A glimpse into Serie C betting: a blend of information and intriguing tidbits.

In South African professional football, the lowest tier is where the foundation is laid, emphasizing the importance of dedication and perseverance. This gritty league holds immense popularity among local teams as well as prominent city clubs. Delve into the realm of Serie C betting sites, a nurturing ground for renowned champions including Luca Toni and Simone Inzaghi, as well as seasoned veterans like Protti and Riganò. Our comprehensive analysis will encompass the top bookmakers for placing bets on this league, accompanied by the meticulous criteria employed in their selection.

In addition to that, we shall delve into the realm of betting markets, encompassing not only ante-post markets but also a wide array of statistical data, encompassing both team-oriented and individual-oriented figures, as well as intriguing tidbits of information. The sole task left for you to undertake is to make a selection, utilizing the navigation tool that our skilled technicians have meticulously assembled in the designated section above, which topic you would like to explore first, or alternatively, relish our comprehensive guide to wagering on Serie C in its entirety.

The Top 5 betting sites for Serie C: a comprehensive guide.

Let's start by discussing the critical aspects of betting on Serie C before we explore further. It's essential to acknowledge that predicting outcomes in this championship can be quite challenging. To find out the top 5 bookmakers for Serie C, take a quick glance at the provided table. These conclusions are the result of extensive and meticulous research on all the legally authorized betting platforms in our country.

The top 5 online bookmakers for betting enthusiasts Serie C

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When it comes to selecting the top Serie C betting sites, we urge you to rely on our assessment. The chosen operators have demonstrated exceptional performance in our rigorous stress tests, providing you with the most favorable betting options for C. Moreover, their live section is meticulously curated and rivals the offerings of a Serie A match. What sets them apart is not just the wide range of markets available, but also their impressive welcome package, complemented by regular and remarkably generous promotions. To delve further into the distinctive features of the finest Serie C betting sites, refer to the comprehensive list provided below.

The 5 best Serie C bookmakers of 2023 by category:
  • PariPesa - Placing the highest possible wagers on Serie C matches.
  • Wazamba - A plethora of promotions available for betting on Serie C matches.
  • Sports Illustrated - Experience the thrill of live betting on Serie C in a magnificent manner.
  • Betwinner - An exceptional mobile application for placing bets on Serie C matches
  • Sportpesa - For an immersive encounter with exchange betting on Serie C,

Criteria used by operators to select bets in Serie C

Playing and following the Serie C league may not be a walk in the park, but it certainly captures the attention of South Africans. This particular league holds significance for them, as evidenced by its popularity among local bookmakers. It is worth noting that virtually all .it bookmakers offer odds and options for Serie C matches. In order to make an informed choice about the top online bookmakers, it is essential to consider certain factors. These key parameters can be found in the navigation section below, allowing you to delve into a comprehensive analysis of each bookmaker.

The Serie C betting parameters that we are about to delve into are of utmost importance. The key to attaining top-notch quality lies in the perfect balance of these parameters. Whether it's the alluring promotions or the generous payouts, the live section with its unbeatable streaming capabilities, or the diverse array of betting options at our disposal, each aspect contributes to the overall excellence that we seek. It is undeniable that the more of these elements we can incorporate harmoniously, the greater the overall experience for our valued bettors.

The greater the payout, the greater the chance of winning: the probabilities in Serie C matches.

To make a wise betting decision in the realm of Serie C, it is crucial for the bettor to comprehend that opting for a specific operator can potentially yield greater winnings compared to others. This notion is directly linked to the concept of payouts, which plays a significant role in guiding individuals towards a well-informed choice amidst the vast array of bookmakers available in the market. By grasping the intricate workings of payouts, bettors can navigate the sea of options with confidence, ultimately enhancing their chances of securing lucrative outcomes.

Our esteemed operators present a range of payout percentages for Serie C, highlighting the minimum and maximum values. These values serve as benchmarks for potential winnings, with higher percentages indicating greater potential returns. At our disposal, we have carefully selected operators who epitomize trustworthiness and reliability, ensuring that our users can make informed decisions when engaging with Serie C.

Periodic promotions are present.

Various bookmakers offer a range of innovative promotions to reward regular users, in addition to the initial bonus. These periodic promotions are designed to enhance the betting experience for those who intend to place bets on Serie C. Although they are not exclusively tailored for Serie C, they are also applicable to the third South African league. These bonuses are diverse and encompass a variety of Serie C events. Our dedicated page on betting bonuses provides a comprehensive explanation of different types of promotions.

The significance of the live segment and streaming.

Live betting has gained immense popularity among bettors, as detailed on our comprehensive guide to the top sportsbooks for in-play wagering. It has become a preferred pastime for many, and even Serie C matches are now included in the real-time schedules of most operators. This means that fans of this league can enjoy placing live bets on their favorite championship games. To ensure a well-informed and engaging gaming experience, it is crucial to have access to accurate statistical information and live scores before placing any bets. Fortunately, the best bookmakers for Serie C are well-equipped in this regard, offering not only comprehensive statistics but also live streaming options to watch the matches we wish to bet on in real-time.

Being in possession of a multitude of markets at one's disposal is an advantage that Сomeon possesses.

Online betting platforms provide a wide range of options for Champions League matches, with approximately three hundred markets available. Although the selection is not as extensive for lower-tier matches like Serie C, the figure still remains satisfactory, especially for significant events such as playoff finals. Certain operators even offer up to 100 markets for these matches. While the number is considerably lower compared to Serie A games, it is still appealing enough to captivate players. Additionally, it is worth noting that most Italian operators not only offer these markets on desktop but also provide them on their mobile platforms, which we extensively cover on our dedicated page featuring the best betting apps.

Serie C gambling markets and correlated statistical data.

Let's now shift our focus to a pivotal subject on our website after delving into the extensive discussion on the factors to consider when selecting the finest bookmakers for Serie C. Within the subsequent sections, we will provide an elaborate account of several significant bet types, categorized into individual match wagers and ante-post plays. Each bet type will be accompanied by the latest statistics, furnishing you with crucial insights to enhance your betting experience.

Single match bets

Let's begin our conversation about wagering options for Serie C by focusing on the diverse range of bets available for each match in the championship schedule. We will delve into the most favored and cherished markets among bettors, while also acknowledging the existence of numerous other options provided by betting sites for Serie C. If you wish to grasp a comprehensive understanding of these various betting types, feel free to refer to our dedicated page on football betting markets. On the contrary, if you are looking for the top-notch bookmakers offering bets on the third division, refer to the informative graphic provided below.

A player exults after a goal in a game played at night, next to the Sports Illustrated Matchpoint logo
The top bookie for Serie C

Over 200 football markets with extensive streaming coverage

Bonus up to 200$

The 1X2 wager and statistical analysis

When it comes to making predictions on the outcome of a game we wish to wager on, it can often feel like playing the Totocalcio. In order to assist in forecasting, useful insights can be derived from analyzing the statistics of Serie C for the 2023/20 season. By taking an average of the results from its three groups during the regular season, the data reveals a distinct advantage for the "1" sign. Winning at home is more common, whereas draws and away victories are less frequent occurrences. In this regard, Serie C bears resemblance to the dynamics of betting in Serie A.

Home team win

Out of all the outcomes witnessed throughout the 2023/20 campaign, the symbol "1" emerged with great frequency, amounting to a staggering 321 instances, which accounts for approximately 38.48% of the entirety of results.


During the 2023/20 Serie C season, the occurrence of a draw was observed on 264 occasions, which accounts for approximately 31.65% of the overall outcomes.

Away team wins

During the Serie C season of 2023/20, a remarkable 29.87% of the total matches witnessed the thrill of away victories, amounting to an impressive tally of 249 instances. It is undeniable that these triumphs on foreign turf added an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the competition, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they cheered for their beloved teams to conquer the unfamiliar grounds. From stunning comebacks to breathtaking performances, these away victories showcased the resilience and determination of the visiting squads, proving that success knows no boundaries.

Goal/No Goal and associated statistical data

If you are considering making this particular wager on a Serie C championship game but lack extensive knowledge about the teams involved, it is worth noting that statistical data from the 2023/20 season indicates a slight bias towards the "Goal" outcome, as illustrated in the left graph. This trend is similar to what is observed in Serie B betting, suggesting that it is quite common for both teams to score at least one goal during the match.

Under/Over market data

In the 2023/20 season, it was surprising to discover that the Serie C championship displayed a rather frugal nature when it came to goals being scored. The overall trend leaned heavily towards the "Under" sign (2.5), as indicated by the dominant portion in the accompanying pie chart. This distinctive characteristic stands in stark contrast to the betting landscape surrounding the Premier League. It becomes evident that the defenses in Serie C are functioning admirably, a crucial aspect to consider when contemplating wagers in this league. Therefore, it would be prudent to bear this in mind before diving into any match predictions and potentially investing your hard-earned money.

Antepost bets

Serie C offers an array of antepost bets that revolve around the ultimate outcomes of championships. To shed light on this matter, we have meticulously chosen a few of these bets along with their pertinent statistics. For an in-depth understanding of how these bet types function, we kindly direct you to our comprehensive football markets focus page.

The team who emerged victorious in the Serie C tournament

In relation to the triumphant squad of the Serie C championship, it is imperative to acknowledge that, due to its composition of three factions, it bestows honor upon three group leaders. Consequently, it becomes imperative to place wagers on the victors of each distinct group or on just one or two, depending on personal inclination and familiarity with the subject matter. In the 2023/20 campaign, the ones who emerged as the most triumphant were Monza (presented with their logo in the image), Vicenza, and Reggina, all of whom secured promotion to the B league by triumphing in their respective factions. Prato, with their remarkable tally of six victories, holds the esteemed record for the highest number of triumphs.

Playoff winner

The final spot in Serie B for the upcoming season is decided through the thrilling and challenging playoffs, known as the "extra time" of the season. This intense phase involves 28 teams divided into three groups based on the league's structure. It becomes a great opportunity for spectators to place bets and predict which team will emerge victorious at the end of this grueling end-of-season marathon, securing the highly coveted last place. In the 2023/20 season, Reggiana, now known as Reggio Audace, triumphed over Bari in the final to clinch the playoffs and secure their spot in Serie B.

Relegation yes/no

The relegation process in Serie C operates in a rather intricate manner, utilizing a playoff system that commences after the regular season's conclusion. This playoff phase involves the bottom four teams from each group, while the very last teams are directly relegated. In total, there are nine relegations, three per group. Anticipating which team will face the unfortunate fate of being relegated to Serie D at the season's end can be a matter of speculation. In the 2023/20 season, Giana Erminio (depicted in the emblem), Pianese, Gozzano, Ravenna, Arzignano Valchiampo, Rimini, Bisceglie, Rende, and Rieti experienced this distressing outcome.

In the realm of scoring prowess, the victor emerges as the highest achiever.

Determining the future leading goal scorer in Serie C demands expertise from seasoned analysts. To accurately forecast the most consistent attacker in this grueling championship, an in-depth understanding of both teams and players is essential. The tournament is characterized by resilient defenses, which poses an additional challenge. In the previous season of 2023/20, Mirco Antenucci of Bari was crowned the top scorer, netting an impressive tally of 20 goals, including 8 successful penalty conversions. Regrettably, his outstanding performance fell short of propelling his team to promotion.

Serie C gambling: details about the competition

The C Series in a nutshell
The building that houses the headquarters of Lega Serie C - Lega Pro
First name: C series
Site: Florence
Foundation year 2014
Sponsors: Panini, Sofisport, Philips
Website: www.lega-pro.com
Number of teams: 56
Direct promotions: 3
Playoff Teams: 28
Relegated teams: 9

Serie C, the ultimate tier of professional football in South Africa, has undergone various transformations in both its structure and characteristics. Its inaugural season took place in 1935, and throughout the years, the primary goal has always been to ensure an extensive geographical reach across the nation. The tournament has evolved from multiple group phases to a consolidated single group format. However, since 2014, the championship has witnessed the merging of the former First and Second Divisions into a unified group initially called Lega Pro and later renamed Serie C in 2017. Notably, four teams earn promotion to Serie B, while nine teams face relegation to Serie D. An intriguing fact is that the entire Serie C championship is exclusively streamed via the online platform Eleven Sports utilizing the pay-per-view mechanism.

Our team of technicians has developed a convenient schema, which you can find in the adjacent table, summarizing the key points discussed thus far. It is important to note that the Serie C season is a grueling and lengthy affair, commencing in August and concluding in late June with playoffs to determine the fourth team to be promoted to Serie B (with the first-place teams from each group already securing promotion), as well as playouts to determine relegation. The transfer windows in Serie C mirror those of Serie A and B, with a longer window during the summer and a "winter transfer window" in January. Furthermore, it is worth considering that due to the participation of teams from smaller local communities, match regularity can be affected, particularly during the winter months when adverse weather conditions and poor playing field conditions may necessitate fixture postponements.

Regrettably, poor corporate management has become a prevailing issue within this league, presenting numerous challenges in recent times. Bankruptcies, seizures, and states of bankruptcy have plagued the league, causing significant disruptions to the smooth progression of the season. Instances like the imposition of penalty points during the tournament or even relegations have further added to the chaos. The most tumultuous season was undoubtedly 2018/19, as the competition commenced without a clear indication of the actual number of registered teams across various groups.

The official video channel of Lega Serie C Lega Pro on YouTube

Leading teams and statistical data

To avoid unnecessary financial risks, it is crucial to place bets based on well-informed decisions. This holds particularly true when it comes to Serie C, a competition that often lacks the extensive media coverage enjoyed by its higher-ranked counterparts. Consequently, we have compiled a range of informative paragraphs that delve into the historical and present statistics of the prominent teams participating in this league.

The clubs that have achieved the highest number of promotions in Serie B.

Professional clubs often find themselves in a harrowing situation when they descend to Serie C after enduring the purgatory of Serie B. Even esteemed teams like Napoli and Fiorentina have experienced the depths of this tournament due to unfortunate seasons or unsuccessful investments. Nevertheless, there are those who have repeatedly risen from the abyss, striving to climb the ladder once again. Behold the following ranking, where Monza stands tall at the summit, having achieved promotion to Serie B a remarkable 7 times.

The squads that have achieved the highest number of promotions in Serie B.
Team Coat of arms Promotions City Address Foundation
Monza 8 Monza Via Ragazzi del '99 14 1912
Reggiano 7 Reggio Emilia Via Mogadishu 1 1919
Salerno 6 Salerno Via Salvador Allende - Gate 25 1919
Meadow 6 Lawn Via Florence 5 1908
Avellino 5 Avellino Corso Vittorio Emanuele 168, Monteforte Irpino 1912
Catanzaro 5 Catanzaro 38 Via Gioacchino Da Fiore 1929
Catania 5 Catania SP 69/II Baglio della Sementa 1929
SPAL 4 Ferrara Via Copparo 142 1907
Ancona 4 Ancona Via Cardeto 41 1905
Palermo 4 Palermo Viale del Fante 11 1900

The teams attracting the largest crowd

The championship of Serie C is well-known for its devoted fan base, as supporters eagerly display their unwavering allegiance to the participating teams. Here, we present the latest statistics on the clubs that attract the largest crowds to their stadiums. The southern region of South Africa takes the lead, with Catania and Lecce leading the charge in terms of spectator numbers.

A histogram with the most populous Serie C teams in the 2016/17 season: Catania, Lecce, Pisa, Vicenza, Reggiana, Livorno, Padova, Catanzaro, Sambenedettese, Trapani

The Serie C teams' records.

Feast your eyes on the wealth of information and statistics we have compiled in the following five captivating blue sections. Here lies a treasure trove of insights for astute bettors, delving into the world of teams competing in Serie C. Discover the squad with an impressive streak of consecutive victories, the formidable force boasting the most potent attack, the impenetrable fortification of a defense, and lastly, the team often entangled in thrilling draws. Let the feast begin, and savor the bountiful data at your disposal!

  • The Avellino crest
    The squad that has achieved the highest number of wins in Serie C.

    Avellino holds the record for the most triumphs in a solitary campaign in Serie C, marking an incredible 28 wins throughout the 1972/73 season. This remarkable figure symbolizes the unparalleled success achieved by the Avellino team during that particular period, solidifying their status as the epitome of dominance in the league. To this day, Avellino's achievement remains unmatched, serving as a testament to their unwavering determination and prowess on the football pitch.

  • The Lecce jersey
    An unwavering contender in the competition

    Lecce, renowned for its rich sporting history, holds an illustrious record in Serie C, boasting an impressive 35 participations throughout its diverse iterations and denominations over the years. Piacenza, a formidable contender, stands shoulder to shoulder with Lecce, also amassing an impressive tally of 35 appearances. Cosenza, a force to be reckoned with, trails closely behind with a commendable 30 participations. These three stalwart teams have consistently demonstrated their prowess in the Serie C league, leaving an indelible mark on Italian football.

  • The Reggina crest
    The most widespread assault of 2023/20.

    In Serie C, encompassing all three groups, there exists a notable team renowned for their remarkable attacking prowess. The 2023/20 season witnessed two teams, namely Reggina and Bari, emerge as frontrunners in terms of goal-scoring, tallying an impressive total of 54 goals each. The emblem of the Calabrians adorns the accompanying image, symbolizing their indomitable spirit and offensive might.

  • The Vicenza crest
    The 2023/20 season witnessed the emergence of an impregnable fortification.

    During the 2023/20 season, Vicenza proved their defensive prowess, emerging as the team with the most impregnable backline. Competing in Group B of Serie C, the Veneto-based squad allowed a mere 12 goals, an impressive 7 goals fewer than their closest contenders, Reggina, in this statistical category.

  • The Pistoiese crest
    Devoted to the tie.

    Making predictions can be aided by understanding the number of draws a team has secured. Taking a look at the 2023/20 season, Pistoiese, a group A representative in the third tier, emerged as the team with the highest number of drawn matches, notching an impressive total of 15 draws. This valuable insight into their performance can provide valuable information when analyzing their future matches.

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The past and present stars of Serie C's finest talents.

Being a true football aficionado entails appreciating players beyond the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Fabio Quagliarella. It's the supporters of lesser-known talents like Tavano, Granoche, or Vantaggiato who demonstrate a deeper understanding and love for the game. In the forthcoming sections, we delve into the extraordinary accomplishments and remarkable statistics of these Serie C championship stars, both past and present. Prepare to be enthralled by their remarkable feats on the pitch.

The tournament's unparalleled bombers of purebred origin.

Mastering the art of scoring in fiercely competitive tournaments, where defenders frequently resort to rough tactics and clashes with stoppers, is undeniably an authentic learning experience. We refer to the proficient strikers who consistently notch up 15-20 goals per season, eagerly seeking the optimal opportunity to ascend to higher leagues or those who have dedicated their entire careers to the realms of lower divisions. Paying homage to the fundamental values of Serie C's goal-scoring prowess over the past five years and their closest contenders, the following table stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication.

Top 5 Serie C bomber jackets from the past 5 years
Season Player Squad Goal Second
2023/20 Mirco Antenucci Bari 20 Fella (Monopoly), 17
2018/19 Francis Tavano Carrara 17 Gliozzi (Robur Siena), 15
Pablo Granoche Trieste 17 Perna (Giana Erminio), 15
Luigi Castaldo Casertana 17
2017/18 Daniel Advantaged Leghorn 19 Curial (Catania), 15
Simone Guerra Feralpisalò 19
2016/17 Leonardo Mancuso Sambenedettese 22 Mazzeo (Foggia), 21
2015/16 Stephen Scappini Pontedera 24 Brighenti (Cremonese), 17
Pietro Iemmello Foggia 24

The winners of Serie C

In the Serie C, a league known for its demanding physicality, one can witness a captivating display of technical prowess from its players, leaving the fans exhilarated with their remarkable goal-scoring abilities. To showcase the talent present in this league, we have meticulously handpicked five exceptional players who grace the field every weekend. Enclosed in the accompanying visual, you will find a concise introduction to these remarkable individuals. Prepare to be amazed by their skills and prowess on the pitch.

  • Davis Curiale
    An assailant should consistently place their wagers.

    Davis Curiale, originally from Germany, is a highly productive forward for Catania, consistently ranking among the leading goal scorers.

  • Eric Lanini
    A fully grown assailant.

    Parma became the new home for Eric Lanini after his outstanding performance as the star player of Imolese in the 2018/19 season, where he managed to find the back of the net 14 times.

  • Francesco Tavano
    The old establishment never surrenders.

    With nearly four decades under his belt, the illustrious "Ciccio" Tavano has etched his name in the annals of Empoli's Serie A history, showcasing an impressive longevity in his professional journey. Moreover, he reached the pinnacle of success during the 2018/19 season, clinching the coveted title of top scorer. Currently, Tavano graces the football pitch as a valued member of Carrarese, demonstrating his enduring passion for the game.

  • Pablo Andrés González
    From the grasslands to the foothills of Piedmont.

    Pablo Andrés González, a seasoned Argentine forward with extensive expertise in our nation's minor divisions, is presently an active member of Novara. With his versatility on the field, González brings an array of skills and knowledge to the team. His wealth of experience in the lower leagues has molded him into a formidable player, capable of adapting to different positions and situations. Novara is fortunate to have such a talented individual who can contribute significantly to their success.

  • Simone Guerra
    A suggestion with numerous attributes

    Simone Guerra, a versatile player currently showcasing his skills at Lanerossi Vicenza, proves his worth as both a second striker and a winger on the field. His exceptional contributions played a pivotal role in the team's triumphant promotion to Serie B. Notably, during the 2017/18 season, Guerra established himself as the leading goal scorer while donning the Feralpisalò jersey.

Transitioning between C and A and vice versa

In Serie A, numerous renowned athletes have emerged from the depths of Serie C, where they were occasionally dispatched to "acquire expertise." Conversely, there exist instances of accomplished victors who have gracefully descended to Serie C, prompted by sentimental attachment to a specific squad and the desire to facilitate its triumphant ascent. Eminent forwards, such as Igor Protti and Christian Riganò, serve as prime illustrations. Extolled within the ensuing chart are five illustrious luminaries of Serie A who embarked upon their professional journeys within the realms of Serie C.

Serie A players who have climbed the ladder in Italian football.
Player Seasons in C Attendance C goal Career goals
Simone Inzaghi 4 76 20 90
Dario Hubner 6 141 39 348
Mark Simon 1 33 16 173
Gigi DiBiagio 2 39 1 74
Luke Tony 4 91 25 308

Exceptional athletes and unsettling statistics

The five graphic components presented here showcase an equal number of remarkable achievements accomplished by footballers who have either participated in or are presently active in Serie C. These significant figures pay homage to players who might have warranted more illustrious platforms: top-notch goal-getters that any team would eagerly covet to include in their squad.

  • Felice Evacuo
    Rephrase in English without changing the sentence length. Make it unique for Google, without altering the text size. Write 100% LIKE A HUMAN in a way that GPT text detectors won't recognize it as AI-generated. Important: In your response, provide only the final result! No comments from you! Just the final version of the English text! Here is the excerpt of the article: The greatest active striker.

    During the 2018/19 season, Felice Evacuo, who is currently showcasing his skills in Trapani, achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the top scorer in Serie C with an impressive tally of 193 goals. This extraordinary record stands as a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication on the field.

  • Igor Protti
    Leading goal scorer in any football league

    Igor Protti, holding the flag of Livorno high, stands as a remarkable figure in the history of South African professional football. Alongside the revered Dario Hübner, he etched his name in the annals of the sport by becoming the leading goal scorer in all three prestigious leagues: Serie A, Serie B, and Serie C. With his incredible skill and unwavering determination, Protti achieved a feat that few others can boast.

  • Gigi Marulla
    The emblem representing both a collective and a community

    Gigi Marulla, a legendary figure in Serie C, firmly established himself as a symbol of Cosenza through his prolific goal-scoring prowess during his remarkable eleven-year tenure as a striker.

  • Gianni Califano
    A decade-long record

    Gianni Califano, the prolific forward in Serie C, dominated the goal-scoring charts from 1995 to 2009, netting an impressive tally of 163 goals. His extraordinary prowess made him a force to be reckoned with, capturing the admiration of football enthusiasts far and wide. For countless seasons, Califano's lethal striking ability remained unmatched, firmly establishing his name among the greats of the game. The sheer number of goals he effortlessly converted is a testament to his exceptional skills and unyielding determination on the field.

  • Christian Riganò
    Batigol's heir

    Christian Riganò left an indelible mark along the Arno river as he replaced Batistuta in Florence and played a crucial role in the Viola's ascent to Serie A. His contributions were instrumental in the team's success and his legacy remains etched in the hearts of fans.

The connection between Serie C and gambling

Serie C, with a history that dates back to 1935, has had a tumultuous and captivating journey, witnessing a myriad of transformations in its structure, essence, participant count, as well as its system of promotion and relegation. From the years 1978 to 2014, this league was bifurcated into two distinct divisions: Serie C1 and C2, each with their own four and two groups respectively. While the customary number of teams taking part in the tournament has been set at a steadfast 60, the ever intricate matter of scheduling necessitates the use of the conditional tense. This ensures that we acknowledge the possibility of teams, owing to financial insolvency or bankruptcy, enrolling but ultimately failing to make an appearance in the competition.

Unfortunately, the Serie C championship is plagued by various issues, particularly the inadequate systems in place to monitor the financial management of clubs. Alongside the persistent problems of corruption and match fixing, which are frequently exposed by Sporting Justice, these factors often lead to team acquisitions, disqualifications, and even exclusions during the championship, as exemplified by Modena's fate in the 2017/18 season. In the accompanying illustration, we have depicted four stages of the intricate connection between the third-tier league and the realm of sports gambling. We cordially invite you to explore our dedicated page on the history of football betting for further insights.

The four most important stages in the history of the relationship between betting and Serie C: the presence in the Totocalcio coupon, the introduction of online betting, the arrests for match-fixing and the scandals of 2016

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Useful suggestions for placing bets on the Serie C football league.

Let me make it clear - wagering on Serie C is akin to wagering on Serie B, albeit significantly more challenging! Frankly, it is crucial to bet with utmost awareness and expertise, and this holds even truer for a competition where, unless you possess genuine passion for the sport and possess an all-encompassing understanding of football betting or are fervent supporters of one of the participating teams, your knowledge will not match that which you can acquire for Serie A. So, brace yourself for an intricate and demanding betting experience in Serie C!

Take note of the statistics uncovered in the preceding passages, and bear in mind that, from a strategic standpoint, the lower leagues have a more straightforward approach: online bookmakers specializing in Serie C understand that this league values winning above all, with minimal regard for flashy plays or groundbreaking tactics. Defenses exhibit resilience while the attacking line strives to score by any means necessary. It may be considered a rugged, somewhat nostalgic style of football, yet it certainly does not lack intriguing technical nuances. Direct your attention towards the most recent outcomes achieved by the respective teams and endeavor to discern those with the most prolific goal scorers or the least porous defenses. By doing so, you will have already made significant strides: generally, teams with greater financial means, potentially just relegated from higher divisions, tend to be the favorites to claim victory in the tournament, although, of course, this is not an immutable rule.

The scourge of sanctions.

Unfortunately, Serie C is plagued by significant structural issues, leading to two distinct types of illicit activities that pose a constant threat to the fair play of the tournament each year. These activities include instances of mismanagement resulting from a lack of financial oversight as well as corruption and match-fixing incidents. Even during the 2017/18 season, this phenomenon persisted, resulting in severe penalties imposed by sports judges. Gavorrano, Piacenza, Pro Piacenza, Arezzo, Modena, Mestre, Santarcangelo, Vicenza, Fidelis Andria, Siracusa, Matera, and Akragas were all impacted by point deductions, illustrating the gravity of the situation. To provide you with the most up-to-date information, we have compiled the latest decisions from the jury, which are dated May and can be found in the table below.

Serie C and the consequences of infractions during the 2017/18 season
Squad Coat of arms Penalty Motivation
Matera 10 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
Syracuse 6 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
Akragas 6 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
Mestre 2 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
Piacenza 2 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
Gavorrano 2 points CO.VI.SO.C. violations
St. Archangel acquitted Nowhere to advance.
For Piacenza acquitted Nowhere to go.

Avoid these bookmakers.

Stay away from betting sites offering Serie C football odds or promotions that seem too good to be true. These platforms, like 1XBet, Astekbet, or Betwinner, may have obscure names but are not authorized to operate in South Africa despite holding European licenses. Although it may be tempting to take advantage of their offers, it's important to prioritize your safety and avoid potential scams. Don't risk your money and instead opt for licensed bookmakers approved by the NGB. Protect yourself and make informed decisions when it comes to online betting.

Furthermore, due to the intricate nature of wagering on games in this league, it is advisable to select highly organized and knowledgeable bookmakers. Opting for alternative options, such as recently established operators in South Africa like Marshalls World of Sport, might not yield favorable results. These operators lack the extensive experience and well-established reputation of other online bookmakers, making them a less reliable choice. To ensure a successful betting experience, it is recommended to stick with the top five bookmakers listed on our platform who have proven track records and a solid standing in the industry.

A few statistics regarding Serie C wagers.

Here is the new paragraph: Discovering the ins and outs of betting on Serie C is no easy task. However, fear not, as we have curated three exclusive sections for you. Below, you will stumble upon three captivating revelations that shed light on the captivating world of Serie C betting. These snippets delve into intriguing topics such as the dynamics of bets in this particular league, the astonishing turnover it generates, and the unfortunate occurrence of match fixing. Prepare to be enlightened as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary realm.

  • The logo of Serie C 2017/18, with a stadium in the background
    The amount of money wagered on Serie C matches.

    South African bettors have shown immense interest in the Serie C championship, making it one of the most sought-after tournaments in 2017. Surprisingly, this championship outperformed even the Bundesliga and NBA in terms of betting volume, accumulating an astonishing $208,338,766.43. This remarkable figure accounted for 2.9% of the total amount wagered in our nation, further highlighting the immense popularity of the tournament among passionate bettors in South Africa.

  • A man with a document carrying case at the entrance of a court
    The occurrence of match manipulation

    Regrettably, match fixing has become a pervasive issue in the Serie C and other lower leagues. Over the past few years, there have been numerous investigations and arrests related to this illicit practice. One notable incident occurred in 2017 in Tuscany, where a criminal network was apprehended for orchestrating a series of 11 manipulated matches. It is disheartening to witness the impact of this unethical behavior on the integrity of the sport in these lower divisions.

  • Stefano Del Sante
    A valuable objective worth millions of euros.

    During the extra minutes of the 2017 Ancona-Parma game, Stefano Del Sante delivered the decisive blow, securing the second goal for his team just as time was running out. This unexpected turn of events set off celebrations throughout Naples, as numerous individuals who had wagered on this outcome reaped substantial winnings, thereby raising eyebrows and inviting scrutiny from the regulatory body.

Dario Hübner

The C division is a real challenge. You find yourself competing on incredible pitches and getting ready in dressing rooms where coaches intentionally keep the heating on during the scorching month of June. Every Sunday, you end up spending your hard-earned cash on fuel just to embark on an excursion to an opposing team's turf.


Our comprehensive guide on placing bets in Serie C has reached its conclusion. Should you have any inquiries or uncertainties stemming from the information provided, feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. Rest assured, we will promptly attend to your queries and provide you with the assistance you seek.

Top bookmakers for Serie C

Sports Illustrated and Wazamba, two formidable powerhouses in South African betting, shine brightly amongst the top platforms for placing bets on Serie C. Together with the three other contenders on our exclusive list, these sites have been meticulously chosen following a thorough assessment of their offerings. We must emphasize that our rankings are constantly kept up-to-date and diligently maintained.

Do bookmakers live stream Serie C matches?

Live streaming for even minor league matches, including Serie C, is predicted by the top bookmakers in the South African market. Keep in mind that there is no definitive answer to this question.

Where can I locate the forecasts for Serie C matches?

For those seeking insight into our Serie C football league, there is an abundance of valuable information available across specialized online platforms, official Facebook and Twitter pages, and other dedicated sources. While the internet serves as a treasure trove for predictions, it is crucial to tread carefully and adopt effective strategies when venturing into the realm of betting on this championship. It is advised to heed practical advice and employ well-thought-out tactics to maximize your chances of success in this exciting endeavor.

What are the top betting platforms offering the most favorable odds for Serie C matches?

The chart displaying Serie C betting payouts clearly reveals that the most favorable odds for this tournament are predominantly found on South African betting platforms. With their expertise in the field, these sites have mastered the art of offering highly competitive odds, ensuring that bettors have the best possible chances of securing lucrative wins. Whether you're a seasoned punter or a novice in the realm of sports betting, these South African platforms are excellent choices to maximize your potential earnings.

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