South African bookies' guide to betting terminology.

Enhance your knowledge and maximize your betting potential by familiarizing yourself with the terminology used in the world of betting. On our website, you will find a comprehensive glossary of betting terms, specifically tailored to the South African bookmaking industry. By mastering these phrases and understanding their contextual usage in sports gambling, you will gain a significant advantage in your betting endeavors. Research has proven that a deep comprehension of the game mechanics can dramatically enhance your odds of achieving victory. Stay ahead of the game and start your winning streak today.

Improve your winning prospects today by familiarizing yourself with the lexicon of betting. Our comprehensive coverage includes terminology for horse racing, soccer, rugby, and a myriad of other sports. This guide is tailor-made for novice bettors who are eager to dive in and place their first wager. It serves as an essential resource to kickstart your betting journey.

The realm of sports wagering boasts an immense array of options and employs a distinct jargon, which can vary depending on the given context. Feeling a tad overwhelmed is only natural when one visits a betting platform and is faced with unfamiliar phrases. To alleviate this concern, we have meticulously assembled a comprehensive lexicon of betting platforms that encompasses the most frequently employed terms in the sphere of online betting. This exhaustive compendium encompasses all the terminology you might encounter when placing bets on a variety of sports, be it football, horse racing, or even when acquainting yourself with the intricacies of a welcome bonus proffered by an operator. For more targeted insights into different sports, we offer a specialized guide to football betting, an in-depth guide to the finest horse racing betting platforms, and a comprehensive guide to tennis betting.

Betting sites glossary from A to Z - Terminology for football and sports
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  • ADM
  • Antepost
4 elementi
  • Bankroll
  • Betting exchange
  • Bonus di benvenuto
  • Bookmaker (o bookie)
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  • Canadian o Super Yankee (system)
  • Cashout
  • Colonna
  • Combo bet
  • Concessionario
  • Conto di gioco
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  • Deposito
  • Doppia chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Dutching
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  • EGBA
  • eSports
  • ESSA
  • Evento
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  • Fantasy Football
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  • Gioco Responsabile
  • Goliath (Sistema)
  • Gol/No gol
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  • Handicap
  • Heinz (Sistema)
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  • Kelly
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  • Lavagna
  • Limite di vincita
  • Live betting
  • Livescore
  • Lucky (Sistema)
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  • Margine
  • Martingale
  • Mercato
  • Multigol
  • Multipla
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  • Palinsesto
  • Parziale/Finale
  • Payout
  • Pre-match (or pregara)
  • Primo deposito
  • Pronostico
  • Punta & banca
  • Puntata
1 elemento
  • Quota
3 elementi
  • Ricevitoria
  • Rimborso
  • Risultato finale
8 elementi
  • Saldo bonus
  • Schedina
  • Scommesse speciali
  • Singola
  • Sistema
  • Sure bet
  • Super Heinz (Sistema)
  • Super Yankee or Canadian (System)
3 elementi
  • Testa a Testa
  • Tipster
  • Totalizzatore Nazionale
2 elementi
  • Underdog
  • Unire
3 elementi
  • Value bet
  • Virtual betting
  • Vincente
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  • Welcome bonus
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  • Yankee (Sistema)

Betting Terms Explained



A multiple bet, also known as an accumulator, is a type of wager that combines two or more events. By multiplying the odds of each selection, the final odds for the bet slip are determined. In order for an accumulator to be profitable, all included events must result in winning outcomes. This means that every single event within the bet must be successful for the wager to win.


If you're eager to understand the significance of ante-post wagers, make sure to explore our comprehensive guide on diverse classifications of soccer bets. This page is designed to enlighten you about the various types and intricacies of football betting, including a dedicated section that delves into the definition and purpose of ante-post bets. By visiting this informative resource, you'll gain valuable insights and knowledge, empowering you to make informed decisions when it comes to placing your bets on upcoming football events. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the fascinating world of football betting and stay ahead of the game.


Betting Lines

Betting Line, in the realm of sports wagering, denotes the odds allocated to a particular event, which establishes the favored participant and the perceived underdog. These odds are instrumental in guiding bettors and bookmakers in making informed decisions regarding their potential investments. By analyzing the intricate details of the betting line, enthusiasts can gain valuable insights into the dynamics of a match and devise strategic approaches to maximize their chances of success.

Betting Shop

Bookmakers operate betting shops, which are brick-and-mortar establishments where individuals can place their bets. In the era before online betting became prevalent, these physical stores stood as the sole venues for accepting wagers.

Both sides are expected to score in the match (BTTS).

Please consult our comprehensive guide to betting types for a detailed explanation of the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market.


A bettor's available capital for investing in a specific betting strategy is known as the "bankroll". The bankroll can either increase or decrease based on the results of the bets placed.

Bonus Balance

The remaining balance of bonus funds represents the current financial status of the complimentary cash that the bookmaker has credited to the bettor's gaming account and has not yet been utilized. Frequently, it is necessary to exhaust the entirety of the bonus balance before gaining access to the actual funds available for wagering.

Betting Slip

Confirming their bet, the punter gets to decide the wager amount and type (be it single, multiple, or system) on the betting slip, which contains the selections made by the bettor.

Three cartoons of a man with banknotes

Betting exchange

Back & Lay

Bookmaker (or bookie)

In South Africa, you will come across the term "bookmaker," also known as a "bookie." These operators provide fixed or variable odds on various sports events and beyond. Whether you prefer placing bets at physical agencies or through online platforms, bookmakers cater to both options. However, it is crucial for these operators to adhere to the regulations imposed by the relevant authorities to ensure a legal and trustworthy environment. Rest assured, the bookmakers featured on our homepage are licensed and regulated by the appropriate governing bodies. Feel free to explore and discover the finest bookmakers in South Africa.

Buy points

If you wish to customize your betting experience, you can opt for the buy points option. By paying an additional amount, you can move the point spread to a line that suits your preferences. This bet allows you to have more control over your wager and tailor it to your specific needs. Take advantage of this feature to enhance your betting strategy and maximize your chances of winning.


The system known as Canadian or Super Yankee.

The Super Yankee, more commonly referred to as The Canadian, stands as a system bet renowned for its strategic approach. This method requires the careful selection of 5 distinct events, forming a comprehensive range of 26 columns. For a comprehensive understanding, feel free to explore our detailed explanation of The Canadian within our System entry.


Cashout, a gameplay feature pioneered by Betfair in its betting exchange, offers players the opportunity to collect potential winnings before the conclusion of the event on which they placed their bet. Embraced globally, including in traditional betting markets, cashout is now steadily gaining traction domestically. Its widespread adoption is testament to its appeal and convenience, empowering bettors with the flexibility to secure profits or minimize losses based on evolving circumstances.

Five steps that summarize what cashout is


In the realm of wagering, a "colonna" alludes to an amalgamation of occurrences embedded in a bet executed through the system mode. The denomination required for each "colonna" may fluctuate, ranging from $0.05 to $0.25.


Chalk, the team predicted to be the frontrunners for victory.


In the realm of sports betting, the concept of "cover" comes into play when the victorious team outperforms the predicted margin outlined in the handicap or spread bet. Put simply, it encapsulates the scenario where the favorite team triumphs by a larger margin than initially projected. This occurrence holds significant implications for bettors, granting them a potential advantage or disadvantage, depending on the outcome. Understanding the concept of cover is crucial for navigating the intricate world of sports betting and making well-informed decisions that align with one's wagering strategy.

Combo bet

On the dedicated page about soccer bet types, you will find a comprehensive discussion about combo bets. These bets are a fusion of various markets provided by leading bookmakers, enabling you to merge two forecasts for a single match. You can create intriguing combinations such as Final Result + Under/Over or Both Teams to Score, Double Chance + Under/Over or Both Teams to Score, or Under/Over + Both Teams to Score. Delve into the specifics of combo bets and discover the exciting possibilities they offer.


In South Africa, operators known as "concessionaires" have obtained licenses from the appropriate regulatory body to provide betting services. To access the comprehensive roster of concessionaires, visit the regulatory agency's official website. (Here is the provided link to access the complete list of concessionaires).

Correct Score

Please consult the comprehensive guide to the primary football markets to understand the essence of the Correct Score market.



To place bets and kickstart your gaming journey, you can make a deposit, which involves adding funds to your gaming account. Various deposit methods are at your disposal, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. These options provide convenience and flexibility when it comes to funding your account and enjoying your favorite games.

Double Bet

Doubling up, also referred to as the double bet, occurs when a player strategically places a wager that is twice the amount of the initial bet in order to exploit favorable odds. This technique involves increasing the stake in a calculated manner, enabling the player to maximize potential winnings based on the perceived advantage. By doubling the bet, players aim to capitalize on the probability of a positive outcome and enhance their chances of securing substantial profits.


Draw - when a game concludes with a level score at the end of regular play.


Dutching, a successful betting approach that first emerged in the realm of horse racing, can also prove advantageous when applied to select markets within betting exchanges. The essence of this strategy lies in dividing one's bankroll among various outcomes or horses, each possessing distinct odds, thereby bolstering the likelihood of achieving victory. To determine the amount to wager on each outcome or horse, calculations are conducted based on the bookmaker's offered odds. While the profit margins for each individual event may not be exceptionally substantial, the probability of triumph remains elevated. Consequently, dutching presents itself as an ideal strategy for consecutive betting endeavors.

Dutching in horse betting explained



Exposure signifies the significance attributed to a potential loss in a match.


Founded in Brussels in 2007, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is an organization that unites the primary operators in the European licensed betting and gaming market. Its primary objective is to advocate for the regulation of the industry in accordance with the prevailing European standards.


It is essential to acknowledge the benefit that a gambler gains from possessing insights into the outcome of an event. Having a clear understanding of how a particular result will unfold grants an individual an advantageous position in the realm of betting.


Competitive gaming, also known as eSports, refers to the professional playing of video games. These games span different genres and are distinguished by their well-structured nature. Typically, the participants are highly skilled players who compete at a top level. Our comprehensive eSports review sheds light on the fact that in South Africa, since 2016, individuals have had the opportunity to place bets on select eSports tournaments.


The European Association for the Protection of Sports (EAPS) is an esteemed non-governmental organization dedicated to upholding the credibility and fairness of sports betting throughout Europe. With a strong focus on eradicating illicit activities such as match manipulation, the EAPS diligently oversees the offerings of prominent bookmakers and remains vigilant in promptly addressing any irregularities observed in the course of sporting events. By actively reporting questionable practices, the association plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of competitions across the continent.


Bookmakers utilize the term "event" to encompass all the matches or competitions that are displayed and accessible for placing bets. The bettor's betting slip is comprised of the chosen events that they wish to wager on.



Best bet - the favorite pick, the top contender, the frontrunner with the highest likelihood of winning the game.


Future bets, also known as pre-event wagers, involve predicting the victor of a competition prior to its commencement.

Final Result

To understand the Final Result market, refer to the Correct Score entry.

First Deposit

Including a definition for "First Deposit" in our comprehensive sports betting glossary is a strategic choice, as it holds significant relevance for bettors. Frequently, this initial deposit establishes the value of the welcome bonus. Prior to completing the first deposit transaction, it is imperative to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the bonus, ensuring awareness of any excluded payment methods or required promotional codes. Moreover, we highly recommend consulting our informative guide on sports betting bonuses.

Fixture List

A bookmaker's schedule encompasses the assortment of wagering opportunities accessible to bettors. Typically, this encompasses a designated timeframe, be it a daily or weekly schedule. Numerous internet-based bookmakers extend beyond merely presenting a sports betting schedule, as they also feature an extensive assortment of casino amusements, such as the ever-popular slot machines.

Fantasy Football

Since its introduction in 2016, South African bookmakers have been offering the thrilling game of fantasy football. This captivating game revolves around virtual tournaments, known as contests, where teams are formed with players who do not actually play together in real life. Bettors meticulously select these players, aiming to accumulate the highest number of points and surpass their adversaries. Our comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of fantasy football, shedding light on its mechanics, successful strategies, and the most reputable betting platforms to embark on this exhilarating journey.


Gaming Account

To embark on an exciting gaming journey at any online betting platform, users are required to create a personalized gaming account. This account serves as a gateway to the virtual realm of thrilling gameplay and potential winnings. Within the confines of their personal account area, players gain access to a multitude of features and functionalities. They can effortlessly monitor their account status, conveniently perform deposit and withdrawal transactions, and obtain a comprehensive overview of their placed bets. Upholding the highest standards of security and compliance, the gaming account necessitates the validation process, wherein bettors are obliged to submit a copy of their identification document. Rest assured, this crucial step ensures the seamless withdrawal of any hard-earned winnings, safeguarding the interests of all players.

Grand Salami

Grand Slam, also known as the Big Fish, is a popular wager that encompasses the combined goal tally of all matches played within a single round of a league. This exciting bet offers bettors the chance to predict the grand total of goals scored across multiple games, adding an extra layer of thrill and anticipation to the experience. It's a captivating opportunity for football enthusiasts to test their instincts and strategic prowess, as they navigate through the fluctuating dynamics of each match, hoping to strike gold by accurately predicting the final cumulative goal count.

Goliath (System)

For a complete overview of the Goliath system, we invite you to explore the intricacies of selecting 8 events out of an impressive total of 247 played columns. Delving into the depths of this formidable approach, this method promises to captivate both novice and seasoned players alike. For further insights and comprehensive information, we encourage you to refer to the System entry, where you will uncover in-depth explanations and valuable tips on how to make the most of this extraordinary system.



Hedging, also known as betting insurance, involves strategically placing a wager on the opposing side to safeguard against potential losses. This technique minimizes the risk associated with a previous bet by diversifying your positions. By adopting a hedging strategy, you can safeguard your initial investment and mitigate potential downsides. It provides an opportunity to balance your betting portfolio and protect yourself from unforeseen outcomes.

Head to Head

To understand the Head to Head market, we recommend consulting our comprehensive handbook on tennis betting options.

Half Time/Full Time

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Half Time/Full Time market, we highly recommend perusing our in-depth analysis of the key football markets. It will furnish you with valuable insights into the intricacies and dynamics of this particular betting market. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into the realm of football betting and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in the Half Time/Full Time market. Explore our comprehensive review now and unlock the secrets of this captivating betting domain.


On this website, our comprehensive guide to Handicap betting provides detailed explanations of both classic (or European) and Asian Handicap markets. We delve into the intricacies of understanding Handicap, shedding light on the distinctions between the traditional approach and the Asian variant. Discover everything you need to know about Handicap betting in our user-friendly resource, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions in this captivating market.

Heinz (System)

In this betting glossary, we present the concept of a Heinz, which is a system that entails choosing 6 events from a pool of 57 columns. To delve deeper into the intricacies of this system, kindly refer to the System entry provided further in this glossary.


In-play betting

Live betting, also referred to as in-play betting, involves placing bets on the outcome of a game while it is already in progress. This unique form of wagering adds an exhilarating dimension to the overall betting experience, allowing users to react in real-time to the unfolding events on the field. With its dynamic nature and fast-paced action, live betting provides a thrilling opportunity for sports enthusiasts to engage with their favorite matches like never before. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a casual fan, the excitement and unpredictability of live betting are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game. Don't miss out on this adrenaline-fueled betting experience that takes you right into the heart of the action.

A man counting money and a diving goalkeeper



The juice is the charge imposed by the sportsbook for enabling online betting. It represents the portion that players pay for the privilege of placing their bets.



In the realm of wagering, the Kelly criterion emerges as a mathematical strategy that has been employed since the mid-1900s, proposing an optimal betting amount for each individual bet. The Kelly criterion manifests itself in two distinct forms: the complete Kelly and the fractional Kelly. Within our comprehensive handbook on football tactics, we embark on an in-depth exploration of this criterion, uncovering all its intricate aspects and nuances.



Understanding the lavagna, which is the profit margin applied by bookmakers to the odds, is paramount in the realm of betting. The bettor's potential return diminishes as this margin increases. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend the lavagna and locate bookmakers who provide the most favorable odds. On our homepage, we provide a comprehensive explanation of how to compute the bookmakers' lavagna, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed betting decisions.


The limit represents the highest wager permitted on a particular line.


Lock - a scenario where a chosen wager is perceived as an undeniable triumph.

Live Betting

Online betting has played a pivotal role in the remarkable expansion of the live betting industry, also known as in-play betting in English. Live betting encapsulates all the wagers that can be placed during the course of a sporting event. The surge in popularity of this sector can be attributed to the convenience and accessibility offered by online platforms. As sports enthusiasts seek to enhance their engagement and capitalize on evolving game dynamics, live betting has emerged as an exciting avenue to make informed and timely bets.


For avid bettors who revel in the thrill of live betting, Livescore is an indispensable companion. This invaluable tool delivers instantaneous updates on match outcomes and presents a wealth of statistical data for forthcoming events. Virtually every online bookmaker worth its salt offers an extensive range of livescore services, ensuring that punters are well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions. The provision of real-time information is a testament to their commitment to delivering an unparalleled betting experience.

Lucky (System)

Unlike other types of betting systems, the Lucky 15, Lucky 31, and Lucky 63 systems offer a unique approach by allowing wagers on individual columns. To provide a comprehensive overview, we have compiled a table below that outlines all the different variations of the Lucky system, starting from its most basic form, the Patent, along with the corresponding playable columns for each variant.

Typology Single Double Triple Quadruple Quintuple Sextuple
Patent 3 3 1
Lucky 15 4 6 4 1
Lucky 31 5 10 10 5 1
Lucky 63 6 15 20 15 6 1



When it comes to the realm of sports wagering, the margin plays a pivotal role, representing the percentage points that bookmakers employ to ensure a steady stream of profits over an extended period. To surpass this margin, bettors can embark on a quest to uncover the most advantageous odds, delving into the realm of value bets for further elucidation on the subject matter.


In our comprehensive review of gambling strategies, we delve into the Martingale system, a mathematical technique commonly referred to as the "doubling method." This system, which dates back to the 18th century, offers an intriguing approach to gambling. Throughout our analysis, we provide a detailed explanation of how this strategy operates and its potential implications for players. Discover the inner workings of the Martingale system as you navigate through our informative review on gambling strategies.


In the realm of sports betting, the notion of a market can be perplexing for those venturing into this recreational activity for the first time. To alleviate any confusion, we find it crucial to expound upon its significance through a concise definition in our extensive sports betting lexicon. This particular term encompasses the various types of wagers that an operator presents for a singular event. Among these markets, you'll encounter timeless options like the Final Result, Over/Under, and Both Teams to Score, as well as more contemporary additions. It is customary for reputable operators to furnish an extensive array of markets to cater to diverse preferences. Within our website's comprehensive guide to the different bet types, we elucidate the primary markets in detail.


Multigoal is an additional market featured in the supplemental schedule, enabling punters to forecast the cumulative tally of goals netted by both competing teams throughout a given match. Typically, these goals are categorized into intervals of 2, 3, or 4 (for instance, Multigoal 2-3, Multigoal 2-4, Multigoal 2-5).

Money Line

Money Line – also known as the Wager of Destiny, is a captivating betting technique where the stakes lie in the hands of fate. This thrilling gambling approach allows bettors to predict the ultimate fate of a game, whether it be the sweet taste of victory, the bitter sting of defeat, or the elusive draw. With each flip of the coin, every roll of the dice, or swing of the bat, the Money Line keeps enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the verdict of destiny.


National Tote

Every single bet placed is received, processed, and verified through the electronic system known as National Tote, which assigns a distinct identification number to each wager. This innovative system ensures that every bet receives its own unique identification number, enabling efficient processing and verification of all bets. The National Tote system plays a vital role in streamlining the betting process, providing a seamless experience for bettors. With the help of this advanced technology, the accuracy and reliability of bet processing are greatly enhanced, ensuring a smooth and secure betting experience for all users.



The calculation of potential winnings from a bet is made possible by the multiplier assigned to each possible bet, which is commonly referred to as odds. Our website exclusively utilizes decimal odds, also commonly known as European odds, to present betting information. In contrast, the Anglo-Saxon world predominantly employs fractional odds, which are expressed in the form of ratios such as 10/1.

Outright bet

Outright wager - placing a bet on the ultimate victor of a championship.



Pari-mutuel, also known as a mutual bet, is a type of wager where bettors place bets among themselves instead of placing bets against a sportsbook. This unique form of betting allows individuals to engage in a collective betting pool, where they contribute their funds and the winnings are distributed proportionally among the winners. Unlike traditional betting against a sportsbook, pari-mutuel betting creates a sense of community and camaraderie among bettors as they all participate in the same pool, cheering for their chosen outcome together. This exciting and interactive betting method adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall betting experience, making it a popular choice among avid sports enthusiasts and casual bettors alike.


Parlay, also known as accumulator or combo betting, is an exciting strategy that enhances the potential payout by combining multiple bets into a single bet slip. This ingenious technique not only boosts the odds but also amplifies the thrill of wagering. By seamlessly amalgamating several bets, the betting calculator unleashes a world of possibilities, creating a captivating betting experience that keeps enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. With Parlay, the potential for substantial winnings is magnified, offering a unique opportunity for bettors to maximize their profits and enjoy the exhilaration of winning big.

A man counting money and a diving goalkeeper


In our reviews, we frequently discuss the payout, which denotes the calculated percentage derived from the bookmaker's book. A higher payout percentage indicates a smaller profit margin for the operator, thus creating a more advantageous situation for the bettor. It is worth noting that the closer the payout percentage approaches 100%, the greater the potential benefit for the bettor.

Pre-match (or pregame)

Before the commencement of a match, pre-match bets are placed, which differ from live bets. These wagers provide enhanced payouts and a more extensive selection of markets in comparison to live bets.


Weekly sports predictions can provide valuable insights into the possible outcomes of events, serving as a foundation for sports betting enthusiasts. These predictions are derived from an in-depth analysis of previous results, statistical data, expert opinions on the condition and form of teams, as well as personal impressions. To cater to your needs, our website features a dedicated section offering comprehensive weekly predictions for a wide range of sports events.


Responsible Gambling

Player protection and the prevention of gambling addiction and associated risks are at the heart of Responsible Gambling. Licensed operators in South Africa adhere to the policies and guidelines set by the South African Gambling Authority (SAGA) to ensure the well-being of players. By implementing these measures, operators prioritize the safety and welfare of their customers, creating a secure and responsible gambling environment. Through educational initiatives and support programs, they strive to promote responsible betting practices and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their gambling activities. By fostering a culture of responsible gambling, operators in South Africa play a vital role in safeguarding the interests of players and minimizing the potential harms of excessive betting.


You will receive a refund for a placed bet only if an unforeseen circumstance or an act of God causes an event to be delayed or interrupted and it remains unfinished more than 72 hours after its original time slot. In such an instance, you have the right to receive a reimbursement equivalent to the amount of your wager. Should the postponed event be one of multiple bets in an accumulator, its odds will be recalculated to 1.00.



A bettor's investment in a wager is denoted by the term stake. This refers to the sum of money that is put at risk in a bet.


SARS, a public entity, is among the trio of tax authorities appointed to execute the technical and operational tasks that were once overseen by the Ministry of Finance. Taking over the reins from the Legal Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, SARS assumed the role of overseeing national sports betting, gambling, and lotteries within South Africa. Additionally, SARS is responsible for the formulation of regulations governing the sphere of betting, as well as the issuance of licenses to bookmakers who operate within the borders of the country.

Special Bets

In the vast realm of sports betting, there exist unique wagers, aptly referred to as special bets, that veer away from the conventional realm of sports-related outcomes. Despite their deviation, bookmakers valiantly offer these intriguing bets in their diverse betting markets. Below, we present a comprehensive table featuring a selection of prominent instances that fall under this distinctive category.

Awards and Recognitions Reality Shows Oscars Politics Music News and Lifestyle
British Academy Film Isola dei Famosi Best Film US Elections Festival di Sanremo Third Royal Baby
The prestigious Laureus World Sports Award South Africa's Resounding Voice Best Actor Trump Successfully Completes Entire Presidential Term Sanremo New Proposals Next Amazon Headquarters
Bafta Awards Grande Fratello VIP Best Actress Italian Elections Eurovision The inaugural Amazon Go establishment.
The initial Amazon Go store X Factor Best Director UK Elections Birgit Nilsson Prize Upcoming Royal Wedding


Placing just one selection on the betting slip constitutes a single bet, which often requires larger stakes than multiple bets but also presents greater opportunities for winning. This method of wagering is widely favored in the Anglo-Saxon realm, in contrast to South Africa, where the practice remains closely associated with Totocalcio and favors the use of multiple bets.


On the betting slip, there's a system in place that allows you to distribute your wager across every conceivable combination that can be derived from the selections. We've compiled a table that outlines the key options, detailing the number of events covered and the overall columns you can play.

Bet Type Number of Selections Total Columns
Trixie 3 4
Yankee 4 11
Canadian (or Super Yankee) 5 26
Heinz 6 57
Super Heinz 7 120
Goliath 8 247

Sure bet

Arbitrage bets, also known as sure bets, encompass those wagers which, through precise mathematical computations, ensure the player a definite victory, irrespective of the event's result. These calculated bets serve as foolproof strategies that grant the player an assured win, regardless of how the event unfolds.

Super Heinz (System)

The Super Heinz is a unique betting system that encompasses the placement of seven carefully selected choices, consequently generating an impressive total of 120 combinations. With its intricate structure, this betting strategy offers a diverse range of possibilities, ensuring an exhilarating and dynamic experience for avid bettors. By incorporating this innovative approach, enthusiasts can explore a plethora of potential outcomes, maximizing their chances of securing lucrative wins. Embrace the Super Heinz and unlock the captivating realm of strategic betting possibilities.

Super Yankee or Canadian (System)

Please refer to the Canadian entry for more information.



Discover the allure of the Teaser, a captivating compilation of parlay bets ingeniously merged onto one ticket to entice online gamers. With its irresistible charm, this unique wagering option beckons players to immerse themselves in the electrifying world of online betting. Offering an array of thrilling opportunities, the Teaser captures the essence of excitement and enthralls enthusiasts with its tantalizing promise of lucrative wins. Step into the realm of online wagering and unlock a realm of possibilities with the Teaser, a true embodiment of the ultimate gaming experience.


Over-under, or total, represents the collective tally of goals or points anticipated by bettors for a given match. This widely recognized betting term encapsulates the prediction of how the match will conclude.


In the realm of sports events, there exists a fascinating character known as a tipster. Whether they engage in this pursuit as a passionate hobby or a seasoned professional, tipsters have the remarkable ability to offer foresight and counsel on the probable outcomes of various sporting spectacles. With their astute predictions and expert advice, tipsters can gradually build a considerable standing within the realm of betting and social betting, earning the trust and admiration of avid enthusiasts.


The Trixie, a straightforward system bet, offers a delightful simplicity in its gameplay. With just three selections, this bet opens up a world of possibilities through four unique combinations. Embrace the charm of this betting strategy and dive into the excitement it has to offer. Let the Trixie captivate you with its elegance and maximize your potential for success. Explore the endless thrill of this uncomplicated yet rewarding wager.



The less favored team or player in a sports event is commonly referred to as the underdog in English. They are assigned higher odds due to this perception.

A cartoon featuring a clumsy jockey on a horse, a trophy and a man in a suit and tie representing the underdog in betting


Established in 1932, the Unione Nazionale Incremento delle Razze Equine (Unire) is an esteemed institution that has been assimilated into the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies. Its primary function revolves around the efficient supervision and coordination of equestrian competitions within the captivating realm of South Africa. A noteworthy arm of Unire's multifaceted portfolio, Unire TV, proudly transmits riveting horse races through the airwaves, reaching the eager eyes of enthusiastic viewers. Furthermore, its broadcast permeates specific wagering platforms, including Sisal and BetFlag, thereby expanding its reach across the digital landscape.


Value bet

On this website, we have dedicated ample space to delve into the notion of a value bet. We can succinctly describe it as those occurrences where the odds do not precisely match the underlying probabilities. Armed with the ability to compute these disparities, punters can effectively tilt the odds in their favor, thereby gaining a significant advantage when placing their bets.

Virtual betting

Betting on computer-simulated events, known as virtual betting, has gained popularity in the online gambling industry. To cater to the demand, numerous operators have incorporated a dedicated section on their online platforms solely for virtual betting.



Anticipated outcome bets represent a form of wager where punters prognosticate the triumphant team or individual in a designated championship or contest. This particular type of bet enjoys immense popularity due to its versatility, allowing it to be placed across a wide array of athletic disciplines such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and even Formula 1 racing.

Winning Limit

In South Africa, the regulatory authority for gambling has set a winning limit. This limit applies to all licensed operators and restricts the maximum amount that can be won from a single bet, regardless of whether it is a single bet or a multiple bet. The purpose of this limit is to promote responsible gambling and curb excessive winnings.

Welcome bonus

In the realm of sports betting, every bookmaker in the industry entices new customers with enticing offers, commonly referred to as welcome bonuses. These welcoming incentives come in various forms, each with its own allure. They can be percentage-based, typically ranging from 50% to 100%, and are either applied to the initial deposit or the first bet made. Alternatively, some welcome bonuses involve the provision of refunds for any losing bets placed within a specified timeframe. For a comprehensive understanding of these offers, delve into our in-depth review on betting site bonuses, where all the intricate details are unveiled.


A phrase utilized to describe a bettor or handicapper who possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.


Yankee (System)

A Yankee is a type of wager that encompasses making four choices and a combined sum of eleven columns.

What is the significance of familiarizing oneself with the jargon of football and sports gambling?

On this page, we have compiled a comprehensive glossary of betting platforms to offer support to every bettor out there. To fully comprehend the guides, strategies, terms and conditions, it is of utmost importance to familiarize yourself with the jargon and technical language prevalent in the realm of football and sports betting. By doing so, you can optimize your wagers and capitalize on every potential opportunity that comes your way. We sincerely hope that our efforts have proven to be valuable, aiding you in your journey into this captivating domain. If that's the case, why not explore the enticing promotions offered by the bookmaker we have carefully curated in the box below?

The BetSafe app on smartphones and tablets
  • A vast array of markets to choose from is readily accessible.
  • A wide range of interactive experiences with real-time happenings.
  • Popular incentives and promotional offers
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