Domestic Worker Hits the SA Powerball Jackpot

A domestic worker from Pretoria, Gauteng won the Powerball jackpot prize valued at a whopping R70,873,741. It is reported that the young lady only used R7,50 to bet on the Powerball lottery draw. The lottery ticket was bought at a Shell garage for the Powerball Plus lotto draw that took place on Tuesday evening. The SA lotto operator, Ithuba confirmed in a statement on their website that the jackpot has been won.

Powerball Jackpot Winner Modest in Victory

The instant multi-millionaire has been modest in her spending, and it is said that no extravagant spending can be expected. It is suggested that the winner is a single mother. She is the sole breadwinner of her family that had been drowning in debt. She had been a domestic worker for more than 30 years and this win has meant that she can resign from her job. With so many millions in the bank, it was important to know if she was going to spend it wisely. As a common feature in the National Lottery, she received financial advice for free along with trauma counselling under the winners’ support programme.

Powerball Jackpot Winner

Her winnings will mostly be used to make sure that she and her family break free out of their circumstances. The mother plans to take her family on a vacation to Cape Town, renovate her home, and purchase a smartphone. Amongst other things, she also wants to invest in her family’s future and assist her daughter with her tertiary schooling. According to her, her daughter will be the first person in their family to receive a tertiary qualification and she’ll support her any way she can.

Lotto Winning Formula

As her identity remains anonymous for her safety, the winner has divulged her lottery strategy. She said that on the night of the draw, she placed her lotto ticket inside a Bible. It had been a friend that had given her the Holy Book, and she prayed to God to win the jackpot. It seems that God had been listening to her prayers and answered her prayers.

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