Uncomplicated yet lucrative: an in-depth explanation of the Patent system

Welcome to this page where we will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the Patent system. This methodology is widely recognized and favored by bettors for its simplicity and effectiveness. By utilizing a combination of three events, the Patent system proves to be an invaluable tool for beginners looking to venture into the world of betting. Its immense potential is evident through the possibility of winning more than seven times the initial investment. As we explore its application in football matches, you will witness the undeniable connection between this system and the world's most renowned sport. Through practical examples, you will gain a thorough understanding of how the Patent system operates, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether it aligns with your betting preferences.

The initial foundations of the sports betting Patent system.

The Patent system for sports betting, what is it exactly? Well, it's a unique betting strategy that involves 7 combined bets for 3 events. If you're familiar with different betting methods, you may have noticed the similarities it shares with the Trixie. In fact, one might even consider it an "advanced Trixie" since both are centered around 3 events. However, unlike its counterpart, the Patent system goes a step further by also incorporating 3 single bets. This means that each of our wagers will be multiplied by 7, resulting in a total bet of 21$ when placing a modest 3$ bet on each column. This affordable amount contributes to its widespread popularity and continuous success.

All numbers of the Patent system
Number of events Number of bets Total bet Win
7x Stake per bet
Starting from 1 correct prediction

The table above displays the Patent betting system's identification card. The system's structure is quite straightforward, consisting of 3 individual bets, 3 doubles, and 1 triple. Notably, even a single accurate prediction can generate profits, making it possible to recoup the initial investment. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that correctly predicting just one outcome is unlikely to yield a significant net profit.

Understanding the inner workings of the patent system: theoretical concepts

Comprehending the functionality of the Patent system may seem intricate at first, but once you delve into its structure and features, you will realize its simplicity. To further elucidate, we aim to provide you with two illustrative instances—one theoretical and one practical—to enhance your understanding of this system. By familiarizing yourself with these examples, you may come to the realization that it may not align with your initial expectations, and instead, opting for a Lucky 63 approach may better suit your preferred style of engagement.

The initial trio of games forming the Patent scheme is flexible and can encompass a multitude of sports, represented by the initial three letters of the alphabet. Hence, our unique approach will involve the selection of three matches, denoted as A, B, and C, which serve as the basis for our betting system. Alongside these three individual wagers, we construct an additional three doubles: AB, AC, and BC. Lastly, we include the triple ABC, bringing the total number of bets to seven. If the intricacies of mathematical calculations leave you overwhelmed, fear not, for there is no need to manually compute the odds. The responsibility of determining the odds lies with the automated algorithms employed by the bookmakers' computer systems, which seamlessly perform this task as you generate your betting ticket.

Using a system like this is incredibly user-friendly, as we've already stressed. That's precisely why it can serve as an excellent platform for newcomers to try out system betting. Furthermore, the multiplier ensures that even with some degree of success, the winnings will not be insignificant. It also brings a certain level of ease in balancing the expenditure and closing the balance at the very least. Rest assured, this system offers convenience and significant potential gains for those who are new to the world of system betting.

Is it worthwhile to bet on patents and football?

Football, being the most favored sport in our nation, is a source of immense passion for the majority of sports betting enthusiasts. Hence, a natural question arises: is the Patent system compatible with football betting? The answer is a resounding yes, just like it is for all betting systems. This is primarily due to the fact that football matches tend to maintain a state of equilibrium for a significant portion of their duration, except for the occasional sensational rout. Moreover, betting on draws can prove to be a lucrative choice, as they are consistently well-quoted and occur frequently, particularly in lower-tier leagues. However, it is important to note that the Patent system functions equally effectively for those who prefer to bet on sports such as tennis or badminton.

A football player kicking a ball and another with the Patent logo on their jersey celebrating with 100$ notes in the background

In practical application: the Patent in action.

Our understanding of the operational framework of the Patent system has been clarified. To assess the compatibility between the Patent system and football betting, the subsequent measure involves its application to concrete elements such as genuine sporting events and tangible odds. For the purpose of illustration, we have opted to focus on three matches from a round of the South African Serie B, wherein, as previously elucidated, we have chosen to wager on two draws. Our betting budget for each wager is $5, signifying that the total expenditure of our ticket will amount to $35, a sum that is easily affordable for anyone. Presented below are our chosen selections and corresponding predictions.

Our Patent trial test
Selected matches Our prediction Odds "1" "X" dimension Odds "2"
Palermo – Benevento
Citadel – Salernitana
Cosenza - Padua

We begin to generate profits from just one accurate prediction, as previously mentioned. However, even if we were to forecast a tie between Cittadella and Salernitana, the match with the most favorable initial probabilities, the potential earnings would only amount to $16. This amount is evidently insufficient to recover the initial investment.

The inclusion of Palermo's triumph, meticulously selected with minimal worth, alters the discourse significantly. When adeptly amalgamating the two accurately foreseen outcomes we predicted, the sum garnered would surge to $60.10, showcasing a remarkable net profit of $25.10, an undoubtedly captivating prospect.

Imagine the potential if we were to achieve all three predictions flawlessly. The outcome would be astounding: we would reap the rewards of the three individual bets, amounting to $10.5, $15, and $16, respectively. In addition, the three combination wagers would yield $33.6, $31.5, and $48. And let's not forget the triple bet, which would garner a remarkable $100.80. When combined, these winnings would total an impressive $255.40, resulting in a remarkable net profit of $220.40. It's truly remarkable to see how even a seemingly modest and uncomplicated system like the Patent can bring immense satisfaction to avid bettors.

The process to transition into skilled gamblers begins.

With a concrete illustration of the outcomes achievable through a Patent betting system, we present you with evidence that this systematic approach is exceptionally well-suited for discerning gamblers seeking to elevate their wagering experience in both odds and sporting events. The allure of winning approximately seven times the initial investment is undeniably enticing, particularly considering its versatility in football markets. It may be prudent to contemplate adopting this notion for your betting endeavors, potentially in conjunction with the online betting platform conveniently provided below.

Il logo Patent
  • A considerable amount of marketplaces
  • Appealing rewards and incentives
  • Competitive payout rates and odds
Go DaddyEighteen License: NGB

For those seeking more intricate and sophisticated betting strategies that can yield even larger profits (albeit with higher stakes), we invite you to explore our informative sections on the Super Heinz system or the Goliath. However, if you prefer to get acquainted with this type of betting first, we recommend visiting our comprehensive page on betting systems. Alternatively, feel free to check out our homepage, where you can find a comprehensive overview of the finest online betting platforms available.


If there's any aspect of our discussion on the patent system that you find unclear, fret not! You can easily find clarity by reaching out to us via email at [email protected]. Drop us a line, and we'll provide you with all the answers and information you seek. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

What distinguishes a Patent system from a Trixie?

The similarities between these two systems are remarkable, to the point that in our comprehensive guide we referred to them as "cousins." They both revolve around the concept of placing bets on three sporting events. However, the Trixie system is slightly more restrictive as it only allows for four combinations, encompassing three doubles and one treble. On the other hand, the Patent system goes a step further by incorporating singles, thereby amplifying potential winnings in the event of a successful outcome.

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