An extensive evaluation of the bookmaker Interbet

For decades, Germany has been synonymous with excitement and amusement, with the beaming sun serving as a symbol and assurance of endless betting and entertainment. Since the 1950s, the country has been adorned with a multitude of agencies and casinos, saturating its territory. In recent years, however, the sun's smile has reached beyond the physical realm and embraced the realm of online gaming, venturing to conquer the South African market. It is with great pleasure that we present to you the review of Merkur, a prestigious German conglomerate that has recently made its mark in the realm of South African online betting under the esteemed banner of Interbet. Astute observers will undoubtedly grasp the significance of this momentous occasion.

Interbet is the go-to bookmaker for South African bettors seeking a wide range of betting markets. As one of the top bookmakers in the country, they provide online gamblers with unparalleled betting odds and lines. Discover why we highly recommend Interbet to SA bettors by delving into our comprehensive review. At, you'll encounter a user-friendly layout that ensures a seamless sports betting experience in South Africa. This German powerhouse offers a diverse selection of sports disciplines, including horse racing, virtual sports, and reality shows. Our review of Interbet will delve into all these aspects and more. From examining the odds and payouts to evaluating the site's graphics, functionality, bonuses, and live betting, we leave no stone unturned. Brace yourself, as we embark on this exciting journey together!

Examining the wagering timetable

The variety of betting options provided to customers is a key indicator of a reputable bookmaker. Interbet, a renowned betting website, excels in this regard. This German operator's platform offers an extensive selection of betting opportunities, catering to a wide range of sports and beyond. Let's explore together and delve into the available leagues, events, and markets, providing a comprehensive understanding of Interbet's offerings.

The sports and markets available for selection.

Football enthusiasts across Europe are drawn to the impressive range of betting options offered by Interbet. The South African Serie A, B, C, D, Coppa South Africa, and Primavera championships are readily accessible, catering to the local fanbase. Meanwhile, England boasts an astonishing coverage of 9 competitions, spanning all leagues up to the seventh tier, in addition to the prestigious FA Cup and the U23 championship. Undoubtedly, Albion's football devotees are treated to an unparalleled selection. However, Interbet's football betting portfolio transcends the boundaries of well-known nations. With over 60 countries featured in their schedule, bettors can explore intriguing options that might be considered unconventional on other platforms. The lineup includes countries like Singapore, Paraguay, Venezuela, Jordan, Honduras, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan, amongst others. Equally noteworthy is the market park, conveniently accessible by clicking on the corresponding icon beside each match. It unveils a plethora of potential plays associated with the selected match. For pre-match betting alone, customers can choose from an extensive array of over 200 markets per match. The abundance of combo possibilities and special bets further enhance the overall betting experience.

Interbet provides a selection of sports and leagues for users to enjoy.
Football Tennis basketball Cycling Handball
Champions League Roland Garros NBA Tour de France Champions League
Serie A US Open Serie A A Journey through South Africa Portugal A1
Serie C ATP Finals Euroleague Vuelta a Espana Greece A1
Liga Internationals originating from South Africa. Olympic Games Paris-Roubaix Czech Rep. Extraliga
Bundesliga Wimbledon French championship Liège-Bastogne-Liège Sweden Eliteserien
Premier League Australian Open Germany championship World Championships Denmark Handboldligaen

Moving on from the subject of football, let's now delve into the remaining events on the agenda. We can't help but be impressed with the sheer variety of sports available to us. Depending on the specific dates, as many as 15 distinct sports can be found in the timetable. Alongside the popular favorites like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and ice hockey, the left sidebar also showcases thrilling options such as motor racing, motorcycling, American football, rugby, alpine skiing, handball, baseball, and even reality television shows like Grande Fratello VIP. Tennis enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the schedule includes coverage of nearly every tournament worldwide, ranging from the ATP events of all magnitudes to Challenger and ITF competitions. The Interbet betting schedule continually alternates between various Davis Cup matches as well. Moreover, it's worth noting that we also provide the exciting opportunity to bet on horse racing and virtual sports—an offering that only a limited number of licensed bookmakers extend to their customers.

Live betting and streaming

Interbet's in-play schedule may not offer the same extensive options as its pre-match gaming offer. On average, there are around four sports available for live betting: soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. While this may seem limited compared to other prominent players in the national betting scene, Interbet still manages to provide around a hundred events for real-time betting every day. Soccer enthusiasts will be pleased to find up to 70 markets to choose from. However, if you're someone who enjoys live betting on more niche sports, it might be worthwhile to explore the schedule at 888sport. It's important to note that Interbet does not currently offer live streaming for sports events.

Multiples and systems

Bettors who enjoy multiples and various betting systems will discover a user-friendly experience when placing their bets on the German operator's online platform. The process is straightforward - users can effortlessly add their desired events to the betting slip and conveniently choose their preferred betting type from the array of options conveniently located on the left-hand side of the screen. Opting for the system feature enables players to determine their desired stake amount for each combination, beginning from as low as 5 cents and escalating for singles, doubles, triples, quadruples, and beyond.


Interbet has implemented minimum and maximum limits for bets of various types. These limits are in accordance with the regulations set by the NGB and are consistent among all bookmakers in South Africa. Single or multiple bet slips require a minimum bet of $2, ensuring that customers can participate with a reasonable stake. System bets, on the other hand, have a minimum limit of $0.05 per column and $2 for the entire bet. These limits allow for flexibility in system betting while maintaining a fair playing field. In terms of maximum win limits, Interbet has set the bar at $10,000 for single or multiple bets, providing an exciting potential for significant winnings. System bets have a higher maximum win limit of $50,000, offering even greater possibilities for substantial returns. These limits aim to strike a balance between ensuring enjoyable betting experiences and managing potential risks effectively.

Analysis of odds and payouts. 8

Despite not being the most formidable element in the array of German book selections, the rewards we derived from our comprehensive analysis remained remarkably steady. The table provided below exhibits that Interbet's football betting rates surpass the 95% mark. Remarkably, fixtures from Serie A and the Spanish Liga boast the most impressive figures: this information is sure to gratify a multitude of South African wagering aficionados.

The payouts of the most clicked sports

The payout table of major bookmakers operating under the NGB license clearly displays the satisfactory pre-match payouts for various sports. German bookmakers, without excessive exaggeration, skillfully provide average percentages in comparison to their counterparts. In basketball and tennis, odds can reach an impressive 93%. It is worth noting that even the lowest averages we have observed have never fallen below acceptable levels.

The website's visual design and user experience. 7

The vibrant spectrum of the color red, spanning from mesmerizing magenta to captivating maroon, exerts its influence on the visual aesthetics of both the desktop and mobile app interfaces. Complementing this dominant hue is the radiant glow of yellow, reminiscent of the sun and emblematic of the extraordinary realm of Interbet. Ensuring effortless navigation, the topmost toolbar presents an array of enticing icons, encompassing Home, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sports Betting, and Promotions, each representing a distinct section of the website. Of particular significance, the Sports Betting segment unfolds into an intriguing trifecta, housing Sports, Horse Racing, and Virtual Games. To explore the realm of live event betting opportunities, users are encouraged to delve into the left sidebar and initiate their journey by selecting the foremost item on the list.

The left sidebar of the website presents a comprehensive assortment of sports available for betting. These categories are neatly organized under the headings All, Today, and Tomorrow. In the main section of the page, you will find a list of matches accompanied by their corresponding odds, easily identifiable by the captivating yellow sun backdrop. For instance, the homepage showcases the latest football and tennis fixtures in the central area. On the right-hand side of your screen, you can locate the betting slip where you can gather your chosen events and odds, allowing you to place your bets conveniently. The website's aesthetic exudes a certain vintage charm, which may appeal to some users. However, it is worth noting that extended usage of the platform might strain your eyes due to the small font size and the excessive utilization of dark colors in the backgrounds. In terms of user experience, we must mention that the Sports Illustrated Matchpoint platform has left a particularly strong impression on us.

An expert guide on placing successful wagers

Navigating the Interbet betting site is a breeze, despite the use of a slightly underperforming and relatively small font. The previous paragraph has shown us that the simplicity and fundamental nature of the design enable users to effortlessly locate their desired content. All aspects related to sports betting are conveniently situated in the sidebar on the right. Within this comprehensive list, you will discover a wide array of sports, nations, and leagues, allowing for straightforward selection with just a few clicks. Once these initial choices have been made, your focus should shift to the central section of the page, where the extensive list of matches will be displayed.

  • [1] Make your selection The selection of odds on InterbetBe cautious when selecting the championship, matches, and their respective odds for your betting purposes.
  • [2] Select the category of wager. The choice of the type of bet on InterbetIn the coupon located on the right-hand side, choose the desired betting mode, selecting between standard and system options.
  • [3] Confirm the operation The confirmation of the operation on InterbetAfter inputting the desired betting amount, proceed by verifying the action through a simple click on the "Play" button.

To proceed further, you'll need to explore the fascinating array of markets and odds available. The yellow background navigation bar offers an assortment of market types to choose from, such as under/over, goal, combo, special bet, other, and antepost. The options are plentiful, but the combo bets hold a particular allure. Once you've made your selection, direct your attention to the coupon on the right-hand side. From there, determine your preferred betting mode among single, multiple, and system. If opting for a system bet, you can enter multiple amounts to play, ensuring each selection aligns with your chosen criteria. To seal the deal, simply click the "Play" button in a soothing shade of blue and verify your transaction.

InterBet Sign-up process

To access Interbet's online sportsbook, individuals must first visit the appropriate website and delve into the assortment of betting odds and possibilities offered. The platform presents an array of functionalities, such as live streaming services and the option to engage in in-play betting, all of which prospective clients can peruse. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to peruse reviews shared by previous or current users.

To ensure compliance, individuals must first confirm their eligibility by meeting the minimum legal age requirement of 18 years or above. Once this criterion is satisfied, they can proceed with ease in establishing an account and commencing their betting journey with Interbet. Follow the straightforward instructions provided below to effortlessly navigate through the setup process and embark on an exciting betting experience.

  • To begin using Interbet's services, simply click on the "Register" button. Once registered, users can freely share their reviews and feedback regarding their interactions with the sportsbook.
  • In order to utilize the services provided by Interbet, users must provide precise personal information, including their name, contact information, and other necessary details, which will be used for both verification and the creation of their accounts.
  • After providing the required information, simply select the "Continue" option button to move forward with the Interbet review process.
  • In order to ensure that the right level of access is given, users might need to furnish personal details such as their birth date.
  • When deciding to utilize Interbet, the initial step involves choosing the suitable country to access the corresponding reviews and information linked to Interbet within that particular nation.
  • In order to finalize the Interbet review, you should click on the "Submit" button once you have provided all the necessary details. This will initiate the account setup and verification process, enabling users to begin utilizing Interbet's services.

Withdraw funds and construct custom bets

At present, Interbet offers its users the advantageous Cash Out option. This remarkable feature empowers customers to withdraw funds from their bets prior to the conclusion of the match. By utilizing this function, individuals gain remarkable autonomy and influence over their wagers, enabling them to swiftly determine the optimal moment to terminate a bet and secure potential gains or reduce possible losses.

Interbet presents a remarkable feature called Cash Out, providing users with the chance to withdraw from a bet prior to its completion. This grants you the ability to reclaim a portion or the entirety of your stake if you anticipate a potential loss or have already emerged victorious. The precise amount of funds reimbursed is contingent upon the timing and odds associated with your cash out request. Harness the power of Cash Out and take control of your betting experience with Interbet.

An Internet bet is a unique form of gambling that encompasses two distinct possibilities. The ultimate outcome of such a wager may either surpass or fall short of the initially staked sum, thus potentially leading to either a gain or a loss of funds exceeding the original investment.

At present, Interbet lacks a Bet Builder option for its customers to utilize.

Interbet falls short in our assessment, leaving room for improvement. Regrettably, customers are currently unable to place tailor-made wagers, diminishing the thrill of bet customization and restricting betting alternatives. We earnestly urge Interbet to swiftly introduce this feature, allowing patrons to relish the complete spectrum of possibilities and enhancing their overall betting experience.

Interbet Withdrawals Deposits

Discover a plethora of familiar online payment options specifically tailored for South African users. Unlocking a seamless banking experience, we present you with an array of platforms at your disposal to effortlessly deposit and withdraw funds to and from your Interbet account. Check out this comprehensive list of trusted payment gateways to conveniently manage your transactions.

  • Credit cards offered by leading financial institutions like ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, and Investec.
  • Cheque
  • 1 Voucher
  • Bidvest
  • OTT Voucher
  • Zapper

VIP Program

The VIP Club, Interbet's exclusive loyalty program, entices customers with its alluring rewards. With a total of five levels, new patrons kickstart their journey at the Bronze Level. To stay in the loop and monitor your progress within the program, simply click on "My Account" at the top of your screen and navigate to the esteemed "VIP Club" section.

Discover an exceptional online gambling experience at Interbet by exploring their exclusive VIP Program! By wagering just 16GBP, players can earn 1 VIP point, propelling them towards higher levels of prestige. As you advance, bask in the extraordinary advantages of VIP customer support, delightful birthday surprises, exclusive bonuses and promotions, an anniversary reward, and an array of additional benefits! Moreover, brace yourself for an unparalleled betting adventure with Interbet, as they provide a personal account manager and a dedicated support hotline. Prepare for an unmatched betting endeavor like never before!

At Interbet, we have designed the VIP Ladder, a unique rewards program that empowers you to ascend the ladder and unlock incredible bonuses. With each level you reach, a world of exclusive offers and heightened benefits awaits. By placing real money wagers on our thrilling sportsbook and casino games, you'll earn XP (Experience Points) that serve as your key to unlocking even more sensational rewards as you ascend through the VIP Levels. So, get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey towards unprecedented VIP privileges at Interbet.

Interbet presents an exclusive VIP Club that undoubtedly commands admiration. Nevertheless, the journey to ascend the ranks demands quite a substantial accumulation of points. To illustrate, to secure a coveted position in Interbet's distinguished Platinum VIP Club Level, a grand total of 160,000 GBP must be wagered.

To summarize, Interbet provides users with a multitude of options to discover and assess within their sportsbook. To initiate access to these offerings, individuals must fulfill the necessary age criteria prescribed by law and diligently follow the predefined instructions for creating and validating their account.

Discover additional information regarding Interbet.

In the vast expanse of history, Interbet traces its origins to the bygone era of the 1950s. It was in the year 1957 when Paul Gauselmann forged the initial cornerstone of the renowned conglomerate in Espelkamp, Germany. The rise of the enterprises adorned with the emblematic sun of Interbet was swift, establishing themselves as a prominent force in the realm of amusement and gambling within Germany, before embarking on a global venture that knew no bounds.

Extra details regarding Interbet.
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: Interbet Interactive South Africa S.p.a. transformed into a digital powerhouse with its innovative and engaging online presence, capturing the attention of users and setting new standards in the industry. Hours: 14.00 – 23.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 256, Convenient Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Cinisello Balsamo, MI Telephone: 800 693 006 License: NGB Betting limit: Expected
Key people: Paul Gauselmann Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: Fax: Documents accepted: Identification card, passport, driver's license Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Yes Email for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner organizations: Siipac, Gamecare

The level of customer service provided 8

Getting in touch with Interbet's customer service is a breeze, with swift and straightforward options aplenty. You have three distinct channels at your disposal, each offering its own advantages. For matters of significant importance and length, along with document submissions, the email address stands as an excellent choice. Alternatively, there's a toll-free number and a live chat feature, both accessible every day from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM. While the call center's operating hours may be slightly reduced in comparison to others, it's worth mentioning that wait times via phone or email are remarkably brief. Moreover, the staff members consistently exhibit kindness and problem-solving prowess, ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Essential details regarding license and site security 9

Interbet prioritizes the utmost security measures when it comes to its products, a fact that deserves recognition within this passage. The platform can be accessed via a highly secure SSL encrypted channel, which ensures the privacy of all information shared between the user and the site. To safeguard sensitive data, a 256-bit connection provided by Comodo, a renowned company based in California and one of the industry's global frontrunners, is employed for encryption purposes. Furthermore, to guarantee game integrity, the client of the operator establishes communication with the server through an SSL encrypted channel using 1024-bit keys, thereby preventing any potential interference with the gameplay itself.

The German bookmaker, affiliated with NGB and part of the Gauselmann group, provides a comprehensive identity verification system for its users. By allowing them to choose from a selection of identity documents such as ID cards, passports, or driving licenses, they ensure a secure and trustworthy gambling experience. Taking the safety of minors seriously, this bookmaker actively monitors player identities and activities on a daily basis, creating a safe and just gaming environment. Moreover, they are dedicated to promoting responsible gaming in every aspect, prioritizing the well-being and welfare of their customers.

Bonus points 3

Regrettably, the bonus points category did not warrant more than 3 additional points for the German operator. This is primarily due to the absence of a live streaming service, and while the news and blog section is present, it will be thoroughly examined in the Interbet news review. Competing with a platform as comprehensive as intertops in these particular areas will undoubtedly pose a challenge. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that updates will be implemented in the near future. Evidently, the bookmaker is in the process of expanding its South African platform, as evidenced by the inclusion of dedicated sections for horse racing and virtual sports.

  • Streaming .0/3
  • News and social media have become integral parts of our daily lives, providing us with instant access to information, updates, and the ability to connect with others. .1/3
  • Awards .0/2
  • Horse racing .1/1
  • Virtual sports .1/1
  • Bonus points .3

Regrettably, the distinguished South African EGR Awards have yet to acknowledge our website, leaving the Awards and Recognitions category vacant. Nevertheless, we managed to allocate bonus points for our revamped social profiles, notably Twitter, which received an update. It is possible that forthcoming advancements on our site will pave the way for a surge in this particular category.

At the time this review was written, the bookmaker had limited offerings in terms of bonuses and promotions. The sole promotional opportunity available was the Buddy Bonus, which essentially functions as a refer-a-friend bonus. In order for a player who is already registered with the bookmaker to qualify for this bonus, they must adhere to a set of specific rules.

  • In a span of seven days, bettors must input a minimum of five names and corresponding email addresses.
  • South African bettors are required to deposit and place a minimum bet of R50 within the first week of registration before they can enter and submit their friend's information.
  • After fulfilling these criteria, your friend will receive an email containing detailed instructions on how to complete the registration process on the website.
  • Your friend must provide FICA documents, deposit and wager at least R25 within seven days of receiving the email, and they will receive a complimentary R25 in betting credits!
  • After your friend fulfills all the necessary conditions, Interbet will credit your account with R25 and notify you either by email or SMS.

By carefully examining the terms and conditions page, you will discover the means by which you accumulate points, even though the bonus reward may not be extensive. Every wager made contributes to your point total, enabling you to progress within the loyalty program offered by the bookmaker. As you engage with the platform, you will have the opportunity to explore four distinct tiers: Club, Silver, Gold, and the prestigious Platinum level. It is essential to navigate through each tier, as they present varying benefits and privileges.

A burgeoning publication, swiftly gaining momentum.

We have come to the conclusion of this comprehensive evaluation of Interbet, and now it is time to summarize the overall experience, with further exploration of bonuses, live options, and mobile compatibility in subsequent sections. The verdict is undeniably positive. This German bookmaker possesses all the essential attributes that differentiate a superior operator from a lesser one. We are primarily referring to their betting selection, which is truly remarkable, encompassing a wide variety of sports, numerous competitions, and an extensive range of markets that surpasses the industry average. The payouts, especially in pre-match scenarios, are consistently generous, providing a compelling incentive in favor of Espelkamp's bookmaker. While the site's minimalistic graphics contribute to seamless navigation and enhanced playability, there is room for improvement in terms of visual aesthetics; specifically, reducing the excessive use of colors that currently dominates the interface.

Strengths and weaknesses of Interbet
  • Major strengths
  • Fair and favorable odds
  • Virtual sports and horse racing are both accessible for users to enjoy.
  • A diverse range of market options are available.
  • Minor strengths
  • An app that is both instinctive and efficient.
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Vintage Graphics
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Streaming and livescore are not available.

The German operator's overall promotion is unquestionably praiseworthy, although there are a few aspects that could be improved upon. South African bettors have displayed a notable interest in the horse racing and virtual sports sections, which deserve a special mention. Nonetheless, the absence of a live streaming service for sporting events, as well as a blog and news section, has been felt and has slightly affected the final evaluation of the operator.


If this comprehensive overview of Interbet has sparked your interest, but you find yourself with lingering inquiries or uncertainties that require clarification, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Our dedicated team is here to assist you and address any concerns you may have, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Don't hesitate to get in touch - we're happy to help!

What are the ways to engage in a conversation with customer support?

To begin the conversation with our customer support team, follow these easy steps: locate the green symbol featuring a white backdrop on the right-hand side of your display and give it a single click. A window will then emerge, prompting you to input your name and email credentials. Once you have provided this information, you will gain immediate access to our chat service, allowing you to engage with our dedicated support staff.

Can the operator's other games be played using the same profile?

Sure thing! After successfully signing up on the Interbet platform, you can effortlessly access various gaming options using a single set of login credentials. Whether it's the thrilling casino games, exhilarating poker tables, exciting bingo rooms, or the immersive live casino experience, you can enjoy them all seamlessly. Your chosen username and password will grant you access to this wide range of gaming opportunities, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

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