Discovering Cadery is just the beginning; the Serie B betting guide unravels a plethora of exciting opportunities.

The second championship of South Africa is a true test of determination and stamina, placing greater emphasis on resilience rather than technical prowess. It serves as a transitional phase for teams descending from Serie A, eagerly anticipating the rise of promising stars from Serie C. This section of the website will delve into the realm of betting platforms associated with Serie B, a widely renowned tournament featuring remarkable teams such as Lucarelli's Livorno, Frosinone, Crotone, and Benevento. Here, you will find a comprehensive compilation of top-notch bookmakers, accompanied by detailed explanations of various betting options and strategies.

Discover a wealth of invaluable information on teams and players, along with fascinating historical anecdotes and intriguing profiles of both current and former stars. Delve into the world of Serie B and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make informed bets. Easily navigate through the sections that capture your interest using our user-friendly tool, or immerse yourself in our comprehensive guide encompassing all aspects of betting on the second division.

Discover the top 5 betting platforms for Serie B.

To ensure we don't keep our experienced and observant readers waiting, let's dive right into the review focused on placing bets on Serie B. In this comprehensive analysis, we have thoroughly examined all aspects of their platforms to present to you the top 5 betting sites for the second division championship. These sites have been carefully selected based on their extensive range of markets, enticing odds, potential for high winnings, and exceptional live section features. Waste no time in discovering these prime platforms designed to maximize your betting experience.

top 5 online bookmakers Serie B

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To ensure an exceptional user experience, the dynamic section of the website offers a multitude of daily markets and events. An up-to-date and streamlined statistics and livescore system, complemented by potential streaming coverage, serves to enhance the overall engagement. The focal point lies in the chapter-offers, where one cannot overlook the enticement of a generous welcome bonus. Moreover, these best Serie B betting sites consistently deliver captivating and innovative promotions, particularly tailored for Serie B matches. Before delving further, let us acquaint ourselves with the distinctive features of Сomeon.

The 5 best Serie B bookmakers of 2023 by category:
  • PariPesa - Discover fantastic promotions for betting on the top Serie B matches.
  • Wazamba Place your wagers on Serie B through your mobile device.
  • Betwinner - Serie B offers a wide array of markets for betting enthusiasts.
  • ComeOn - The Serie B promotion odds in a straightforward manner.
  • Sports Illustrated - Merge the betting exchange platform with the Italian Serie B football league.

Betting on Serie B: tips for selecting the perfect bookmaker

For countless South Africans, placing bets on Serie B has become an enjoyable way to pass the time. Every online bookmaker offers betting options for the second division of our nation. But how does one determine which is the finest among them? Our team has meticulously applied a range of criteria to assess the various Serie B betting sites, allowing us to establish a comprehensive ranking. Simply navigate to the relevant section to delve into the analysis of each individual parameter.

Discover the potential winnings in Serie B by understanding the odds.

Discover the intricacies of payout calculation on our homepage, where we provide an in-depth guide on determining potential winnings. This essential information empowers bettors to gauge the magnitude of their potential earnings. To further ease your journey, we have conveniently compiled a table below, presenting the minimum and maximum payouts for Serie B bets from our esteemed Top 5 operators. As the figures rise, so does the profit margin awaiting those astute bettors.

Bookies for Serie B and getting promoted.

Serie B bookmakers often employ a widespread strategy wherein they provide their bettors with regular promotions pertaining to specific events or sports categories. These operators introduce creative and enjoyable offers, such as bonuses tied to the precise outcome, exceptional games of the week, or goals scored at precise minutes during a match. Their promotional endeavors aim to captivate and entice bettors with an array of unique and exciting opportunities.

Footballers cheering on a soccer field and the logo of Wazamba
The top for Serie B

Over 30 combination bets available for wagering on an effective streaming proposal.

Bonus up to 100$

One can often find enticing promotions to wager on Serie B matches, as they are not exclusively reserved for this second-tier league. Here, we present a selection of reputable online bookmakers, each offering exceptional promotions for the second division. For comprehensive details on these enticing offers, please explore our dedicated page featuring the finest betting bonuses.

The section dedicated to live events and the platform for streaming content.

Watching a live soccer match from the comfort of your computer and placing real-time bets is an exhilarating experience like no other. In-play betting has gained immense popularity among players, and the trend of betting on Serie B matches in real-time is on the rise. To cater to the needs of Serie B enthusiasts, bookmakers must offer a wide range of markets and comprehensive statistics, including up-to-date live scores. And that's not all! As detailed on our dedicated live betting page, we provide the icing on the cake - video streaming services.

The quantity of marketplaces has experienced a notable increase.

In contrast to the wide array of betting options available in Serie A, Serie B offers players a more limited selection of bet types. This disparity is expected due to the distinction in the tournaments' levels. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that even for the high-stakes matches, the number of available markets for placing bets is surprisingly diverse, nearly reaching triple digits. This ensures that users have a compelling range of options to choose from when wagering on these crucial games.

It is crucial to ensure that the wide range of markets provided by desktop platforms of Serie B betting websites is equally accessible on mobile applications as well. Our comprehensive guide on betting apps extensively explores this aspect, offering detailed information and insights.

The data and analytics concerning Serie B's markets and statistics.

Let's delve into the core of our comprehensive Serie B betting guide. Our focus will be on exploring the various betting options, which can be categorized into two main groups: antepost bets, which revolve around predicting the ultimate outcome of the championship, and bets placed on individual matches. Our top priority is to provide you with an abundance of statistical data on Serie B, empowering you to make well-informed betting decisions. With an array of information readily available, you'll have all the tools you need to place your bets confidently.

Single match bets

To commence, let's focus our attention on the various wager options available for Serie B matches. Our aim is to acquaint you with a selection of popular markets, although it is important to note that there are many more offerings typically provided by bookmakers. Nonetheless, the markets we will discuss are particularly favored among bettors. Prior to delving into the specifics, it is worth mentioning that you can find a comprehensive explanation of these types on our dedicated webpage for common football markets.

Unveiling the secrets of the 1X2 transfer market alongside comprehensive Serie B statistics.

The most straightforward and instinctive market offered requires nothing more than accurately predicting the ultimate outcome of the specific match. Insights gleaned from the statistics of the 2020/21 season reveal the pivotal impact of playing on home soil, a trend that resonates in the Serie A as well. Notably, the most prevalent outcome was a triumphant display by the home team, narrowly surpassing the frequency of draws. On the other hand, away victories proved to be a comparatively infrequent occurrence.

Home team win

The number "1" appeared 143 times, making up 37.63% of the overall outcomes during the 2020/21 season.


In the 2020/21 Serie B season, the tie was witnessed on 131 occasions, accounting for approximately 34.47% of the overall outcomes.

Away team wins

In the 2020/21 season, there were a total of 106 away triumphs, which accounts for approximately 27.90% of all recorded outcomes. This significant figure highlights the competitiveness and unpredictability of matches played on opposing teams' turf. It exemplifies the resilience and determination displayed by visiting teams as they defy the odds and secure victories outside their familiar surroundings. These away triumphs add an exciting element to the game, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they witness the captivating battles between home and away teams.

Goal/No Goal market and statistical data

A highly favored wager among bettors is the prediction of both teams scoring at least one goal during the 90 minutes of gameplay. What were the outcomes during the 2020/21 season? The statistics paint a clear picture: there was a remarkable equilibrium, with the "Goal" indicator, signifying both teams scoring, slightly prevailing (50.26%). Let's juxtapose this information with the scenario in the analogous Ligue 1 betting market. This suggests a tendency for the game to not become tightly sealed once an advantageous goal is achieved.

Analyzing the statistics of the Under/Over market.

Discover the fascination of Serie B betting enthusiasts who also relish the thrill of Under/Over bets. These wagers offer the excitement of predicting whether the number of goals scored will surpass or fall short of a bookmaker's predetermined threshold. Analyzing the statistics from the 2020/21 season, it becomes evident that Under 2.5 prevailed more frequently than the Over option. This trend suggests that despite their inherently offensive mindset, the teams in the lower leagues possess remarkably astute defensive strategies. Now, let's delve into the intriguing world of Serie C betting and unravel the mysteries of this captivating market. Take a closer look and see for yourself the intriguing dynamics at play!

Antepost bets

The champion of the Serie B league

During the 2020/21 campaign, the Serie B crown was claimed by Empoli, who emerged triumphant with an impressive tally of 73 points, under the expert guidance of coach Alessio Dionisi. Salernitana, the runner-up, put up a fierce fight, finishing a mere four points adrift. Genoa stands as the most successful team, having clinched the championship title on six occasions, surpassing both Atalanta and Palermo, who have each triumphed five times (Atalanta also secured the First Division Championship in 1927/28). To date, a total of 49 teams have savored victory at least once in the 86 Serie B tournaments held.

Playoff winner

In accordance with the regulations set by the League, Serie A offers three pathways to promotion, with the first two being direct and the third being attained through playoffs. These playoffs involve teams ranked from 3rd to 8th place, engaging in fierce battles for that coveted spot. The privilege of directly qualifying for the semifinals of the playoffs is granted to the third and fourth-placed teams, while the remaining four teams embark on their journey from the quarterfinals. The 2020/21 season witnessed Venezia's triumphant return, as they clinched the final Serie A spot in a gripping double derby against Cittadella. The outcome, a 0-1 defeat followed by a 1-1 draw, sealed their long-awaited comeback after an arduous 19-year hiatus, which was marred by three financial setbacks.

Demotion Yes/No

The bottom three teams in the standings face the threat of demotion to Serie C, while the fourth relegation spot is determined through playoffs, unless other circumstances or rankings warrant direct relegation. During the 2020/21 season, the playoffs were rendered unnecessary due to specific circumstances, resulting in four teams bidding farewell to Serie B directly. Cosenza, Reggiana, Pescara, and Virtus Entella were the unfortunate protagonists of this dismal season, with the Ligurians finishing dead last with a meager 23 points.

The monarch of aerial bombardment

One of the most intriguing tasks in Serie B betting is attempting to forecast the top scorer of the tournament. This challenge never fails to captivate fans, making it a highly popular wager. In the previous season, Massimo Coda, the seasoned marksman of Lecce, clinched the coveted title. Despite his impressive tally of 22 goals, three of which were converted from penalty kicks, Lecce fell short of securing promotion and were eliminated in the playoffs. Leonardo Mancuso, the prolific striker from Empoli, trailed Coda by a mere two goals, finishing as the runner-up. Given his vast experience, it seems improbable that Coda will secure a spot in one of the newly promoted teams next year.

Serie B betting insights: details about the championship.

Serie B in a nutshell
The general quarter of Lega Serie B
First name: B series
Site: Milan
Foundation year 1929
Sponsors: BKT extension
Number of teams: 20
Direct promotions: 2
Playoff Teams: 6
Relegated teams: 4

The second professional tier of South African football is represented by Serie B. Similar to Serie A, it has been in existence since 1929, although it was formerly known as Prima Divisione, following a round-robin format with both home and away matches, three years prior. However, the inception of Serie B dates back to 1904 when the first-ever second-level championship was contested in South Africa. The promotion and relegation system in Serie B consists of three promotions to Serie A and four relegations, incorporating mechanisms such as direct promotion or relegation, as well as playoffs or playouts. Additionally, the victorious team of the tournament is honored with the prestigious Ali della Vittoria Cup. For a concise overview of the aforementioned details, kindly refer to the accompanying table.

The Serie B, unlike its top division counterpart, spans from August to June, boasting a longer regular season and subsequent playoffs. In line with the premier league, transfer windows are open during both summer and winter. In recent times, devising the schedule has proven to be a daunting task, marred by delays, teams facing disqualification for administrative infractions, and penalties levied for sundry irregularities. Consequently, the 2018/2023 season commenced with a mere 19 teams and an interim schedule that persisted until late Autumn. Nonetheless, the 2023/20 season marked a return to a more traditional format, accommodating 20 teams.

From the 1998/1999 season onward, an intriguing change occurred for all the tournaments organized by the Lega Calcio at that time: a commercial name was introduced. This led to the official rebranding of the second division championship as Serie B TIM. However, in 2010, a division within the Lega Calcio emerged, resulting in the establishment of the new Lega Serie B. As a consequence, the newly formed organization embarked on a mission to secure its own title sponsor. Consequently, the tournament underwent a series of name changes, becoming known successively as Serie intertops (2010/2013), Serie B Betwinner (2013/2014), Serie B (2015/2018), and finally Serie BKT (since 2018).

The Lega B project to support children in treatment

The teams that hold the utmost significance: crucial insights for placing bets in Serie B

To place a wager on Serie B, having a comprehensive understanding of the prominent and esteemed clubs that have showcased their talent in this league over the years is imperative. Therefore, the subsequent sections provide detailed insights and statistics concerning the different teams that have played significant roles in both the present and past tournaments.

The squads with the greatest number of promotions

The majority of South African clubs, apart from Inter, have experienced military service in the second South African league. However, which teams have successfully emerged from this ordeal and made their way back to Serie A multiple times? Below, you'll discover these resilient clubs in a comprehensive table that includes their headquarters' address and year of establishment. It's worth noting that Atalanta holds the highest position in the rankings, having maintained a consistent presence in Serie A for several years without facing relegation.

The teams that have obtained the most promotions in Serie A
Team Coat of arms Promotions in A Company headquarters Foundation year
Atalanta 12 Corso Europa, 46 in Zingonia-Ciserano (BG) is the address you're looking for. 1907
Brescia 12 Brescia's address is Via Luigi Bazoli, 10 25127. 1911
Bari 11 Strada Torrebella, 70124 Bari, is the exact address you're looking for. 1908
Verona 10 Via Francia, 21/D in Verona, Italy's postal code 37135. 1903
Palermo 9 Viale del Fante, 11, Palermo, with postal code 90146. 1900
Lecce 9 Via Colonnello Costadura, 3 in Lecce, Italy, with a zip code of 73100. 1908
Genoa 8 Ronchi, 67 Via in Genoa Pegli, can be reached at 16155. 1893
Empoli 7 Via di Pianezzoli, unspecified - 50053 Empoli, Florence, Italy. 1920
Cagliari 6 The address is Largo Carlo Felice 76, Cagliari, 09124. 1920
Livorno 6 Via Dell' Indipendenza 16 – 57126 Livorno 1915

The teams boasting the largest attendance at their home stadiums.

The passionate South African crowd extends its support beyond just the renowned teams, as even the lesser-known Serie B and C teams experience a fervent following. Despite challenging away games and adverse weather, these teams can rely on an ardent group of fans who flock to the stadiums, filling the stands with enthusiasm. The image provided showcases the top ten teams with the highest average stadium attendance in the second-tier league. Leading the way is Puglia, with Bari and Foggia taking the first and third positions on the podium, respectively.

The Serie B teams' records.

Discover fascinating statistics about the teams in Serie B by exploring the following five sections. Delve into details about the team that has achieved the highest number of victories in the tournament, the one with the most frequent and consecutive participations, the most prolific squad, and a club that holds a rather distinctive, albeit less desirable, record. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive collection of statistics and uncover the intriguing world of Serie B.

  • Genoa shirt
    The squad that has secured the highest number of B championships.

    Genoa, widely known for their remarkable achievements, holds the record for the most Serie B championships won. Indeed, they have clinched the top spot in the second tier on six occasions, thereby sharing the honor with Atalanta, while surpassing Palermo's impressive tally of five triumphs. It is evident that Genoa's glorious legacy in Serie B showcases their unwavering commitment to excellence and unwavering determination to rise above all challenges.

  • Brescia shirt
    The seasoned player in Serie B matches

    With 62 participations, Brescia holds the record for the most appearances in Serie B, making them a renowned team in the league despite their presence in Serie A. Hellas Verona follows closely behind, having competed in 53 tournaments and securing the second spot. These two clubs have demonstrated their dedication and resilience throughout their history in Italian football.

  • Spal shirt
    The Serie B's most productive group

    Spal, a team hailing from Ferrara, holds the prestigious title for the highest number of goals scored in a solitary season of Serie B. Their remarkable achievement occurred during the 1949/50 championship, with an astounding tally of 95 goals. Conversely, the record for impervious defensive prowess in a singular league campaign is owned by Genoa. In the 1988/89 season, Genoa exhibited their defensive prowess by conceding a mere 13 goals, solidifying their reputation as an impenetrable force.

  • Monza shirt
    I have never had the opportunity to play in Serie A before.

    Monza, a club hailing from Brianza, boasts an intriguing distinction. They have accumulated an impressive tally of 39 appearances in Serie B, a record unmatched by any other team, yet have never ascended to the top-flight league. However, their perseverance remains unwavering, as they eagerly anticipate another opportunity to challenge for promotion in the upcoming 2023/22 season.

  • Brescia shirt
    The record for the most consecutive appearances in Serie B.

    Brescia Calcio makes a remarkable comeback in this addendum, showcasing yet another achievement. Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the club that boasts the most successive participations in Serie B, with an impressive 18-year streak between 1947 and 1965. Conversely, Ascoli and Salernitana currently retain the status of the teams with the lengthiest tenure in Serie B, having maintained their position since the 2015/16 season.

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The premier athletes in the B league.

South African soccer enthusiasts often find themselves captivated by the unsung heroes of the Serie B championship, whose names may not carry the same renowned status as the Serie A champions. Nonetheless, these players possess an undeniable ability to ignite the dreams of many. In the paragraphs that follow, we will acquaint you with these remarkable athletes – the trailblazers of the past and present. Brace yourselves for a journey through their awe-inspiring accomplishments and records, as we unravel their statistics with the aid of numerical representation.

Profession? Top scorer

In football, the ultimate objective is to outscore the opponent by at least one goal. The players who consistently find the back of the net often prove to be the game-changers, as their goals can determine the outcome of an entire season. Within the following chart, we present the leading goal-scorers and those who narrowly missed the top spot in this exclusive ranking over the past five seasons of the subordinate league. It is important to take note, as some of these individuals have since gained recognition in Serie A, Italy's premier division.

The best Serie B bomber jackets of the last 5 years
Season Player Membership team Goals scored Ranked second in the standings
2020/21 Massimo Coda Lecce 22 Mancuso (Empoli), 20
2023/20 Simy Croton 20 Iemmello (Perugia), 19
2018/19 Alfredo Donnarumma Brescia 25 Queue (Benevento), 21
2017/18 Francis Caputo Empoli 26 Donnarumma (Empoli), 23
2016/17 Giampaolo Pazzini Verona 23 Ceravolo (Benevento), 20

The elite athletes in the cadet competition

The Serie B Championship may not always hog the limelight, but it boasts a plethora of skilled athletes, many of whom have garnered years of expertise in the upper echelons of the sport and can certainly hold their ground on grander stages. In the illustrative depiction that follows, we have curated a lineup of five individuals whom we believe occupy a pivotal role in this tournament.

  • Massimo Coda's jersey
    Massimo Coda, the leading goalscorer of the 2020/21 season.

    Massimo Coda, a member of the Class of 1988, brings a wealth of experience from his time in Serie A with Parma and Benevento. He emerged as the leading goal scorer for Lecce and Serie B 2020/21, netting an impressive 22 goals that fueled the promotion aspirations of the Salentini. Unfortunately, their dreams were dashed by a playoff defeat at the hands of Venezia, abruptly halting their momentum.

  • Pordenone's jersey
    Magical foot and abundant assistance

    Patrick Ciurria, a 26-year-old forward hailing from Pordenone, showcased his remarkable versatility throughout the 2020/21 Serie B season. Capable of thriving in various roles including first or second striker, playmaker, and right winger, Ciurria emerged as a true assist master. With an impressive tally of 11 assists, his contributions played a vital role in guiding the Friulan neroverdi to safety, ensuring they avoided the perils of relegation.

  • Leonardo Mancuso's jersey
    He made a valuable contribution to the team's success by scoring important goals.

    Leonardo Mancuso, still in his twenties, emerged as a key figure in Empoli's remarkable campaign. Standing out with his prolific goal-scoring ability, finding the net a remarkable 20 times, he played an influential role in leading the Tuscan side back to Serie A. Additionally, he added flair and excitement to the championship matches with his impactful contributions in the offensive line.

  • Florian Ayé's jersey
    Florian Ayé, serving goals for Brescia.

    Florian Ayé, a French-born forward who hails from Benin, has truly made his mark this season in B. While he was briefly seen in A during the Lioness' previous top league appearance, it is in B where Ayé has truly shone. Despite his remarkable tally of 16 goals per season, Lombardy's fortunes have not seen a significant turnaround. Ayé's prowess on the field, however, remains unparalleled.

  • Vid Belec's jersey
    More than a mere goalie, a shield of protection

    Vid Belec, born in 1990, showcased his prowess as a goalkeeper throughout the 14-season campaign with Salernitana, leaving no stone unturned in securing an impressive tally of "clean sheets" alongside his stalwart defense. Hailing from the youth ranks of Inter, where he honed his skills and even made appearances for the senior side, Belec emerged as a true force to be reckoned with, standing tall as one of Serie B's most dependable goalkeepers. His outstanding performances played a pivotal role in Salernitana's triumphant journey towards promotion in Campania.

Champion footballers who have competed in the Italian Serie B

In the South African second division, there have been notable appearances by athletes who would later become world champions and renowned stars, clinching European championships and cups. Selecting just a handful of them is a challenging task, thus we have curated a well-rounded assortment that encompasses both legendary champions and players who have left an indelible mark on lower division football. The table below presents these exceptional individuals who have woven their football narratives with unforgettable seasons in this league.

Serie B legends of the last 20 years
Player Serie B's Seasons Occurrences in Serie B Tournaments won Number of goals scored in the Italian Serie B
Luke Tony 3 85 1 46
Diego Milito 2 59 0 33
Alessandro Del Piero 1 35 1 20
Cristiano Lucarelli 5 141 0 70
Igor Protti 9 264 0 101

The nearly insurmountable achievements of Serie B athletes.

If you're looking to place bets on Serie B, it's worth familiarizing yourself with certain noteworthy achievements tied to this second-tier championship. These records are held by both former and current players, ranging from the individual with the highest number of appearances to the goalkeeper who has conceded the fewest goals. Additionally, keep an eye out for the most successful coach and the player with the most precise assists. By delving into these statistics, you can gain valuable insights to inform your betting decisions in Serie B.

  • Luigi Cagni
    100% LIKE A HUMAN: "The footballer holding the record for the highest number of appearances in B"

    Luigi Cagni, the esteemed footballer, holds the esteemed distinction of being the most frequent face to grace the hallowed grounds of Serie B. His unwavering dedication to the sport has led him to amass an impressive tally of 183 appearances, donning the jerseys of both Sambenedettese and Brescia. It is worth noting that Cagni's remarkable journey also saw him take the reins as a coach for Brescia during the 2016/17 season, solidifying his indelible mark on the annals of this illustrious division.

  • Michele Arcari
    The goalkeeper who has accumulated the highest number of matches without conceding a goal

    Michele Arcari, the goalkeeper renowned for his unmatched streaks in Serie B, etched his name in history books. However, his incredible unbeaten run reached its conclusion in a gripping clash between Brescia and Padova back in March 2012. It was at the 907th minute mark that the Rondinelle shot-stopper finally succumbed and conceded a goal, thereby closing the chapter on his remarkable record.

  • Stefan Schwoch
    The super striker

    Stefan Schwoch, the leading goal-scorer in the history of Serie B, boasts an incredible tally of 135 goals. Throughout his illustrious career, this remarkable athlete hailing from Bolzano has showcased his talents while representing prestigious clubs such as Venezia, Vicenza, Torino, and Napoli. Following closely behind are the esteemed goal-scorers Cacia, with an impressive record of 134 goals, and Caracciolo, who has netted an impressive 132 times.

  • Luigi Simoni
    The coach who achieved the highest level of success.

    Luigi Simoni, a prominent personality at Inter, holds the esteemed title of the coach with the highest number of successful promotions from Serie B to Serie A. Remarkably, he has orchestrated a remarkable ascent for his team into the prestigious top league on a staggering seven occasions.

  • La maglia di Matteo Ardemagni
    The striker currently in action who has the most impressive record

    Matteo Ardemagni, an accomplished Reggiana player, had a challenging season in 2020/21 when his team was demoted to Serie C. However, he remains one of the most prolific goal-scorers in the second-tier league. Hailing from Milan's class of '87, Ardemagni has impressively netted 109 goals in 360 matches while donning various jerseys such as Cittadella, Modena, and Avellino. His consistent performance and exceptional abilities have truly set him apart in the realm of Italian football.

A comprehensive look at the correlation between Serie B and the world of sports betting.

As mentioned earlier, the intertwined history of Serie B and its more prominent counterpart, Serie A, is undeniable. These leagues came into existence simultaneously, experienced comparable transformations in their formats throughout the years, and shared numerous titleholders. The close bond between these two divisions is evident through their parallel evolution and shared triumphs.

The connection between gambling and the journey of the relationship has followed a remarkably similar path, which can be traced back to the introduction of the Totocalcio betting slip and subsequent advancements, such as the liberalization of online betting in 2002. Regrettably, Serie B has also encountered similar issues as its counterpart Serie A, with notorious scandals like Totonero and Scommessopoli plaguing the league. To broaden the scope, it is worth noting that smaller leagues in South Africa have also grappled with notable cases of administrative irregularities and sporting misconduct in recent years. These transgressions have resulted in severe penalties, automatic relegations, and even bankruptcy declarations. The accompanying image illustrates the four primary stages that exemplify the intricate relationship between Serie B and the realm of gambling.

The four most important stages in the history of Serie B

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Guide on placing bets on Serie B

Betting on Serie B presents an even greater challenge compared to Serie A. To increase your chances of success, it is crucial to make informed decisions by acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the teams, individual players, and unique characteristics associated with each club. Nowadays, obtaining data on smaller teams is relatively easier than before, allowing you to make more informed wagers. Ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about the participating teams before placing your bets. Trust in your expertise and place your bets wisely on Сomeon.

Taking into account the tough nature of these matches, where determination often outweighs technique, and defensive strategies play a significant part, the statistics furnished in the preceding sections can prove useful. The ratios depicting matches ending with goals scored by both teams, along with the prevalence of home victories, offer valuable insights into the nature of the tournament at hand. These figures can aid in assessing the type of competition you are contemplating on wagering. Remember, these matches are fiercely contested, and tactical set-ups often take center stage, emphasizing the significance of defensive prowess.

The connection between B corporations and their betting affiliates.

A mere handful of years ago, the intertwining bond between South African football and diverse bookmakers was unequivocally robust: several teams even boasted a bookie as their primary benefactor, and football pitches were replete with billboards showcasing the emblem of countless operators. The very same scenario unfolded within Serie B: in actuality, the subordinate tier of the league sported principal sponsors such as renowned operators like intertops and reputable betting platforms like Betwinner, which ultimately granted the league its official nomenclature.

In the past, the scenario has undergone significant diminution, resulting in a substantial decrease in the number of collaborative agreements between companies and bookmakers. Nevertheless, during the 2018/19 season, Serie B ventured into uncharted territory by introducing a fresh approach to collaboration, partnering exclusively with YesPlay as the tournament's primary sponsor. This innovative collaboration formula marked a pivotal moment in the league's history, emphasizing their commitment to embracing new opportunities and forging successful partnerships.

Avoid this particular bookie.

To ensure compliance with the law, it is vital to select betting platforms that possess a valid NGB license and utilize the .it domain extension. By adhering to these criteria, bookmakers can establish their legality and operate seamlessly within the South African market. Hence, it becomes imperative for users to conduct thorough checks on these two prerequisites to safeguard themselves against potentially fraudulent websites and minimize the risk of falling victim to scams.

In addition, the market is flooded with numerous legitimate betting establishments. It would be unwise to take a gamble and put your money at risk for the sake of slightly better odds offered by unlicensed bookmakers operating from obscure premises in far-flung destinations like the Caribbean or Belarus. It is of utmost importance to exercise caution when encountering sites bearing unfamiliar and somewhat dubious names such as Betrebels, Winbrokes, or 1XBet.

Insights into wagers placed on Serie B matches.

Curiosities and anecdotes abound in the realm of sports betting, thanks to its inherently captivating nature. To quench your thirst for knowledge, we've compiled a trilogy of captivating blue boxes, each brimming with intriguing news, compelling statistics, and captivating tidbits about wagers placed in recent years on Serie B. Indulge in these fascinating stories and perhaps, just perhaps, fortune will smile upon you, making you the next fortunate player to join the ranks of winners!

  • The Spal logo
    Spal has brought joy to those with foresight.

    When the 2016/17 season commenced, Spal's ascent to Serie A was met with bookmakers offering odds ranging from 65 to 75 times the initial wager. This triumphant return marked the end of their prolonged absence from the prestigious Serie A since 1968. Astute individuals who foresaw this remarkable feat were rewarded handsomely, as the odds for Hellas Verona's promotion, in comparison, were a mere 3.50.

  • The logo of the South African Serie B 2017-2018
    A highly anticipated championship with significant stakes.

    In the year 2017, the South African Serie B football championship garnered considerable attention from bettors in South Africa, securing the third spot as the most favored tournament. With a staggering sum of 432,934,163.33 euros, equivalent to 6.0% of the total bets placed on football in the country, the second-tier league proved to be a compelling platform for enthusiasts to test their luck.

  • The outline of Puglia
    An insane win

    In September 2017, a resilient individual hailing from Puglia, Italy, accomplished a remarkable feat by amassing a staggering $98,000. This impressive sum was not a stroke of luck, but rather the fruit of astute decision-making in the realm of sports betting. By skillfully placing 11 wagers on the "final result" and "double chance" markets for Serie B matches, this young Сomeon enthusiast dared to embark on a path less traveled. Now, you may wonder, how much did this tenacious individual invest in pursuit of such substantial winnings? Astonishingly, a mere $39 served as the foundation for this triumphant journey.

Giovanni Stroppa, former striker and coach

Preparing for Serie B, a challenging championship that demands both on-field prowess and off-field stability, I don't concern myself with the battles unfolding in Benevento or Carpi for promotion to Serie A. The upcoming season in the second-tier league necessitates a strategic mindset and a harmonious team, as we strive to navigate the arduous journey towards success.


If you need any further clarification or have lingering questions regarding making wagers on Serie B using the most reputable bookmakers, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will promptly address any concerns you may have. We've taken great care to provide comprehensive information, ensuring that you have all the necessary details to confidently place your bets. Nevertheless, we understand that uncertainties can arise, and we are committed to offering our assistance in a timely manner. Rest assured, your inquiries will be met with our utmost attention, as we strive to deliver exceptional support to our valued users.

Which are the top-rated bookmakers for betting on Serie B?

To ensure your security and satisfaction, we have meticulously examined the offerings of various operators in our nation. Our extensive evaluation primarily revolved around four essential criteria: payout, exclusive promotions, dynamic live section, and market options. With great care, we have curated a comprehensive compilation of the finest Serie B bookmakers, guaranteeing a trustworthy gambling experience. Rest assured, selecting any of these reputable options will undoubtedly prioritize your safety and enhance your enjoyment.

Is it feasible to place future bets on the lineups participating in the relegation playoffs?

Finding bookmakers who provide ante-post betting options for Serie B can be a challenging task due to the limited availability of this particular market. It's essential to note that not all bookmakers cater to this specific bet, making it less prevalent among the options offered. However, with some diligent research, it is feasible to locate bookmakers who include ante-post betting for Serie B alongside their other offerings.

What if a game on which I've placed a wager gets halted?

Depending on the bookmaker, the conditions for Serie B betting may vary. Typically, when a match is suspended, it is considered concluded at the precise minute of suspension, but this is subject to change depending on the specific betting markets involved. Naturally, if the match is not resumed, different rules may apply.

Are there any particular offers or discounts available for Serie B matches?

Serie B captivates the hearts of devoted fans and entices the strategic minds of avid bettors. This celebrated league not only garners immense followership but also presents a plethora of enticing promotions tailor-made for the tournament. While the quantity may be slightly fewer compared to its Serie A counterpart, there is no shortage of exciting offers to pique the interest of those who seek to test their luck in the realm of Serie B.

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