear such a striking resemblance. Their features, in fact, are virtually indistinguishable. For instance, one can expect to encounter an identical array of statistical information and real-time scores (albeit, regrettably, without streaming capabilities). Moreover, users have the opportunity to engage in games like poker, casino games, and various other card-based entertainments. Although the platform lacks specific game modes, such as automatically generated bets based on selected sports, the homepage is equipped with a concise list showcasing all events with maximum odds of 2.00, as well as last-minute betting options for events commencing within an hour of the user's visit.

Mobile bonuses and payment methods available on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Are there any special offers accessible when we make wagers using the PariPesa application? It does occur with certain bookmakers, such as the 888sport application. Regrettably, this is not the case with the particular product being discussed in this evaluation. Currently, there are no incentives available for bets placed via the application. Rest assured, if there are any updates, we will promptly inform you.

As for the diverse range of payment options, it brings us great joy to reiterate that the assortment and excellence of mechanisms for your financial transactions are akin to those found on the desktop edition. Hence, you have the convenience of funding or withdrawing funds through credit/debit cards, digital wallets, pre-paid cards, and even bank transfers. Rest assured, the variety and efficiency remain intact across both versions.

Native app or web app? Choose PariPesa and decide for yourself!

Now that we have provided extensive information regarding the PariPesa app, it is essential to address a crucial inquiry: can you download this application on your device? The answer is straightforward: it's entirely up to you! If you prefer not to occupy storage space on your smartphone or tablet, you have the option to utilize the web app version. This version encompasses all the identical functionalities found in the native and desktop versions, and it is compatible with various operating systems, including BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. However, it is important to note that you will need to log in each time you access the web app.

Operating system Minimum requirements File size Where can I find the app for download? Direct link
. Android 9.0 or higher 16.8MB PariPesa website Visit site
.iOS 10.0 or higher 32.1MB iTunes Apple Store Visit site

For those who desire the utmost convenience, there is an alternative option that ensures your data is securely stored forever - the remarkable PariPesa mobile application. This exceptional app is readily available for both Apple enthusiasts and Android aficionados. However, before Android users can relish in its benefits, they will need to activate a particular function within their phone's Settings menu that permits the downloading of data from unfamiliar sources. Subsequently, they can directly download the app from the bookmaker's website, as Google Play Store adheres to its anti-gambling policy. Conversely, loyal followers of Steve Jobs and the esteemed Apple brand can effortlessly acquire the application from the renowned Apple Store. It is important to note that this incredible native app is absolutely free of charge. Detailed information regarding the prerequisites and technical specifications can be found above.

A mobile application that operates smoothly and efficiently.

By now, if you've been following along and perhaps perused the related pages (like the section focusing on PariPesa bonuses), you'll understand that we've consistently advocated for this provider, sometimes more enthusiastically than others. The PariPesa app is no exception. What truly won us over was the remarkable swiftness with which essential tasks are accomplished, such as finalizing a wager.

Strengths and weaknesses of the PariPesa app
  • Major strengths
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Identical benefits as the desktop edition
  • Minor strengths
  • Poker and the casino category
  • Major weaknesses
  • Lack of streaming
  • Minor weaknesses
  • None

We can affirm that the positive aspects mentioned for the desktop version also apply to the mobile application. The schedule, markets, and unique features like Market Movers remain consistent across platforms. Moreover, the mobile app offers even better navigability. Are there any areas for improvement? Well, just like betting on the desktop, the absence of streaming is a minor drawback. However, this is not a major issue. While waiting for this function to be integrated, it is safe to say that PariPesa mobile excels in all aspects. It undoubtedly passes the test with flying colors!


If you are seeking to ascertain whether the PariPesa app is a suitable solution for your requirements, rest assured that we possess all the necessary components to aid in your evaluation. Should you have any inquiries, uncertainties, or curiosities regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Feel free to send an email to [email protected], just as our esteemed reader did with the question presented below!

Is it possible to download the PariPesa app on my Windows mobile device?

Regrettably, currently, this option is not feasible. The mobile application of PariPesa can solely be obtained for Apple and Android devices. However, individuals possessing a Windows or BlackBerry device can still utilize the web application, which is indistinguishable from the downloadable version. Detailed information on betting applications can be found on our dedicated webpage.

❓ What is the process for placing a wager on the PariPesa mobile application?

Playing your ticket from your mobile on PariPesa via the app is a straightforward process that can be easily understood through six simple steps. Each step is explained in a dedicated paragraph, providing clear instructions for betting. With this user-friendly approach, you can engage in the excitement of betting effortlessly, right at your fingertips.

Does the app include the Market Movers feature as well?

Of course! Mobile users can conveniently access the central body of the screen on our website to explore a remarkable feature. This unique functionality compiles a lineup of the most favored bets by bookmaker users. Seamlessly reachable like all sections of the site, this exceptional feature caters to the preferences of our on-the-go users.

Is the PariPesa app compatible with smartphones running on the Android operating system?

Absolutely! In our comprehensive guide's section that focuses on app downloads, we provide clear instructions on how to effortlessly obtain the PariPesa app on your Android device, requiring only two straightforward steps.

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