888sport review - exploring the betting options provided by a fresh entrant into the South African bookmaking scene.

In February 2016, 888sport unveiled its online betting platform to the South African public. Given its well-established reputation overseas, it was only fitting to conduct a comprehensive review. Just like our evaluation of other bookmakers featured on this site, we meticulously assessed various crucial factors including odds, security measures, the wide range of sports available for betting, live betting options, visual aesthetics, user-friendly navigation, and numerous other aspects.

Our review of 888sport
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Sports 20
Markets About 100
Live streaming No
Average payout (football) 93.3%
Partner or sponsor Gambling Therapy
Available Italian
Customer service Phone/Email
License ADM Number: 15014
100% on first deposit Bonus 100$
Overall opinion 4.75 /5
888sport strengths:
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Payout Rank: The leading bookmakers accepting Apple Pay
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The journey towards matching the standards set by leading betting platforms is an arduous one, especially for a fledgling website like ours. We acknowledge that there is ample room for enhancement and growth. Nonetheless, the tricolor rendition of 888sport earns a commendable rating in every aspect, without any doubt. As you delve into the subsequent paragraphs, you will realize that we have yet to bridge the gap that separates us from the more sophisticated betting sites. Rest assured, we are fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead and are committed to making substantial strides towards excellence.

A comprehensive look at the available betting options 8

888sport boasts a commendable array of sports and markets, leaving little to be desired when compared to its competitors. While the selection may not be colossal, it shines in its diversity, catering to a wide range of interests. From the beloved realm of football to an assortment of other athletic pursuits, the options presented are both substantial and enticing.

The assortment of sports and markets available for selection.

When it comes to assessing the sports options provided by the particular bookmaker, it is only fair that readers do not hold it against us for commencing with football. The range of European leagues covered is commendable, encompassing England, Germany, the Netherlands, and even South Africa, along with the two Serie C groups. Equally noteworthy are the inclusion of extra-continental championships like those in Australia, Bolivia, Qatar, and Nigeria. The bookmaker also offers intriguing betting options, ranging from the traditional to the more pioneering ones, such as predicting goals scored in both halves, a team's victory without conceding any goals, or a team's success in at least one half.

888sport.com provides a variety of sports and leagues for users to enjoy.
Football Tennis basketball Volleyball Ice Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA South Africa's top-tier football league, known as Serie A1, NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A CEV Cup Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Poland Plusliga KHL
Serie C Internationals from South Africa. Olympic Games Russian Super League Euro Challenge
Europa League Wimbledon French championship Greece A1 Austria EHL
Serie B Australian Open Germany championship Champions League Germany DEL

If you're not an ardent football fan, 888sport provides odds for a multitude of other sports that might ignite your passion. From volleyball to basketball, catering to both continental and American tastes, they have it all covered. They also offer a thrilling tennis experience, with tournaments from prestigious circuits around the world. If motorsports, handball, or rugby excite you, you'll find odds for those too. Ice hockey enthusiasts can indulge in the NHL action and championships from European nations deeply rooted in skates and sticks, like Sweden. For a touch of uniqueness, they also offer badminton, darts, and snooker to complete their diverse offering.

Participating in real-time wagering and live streaming of events

888sport's live betting has a significantly positive impact, particularly in terms of the extensive range of markets available for each sport. Undoubtedly, 888sport excels in this aspect. However, it is regrettable that there are limited live betting events, and the absence of infographics and comprehensive match statistics is conspicuous. These features are highly valuable in aiding bettors to make informed decisions. One notable drawback is the absence of streaming, unlike intertops, which has successfully incorporated this service as one of its key strengths, or even similar operators such as Hollywoodbets.

Multiples and systems

If you're not particularly skilled in individual wagers or if you still find pleasure in making multiple bets and combining various events through a system, the betting platform grants you the ability to choose as many as 12 matches per betting slip. This generous number allows you to gain experience in football betting. By simply clicking on the odds, you can add your desired matches to a convenient summary list on the right side of the screen. From there, you have the freedom to decide how to proceed with your plays. When selecting multiple events, the site will automatically offer you the multiple option. However, if your intention is to compose a system, you will need to manually choose it and input the desired amount to wager in the designated box next to the type of combination you are interested in. Once you are satisfied with your choices, simply click the "VISIT SITE" button to validate your bet. Lastly, we would like to remind you that if you prefer the more traditional methods of payment, this operator allows you to pay bets via bank transfer.

Betting boundaries and limits for winning

In South Africa, every bookmaker, including the renowned platform 888sport, is bound by the regulations set by the NGB. To ensure that your bets are accepted, a minimum of 2$ must be placed, regardless of whether it's a single, multiple, or system bet. The potential winnings vary, with singles and multiples capped at an impressive 10,000$, while systems can bring you up to 50,000$ in rewards. These limits not only guarantee fair play but also provide exciting opportunities for bettors across the country.

Analysis of the odds and payout 9

Those who value the magnitude of odds as a crucial element in selecting a provider will be pleasantly surprised. 888sport, along with William Hill, occupies a well-deserved position among the top-ranking bookmakers on this platform, thanks to their impressive average payout rates. After conducting an extensive analysis of various major sports, 888sport emerged as one of the leaders with an outstanding 93.30% average payout rate. When it comes to football odds, it secures the second-best position, and in the realm of tennis, it surpasses all others by being the most generous.

The payouts of the most clicked sports

Sports enthusiasts will be delighted to discover that the odds provided during live events have an impressive payout rate of 93.45%, solidifying their reputation. This remarkable offering is not to be underestimated. If the intention was to captivate the South African audience, entice fresh patrons, and outshine the competition, then it is safe to say that their strategy has hit the mark. It is without hesitation that we award 888sport a well-deserved rating of 9 in this particular domain.

The site's graphics and functionality 7

In both the app and website, the defining feature of 888 is its distinct black background, which has become a signature trademark. The logo, following suit, incorporates a complementary shade of orange. Accompanying these two hues is the presence of white, constituting approximately 99% of the chromatic composition of the recently launched South African version of the bookmaker site. Although the initial impression may not be unfavorable, one quickly senses that something is amiss. It is not the visuals themselves, which, while not breathtaking or exceptionally innovative, dutifully fulfill their iconographic purpose. What truly unsettles is the size of the text—it is noticeably diminutive, to say the least.

When it comes to searching for specific information, navigating through the website can be quite a challenge. The sidebar, although it provides a helpful list of various sports championships and disciplines, requires a keen eye to locate what you're seeking. It's almost as if you need a magnifying glass to quickly find what you're looking for. On the other hand, the central section displaying matches and odds is not much better. However, the live events do stand out with their vibrant yellow highlights, making it easier to identify ongoing matches. Unfortunately, the absence of infographics and detailed statistics significantly hampers the bettor's ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of the event at hand, which greatly impacts the overall assessment.

A guide on how to make a successful wager

Once you've navigated through the screen to locate the desired sports, country, and league for the matches that pique your interest, the hard part is over. A simple click on the match will reveal an expanded list of markets accompanied by their corresponding odds. If the default options (1X2) meet your requirements, you can effortlessly select your preferred choice. This process remains consistent if you wish to create a combination bet or a system. Located in the top right corner, you'll discover a concise summary: enter the desired stake in the designated field and finalize the process by clicking the "VISIT SITE" button. It's as easy as that to complete your transaction.

To fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of in-play betting, navigate to the specialized segment on our website. Here, akin to pre-match wagers, you can peruse the ongoing events and pinpoint the specific market that promises a triumphant outcome. Upon discovering the perfect odds, simply click on them, and they will seamlessly find their place in the bet slip located at the uppermost right-hand corner. Then, proceed to enter your desired amount and give it the green light for confirmation.

Discover additional information concerning 888sport.

888sport.com emerged as a branch of 888 Holdings plc, an enterprise established in 1997 by Avi and Aaron Shaked, as well as Ron Ben-Yitzhak, in the lovely setting of Antigua. In its early days, the company found its niche in the realm of digital casinos and poker, dedicating its efforts exclusively to these pursuits. However, in 2008, 888 embarked on a new venture, broadening its horizons to encompass the exhilarating world of sports betting. This leap marked an exciting shift in their offerings, captivating a whole new audience of sports enthusiasts.

Further details regarding 888sport can be found.
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: 888Holdings plc Hours: 8.00 – 20.00 (Mon – Sa), 8.00 – 16.00 (Sun) Encrypted connection: 128, GoDaddy.com Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Gibraltar Telephone: 800.786.245 License: NGB Bet limit:
Key people: Richard Kilsby, Gigi Levy Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: About 900 Fax: 800.897.562 Accepted documents: Identity card, driver's license, passport, AT/BT card. Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: No Electronic mail for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner institutions: Gambling therapy

In South Africa, a similar journey unfolded, for better or worse, with games and poker making their entrance in 2011, followed by the introduction of betting five years down the line. The company, which has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005, now operates under the leadership of Richard Kilsby, with Gigi Levy at the helm of administration. With its administrative headquarters in Gibraltar and multiple branches, this thriving enterprise boasts an employee base of approximately 900 individuals.

The caliber of customer assistance 7

The bookmaker's customer service leaves much to be desired, as anticipated due to their recent establishment in South Africa. It's worth noting that there is no live chat option, and support is limited to phone or email assistance from 8am to 8pm between Monday and Saturday, and from 8am to 4pm on Sundays. Unfortunately, email responses are sometimes delayed and lack depth, which is unexpected considering the absence of a chat feature for members. Consequently, our assessment of the bookmaker's customer service is not particularly favorable.

The guidelines for licensing and security measures. 8

The betting site takes great care in ensuring the safety and peace of mind of its users. A noteworthy aspect is the attention given to protecting sensitive data, which is achieved through the implementation of a 128-bit encryption system provided by GoDaddy, a reputable American company. Moreover, 888sport is at the forefront of safeguarding minors and preventing gambling-related disorders. As a precautionary measure during the registration process, users are required to provide an identity document for verification purposes. Accepted forms of identification include ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, weapons licenses, as well as AT and BT recognition cards. In addition to these measures, 888sport also upholds a responsible gaming policy and collaborates with gambling therapy, an online platform dedicated to providing psychological support for individuals struggling with gambling problems. Lastly, it is important to note that the bookmaker holds a valid NGB license number 15014, which grants it legal authorization to operate in South Africa.

Bonus points 0

When evaluating 888sport, the category of "bonus points" is significantly influenced by the absence of live event streaming, a lack of social policies tailored for the South African market (as elaborated in our 888sport news review), and the absence of horse racing and virtual sports betting options. Consequently, the overall rating of this operator cannot be on par with that of other competitors. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that this operator supports Apple Pay for both deposits and withdrawals, making it a viable option for those who prefer this innovative payment system.

  • Streaming .0/3
  • News and social media .0/3
  • Awards .0/2
  • Horse racing .0/1
  • Virtual sports .0/1
  • Bonus points .0

It must be emphasized that, in light of our repeated affirmations, the prospects for the future are promising for us as a fresh participant in the South African market. This holds true even for potential accolades at the forthcoming EGR South Africa Awards, which are within our reach.

Final result: Conclusions: the chosen path is correct.

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of 888sport betting, it is now time to provide a comprehensive overview. Commendable is the generous payout, serving as a solid foundation for aspiring to rival the top players in the South African market. Additionally, the enticing bonus package is elaborately discussed in the dedicated section of our platform, along with the robust security measures and preventative protocols in place to ensure a safe betting experience.

Strengths and weaknesses of 888sport.com
  • Main strengths
  • A wide range of popular sports is accessible, featuring an extensive variety of leagues to choose from.
  • Interesting promotions
  • Minor strengths
  • An emerging player in South Africa that exhibits substantial opportunities for expansion.
  • Major weaknesses
  • Streaming not supported
  • Minor weak points
  • Missing live chat
  • Impeccable graphics

In order to optimize the user experience, it is essential for 888sport to prioritize enhancing their customer service and improving the graphics and usability of their website. Additionally, they should focus on expanding their betting options, providing live streaming services, and offering comprehensive statistics for live events. It is worth mentioning that there is a noticeable absence of downloadable mobile betting apps. While virtual events and horse racing may require further attention, the company is expected to unveil new developments in the near future. In conclusion, 888's website tailored for the South African market demonstrates great potential, especially due to its competitive betting odds. Although there is still room for further refinement, the chosen direction is undeniably promising. The coming months will undoubtedly shed light on the evolution of this situation, and we eagerly await the outcomes.


Should you possess any inquiries, uncertainties, or a burning desire to uncover more about 888sport.com, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our proficient team is committed to promptly addressing your queries and providing you with comprehensive answers.

If my phone number or home address has changed, what steps should I take?

To maintain accurate information in our database, it is crucial to promptly update your contact details, including phone number and address, if any changes occur after your initial registration with 888. The process is simple: just access your account, navigate to the "Reload" option, and choose "Deposit." Within the payment page specifically designed for Visa and MasterCard transactions, you will find a hyperlink containing the cardholder's personal information such as name, surname, address, and city. By selecting this link, you can effortlessly modify the required details before confirming your submission.

I decided to cancel my withdrawal request. Can I do that even though I've already submitted it?

Sure, here's the new paragraph: To cancel a withdrawal, log in to your personal account on the "Cassa" platform. Navigate to the "Withdrawal" section and select the specific pending request you wish to cancel. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the "Cancel withdrawal" button. If you have multiple pending requests, ensure to choose the correct one before proceeding with the cancellation process.

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