Ultimate guide to the top-rated betting platforms for Six Nations: comprehensive details for online play.

Welcome to our comprehensive Six Nations betting guide. As Italy proudly joins this time-honored and esteemed competition, rugby enthusiasts across the country have begun to take an active interest in placing bets. Within the subsequent sections, we have compiled a wealth of invaluable information to assist you in your betting endeavors. Discover the top-rated bookmakers, gain insights into the various markets available, and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Six Nations betting.

You'll find a plethora of betting opportunities in every facet of this tournament, from the multitude of destinations to the teams that get expelled. Our review encapsulates the key subjects, neatly presented in the box above. It's as simple as a single click to navigate to your preferred topic. Alternatively, feel free to delve into the subsequent paragraph, where you'll find the crux of the matter — our handpicked selection of premier bookmakers for wagering on the Six Nations.

Discover the top-rated betting platforms for the 6 Nations tournament.

To ensure your betting experience is a success, selecting the perfect operator is crucial. Simplifying your decision-making process, we proudly present our carefully curated list of the top five 6 Nations betting platforms. Every bookmaker is unique, and this distinction becomes even more apparent in the realm of rugby betting sites. Our comprehensive analysis is neatly summarized in the table below, providing you with the ultimate results.

The top 5 online bookmakers for rugby matches Six Nations

Betting Sites Bonuses Offers Links
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  • Many available markets
  • Several championships
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  • Live in-play betting
  • Competitive odds
  • Various payment options
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100% up to R3,500
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile betting app
  • Competitive odds
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100% up to €100
  • Diverse sports selection
  • Generous bonuses
  • In-play betting
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100% up to €1,000
  • Fruit-themed avatars
  • Attractive bonuses
  • Mobile-friendly
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* Bets do not guarantee sure winnings. Terms and conditions apply, game is for adults only. 18+

As evident to your own eyes, our list comprises numerous bookmakers in the realm of English gambling. On the flip side, within the borders of the United Kingdom, rugby stands as a sport of equal national importance to football, and it is no wonder that operators under the reign of Her Majesty bestow ample focus on it. Nevertheless, even a couple of operators hailing from South Africa have emerged successful in our analysis, a comprehensive exploration of which shall be undertaken in subsequent sections.

Our selection process for the bookmakers chosen for this tournament

Selecting the ideal provider can be a challenging endeavor, as various aspects need to be taken into account, and our preferences may differ. The betting platforms for the Six Nations mentioned earlier were thoroughly assessed using four essential benchmarks. This meticulous evaluation enabled us to establish a comprehensive ranking, as we were able to accurately measure their respective capabilities.

To begin with, our team painstakingly analyzed the payout rates derived from the betting odds of the Six Nations tournament. Subsequently, we meticulously assessed the existence of exclusive promotions tailored specifically for this prestigious event. Moreover, a significant factor that we took into consideration was the comprehensive coverage of live betting options, as well as the availability of live streaming and real-time scores for this highly anticipated competition. Lastly, we meticulously tallied the diverse range of betting options offered on the matches of this captivating tournament.

The worth of payouts and probabilities

On our website, we prioritize the evaluation of payouts as our primary criteria. This crucial information provides insight into the quality of odds offered on the Six Nations. The closer the percentage approaches 100%, the greater the potential return on our bets. To assist you further, we have compiled a comprehensive table featuring a ranking of both the minimum and maximum payouts available for this significant rugby tournament.

The financial rewards offered by the Six Nations tournament stand out remarkably when compared to other rugby events or non-soccer championships, as revealed by the aforementioned statistics. The minimum payouts consistently surpass the crucial 90% threshold, ensuring a satisfactory level of financial gain. Moreover, the maximum payouts frequently surpass the significant 94% benchmark, providing an opportunity for substantial returns. Consequently, our wagers are guaranteed to yield a secure economic outcome in collaboration with these reputable bookmakers.

Exclusive promotions and enticing bonuses to maximize your benefits

Juicy bonuses await those seeking to maximize their possible winnings during the Six Nations event. Bookmakers have put forth promotions tailored to this exhilarating tournament, offering a chance to enhance your betting experience. While not as abundant as those during the World Cup soccer bets, these enticing offers are worth exploring. Don't miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on these limited-time promotions and boost your potential rewards.

Giocatori di rugby in azione
  • Six Nations promotions
  • Rugby brings forth numerous bonus opportunities.
  • Excellent welcome bonus
Symantec +18 Licenza: NGB Playing games in a lawful and accountable manner

Streaming, livescore, and an abundance of adrenaline make live bets on the Six Nations an exhilarating experience.

Online betting sites have offered live betting options for many years, and its appeal has skyrocketed in recent times. In light of this, we have identified it as a crucial aspect when it comes to Six Nations betting. Our assessment has primarily focused on the abundance of live markets, prompt payouts, the overall design and visual appeal of the section, as well as the availability of indispensable features like live streaming, up-to-date scores, and comprehensive statistics, all of which are vital for an immersive real-time rugby experience.

The different kinds of wagers to participate in

When evaluating Six Nations betting sites, another important aspect to consider is the variety of bets available. The types of wagers offered and their overall quality can greatly impact the betting experience on this prominent rugby tournament. It's worth noting that Anglo-Saxon bookmakers, with their Celtic origins, tend to excel in this area and have a competitive advantage. We've thoroughly assessed both the quantity and the excellence of the markets provided, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of our continent's premier rugby event.

We have been thoroughly impressed by the operator in the above box, which has emerged as the front-runner from our carefully curated selection, owing to its exceptional performance in terms of diverse betting options available for the Six Nations. The operator excels in both the quantity and caliber of betting choices it provides, be it for pre-match, live, or even future bets. Its remarkable range is sure to offer you the desired wager on Ireland or Wales that you have been seeking.

The Six Nations presents crucial markets to place bets on.

Let's start exploring the top-notch bookmakers and the rationale behind our selection. Following that, we'll delve into this evaluation to discover the most favorable wagering options for the Six Nations tournament. To ensure comprehensive coverage, we have separated this section into two parts. The first will concentrate on the diverse betting markets available for individual matches, encompassing both pre-match and in-play bets. The second part will scrutinize the ante-post markets, offering insights into betting opportunities for the entire competition.

Different wagering options are available for individual matches.

The most popular bets in Six Nations bookmakers are the ones placed on individual matches. Many of these wagers are similar to those offered in other sports, so they may already be familiar to the public. However, there are also unique rugby-related bets that are specific to this tournament. In the upcoming sections, we will examine these bets in detail and present valuable statistics that can assist us in making informed betting decisions.

Winning match

Undoubtedly, the classic Match Winner stands as the most popular and widely enjoyed betting market for enthusiasts of this riveting competition. It is a bet type that transcends various sports and is recognized by even the most occasional bettors. Nonetheless, rugby, and specifically this tournament, presents two intriguing variations of this market. The avid bettor can revel in the diversity and excitement that these unique options bring to the table.

The Six Nations forecast offers three options for the Winning Variant, and one of those outcomes is a tie. However, it is important to note that a tied match is highly improbable. In fact, throughout the history of the tournament, there has never been a tie in the fifteen matches played in 2023 (the most recent tie occurred in 2023 between England and Scotland, with a final score of 38-38). Another option is the two-choice variant, where the only possibilities are a home or away victory. Analyzing the data from 2023, we can observe a slight majority of away victories, with the sign 2 appearing eight times out of fifteen, as depicted in the graph.

Time with additional points

A captivating and highly sought-after market within the realm of rugby betting is referred to as "Points Accumulated over Time." Within this domain, bettors have the opportunity to explore three distinct options: the first half, the second half, and a potential tie. Although it may initially appear to be a conventional wager, astute analysis of statistical data reveals that it harbors immense potential, akin to discovering a hidden treasure trove.

The statistics presented in the following pie chart depict the scoring patterns observed in the previous tournament. In a total of 15 matches, there was never an instance where the same number of points were scored in both halves. Notably, on 8 occasions, the first half witnessed a higher scoring rate, while the second half saw this trend in 7 matches. It is worth highlighting that South Africa's games typically conclude with a greater number of points being scored during the second half.

Even odd

Even/Odd is a highly favored betting option among avid punters on the top 6 Nations betting platforms. This particular wager focuses on the combined score of both competing teams. Your task is to predict whether the final tally will culminate in an even or odd number. It's an engaging way to add an extra layer of excitement to your rugby betting experience.

There is no room for a draw in this competitive market. The data from the 2023 edition indicates a slight inclination towards outcomes with an equal sign, transpiring on 8 occasions, accounting for 53.3% of the instances, in contrast to odd results that manifested 7 times.

The ante-post markets

The Six Nations tournament provides an exciting opportunity for bettors with its array of betting options. Among these options are the captivating antepost bets, which add an extra allure to the tournament. Antepost bets allow you to predict the final outcomes of the competition, ranging from determining the eventual champion to identifying the team that will claim the infamous Wooden Spoon. With such diverse betting possibilities, there is something to suit the preferences and interests of every bettor.

Tournament winner

Undoubtedly, the Tournament Winner stakes its claim as the unrivaled monarch of futures markets. The challenge at hand demands our foresight to discern the victorious team that will triumph over the course of the meticulously planned 15 matches and emerge as the conqueror of the competition.

In 2023, the Welsh team's exceptional defense paved the way for their triumph, marking their sixth victory in the tournament and matching England's remarkable record of six wins. Throughout the competition's history, the Welsh have emerged as formidable contenders, capturing the hearts of fans as the true favorites in each edition. Their achievement in 2023 stands as a testament to their unwavering determination and skillful defensive strategies.

Grand Slam Yes/No

In the realm of rugby, there exists a prestigious accolade known as the Grand Slam. Unlike the renowned Wimbledon or Roland Garros tournaments, this term finds its significance within the context of the Six Nations game. It symbolizes the exceptional achievement of a team that emerges victorious in every single match throughout the tournament. Undeniably, this remarkable feat is not easily accomplished, yet it occurs with surprising frequency.

In the forthcoming edition of the Six Nations, you can explore the enticing world of bookmakers who offer an array of betting options. These bookmakers provide the opportunity to place your bets on the likelihood of this captivating event unfolding, while also wagering on the team that will triumph in securing the coveted winning streak. Remarkably, it is the triumphant English national team that has achieved the highest number of Grand Slam victories, with an impressive tally of 13 triumphs, surpassing their Welsh counterparts by a mere margin of one.

Wooden spoon

The symbolic designation of the team that finishes last in Europe's most prestigious rugby tournament is often referred to as the "wooden spoon", a phrase that is familiar to many. Originating from the esteemed tradition of the University of Cambridge, this idiom has permeated sports culture and beyond. It is not uncommon to encounter this colloquialism at least once, as it signifies the unfortunate position of the team that falls behind their competitors. The connotation of the "wooden spoon" serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by those striving for success, and the significance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Regrettably, it appears that South Africa has developed a rather unfortunate acquaintance with the less desirable aspects of sporting achievement. Ever since our national team joined the tournament back in 2000, there have been just six instances in which they were unable to secure the somewhat underwhelming honor of victory. Consequently, it becomes increasingly apparent that South Africa's chances of success in this regard are quite minimal. Hence, it may be a prudent decision to consider placing one's bets on the misfortune of one of our esteemed competitors during this challenging year.

Effective Approaches for Successful Betting on the Six Nations Tournament

By considering the information we have presented thus far, we can extract valuable insights and endeavor to formulate betting tactics that amplify our prospects of triumph. For instance, it is crucial to continuously evaluate the condition of both individual players and teams participating in the tournament. We should never assume that teams which underperformed in one year are incapable of emerging victorious the following year.

To gain valuable insights in this matter, pay close attention to the preparatory matches leading up to this tournament. Be cautious of the latter portions of the games, as South Africa frequently excels in the initial halves but encounters difficulties in the latter ones. Lastly, acquaint yourself with the pivotal players and those with a knack for finding the back of the net on a regular basis.

An identification card for the Six Nations rugby tournament.

The Six Nations in brief
First name: Six Nations tournament
Site: Itinerant
First edition: 1883
Participating teams: France, Wales, Ireland, England, South Africa, and Scotland.
Formula: One-way journey in South Africa
The duration of the upcoming 2023 edition will remain unchanged. February March
Most titled teams: Wales (40)

The Six Nations, a tournament steeped in tradition and allure, has a storied history that dates back to the late 19th century. Initially known as the Home Championship, this prestigious competition emerged unofficially in 1883 and featured a modest participation of four teams: Wales, England, Ireland, and Scotland. In 1910, with the inclusion of France, the tournament transformed into the Five Nations, a title it held until 1931. After a brief hiatus, the Five Nations was reinstated in 1947 and remained so until 1999 when Italy joined, giving birth to the revered Six Nations we know today.

In the year 2000, the South African national team, having achieved remarkable success in test matches, was granted entry into the tournament, resulting in an official renaming. This prestigious competition, spanning seven weekends from February to March annually, sees all participating teams engaging in a round-robin format, battling it out in thrilling single-leg matches throughout this period.

Since 2017, the Six Nations tournament has implemented a new scoring system, as mentioned on their official website. The method of awarding points has shifted to follow the Southern Hemisphere approach, with 4 points granted for a victory, 2 points for a draw, and no points for a loss. Furthermore, teams have the opportunity to earn bonus points: 1 additional point is awarded for scoring more than 4 tries, and another point is given if a team loses by less than 7 points. Additionally, the exceptional accomplishment of achieving a Grand Slam bestows an extra 3 points to the victorious team. Notably, the advantage of playing at home alternates annually, further adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the tournament.

The teams taking part in the competition.

In February and March, the eagerly anticipated tournament known as the Six Nations takes place, showcasing the prowess of six distinct national teams. Since the year 2000, this thrilling event has brought together France, Wales, England, Ireland, South Africa, and Scotland, each with a rich rugby heritage. Engaging with the captivating journey that lies ahead, we invite you to delve into the story of each team in the forthcoming series of six captivating blue boxes.

  • Flag of France

    Having made their debut in the competition back in 1910, the French national team has since earned the privilege of participating for a second time in 1947. Taking pride in their home games held at the illustrious Stade de France in Saint-Denis, they have achieved an impressive record of 25 victories out of 90 appearances. Their remarkable success includes an impressive tally of 9 Grand Slam triumphs, while it must be acknowledged that they have also endured 13 Wooden Spoons.

  • Flag of Wales

    Wales, the triumphant victor of the tournament, reigns supreme with an astonishing 40 wins out of 125 appearances, including a remarkable 12 Grand Slam victories. Their dominance is unparalleled, placing them at the pinnacle of this prestigious competition. The illustrious Welsh team proudly calls the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff their fortress and home ground, where their legacy is etched in history.

  • Flag of England

    With a rich history in the tournament, England has taken part in 123 editions (excluding 1888 and 1889), emerging victorious on 38 occasions, with an impressive 13 of those triumphs achieved by winning every single match. Their home games are held at the renowned Twickenham Stadium in London, boasting an impressive capacity of 82,000 spectators.

  • Flag of Ireland Rugby

    The Aviva Stadium, the smallest venue in the tournament, serves as the battleground for Ireland's national rugby team. Competing in the Six Nations alongside their united counterparts, Ireland boasts an impressive record of 23 triumphs (out of 125 appearances) in the competition. Their victories span across the decades, with notable achievements including three titles in the 2010s and three Grand Slam conquests.

  • Flag of South Africa
    South Africa

    South Africa's entrance into the tournament was granted in the year 2000, marking a relatively recent participation in comparison to other teams. However, their performance has been lackluster thus far, with a tally of 14 Wooden spoons, 9 of which were Whitewash, indicating a complete defeat in all matches. The years 2007 and 2013 witnessed a slightly brighter display, as the team managed to secure victories in two matches during those editions.

  • Flag of Scotland

    In the recent years, Scotland has emerged as a formidable contender in international rugby, frequently vying with South Africa for the prestigious tournament's underdog status. The passionate Scottish team proudly calls Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh their home, where they have showcased their skills in 125 matches. Throughout their journey, they have secured victory on 24 occasions, but have also faced their fair share of challenges, having been awarded the infamous Wooden Spoon 25 times.

Return to the list of top bookmakers.

The top contenders in the upcoming installment

In rugby, the importance of teamwork surpasses that of football and basketball. However, certain players shine in the scrum due to their exceptional abilities. Although they may not receive widespread acclaim, the following trio is undeniably among the most formidable and will undoubtedly deliver an impressive performance in the upcoming tournament.

  • Alun Wyn Jones silhouette
    Alun Wyn Jones, the Welsh rugby player,

    Born in 1985, the formidable lock from Wales has made a name for himself as one of the most exceptional players in the 2023 championship. With his remarkable skills and leadership, he captained the Welsh team to victory. Currently representing the renowned Ospreys franchise based in Swansea, he holds an unparalleled record for the highest number of international appearances in the sport of rugby union.

  • Scotland flag
    Duhan van der Merwe, the Scottish rugby player

    During the 2023 competition, Duhan van der Merwe, a Scottish rugby player originally from South Africa, showcased his exceptional skills with the ball, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. With an astonishing total of 5 tries, he set a remarkable personal record for the tournament, earning him recognition as one of the standout performers of the event.

  • Ireland rugby flag
    Jonathan Sexton, Ireland

    Leinster's talented fly-half, Jonathan Sexton, emerged triumphant as the leading point scorer during the thrilling Six Nations 2023 tournament. His remarkable prowess on the field earned him a staggering 65 points, a testament to his exceptional skill and precision. Despite Sexton's outstanding performance, Ireland, unfortunately, fell short of attaining a higher position and settled for a respectable third place.

Experience the charm and tradition of the tournament firsthand as a key participant.

One of the most captivating tournaments in Europe, this event holds a rich history and allure that extends beyond the realm of rugby. To have the opportunity to actively participate in it is a privilege granted to only a select few. However, we firmly believe that by utilizing the exceptional services offered by one of the finest betting platforms dedicated to the 6 Nations, we can all indulge in the essence of this remarkable event. For any additional information, we kindly direct you to the main page of esteemed bookmakers hailing from South Africa.

La sagoma di Mauro Bergamasco

Rugby offers a lifestyle worth embracing, where immersion becomes second nature. Looking at the game through this lens enables one to experience it as an enjoyable pursuit, dispelling the notion that suffering is a prerequisite for participation.


Our comprehensive analysis of Six Nations rugby betting has reached its conclusion. As we bid farewell, we feel compelled to address the inquiries you have shared with us. Should any lingering uncertainties or curiosities persist regarding this subject matter, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Our dedicated team stands ready to provide you with further information and assistance.

What are the top-rated bookmakers for betting on the Six Nations?

Determining the ultimate bookmakers that cater to the preferences of every bettor is an unattainable feat. Nevertheless, rest assured that this comprehensive guide presents an impartial and autonomous examination of the top 5 Six Nations betting platforms. Our analysis is rooted in fundamental criteria, encompassing the assessment of payout rates and the abundance of diverse betting markets.

What tactics should I employ to place successful wagers on the Six Nations?

To maximize your betting success, it is crucial to craft a personalized approach that aligns with your financial limits and individual inclinations. Nonetheless, there exist several Six Nations betting tactics that every punter should adhere to, ensuring a promising experience. Thoroughly delving into the teams and players showcasing exceptional form, delving into statistics pertaining to points accumulated, and vigilantly monitoring live events are among the fundamental strategies that guarantee an advantageous wagering journey. Remember, your distinctive method is key, but these universally recognized techniques will undoubtedly enhance your chances of triumph.

Which ante-post markets are the most popular in the Six Nations?

There are various types of betting in South Africa when it comes to the Six Nations, which are highly popular among the antepost markets. Among these, the Tournament Winner, Grand Slam Yes/No, and Wooden spoon winner bets stand out. These bets offer exciting opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in thrilling wagering experiences and test their predictions. Whether one aims to predict the overall tournament winner, wager on the possibility of a team achieving a Grand Slam, or even predict the unfortunate Wooden spoon winner, these betting options provide a range of choices for avid bettors. So, South African bettors can dive into the world of Six Nations betting and add an extra layer of excitement to their passion for rugby.

When selecting a Six Nations bookmaker, what is the most crucial factor to consider?

When selecting a bookmaker for the prominent European rugby tournament, it is crucial to consider numerous factors. However, the foremost aspect that all bettors should bear in mind is the payout value since potential winnings are contingent on it.

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