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Racism in Football Peaks in Europe

Racism in football is at an all-time high. It has sparked debate over what course of action should officials take to protect players along with discouraging the behaviour. The latest in the foray of racist jeers and chants by fans came in yesterday’s Serie A clash between Juventus and Cagliari. The Bionceneri forward Moise Kean was subjected to abuse by the Cagliari home fans after scoring a goal. He celebrated with his arms spread wide following racist jeers. His coach and teammate commented after the game, saying that his celebration was to blame. The comments would later be met with harsh criticism from the sporting community.

Moise Kean Faces Racism in Italy

European Football Fans Should Face Penalties for Racism

There’s been several reports of racism rearing their ugly head in Europe in the last couple of months. Italian football has always had difficulty with fans abusing players of African descent for years. The spotlight has shone brightly this time around as Europe as a whole is dealing with the spread of racially abusive fans at stadiums. Recently, the England national team saw some of its players jeered in a recent Euro 2024 Qualifier against Montenegro. Calls for the officials to come up with some form of recourse to deal with racism in football have never been this load.

Recourse for Racism in Football

FIFA and the European governing body established a Let’s Kick Racism Out in 1993. It was a response to the high levels of racism in football. While it was a valiant effort, it failed to come up with punitive recourse for fans that abuse players on the pitch. Barclays Premier League coaches have spoken out in condemnation of such actions in football and are willing to stop playing if fans start abusing players. There have been suggestions that teams should play behind closed doors, and if need be, matches be stopped completely. The latter would definitely be difficult to enact, as results of the match would be left hanging. In turn, how would soccer bets be reconciled? While the powers that be deliberate on the matter, be sure to visit for the latest betting news online.

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