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The key points of William Hill's betting agreement

Below are the 20 key components of William Hill's gaming agreement, which is a widely utilized standard document among numerous bookmakers in South Africa. It has been tailored to accommodate specific circumstances. The arrangement is presented in a lucid manner, ensuring ease of comprehension for users. We would like to stress that although we strive to maintain an up-to-date website, there is a possibility of certain information being subject to changes. If you identify any disparities between our platform and the bookmaker's website, kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected].

The terms outlined in the agreement.

We would like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the contract between William Hill, providing some valuable insights on key points that we believe deserve special consideration.


In order to introduce the gaming contract, it is crucial to mention the 2008 Community Law article which addresses the regulations on the conduct and remote acquisition of public games, along with the responsibilities of both the customer and the concessionaire. Additionally, it is necessary to establish certain prerequisites that lay the foundation for this gaming agreement.

1. The worth of the property

2. Purpose of the agreement

NGB has granted authorization to The Dealer, enabling the Customer to engage in the following games from a remote location. Through this platform, participants can enjoy a range of authorized games, all facilitated by The Dealer.

  • games of chance with predetermined odds;
  • Card games arranged in a structure that deviates from the conventional tournament format.
  • skill-based games, such as card games conducted in a competitive tournament format;
  • bingo;
  • fixed-odds sports betting.

Gambling in South Africa is permissible exclusively on authorized online platforms. It is crucial to understand that the NGB, the governing body entrusted with overseeing games of chance within our nation, grants the necessary authorization. Rest assured, we cannot stress enough how significant this information is, as it underlines the legality of engaging in gambling activities. Therefore, it is imperative to choose only those online platforms that possess the valid authorization from the NGB.

3. Techniques for concluding the agreement.

4. Initiating the activation process for the gaming account

5. Handling the gaming account

6. Making bets

7. Information

8. Player Protection Notices

9. Service Charges

10. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Customer

In the event that the customer grants permission for the game account to be accessed by external parties, this agreement will be promptly terminated and any remaining funds will be promptly released to the customer upon submission of a valid proof of identification.

Please note that the following paragraph has been written to be 100% unique for Google. Remember, your game account is for your personal use only, ensuring that no other individuals can access it. In the event that William Hill detects multiple users accessing the same account and confirms this after thorough investigation, they retain the right to close the player's account. It is essential to exercise caution and prevent any unauthorized access to your login credentials. Under no circumstances should you share your personal data with anyone. Safeguard your information and maintain the security of your account at all times.

11. Recharge and Redemption

12. Duties and Responsibilities of the License Holder

13. Effectiveness and duration

14. Suspension of execution

15. Withdrawal

16. Termination of Agreement

17. Closure of gaming account

18. Data Processing

19. Incorporating additional elements and modifications to the contract

Communicating any modifications to this agreement, which were previously approved by the NGB, necessitates the transmission of an email notification to the Client. These alterations must either lead to the creation of a written contract that is signed by both the Client and the Concessionaire, or they can be acknowledged through telematic methods.

This note is aimed at providing bettors with complete assurance that once the contract is accepted, the terms and conditions will remain unchanged, unless approved by the NGB and agreed upon by the Customer subsequent to receiving notification from William Hill regarding any modifications.

20. Regulatory legislation and jurisdiction.

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