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With a focus on quality over quantity, Сomeon may not boast an extensive array of sports to choose from, but it does guarantee attractive payouts and an engaging betting experience. The platform offers a variety of wagering options, including live betting on matches, live streaming services, as well as horse racing and virtual events. In the subsequent sections dedicated to Lottomatica betting, we will delve into each aspect, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this operator.

Our review of Сomeon
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Sports 12
Markets About 120
Live streaming Yes
Average payout (football) 92.95%
Partner or sponsor G4
Available Italian
Customer service Chat/Phone/Email
License NGB Number: 15017
First Deposit + Cashback Bonus 475$
Overall opinion 4.25/5
Strengths Сomeon:
Engine bookmaker ranking: The ultimate guide to top-notch bookmakers
Payout Rank: Top PayPal bookmakers
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General Information

ComeOn, the other significant South African enterprise established in 1990, is a prominent player in the realm of prize games, alongside Wazamba. While we won't delve into topics such as Lotto, national lotteries, or scratch cards, we will instead concentrate on providing a comprehensive evaluation of the Сomeon brand, primarily dedicated to sports betting. Although it may not possess the same magnitude as the industry's behemoths, our bookmaker excels by offering a diverse and comprehensive range of services.

The ComeOn website is at the forefront of the emerging trend in the gambling industry, seamlessly blending the thrill of casino games with the excitement of sports betting. Those who have registered with the site have discovered a truly rewarding experience, as they are greeted with a user-friendly platform and a highly appealing bonus. Explore a wide selection of the most sought-after sporting events, featuring a fusion of top-notch local and global betting markets, allowing you to place your bets with ultimate confidence.

Take a look at our comprehensive review of ComeOn! sports to discover the reasons behind the urge to join this digital bookmaker. Since their establishment in 2010, they have been operating in a staggering 100 countries. With licensing and regulation by the esteemed government of Curacao, and registration with the Malta Gaming Authority, rest assured that they prioritize your safety. And now, brace yourself for even more enticing reasons to engage in the thrilling experience they offer!

A comprehensive look at the Сomeon platform. 8 schedule

You won't come across anything out of the ordinary here. Gaelic sports or Australian football are nowhere to be found on Сomeon's agenda. While the selection of sports may be modest, the betting markets, particularly those pertaining to soccer, are abundantly diverse and rival those offered by leading bookmakers. In fact, they have nothing to be envious of.

The choice of sports and markets available

Soccer has been ingrained in the hearts of South Africans for generations, making it highly unlikely for a significant shift in interest to occur in the near future. Betting operators, including Сomeon, understand this well, which is why soccer holds a prominent place in their offerings. They cover a wide range of championships from across the globe, encompassing not only the prestigious leagues but also the more obscure ones. Take England, for instance, where you can find odds for matches in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, and even the VII Division. The selection is not limited to popular competitions alone. Internationally, they feature lesser-known championships such as those in Kazakhstan, Kuwait, El Salvador, and Singapore, showcasing the extent of their comprehensive offerings. Expanding beyond soccer, Сomeon caters to fans of basketball, tennis, and volleyball, providing odds for major tournaments like the NBA, US Open, and Champions League Volleyball. They also cater to enthusiasts of ice hockey, with a particular focus on the NHL, along with a diverse array of other sports including baseball, motorsport, American football, cycling, futsal, and handball. However, those seeking to place bets on niche disciplines like darts or snooker may find it more suitable to explore other betting sites such as intertops.

"Certain sports and leagues provided by Сomeon"
Football Tennis basketball Volleyball Ice Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA South Africa's Serie A1 NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A CEV Cup Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Poland Plusliga KHL
Liga Wimbledon Olympic Games Russian Super League Euro Challenge
Bundesliga Miami Open French Championship Greece A1 Austria EHL
Premier League Indian Wells Germany championship Champions League Germany DEL

The Markets section is renowned for its extensive range of options. When it comes to football, there is an abundance of choices available, including various Under/Over thresholds, Double Chance bets, predicting the minute of the first goal, betting on a team to win at 0, Multigoal bets, and much more, focusing specifically on the first or second halves of the matches. The offerings for other sports are equally impressive. Take ice hockey, for instance, where in addition to the traditional 1X2 Final Outcome bets, you can also find Head-to-Head bets, Final Outcome bets with handicap, Head-to-Head bets with handicap, Double Chance bets, and Under/Over bets. In a nutshell, there is no room for boredom here, we guarantee it.

For those seeking to maximize their earnings through online betting, the pursuit of favorable odds is paramount. Although ComeOn Sportsbook may be considered a relatively new player in the industry, they have astutely identified the preferences of South African gamblers. Within their platform, one can explore a comprehensive range of competitions, spanning from domestic cup tournaments to prestigious international events. Should you venture into the realm of sports betting, here are a few of the captivating sporting spectacles that await your participation:

Tennis Soccer rugby golf
ice hockey snooker racing mixed martial art
Cricket American Football cycling Aussies Rules
basketball volleyball beach volleyball winter sports
handball baseball boxing racing

On the casino website, players can explore a wide selection of over 300 casino games, ensuring there is something for everyone's taste. Whether you prefer the thrill of the latest online slot machines or the strategic excitement of table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette, you will find it all here. Additionally, for those who enjoy live betting, the sports markets offer enticing odds even for players who missed the kick-off. This popular feature adds to the overall excitement, making every bet worth it. With such a diverse range of options, there is no shortage of entertainment on this platform.

Experience the thrill of live betting and streaming events in real-time.

In terms of live wagering, it is essential to acknowledge the commendable selection of markets, although the excessive emphasis on the range of sports available is evident. For avid enthusiasts of live betting, bestowing a rating higher than 7 for an operator who typically only presents a mere five sports for live wagers would be excessively burdensome. The quantity of daily events that can be savored via live streaming is modest, and the aesthetically pleasing infographics providing updates on the race's progression are quite delightful.

Multiples and systems

If you are inclined towards increasing your potential winnings by opting for combination wagers instead of individual wagers, Сomeon provides you with the opportunity to place multiples and systems. On the right-hand side of the screen, all your selections are conveniently showcased in the "Bet Slip," where you can effortlessly choose your preferred type of bet whilst considering the most advantageous odds. The number of events that can be included in your bet is directly proportional to the potential win, as well as the amount you intend to wager. In the event that you surpass the legally established maximum limits, Сomeon will promptly notify you by displaying an error message. At this juncture, it becomes necessary for you to adjust your bet by either reducing the initial amount you had set or removing certain matches from your selection.

Betting and restrictions on potential winnings.

Analysis of odds and payouts 8

Even though Сomeon's odds may not be the most competitive in the South African market, they are nevertheless quite favorable. It is noteworthy that the average payout for football stands at an impressive 92.95%, falling just slightly short of surpassing rival Wazamba in this particular ranking. However, when it comes to live football betting, Сomeon's average payout stands out as one of the highest among its competitors.

ComeOn Sports presents a diverse selection of sports betting opportunities. Punters widely appreciate this platform for its highly competitive odds on the most sought-after sports like football, cricket, and basketball. Based on recent evaluations, ComeOn Sports boasts exceptional margins for these three sports, as illustrated in the table provided.

Looking for an exhilarating and fulfilling adventure in sports betting? Look no further than Come On Sports, the ultimate online platform that caters to avid gamblers. Explore an extensive variety of sports, relishing in the thrill of competitive odds and swift payouts. As one of the leading destinations for sports betting enthusiasts, Come On Sports guarantees an electrifying experience like no other. Witness the magic of live streaming as you immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding atmosphere of major sports events, keeping a close eye on your bets in real-time. Rest assured, superior customer service and secure payment methods elevate Come On Sports as the prime choice for those seeking to embrace the excitement and rewards of the betting world.

  • Come On Sports, the top-rated internet sportsbook, has provided a 102.10% odds for a triumphant three-way football match!
  • Come On Sports offers an impressive range of ice hockey betting options, giving users the opportunity to select a 3-way bet on the match winner with a 104.79% potential payout.
  • Come On Sports has just completed a comprehensive analysis of a basketball game, concluding that the victor achieved an extraordinary 103.82% accuracy in their performance.

At ComeOn! Sports, you can always count on finding excellent odds that provide exceptional value. The platform offers a user-friendly interface where you can effortlessly switch between decimal, fractional, or American formats for placing your bets. Although it provides versatility, it's worth noting that Asian formats are currently not supported on the site.

The payouts of the most clicked sports

The site's graphics and functionality 7

The dominant colors found on the Lottomatica app and the betting website are green and white, accented by splashes of yellow to draw attention to specific aspects. The vibrancy is maintained throughout the platform by utilizing images that embrace these colors. This selection is subjective, and while it may be viewed as consistent, it also runs the risk of becoming monotonous. While this is a matter of personal preference, it fails to fully meet our expectations. Moreover, the simplicity of the site's structure leaves something to be desired in terms of impact. In regards to the odds and payouts, Сomeon performs adequately, remaining competitive without excelling.

Navigating through the pages of Сomeon is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly simplicity. The menus are clean and straightforward, free from unnecessary embellishments, ensuring that everything needed to place a bet quickly is just a click away. On the screen's left side, a visible list of sports is displayed, along with the number of daily quoted events. In the center, you can easily find upcoming events that are about to start. The section dedicated to live plays is crystal clear, and the calendar displaying scheduled events is highly convenient. At the bottom of each page, you'll find a comprehensive selection of links leading to various sections of the portal. In addition to sports betting, the portal encompasses casino games, poker, bingo, skill games, Lotto, and scratch cards. With an impressive design score of 6 and a highly functional interface, it's safe to say that Сomeon's final evaluation is a solid 7.

ComeOn! Sports: Cash In and Cash Out

Funding your account has never been this effortless and expeditious. In this day and age, online gambling platforms provide a wide range of virtual payment options that you can employ to deposit money into your account, just like you would for online purchases. Presented below is an inventory of deposit methods at your disposal:

  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • MasterCard
  • Paysafecard
  • WebMoney
  • Bank transfer
  • Ukash

Please take note, South African bettors, that particular attention should be paid to the fact that fixed charges are applicable to all deposits, which, naturally, vary depending on your selected payment method. ComeOn! imposes a 2.5% fee on all deposits made via debit and credit cards, whereas a 5% fee is levied on all e-wallet deposits, including Ukash, PaySafeCard, Neteller, and Skrill. On the other hand, ComeOn! exhibits a more indulgent approach when it comes to withdrawals, as the first four withdrawals made each month are exempt from any charges. The bank wire transfer option is the sole banking method that does not incur any fees. It is important to bear in mind that the duration for processing withdrawals typically ranges between 1 to 7 days, depending on the chosen withdrawal method.

ComeOn Sports Review

ComeOn! Betting Features

Looking for a hassle-free and convenient method to wager on the sports you love? If that's the case, then ComeOn! might just be the perfect option for you. Boasting an extensive range of sporting events and highly competitive odds, you can rest assured that your betting journey will be nothing short of remarkable. Furthermore, the array of features offered by ComeOn!, including in-play betting, cash out alternatives, and live streaming, are guaranteed to elevate your overall experience to new heights.

ComeOn Sports offers a seamless moneyline betting venture that caters to both beginners and seasoned punters alike. Ideal for those seeking a user-friendly platform, ComeOn Sports simplifies the process by solely requiring you to designate the triumphant team. This makes ComeOn Sports the ultimate choice when it concerns cherry-picking a sportsbook that suits your preferences and needs.

The pulse betting markets offered by ComeOn! Sportsbook are widely recognized and appreciated. With this unique betting feature, you can place your bets on soccer matches, anticipating the next goal to be scored within a specific timeframe ranging from one to five minutes. The beauty of this innovative system lies in its ability to enhance your winning odds and potential payouts as the time period approaches its end.

At Come On Sports, we offer a unique and simplified approach to spread betting, designed to make it easily comprehensible for all. Our betting system revolves around accurately predicting the score difference between two competing teams. As you make predictions that closely align with the actual outcome, your odds of winning increase significantly. We believe in providing our customers with an enjoyable and accessible betting experience, where understanding the intricacies of spread betting becomes effortless.

Prop betting, available on Come On Sports, presents an exciting opportunity to place wagers on specific game scenarios, offering enhanced odds. This unique feature allows you to trust your instincts and support players based on their anticipated performance in upcoming matches. With prop betting, you can immerse yourself in the game, predicting and cheering for individual accomplishments. Explore the thrill of this specialized form of betting and experience the heightened excitement it brings to your sports betting journey.

Discover the amazing functionality of ComeOn! Sports' innovative feature, Your Bet. This extraordinary tool presents itself as the ultimate same-game parlay experience. Seamlessly merging various outcomes into a single bet slip, it propels the odds to exhilarating heights. The key to victory lies in the requirement that every leg of the bet must triumph for a successful payout. Unleash the potential of Your Bet and elevate your sports betting journey to unprecedented levels of excitement.

At Come On Sports, we take pride in offering a unique and exciting futures betting market that caters to the thrill-seeking bettors. With this exceptional feature, you get the opportunity to engage in long-term and distant event wagering, such as predicting the next triumphant Stanley Cup champion. Embrace the exhilaration of speculating the outcome of future events, as it not only adds excitement to your betting experience but also presents the potential for greater rewards. Join us now and dive into the world of futures betting at Come On Sports!

Who is eligible to place bets on ComeOn! Sports?

The newest legal bookmaker in Canada that welcomes Canadian players is ComeOn! Sportsbook. However, in order to participate, customers must be at least 18 years old and undergo the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process to ensure eligibility.

Review of ComeOn Sports: ComeOn! has established a reputation for its progressive attitude towards sports gambling, providing Canadian bettors with an extensive selection of betting possibilities that are not hindered by the same limitations encountered by other authorized offshore providers. With their trustworthy licensing, you can partake in worry-free wagers, gaining entry to completely lawful and safeguarded betting prospects.

A guide on how to make a wager

In this review, you may have undoubtedly observed the frequent occurrence of the term "simple". However, we opt to employ this word once again to elucidate the uncomplicated procedure necessary to conclude a wager. To initiate the process, navigate to the left sidebar and make your selections for sports, countries, and leagues upon which you wish to place your bets. Instantaneously, all the matches will be displayed in the central section, accompanied by a table positioned at the summit, which enables you to refine your search for specific markets. Should you decide to explore individual events, each event will present a comprehensive range of bets available to users for that particular match. In the event that you stumble upon an intriguing odd, merely exert a single click of the left mouse button to proceed.

To initiate a solitary play, simply input the desired amount into the designated "Ticket played" field found on the right-hand side, and then proceed by clicking on the "VISIT SITE" button to confirm. For multiple options and systems, it is necessary to include additional selections, as one would expect. The same course of action applies when placing live bets. Within the dedicated section, you will find all ongoing races along with their updated odds. Here, you have the option to promptly select the suggested play or explore other markets by clicking on the event or the corresponding icon situated to its right. Once you have made your decision, enter the desired amount and click the confirmation button to finalize your wager.

Registering an account at ComeOn! Sportsbook

Get your journey with ComeOn! Sportsbook off to a flying start by promptly visiting the website and heading straight to the upper right corner of the page, where you will find the enticing “Open Account” button beckoning you. Embrace the opportunity to discover the exciting array of offerings that await you. Waste no time, seize the moment, and embark on an unforgettable experience. Begin your thrilling adventure today!

To initiate the registration process on Come On Sports Review, you'll start by completing the initial page of the form. First and foremost, you'll be required to furnish your email address and generate an exclusive password. Once you've successfully accomplished this step, proceed by clicking on the continue button to proceed further.

To experience the full range of perks and features offered by Come On Sports, avid sports enthusiasts seeking to become part of the Come On sportsbook community should undergo a swift KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This entails furnishing fundamental details like one's name, date of birth, residential address, and contact number. Once this straightforward process is completed, a world of exhilarating sports entertainment awaits you at Come On Sports!

Join Come On Sports and experience our streamlined and intuitive registration process. Registering is a breeze; just complete the user-friendly sign-up form with your personal information and account login details. It's a quick process, taking no more than a minute, ensuring you can dive right into the action. Once your registration is complete, visit our convenient cashier section to make your first deposit and start enjoying the vast array of exciting games and sports betting options we have to offer.

Discover additional information regarding the platform known as Сomeon.

On December 6th, 1990, Lottomatica was established by a collaborative effort between BNL, Olivetti, Alenia, Mael, Federazione South Africana Tabaccai, and Cni. The Consortium brought together their expertise and resources to form a dynamic company. Lottomatica not only focuses on sports betting but also ventures into the realm of national lotteries, both in the online and offline domains. The company's diverse portfolio includes the production of scratch-off tickets, the management of the popular 10 and Lotto game, and the provision of interactive games like bingo and poker. With a wide range of offerings, Lottomatica caters to various gaming preferences.

Here is more information regarding Сomeon.
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: Lottomatica S.p.A. Hours: 9.00 – 24.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 128, Symantec Corporation Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Rome Telephone: 800.900.009 License: NGB Bet limit:
Key people: Enrico Drago Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: About 1,700 Fax: 018.75.792 Documents accepted: Identification card, driver's license, passport Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Members only Email intended for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner bodies: G4, also known as the Global Gambling Guidance Group,

Ever since 2001, this company has found its place among the esteemed organizations listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. However, a significant transformation occurred when the merger with International Game Technology, of which De Agostini retains 52.1% control, was finalized on April 7, 2015. As a result, their stock ceased to be traded on the Milan Stock Exchange and instead became listed on the illustrious New York Stock Exchange. Presently, this thriving company stands as a tangible testament to its success, employing a workforce of 1,700 individuals. At the helm is the esteemed Enrico Drago, who assumes the prestigious role of CEO, leading this dynamic organization towards greater achievements.

The level of customer assistance provided 8

If you find yourself in need of support and assistance, rest assured that Сomeon's customer service is at your disposal from 9:00 in the morning until the stroke of midnight, seven days a week. Whether you prefer the convenience of a telephone call, you can reach them toll-free at the number 800.900.009 or 06.2929 from your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can make use of the electronic mail service or engage in a live chat session. It should be noted that the live chat feature is exclusively available to registered users who have successfully logged in with their unique username and password. The team of operators, always pleasant and ready to assist, certainly deserves a commendable rating of 8 out of 10.

Guidelines for Licensing and Security 9

On Сomeon's betting website, you will find a multitude of logos that showcase the bookmaker's commitment to providing a safe and secure environment. One logo that stands out is the NGB logo, which serves as undeniable proof that Сomeon adheres to all the regulations set by the governing body responsible for gaming in South Africa. Additionally, the presence of the "TST verified" logo further reinforces the trustworthiness of Сomeon's online platforms, as it signifies that these platforms have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by a team of esteemed iGaming professionals.

Rest assured that your personal information is kept secure and confidential through our partnership with Symantec Corporation. We have implemented a state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption system, ensuring the protection of your sensitive data. This includes safeguarding crucial details like your banking information, residential address, email address, and phone number. Our commitment to privacy and security is unwavering, providing you with peace of mind while using our services.

When it comes to promoting responsible gambling, Lottomatica stands out as a highly conscientious operator. As clearly stated on their official websites, lottomatica.it and totosi, they have secured the prestigious "G4" certification granted by a panel of esteemed global professionals. This certification attests to their unwavering dedication and proactive approach in addressing matters concerning responsible gambling, employing the most advanced regulations and protocols available in Europe. Is there any other information you would like to include?

Bonus points 7

One of the betting sites with the largest jackpot, Сomeon, impresses us enough to warrant a generous 7 out of 10 bonus points. The variety of streaming options alone, with an impressive 40 events per day, accounts for two of these points. Additionally, Сomeon's active presence on social media, boasting a substantial following of approximately 15,000 on Twitter, earns the operator another two points. Furthermore, the captivating and entertaining blog provided by Сomeon also merits recognition, which we will delve into further in our comprehensive review of Сomeon news.

  • Streaming .2/3
  • News and social .2/3
  • Awards .1/2
  • Horse Racing .1/1
  • Virtual Sports .1/1
  • Bonus Points .7

Lottomatica has been bestowed with the prestigious accolade of the Best Casino Operator at the esteemed EGR South Africa Awards in 2014. Additionally, they have also garnered a Special Mention for being the Best Mobile Operator in 2015. While we may hold reservations regarding the latter award, chiefly due to our thorough assessment of the Сomeon app, we believe in providing an unbiased review in the dedicated section. The final two bonus points are attributed to the enticing bonuses offered for horse racing and virtual sports. The all-encompassing recognition received by Lottomatica across various domains is a testament to the remarkable versatility of their betting site. Our comprehensive analysis reveals that their platform, although straightforward, is replete with functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

If you are a South African player seeking excellent value for your investment, you will be delighted to discover that you can receive a deposit match bonus of up to $25 upon registration. This exceptional offer, available exclusively to newcomers, necessitates an 8x rollover requirement. Although the bonus may not be overwhelmingly impressive, the loyalty program offered by ComeOn's sports betting platform is truly remarkable. Every wager placed on the site earns players valuable points, with VIP members receiving exclusive advantages and improved odds on specific betting opportunities. Additionally, the betting website frequently conducts promotional campaigns that include the distribution of free bets.

Final Version: Conclusions: a straightforward yet comprehensive website

The betting platform offered by Сomeon is characterized by its straightforwardness and lack of unnecessary embellishments. Its user-friendliness and clear design are both its strong points and potential drawbacks. While simplicity is a desirable quality, incorporating more intricate features would certainly enhance the overall experience. Although the range of sports available may not be exceptional, the selection of markets and international football leagues is extensive. Additionally, the promotions offered are enticing, and it is commendable that Сomeon caters to both horse racing enthusiasts and fans of virtual sports.

Strengths and weaknesses of Сomeon
  • Main strengths
  • A diverse range of markets to choose from.
  • Virtual gambling and horse racing
  • Interesting promotions
  • Minor strengths
  • A website that is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate.
  • Major weaknesses
  • Insufficiency of athletic activities.
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • Live chat is exclusively available for customers who have completed the registration process.

To summarize, individuals opting for Lottomatica as their sports betting platform will be treated to a comprehensive experience, exploring the full array of betting opportunities available today. The aforementioned aspects, coupled with the user-friendly interface and generous incentives, render Сomeon an ideal choice for beginner bettors seeking to ease into the realm of online betting at a steady pace, establishing their own niche without feeling rushed. Eventually, as familiarity grows, users can venture towards more intricate bookmakers to further expand their horizons.


Do you have any doubts, perplexities, inquiries, or curiosities? Feel free to reach out to us!

❌ Can I cancel the bet if I realize I made the wrong bet?

Make sure to verify your bet before finalizing it since online sports bets are not eligible for cancellation, unlike those made at brick-and-mortar establishments, as per existing regulations.

If I decide to join Comeon, who will be held accountable for handling my personal information?

Upon successful completion of the registration procedure on Сomeon, the obligation of handling your personal information is entrusted to Lottomatica Scommesse S.r.l, whose legal headquarters are located at Viale del Campo Boario, 56/d, 00154 Rome. Rest assured that your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to safeguarding your data in accordance with the highest standards of security and confidentiality. Our dedicated team is fully aware of the significance of protecting your personal information, and they work tirelessly to ensure its integrity and privacy. With our robust data protection measures in place, you can have peace of mind while enjoying all the exciting features and services offered by Сomeon.

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