rewiews is a well-established brand that has been in operation since its inception in Austria in 2000. It made its way to South Africa in 2015, expanding its reach to encompass both online gaming and physical betting shops. Apart from their extensive sports betting offerings, their diverse portfolio includes virtual games, casino games, and even real-time gaming experiences. They cater to a wide range of preferences, from poker enthusiasts to avid bingo players. Our comprehensive review will delve into every aspect of their services, leaving no stone unturned. Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover all the hidden gems this bookie has to offer. Mobile App SA

When analyzing comprehensively, we have taken into account several key factors. Let's begin with the timetable, meticulously examining the range of sports available and the multitude of markets offered for both pre-match and in-play wagers. Additionally, we have assessed the availability of a streaming service. Our scrutiny extends to the evaluation of enticing bonuses and promotions, gauging their appeal to bettors, as well as the existence of user-friendly mobile apps for convenient betting on the go. The examination doesn't stop there; we have delved into more intricate aspects like navigation ease and the overall layout. Moreover, we have given due consideration to the security of gaming transactions and the promptness and effectiveness of customer support. So, continue reading to ascertain whether is the perfect bookmaker for your needs.

General Information

For years, has been diligently crafting an array of wagering possibilities, encompassing sports events both within South Africa and across the globe. Since its inception a decade ago, the company has garnered a solid reputation for delivering exceptional gaming encounters and swift disbursements to its players, whether they choose to engage in online or offline betting endeavors. Throughout various South African urban centers, you will discover a plethora of branches, where you can conveniently deposit your wager and promptly collect your winnings in hard cash. Alternatively, if you prefer to spare yourself the commute, you can easily register online and receive a generous welcome bonus as a token of appreciation for your patronage., a well-known name in the South African sports betting industry, operates on the reliable Bet Tech Gaming software. This online platform holds a valid license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, guaranteeing a safe and regulated betting experience. Setting itself apart from the competition, focuses on simplicity and user-friendliness, discarding any unnecessary frills or convoluted designs. With a sleek and streamlined gaming interface, this platform offers a comprehensive range of betting options that cater to the preferences of all gamblers. Whether it's football, basketball, or any other sport, ensures that you find the best odds for your favorite games. Begin your winning journey today by placing your bet with

In this day and age, what online gamblers desire is a betting platform that is easily accessible through their mobile devices. You will be pleased to know that offers highly competitive odds, available for both iOS and Android users. Remarkably, stands out from its competitors with its comprehensive software and an exceptional in-play feature. Curious about their customer service, we decided to put it to the test and were delighted to find them prompt and accommodating. Mobile users can conveniently access the mobile website through their smartphones. However, it is crucial for players to ensure a stable internet connection, particularly when engaging in live betting. Nonetheless, for those seeking a more convenient and long-lasting solution, the mobile app is readily available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

The 9 betting schedule

Looking for an internet-based bookmaker that grants you the opportunity to place bets on more than just a single sport? Whether you have an interest in football or chess, basketball or badminton, you've landed on the perfect platform. boasts an exceptional range of sporting categories, approximately 25 in total, catering to both avid sports enthusiasts and those keen on trying their luck with field hockey or rugby sevens. This online bookmaker offers an extensive array of options for making successful bets.

A wide array of sports and markets is available.

Our examination of kicks off by delving into the most cherished sport in South Africa, and the one that holds the highest appeal for bettors: soccer. The bookie's extensive and diverse sports menu offers an abundance of options to cater to every fan's needs. From the widely-followed leagues gracing the European continent to those that may not typically find themselves in the realm of football, like Uzbekistan, Iran, Nicaragua, and Macedonia, there is a plethora of choices awaiting you. In countries where the football tradition runs deep, the selection expands even further, encompassing leagues like South Africa's Serie C, Germany's Regionalliga, the British Isthmian League, and Spain's Tercera Division. Rest assured, our coverage extends beyond the cream of the crop, reaching other nations' premier leagues and even National Cups in numerous instances. This rule holds true for major international tournaments and, naturally, the highly anticipated World Cups as well. offers a variety of sports and leagues for its users to participate in.
Football Tennis basketball Cycling Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA Tour de France NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A Exploration of the South African landscape Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Vuelta a Espana KHL
Serie C South Africa's International Players. Olympic Games Paris-Roubaix Euro Challenge
Europa League Wimbledon French Championship Liège-Bastogne-Liège Austria EHL
Serie B Australian Open Germany championship World Championships Germany DEL

At South Africa, the bettor's journey transcends the realm of football. A diverse and captivating array of sports awaits, enticing enthusiasts from all walks of life. For those with a fervor for basketball, the options span from the illustrious NBA to the captivating South Korean KBL. Should your heart yearn for the thrill of handball, fear not, for the Slovakian Extraliga beckons, brimming with opportunities to wager your fortunes. Delve into the realm of the unconventional, where surfing and cricket claim their rightful place, captivating the adventurous souls. Moreover, the coverage of motorsports is nothing short of enthralling, catering to all individual sports aficionados. The domain of cycling unfolds, presenting an enticing avenue for avid fans. Witness the rise of darts, a sport that has garnered an ever-growing legion of devotees, as its charm continues to allure., the Austrian betting site, stands out with its fascinating array of markets. Football enthusiasts will be delighted to discover nearly 250 markets for high-profile matches, while even lesser-known matches boast over 70 markets. But it's not just football that entices the betting community. Various other sports present ample opportunities to wager, offering anywhere between 30 to 50 markets depending on the specific sport. Such a diverse and extensive offering sets apart in the South African betting scene, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all enthusiastic players. and the excitement of live sports betting, a winning match-up

When exploring the dedicated page for live betting in our comprehensive review of, we delve deeper into the plethora of online bookmaker offerings. It is worth mentioning that there is absolutely nothing to gripe about, particularly from this perspective. Firstly, we commend the extensive range of sporting events available, which encompasses more than just the customary football, tennis, and basketball. In fact, you can place bets on rugby, table tennis, and handball, providing an impressive selection of around 10 to 15 different sports. Additionally, the daily number of events hovers around 200, ensuring a vast array of options for bettors. The selection of available markets is equally noteworthy, with approximately 30 options to choose from. The live score and statistics are accurate and user-friendly, although it is important to clarify the streaming service. Currently, it is only accessible for a limited number of football and basketball matches. While the quality of the service is commendable, it falls slightly short compared to betting platforms like intertops, where it is guaranteed for a wider range of sports. offers a wide range of betting markets for sports enthusiasts to explore and enjoy. With its lightning-fast page loading speed, the app ensures seamless live betting on multiple matches in real-time. This user-friendly app also features a sleek search tool, allowing gamblers to effortlessly navigate and explore various betting markets simultaneously. The mobile app is designed to provide a personalized and immersive gambling experience, eliminating the need for endless scrolling. Discover an array of exciting betting markets at, tailored to cater to all your favorite sports betting preferences.

Hockey Athletics Australian Rules Motorsports Soccer American Football
MMA Futsal Handball Boxing Snooker Volleyball
Horse Racing Tennis Badminton Cycling Floorball Water Polo
Basketball Cricket Golf Darts Ice Hockey Beach Volleyball
Rugby Lottery Lucky Numbers

Single wagers, as well as combination wagers and betting systems.

You'll find that nearly all .it gambling platforms provide options for placing individual, combined, or structured wagers. In the case of individual bets, your chances of winning grow, but with combined or structured bets, what increases is the multiplier and subsequent profits. Our analysis of revealed that the maximum number of bets allowed is thirty. To achieve this, simply utilize the sidebar located on the right, referred to as the Biglietto sports ticket. If you prefer playing in structured mode, just select the yellow button labeled Show combinations. This will reveal a dropdown menu featuring various combinations, allowing you to choose your desired option.

Restrictions on Wagering and Payouts

The directives set by the NGB, the governing authority for betting sites in our nation's market, are crucial for ensuring compliance., being a responsible operator, abides by these regulations without fail. These guidelines dictate that the minimum wager amount is $2, regardless of whether you opt for single bets, multiples, or system betting. In the case of system betting, each column must have a minimum bet of $0.05. Moreover, the law also imposes limits on maximum winnings. For single bets, the winnings cannot exceed $10,000, while multiple and system bets have a cap of $50,000.'s odds and payouts are currently being evaluated. 8

Now, let's delve into a fascinating aspect of our comprehensive analysis of the assessment of odds and payouts, revealing the true potential for winning when placing bets with this bookmaker. Our team meticulously scrutinized the range of minimum and maximum payouts across various popular sports, yielding invaluable insights into the overall tendencies of this operator. The compiled data, intricately presented in the table provided below, unequivocally depicts the remarkable consistency in values and the absence of extreme fluctuations within the range. Remarkably, football emerges as the sport with the highest payout percentage, standing at an impressive 95.2%, with an average of 95.0% and a minimum value of 94.9%, further highlighting the reliability of

The payouts of the most clicked sports

Tennis and ice hockey exhibit the broadest range of odds, with tennis fluctuating between a minimum of 89.4% and a maximum of 94.4%, and ice hockey ranging from 90.7% to 93.7%. Meanwhile, volleyball, handball, baseball, and billiards demonstrate more consistent patterns akin to soccer. This consistency is reflected in the odds and payouts provided by SupaBets, instilling a sense of confidence and reliability in the bettor. Notably, basketball and rugby also display similar behavior, with basketball ranging from 92.2% to 94.7%, and rugby varying between 90.3% and 91.0%. These percentages, for the most part, remain above the 90% threshold, emphasizing the favorable nature of the odds.

The ease of use when navigating through the website. 8

Navigating the website is a seamless experience, even for those unfamiliar with this type of platform. Let's begin by mentioning that the primary colors utilized are a soothing light blue and a vibrant golden yellow, which are characteristic of the operator's logo. These colors are complemented by a subtle white/gray backdrop. The page exudes a sense of clarity and sophistication, thanks to the careful selection of clean and legible fonts. The layout is intelligently organized, comprising of distinct sections. At the top of the screen, a slider highlights the latest promotions, inviting visitors to explore further on the bonus page of our comprehensive review. The screen is further divided into three parts. On the left, users can find an extensive list of available sports and non-sports categories, conveniently categorized by date. This includes options for upcoming daily events, as well as those occurring within one, three, 24, or 72 hours. Moreover, a comprehensive list is readily accessible, alongside a specially curated section called "Chosen for You," featuring the most relevant options.

The registration form, streaming schedule, apps, promotions, and the betting slip are conveniently placed on the right-hand side of the screen within a separate sidebar. The size of the betting slip adjusts accordingly based on the number of bets placed. The central section of the screen is divided vertically into two parts. On the left, you can find the live schedule showcasing ongoing events. The right portion is further divided into two sections. One displays the most popular events, while the other presents the "Last Minute" schedule, featuring upcoming events. Upon selecting the desired sport, nation, and tournament, the corresponding details appear on the central part of the screen, occupying the entire space. Above the mentioned slider, a navigation bar is situated, providing quick access to live bets, virtual games, and casino games. On the right side, there are login buttons for effortless access. Rest assured, the entire user interface is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.

The central body of the screen provides a clear navigation experience, especially in the live betting section. While the left sidebar becomes hidden, the right sidebar remains accessible, as previously mentioned. To aid orientation, there are two navigation bars located above the screen's central body. One of these bars displays icons representing sports events currently happening during your visit, which are showcased in the central part of the screen. The other bar allows you to choose between viewing all events, a specific event, or the schedule of future events. This user-friendly design ensures that even inexperienced visitors can easily navigate the website.

The method for placing a wager

Now, despite the multitude of explanations thus far, we have yet to address the fundamental query that grants significance, from the perspective of a player, to gaining entry into a betting site's webpage: how does one go about placing a wager on Fear not, for the process is exceedingly straightforward, and you need only consult the table painstakingly compiled by our diligent team. To commence, navigate to the left sidebar and make your selection for the desired sport, nation, and tournament upon which you wish to place your bet. In the central region of the screen, a comprehensive listing of matches available for betting shall unfold before your very eyes: take a moment to peruse the odds, and then proceed to choose the ones that ignite your intuition, with a simple click. Rest assured that your chosen picks shall promptly manifest within the confines of the betting slip, conveniently located on the right-hand side.

Now it's time to select your preferred betting mode. If you're interested in utilizing systems, access the dropdown menu labeled Show Combinations, where you can freely choose your desired system. After making your strategic decisions, input the amount you wish to bet and proceed by clicking the Bet button adorned in green. However, if you'd like to secure your bet for the next three days, simply select the Reserve button, elegantly displayed in gray. Having completed these steps, you've done everything within your control. From here, all that's left is to rely on the favorable hand of fortune and the exceptional skills of the athletes you've placed your bets on!

The operator's profile sketch, a renowned global operator established amidst the picturesque Tyrolean mountains of Innsbruck, Austria, has been captivating the hearts of South African bettors since its inception in 2000. Embracing a diverse gambling landscape, holds a valid NGB license, enabling them to offer a seamless online betting experience. But their reach extends far beyond the virtual realm, with a network of approximately 1000 brick-and-mortar agencies sprawled across the entire South African territory. Diverse and dynamic, offers an all-encompassing platform for both online enthusiasts and those seeking the thrill of in-person gambling.

Further details concerning
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: srl Hours: 9.00 – 23.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 128, Comodo CA Limited Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Rome Telephone: 06.40.400.860 License: NGB Bet limit:
Key people: Paola Bausano Email: [email protected]. Identity verification system: Expected Game ban: Expected
Employees: Fax: Accepted documents: Identity card, tax code, driver's license Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Sure, here is the final version of the English text: Affirmative (for individuals with registered accounts) Document sending email: [email protected]. Partner organizations:

At, not only can you engage in sports betting, but you can also partake in virtual sports wagering, including simulated football matches as well as thrilling dog and horse races. Additionally, there is a plethora of entertainment options available, such as poker, bingo, and an array of exhilarating casino games. It is important to highlight that the bookmaker achieved remarkable acclaim in 2017 when it was bestowed with the prestigious seal of excellence for online and virtual betting by the esteemed German Institute for Quality and Finance, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The level of customer support 8

Rest assured, if you encounter any difficulties or need help while using, fret not: the company provides a multitude of options to get in touch with their customer support team. Foremost, a helpline is at your disposal daily from 9.00 to 23.00, ensuring prompt assistance. Furthermore, a 24/7 fax number is readily available for your convenience. Alongside these channels, a live chat service is accessible within the same time frame as the phone line, exclusively for registered users. Should your queries be less urgent, you have the choice to employ email correspondence, selecting one of the four designated addresses tailored to address specific issues. Alternatively, you can rely on the trusty traditional method of sending inquiries via Wazambal mail. understands the importance of providing timely assistance to online gamblers and has implemented multiple avenues for players to seek support. Whether through their real-time messaging feature or direct phone line, they aim to cater to the urgent needs of their users. However, it remains unclear whether these support channels are accessible around the clock.

E-mail [email protected]
Additional Support Option Entry Form, Live Chat
Fax +27 86 719 6934 Contact Number +27 86 123 8000, attack-proof security 9

Customers evaluating the online casino and sports betting website can be reassured that the site adheres to the regulations set by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. The website has taken measures to ensure the security of users' data by storing it in an off-site location. This not only protects the privacy of users but also ensures a fair gaming environment. provides a safe, regulated, and legitimate platform for players to enjoy their gaming experience. When reviewing, we must emphasize the importance of safety. One crucial aspect is that the bookmaker holds a valid NGB license, number 15226, which guarantees protection and legality for bettors. Additionally, the website implements a robust 128-bit data encryption system developed by Comodo, a reputable operator in the industry. To prevent money laundering and fraud, regular monitoring of bets and player profiles is carried out diligently.

At, we prioritize the safety of minors and provide responsible information to prevent gambling addiction. To ensure accuracy, we verify the authenticity of all submitted data by conducting identity document checks. Additionally, we offer options for self-limitation on weekly deposits and the choice to self-exclude from gambling temporarily or indefinitely. However, we acknowledge that these precautions may not always be enough to combat gambling addiction. In such instances, it is crucial to seek assistance from specialized organizations like GiocaResponsabile, which comes highly recommended by our online bookmaker.

Bonus points 9

Upon completing the registration process, we cannot overlook the enticing bonus offer in our comprehensive assessment of In addition to an exceptional gaming experience, they boast an array of betting markets to explore, complemented by commendable promotional campaigns. While it is true that they lack some of the more unconventional betting options like eSports, there is a satisfactory selection of both local and international betting choices available. Consequently, we have awarded them a commendable four out of five-star rating. It is often the attention to detail that yields great strength, as those who appreciate such details are rewarded with added value. Therefore, our focus lies on certain aspects that, although not the cornerstone of an online bookmaker's offerings, still hold significance. By providing players with supplementary services, these aspects enhance the likelihood of fostering a loyal connection with the platform.

At, you'll discover a wide array of remarkable attributes, accompanied by a bountiful introductory incentive reaching R2,000. To seize this enticing offer, don't forget to input the promo code STYVIP during your initial deposit. Additionally, to ensure the activation of the promotion and the complete verification of your account, you will be required to furnish FICA documents, along with a duplicate of either your identification card or driver's license, serving as substantiation that you satisfy the lawful age restrictions for engaging in gambling activities.

Ready to grab an exciting bonus of up to R2 000 at Deposit your funds for the first time, and voila! The bonus will be right there in your account, eagerly waiting for you. But hold on! Take a moment to thoroughly peruse our comprehensive review of bonuses. This will ensure that you grasp all the ins and outs, preventing any unnecessary risks of losing out on your well-deserved bonus.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how fares in our assessment. We've carefully evaluated various aspects and assigned Bonus Points accordingly. Rest assured, has performed impressively across the board.

  • Streaming .2/3
  • News and social .3/3
  • Awards .2/2
  • Horse Racing .1/1
  • Virtual Sports .1/1
  • Bonus Points .9

Discover the specifics: excels in four key areas, earning top marks. Firstly, they demonstrate prowess in the thriving realms of eSports and horse racing, with comprehensive preparations in place for these sectors. Secondly, their accolades extend to the prestigious ITQF certification, which we previously mentioned, further enhancing their outstanding reputation, particularly with regards to their physical agencies. And last but certainly not least,'s proficiency in news and social engagement is commendable. In our detailed news review, we delve deeper into their adeptness in consistently updating their pages with well-structured news and information, all flavored with a touch of sarcasm and humor. They come remarkably close to achieving excellence in streaming, which would only benefit from expansion to encompass a wider range of sports beyond football and basketball. As themselves affirm, "finally, attention has been given to horse racing," which is indeed remarkable news for bettors, as they can now wager on both trotting and galloping, with fixed quotas, totalizer bets, and Tris options, akin to the offerings found on top-rated sites such as Wazamba.

  • I placed a wager on my dear sibling's payout. To increase their payout by up to R1000, gamblers must accurately predict the EPL scores using SuperBru.
  • Straight Set Bonus If you choose a tennis player for a direct bet and they win without dropping a set, will increase their payout by 25% up to R1000.
  • Soccer Multi Special If one of your selections in a 6+ Soccer multiple doesn't win, you will receive a refund of your original stake.
  • Grab the Live In-Play Tennis Bonus and enhance your gaming experience! Receive a bonus equivalent to the average stake when you engage in five or more in-running tennis markets within a single day.
  • Strike Bowler Bonus If the selected player becomes the top bowler, will double the payout by offering a free bet.

Excellence shines brightly on the distant horizon.

After a thorough examination of, it is time to summarize our findings. Let's get straight to the point: this bookmaker has left a lasting impression on us, receiving accolades in virtually every aspect of our evaluation. Our analysis commenced with a scrutiny of the schedule, and we were pleasantly surprised by its extensive coverage and the diversity of offerings across various tournaments and competitions. The remarkable abundance of markets, catering to both popular sports and niche events, further impressed us. Additionally, the live betting section captivated us with its vast selection of markets and comprehensive coverage. While there is room for improvement in terms of streaming, it is not due to any technical shortcomings but rather the desire to expand its availability to a broader range of sports. As for the odds and payouts, there is little reason for complaint. While they may not reach astronomical heights, they remain fair and convey a sense of credibility, which can be particularly appealing to novice bettors.

Strengths and weaknesses of
  • Major Strengths
  • Many football markets
  • Many sports disciplines
  • Interesting promotions
  • Minor strengths
  • Placing wagers on virtual sports events
  • Presence of markets unrelated to sports
  • Major Weaknesses
  • None
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Live chat is exclusively accessible to individuals who have completed the registration process. has a lot to offer in terms of promotions, but it could be more generous in this aspect. However, the website itself is very user-friendly, making it suitable even for those new to online betting. The graphics are clean and elegant, and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye. The customer service is impeccable, and they also reward social activity, virtual sports, and recognition with bonus points. All these factors contribute to a highly positive impression of, positioning it as one of the top online bookmakers. With a few minor adjustments highlighted in our review, has the potential to become even more successful.


Should you come across any vital elements that we may have inadvertently omitted in our evaluation of, we kindly request that you inform us promptly via the email contact provided at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will promptly attend to your correspondence and provide you with a prompt response.

️ What is the procedure for reporting malfunctions or filing complaints?

To lodge a complaint, simply send an email to [email protected].

What does "last-minute bets" mean?

Bets that commence within a maximum of half an hour from the time you log onto the Austrian operator's website are referred to as "early-start" bets, as per the classification provided by

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