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For over 65 years, Playabets has been a prominent player in the realm of online betting. Their extensive experience in the field has made them true virtuosos of internet gambling. As part of the esteemed Playa Brand, they bring to South African bettors an unparalleled selection of betting odds and markets, rivalling renowned sportsbooks worldwide. With a particular focus on the beloved sports genres of South African punters, Playabets also offers an array of betting options from Europe and the USA. Curious to know why this platform has gained such popularity among bettors in South Africa? Delve into our comprehensive review, where our expert gamblers have thoroughly assessed the website to determine if it deserves our recommendation. As avid players themselves, they understand the importance of a secure and trustworthy gaming environment. Don't forget to explore the enticing Playabets bonus offer and sign up today to elevate your online betting experience.

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Experience the trustworthiness of Playabet, an exceptional online sports betting platform. Renowned for its timely payouts and extensive selection of popular betting markets, this site caters to the preferences of South African bettors. Explore the website to receive a generous bonus and discover a plethora of enticing options that suit your interests. In addition to sports bets, you can also test your luck with lucky numbers and keno games, offering the opportunity to win substantial prizes. Our comprehensive evaluation rates this betting site with an impressive four out of five stars.

Our Playabets review
Overview: Access your preferred topic effortlessly with a single click.
Sports 20+
Markets 120+
Live streaming No
Average payout (football) 93.75%
Partners or sponsors Nobody
Languages ​​available Italian
Customer service Chat/Phone/Email
License NGB Number: 15023
Achieving a perfect score on the initial wager Bonus 100$
Overall opinion 4.5 / 5.0
Strengths Playabets:
Darts bookmaker ranking: Darts betting sites
Payout Rank: Postepay top bookies
Offer is subject to precise regulatory conditions. Click "VISIT THE SITE" for further information.
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When assessing a bookmaker, several factors should be taken into account. The variety of games available, encompassing different sports, leagues, and markets, as well as the availability of bonuses and promotions, the competitiveness of odds and payouts, the quality of graphics, customer service efficiency, and the selection of payment methods all play a significant role. Our analysis will comprehensively cover each of these aspects in regard to Playabets, taking into consideration the fact that they are a relatively new operator in our country and have ample potential for future growth and enhancement.

8 betting overview

Playabets, a leading operator in South Africa, stands out for its exceptional range of betting options. When compared to other operators in the region, Playabets surpasses the competition with its diverse selection. The sports offerings are truly remarkable, encompassing a wide array of disciplines that cater to every sports enthusiast. Furthermore, the betting types available for individual matches are not only in line with industry standards but also exemplify top-notch quality. Playabets truly delivers an unparalleled betting experience for its customers.

The range of sports and markets available for selection

Playabets SA stands out as a highly sought-after digital bookmaker, providing bettors with an impressive selection of sports betting opportunities. With an extensive offering of over 12,000 live gambling options per month, they excel in providing an exhilarating in-play experience. Moreover, their soccer betting services are unparalleled, boasting a staggering 1,000 markets for every English Premier League match. Glowing reviews flood in, commending their user-friendly website, generous bonuses, and an unparalleled range of sports betting choices.

For sports enthusiasts seeking an exceptional betting experience, Playabets SA emerges as the ultimate destination, boasting an extensive array of sporting events and leagues to place wagers on. The realm of possibilities extends far beyond football, encompassing beloved alternatives like cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, hockey, American football, Aussie rules, baseball, basketball, and an assortment of others. With Playabets, the opportunities are boundless, offering a comprehensive range of pre-match or in-play odds and betting markets. And for the passionate soccer aficionados, brace yourself for an astounding repertoire of up to 200 Outrights per season! Feedback from satisfied bettors lauds this bookmaker's ability to deliver excellent value for money, courtesy of its competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

Soccer, undoubtedly the most favored sport in South Africa, holds the top spot, with tennis trailing behind at a considerable distance. This fact, although substantiated by available statistics and research, requires no further validation. Playabet, in its pursuit to revolutionize sports betting, has chosen to lay its foundation on solid grounds. The soccer section of Playabet's website offers an extensive range of possibilities, already dominating the South African market. With approximately 150 competitions spanning across the globe, soccer-centric nations like South Africa, England, and Germany enjoy coverage at five different levels. However, the platform also caters to the more unconventional tournaments, such as the Thai FA Cup and the Kenyan Premier League. These matches present a staggering array of over 120 markets, providing ample material to satisfy even the most imaginative bettors. The tennis page of Playabet's book showcases all the significant tournaments, including the prestigious Grand Slam events and the entire range of ATP and WTA levels, from the esteemed Masters 1000 and Premier Mandatory to the ATP 250 and WTA International. Moreover, players can engage in betting on numerous Challenger tournaments, as well as Futures, all conveniently available in one comprehensive package.

Playabet offers a variety of sports and leagues for sports enthusiasts to enjoy.
Football Tennis basketball Volleyball Ice Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA South Africa's Serie A1 NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A CEV Cup Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Poland Plusliga KHL
Super Lig South Africa's International Community Olympic Games Russian Super League Euro Challenge
Liga Wimbledon French Championship Greece A1 Austria EHL
Bundesliga Australian Open Germany championship Champions League Germany DEL

If you have a penchant for lesser-known sports, you'll be thrilled to discover the vast array of options available on our website. From basketball and volleyball to ice hockey and rugby, we offer an extensive selection of championships and tournaments from around the globe. But that's not all! We've also expanded our offerings to include motorsports like Formula 1, MotoGP, and Moto2. In fact, our selection now boasts over 20 different disciplines, including table tennis, snooker, darts, futsal, American football, and baseball. So, whether you're a die-hard fan or simply looking to explore new sporting horizons, be sure to check out the schedules on intertops and Betting-World for a truly exhilarating experience.

Football offers a wide range of markets for enthusiasts to explore. Apart from the traditional options like Under/Over, Goal/No goal, and Half-time/Full-time, there is an extensive array of combinations to experiment with. With a plethora of exact results and available scorers, even matches that are not considered top-tier can be exciting. In recent times, the introduction of markets focusing on corner kicks and cards has added another layer of excitement to the game. Other sports also present numerous opportunities for bettors. Basketball, volleyball, and hockey offer countless combinations of classic markets and partial results to keep fans engaged.

Playabets SA is an acclaimed and widely favored digital bookmaker, renowned for providing punters with an extraordinary selection of sports wagering opportunities. With an impressive assortment of over 12,000 live gambling options per month, they have firmly established themselves as a leading platform in the industry. Moreover, Playabets SA offers an unparalleled soccer betting service, boasting an extensive range of over 1,000 markets for every English Premier League match. Their outstanding reputation is reinforced by an abundance of positive reviews, which commend their user-friendly website, generous promotional offers, and an exceptional variety of sports betting choices.

For sports enthusiasts seeking an ideal platform, Playabets SA emerges as the ultimate destination, boasting an extensive array of sporting events and leagues for betting aficionados. While football remains a popular choice, the platform offers an array of other beloved sports, including cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, hockey, American football, Aussie rules, baseball, basketball, and more. Playabets provides a wide range of pre-match and in-play odds, catering to diverse betting preferences. Moreover, avid soccer fans can relish in the excitement of up to 200 Outrights each season. According to reviews, this bookmaker delivers exceptional value for money, characterized by competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

Experience the thrill of live betting and streaming

In the realm of real-time wagers, these choices are readily accessible. Additionally, you have the option to stream games online. By utilizing your Playabets mobile login credentials, simply navigate to the live betting page and select the odds that pique your interest. It's imperative to stay vigilant since all Playabets live in-play bets constantly fluctuate. Once you emerge victorious in your live bet, make your way to the cashier section to initiate a withdrawal or claim your genuine cash prize. Playabets, under the management of Stars, has bridged the gap that once separated them from other prominent players in the industry. The assortment of sports and events offered in in-play betting has significantly expanded, ensuring that scheduled matches can be found at any given time throughout the day. The director manager of Playabet South Africa has consistently stressed the operator's dedication to enhancing this particular section of their betting platform. Moreover, as the live streaming service is still in development, it is plausible that the selection of sports available for betting may expand beyond the current eight to ten options.

Multiples and systems

When it comes to probabilities, there is no room for uncertainty: securing a victory in a solitary wager is undoubtedly simpler compared to triumphing in a combination bet. Nevertheless, seasoned bettors are well aware that combination bets entail significantly higher odds and a more exhilarating gaming encounter. To opt for your preferred bet type on Playabet, simply click on the corresponding button located conveniently on the betting slip. At present, system bets are not offered on the Playabet betting platform; however, rest assured that the diligent English operator is actively developing this feature, with its impending introduction on the webpage.


In South Africa, the betting boundaries mirror those implemented by other bookmakers. These particular limits, which are sanctioned by the NGB, stipulate that the minimum wager for both individual and combined bets is set at $2, while the maximum payout for each bet stands at $10,000. It is worth noting that system bets, as mentioned earlier, are currently undergoing a developmental phase. Nevertheless, once they are officially launched, they will still be subject to the regulations established by the Agency, which mandates a minimum bet of $2 and a maximum winning amount of $50,000.

Analysis of odds and payouts 7

Novice bettors may not immediately realize the significant variations in payouts among different betting operators. However, Playabet's odds for online betting generally do not spring any major surprises. Upon closer examination, their payouts prove to be commendable, both in terms of maximum stakes and average figures. Football enthusiasts will be pleased to note that the payouts exceed 95%, while tennis enthusiasts can expect figures above 93%. Rugby enthusiasts will also find the payouts to be significantly higher than the average offered by bookmakers in our country, ranging from 92.8% to 94.6%. Only basketball odds appear to have slightly lower percentages compared to their competitors. Ice hockey and volleyball enthusiasts should bear in mind that no operator in South Africa offers consistently high odds for these sports. Nonetheless, we are confident that after an initial adjustment period, the bookie from Leeds will be able to impress us with some intriguing offerings in this domain as well.

The payouts of the most clicked sports
  • .
  • Football 89.7 - 95.6%
  • Basketball 89.7 - 92.2%
  • Tennis 90.8 - 93.7%
  • Volleyball 91.0 - 92.3%
  • Hockey 90.3 - 91.7%
  • Rugby 92.8 - 94.6%
  • ..
  • .....
  • Payout (%)

Playabets Banking Details

Finding the ideal deposit method is effortless for South African bettors. A plethora of payment options, widely recognized and utilized by online shoppers in South Africa, awaits. By utilizing credit/debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, you can effortlessly transfer funds to your betting account's wallet. Alternatively, you can opt for the convenient instant EFT payment option, which is readily accessible through leading South African banks. These banks encompass

  • Absa
  • FNB
  • Capitec
  • Investec
  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank

If you prefer to keep your identity anonymous, there is an alternative method for players to deposit funds. By purchasing an OTT voucher, you can conveniently add funds to your account without revealing personal information. These vouchers are available for purchase at various retailers, including Caltex Fresh Stop, Boxer, Kazang, and GloCell stores. It is important to note that there is a minimum deposit requirement of R50 to utilize this option.

Playabets withdrawal

Playa Bets offers only two options for withdrawing funds.

  • Your winnings will be credited directly to your bank account via bank transfers.
  • Retrieve your winnings from any betting establishment by presenting valid identification. Keep in mind that there is a withdrawal limit of R10,000 for transactions within the store.

To initiate a successful withdrawal, players are required to furnish their FICA documents, a process that typically spans 2-5 days. This entails the submission of identification papers, a utility bill serving as proof of residence for the past three months, and the provision of banking information. Rest assured, this essential step ensures a secure and streamlined withdrawal experience.

Playabet SA Sportsbook

Playabets offers a visually stunning interface with a wide range of features. 9 betting site

Playabet's South African portal showcases a significant investment in its layout, highlighting the bookmaker's commitment to providing an exceptional user experience. The Stars Group, the bookmaker's parent company, has ensured that the portal remains faithful to its previous successful design, a wise decision considering its reputation for delivering high levels of user satisfaction. The portal's graphics are sleek and well-designed, facilitating easy navigation and enabling users to quickly locate the information they seek. The choice of a white background enhances the overall aesthetics, creating a visually pleasing and user-friendly interface.

The user experience has been carefully crafted to minimize the need for excessive clicks. The top navigation bar showcases the icons representing the various sports on offer. On the left sidebar, you will find a comprehensive list of all the competitions you can place bets on for each individual sport. Whether you prefer pre-game, live, ante-post, today's, tomorrow's, or weekend's betting options, you have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of menus. Rather than lumping all the live events together, the matches are thoughtfully categorized by their respective disciplines. We believe this approach is an innovative solution, enabling players to swiftly locate their desired match with ease, sparing them from tediously scrolling through lengthy lists. This functionality will undoubtedly prove invaluable as the site expands to encompass a broader array of sports disciplines.

A guide to placing wagers

Placing a wager has never been more effortless. Every aspect has been meticulously crafted to ensure that every action on the website is as user-friendly as possible. When it comes to placing a bet online, the initial step is to select the desired sport from the conveniently located top navigation bar. On the left-hand side, you will discover a comprehensive list of all the accessible leagues. Whether you prefer to engage in pre-match, live, or outright betting, the options are readily available in the left sidebar. As you delve into the central body of the webpage, an array of matches open up before you, offering ample opportunities for wagering. Exercise caution when selecting the odds: by simply clicking on the + symbol adjacent to the event, you unlock a treasure trove of markets, expanding your range of choices.

  • [1] Select the market Sports and leagues available on PlayabetsChoose your desired sport, league, and the specific match you wish to place your bet on from the available options.
  • [2] Choose your bet An image of Playabets's oddsThoroughly choose the desired market along with its corresponding odds and include it in your betting slip.
  • [3] Confirm your bet Screenshot of Playabets's bet slipChoose the desired betting amount and select "VISIT SITE" to validate your wager.

To confirm your bet, simply click on the yellow button labeled "VISIT THE SITE" after entering the desired amount you wish to play. You can expedite the process by utilizing the +1, +5, and +10 buttons. On the right-hand side of the page, all your selections will be neatly organized within the coupon. At this juncture, you are presented with the choice of game mode, be it single or multiple.

Find additional information on Playabet.

In July 2000, Playabet's story began with the acquisition of Sports Internet Group, an online betting company, by BSkyB. This marked the start of a remarkable journey for Playabet, which swiftly expanded its reach, leading the Leeds group to establish new offices in various locations including Sheffield, London, Guernsey, and Germany. Furthermore, ambitious plans were forged for a grand entrance into the South African market in 2015. It wasn't until the culmination of 2016 that Playabet finally made its highly anticipated debut, captivating audiences with a captivating video campaign helmed by the esteemed director, Julie Gautier. The campaign featured the captivating slogan "Bet at the best," leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered it. In a subsequent turn of events, the Stars Group acquired the domain and orchestrated a triumphant relaunch in our nation during the year 2020, alongside the revitalization of other esteemed portals such as Pokerstars and Casino Stars.

Playabet offers further details and insights
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: The Stars Group Hours: 10.00-24.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 128, Convenient Deposit limit:
Headquarters: Toronto Canada Telephone: Members only License: NGB Betting limit: Expected
Key people: Rafael Ashkenazi and Divyesh Gadhia are the individuals mentioned in the given text. Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: More than 1000 Fax: Documents accepted: Identity card, driver's license, passport Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Members only Email address for submitting documents: [email protected]
Partner institutions:

The level of customer support provided 8

Playabets offers exceptional customer service that is both highly skilled and accommodating. When it comes to reaching out for support, the chat feature is undoubtedly the quickest and most efficient method. However, it is important to note that access to the call center is only available through chat or phone once you have completed the registration and login process. With service hours extending from 10 am to midnight every day, Playabets ensures that assistance is readily available during a significant portion of the day. With such commendable support, we are proud to endorse their services with a favorable rating.

Licensing and security protocols 9

Playabets SA, the trusted and authorized betting operator, has obtained the endorsement of three reputable authorities: the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, the KZN Gaming and Betting Board, and the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board. Rest assured that when you engage with Playabets SA, your gambling experience is not only enjoyable but also ethically conducted, as this provider adheres to industry regulations. The favorable reviews from satisfied customers attest to the reliability of Playabets SA's services. It is worth mentioning that Playabet is a globally recognized brand that goes beyond betting. Consequently, it prioritizes the highest security standards to safeguard its customers. To ensure the utmost protection, Playabet employs an advanced 128-bit encryption system provided by Comodo, a pioneering American company in computer security and the world's first Certificate Authority to issue SSL certificates.

In South Africa, Playabet operates with license number 15023 authorized by NGB. Being a reputable provider, it actively participates in various initiatives promoting Responsible Gambling. Playabet offers a range of features designed to assist individuals who may be prone to developing gambling-related problems, such as self-limitation and self-exclusion tools. The dedicated customer support team undergoes specialized training to ensure top-notch assistance in dealing with these concerns. Additionally, the operator provides applications that allow parents and adults to restrict the access of minors under 18 years old to their platform.

Bonus points

Once South African bettors have successfully completed the Playabets online registration procedure by filling in the registration form, they can eagerly anticipate a generous welcome bonus. This attractive offer entails a 100% match of up to R2000, providing a remarkable opportunity to significantly boost their bankroll and enhance their chances of winning substantial sums of real money. To avail themselves of this enticing promotion, players will be required to furnish their FICA documentation, following which they will be promptly rewarded with the once-off deposit bonus.

To ensure the eligibility for withdrawal of your winnings, it is important to fulfill the standard wagering requirements associated with the bonus offer. South African players will need to complete their initial deposit and wager the deposited amount a minimum of three times on bets with odds exceeding 1.0 prior to requesting the bonus. We highly recommend visiting our website at www Playabet co za and thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions before proceeding with the sign-up process.

When it comes to the additional offerings, we are accustomed to assessing all those elements that fall under the category of "extras" in a bookmaker's repertoire, yet still hold significance in enhancing the bettor's overall gaming experience. In this particular category, Playabets falls short of achieving a perfect score. However, this outcome is not surprising, as being a recent contender in the South African market, their main focus lies in prioritizing the fundamental aspects of betting. Consequently, we have assigned a modest rating of 2 out of 10 points to the Stars Group operator. While there is currently no provision for live streaming services, rumors suggest that there may be forthcoming developments in this area. Conversely, the company's expertise and reputation within the industry are widely acknowledged.

  • Streaming .0/3
  • News as well as social media .1/3
  • Awards .1/2
  • Horseracing .0/1
  • Virtual sports .0/1
  • Bonus points .2

If you are seeking a platform that provides diverse betting options, we have allocated significant emphasis on news and social aspects, which will be thoroughly explored in the comprehensive Playabet news review. Additionally, our parent company's commendation at the esteemed European EGR Awards has earned us recognition in the awards section. However, we have attained no points in the horse racing and virtual sports category. If you are interested in such wagering opportunities, we encourage you to explore the offerings presented on Sports Illustrated's website, catering to horses and virtual sports.

Once South African bettors have successfully filled out the Playabets registration form, they can anticipate receiving a generous welcome bonus. Following the completion of the straightforward online registration process, punters will be rewarded with a remarkable 100% match, reaching a maximum of R2000. This extraordinary bonus has the potential to substantially amplify your bankroll, providing you with increased opportunities to secure substantial winnings. In order to avail themselves of this exceptional deposit bonus offer, players must ensure the submission of their FICA documentation. Rest assured that this bonus is a once-off opportunity that is not to be missed.

Before you sign up, we urge you to visit the website and carefully read through the terms and conditions. The bonus offer comes with standard wagering requirements that must be fulfilled in order for players to be able to withdraw their winnings. South African punters will need to make their initial deposit and then place bets with odds greater than 1.0, rolling over the deposit amount three times, before they can request the bonus.

At Playabet, the generosity never ceases. The spirit of giving permeates the platform, extending beyond mere bounds. When engaging in online betting, you open the gateway to a plethora of enticing promotions. There is an abundance of opportunities to participate in Playabets promotions, each unique and exclusive. These dynamic bonus offers are ever-evolving, transforming on a weekly basis, ensuring a constant sense of excitement and anticipation for our valued users. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected and unlock a world of rewards at Playabet.

Promotion Offer Conditions
Multiple Bet Bonus 2.5% – 30% Bonus
Playa + Rewards Get 5% cashback on every Tuesday.
7+ Money Back – Online If you place a wager on seven or more matches and one of them ends in a loss, you will receive a full refund of your initial bet.
Receive a 500% refund – Virtual Receive a bonus refund of 5 times your initial bet if any of your selected options fail in a ticket consisting of 20 or more selections!
25% Win Boost – Players Receive a 25% ENHANCEMENT on your payout for both outright win and place bets!

At present, each of the Playabets promo codes can be accessed and they are not without their limitations. Delve into the promotions section to gain insight into the specific terms and conditions accompanying every enticing bonus proposal.

An internationally acclaimed book with promising potential.

Considering the recent entry of the operator into the South African market, we have thoroughly examined its capabilities and found it well-equipped to compete at a superior level. The platform boasts captivating and meticulously crafted visuals. When it comes to user experience, simplicity is the key, as the site has been meticulously designed to ensure effortless and pleasurable navigation. The online platform truly excels in terms of functionality. In comparison to the past, the bookmaker's offerings have significantly expanded, encompassing a wide array of sports to bet on. We have also secured a strong foothold in terms of championships, tournaments, and markets in prominent sports. Our position is undoubtedly commendable.

Strengths and weaknesses of Playabets
  • Main strengths
  • Excellent graphics
  • Many markets available
  • International network
  • Minor strengths
  • Rapidly evolving platform
  • Efficient customer service
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Markets Average
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Insufficient availability of real-time broadcasting

Upon thorough examination, we meticulously scrutinized the payout system and wagering odds, leaving no room for disappointment. Regrettably, certain significant supplementary features, namely live streaming, horse racing, and virtual options, are currently absent. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that the bookmaker will make significant strides in this realm, drawing from their vast international expertise and robust support. We eagerly look forward to personally experiencing these forthcoming advancements firsthand.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding any of the essential facets of this service provider, we have gone to great lengths to offer you an in-depth, meticulous evaluation. Nevertheless, should you find yourself in need of further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We are here to address any lingering doubts and provide you with the assistance you require.

What is the reason for requesting submission of an identity document during the registration process?

To safeguard against fraudulent activity and maintain compliance with state regulations, it is imperative to submit a scanned version of your identification document. This essential step helps mitigate any illicit or unlawful endeavors. Moreover, without furnishing the required document, you will be unable to initiate any withdrawals from your gaming account. Consequently, it is essential to adhere to this protocol in order to protect the integrity of your funds and ensure a secure gaming experience.

Where can I locate the live betting page of Playabets?

With a robust, user-friendly interface, Playabet, the premier online betting platform, offers a seamless navigation experience. Equipped with both primary and secondary navigation bars, this innovative site enables effortless exploration of its extensive pre-match and live schedule. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the game, Playabet ensures smooth sailing as you delve into the thrilling world of sports betting.

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