YesPlay Sport Betting Review: Lucky Number Offer by the Bookmaker

Attracting a multitude of customers is a top priority for bookmakers, and they employ various tactics to achieve this goal. Some bookmakers entice players with favorable gambling conditions, while others provide generous bonuses and captivating loyalty programs. Additionally, there are those who strive to captivate players with something out of the ordinary. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of YesPlay bookmaker, shedding light on what it has in store for its valuable clientele.

Our review of YesPlay
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Sports 15+
Markets 200+
Live streaming Yes
Average payout (football) 91.05%
Partner or sponsor Playtheright
Available English
Customer service Chat/Phone/Email
License NGB Number: 15155
1st bet + Coupon Bonus 350$
Overall opinion 4.2 / 5.0
YesPlay strengths:
Bookmaker Ranking: The finest platforms for placing wagers
Payout Rank: Top PayPal bookmakers
Offer is subjected to specific regulatory terms. Click on "VISIT THE SITE" to explore further details.

General information

SA Sportsbook operates YesPlay, a well-known online betting platform. In 2002, the company commenced its operations catering solely to South African customers, specializing in lottery betting. Over the years, YesPlay has evolved and diversified its offerings, attracting a global customer base of millions. The site now boasts a wide array of gambling options, including traditional sports betting, virtual betting, esports, and various other captivating casino games.

YesPlay made history by becoming the pioneering bookmaker to cater to the needs of South African users via its website. Alongside the website, the bookmaker offers its very own app; however, downloading it from the Play Market or the App Store is not an option due to the strict gambling regulations imposed by these platforms.

YesPlay bookmaker has obtained a license from the Western Cape Gambling and Horse Racing Board, a significant achievement for the company. However, this is just the beginning of their journey. They are continuously striving to acquire additional permits for online gambling and expand their business operations not only within South Africa but also beyond its borders. Their dedication to compliance and growth sets them apart in the industry, making them a trusted and reliable choice for players both locally and internationally.

YesPlay Best Betting Site

Discover in the forthcoming passages the extraordinary bookmaker that lies before us, a true paragon of excellence. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure that this seasoned veteran of the gaming industry has meticulously crafted over the years. Allow yourself to be utterly enthralled by his unparalleled expertise and unrivaled charm as we delve deeper into the mesmerizing world that he has artfully constructed.

The operator's entire range of services 9

When assessing an online sports betting platform, one of the primary factors to take into account is the range of sporting events available. Simultaneously, it is crucial for each sport to encompass an assortment of championships representing different countries and divisions. YesPlayMatchpoint has managed to surpass all expectations in this regard, offering a diverse selection of sports and a multitude of championships from various nations and categories.

A thorough evaluation of the authorized website.

The bookmaker YesPlay operates exclusively online, offering its services solely through its website. In recent years, a comprehensive update was performed on the official YesPlay website, resulting in a more contemporary and elegant design. Furthermore, the interface underwent significant enhancements, rendering it considerably more user-friendly and user-oriented.

The official mobile site of the bookmaker, YesPlay lucky numbers, is registered under the .com domain zone. With a traditional light color scheme, the interface exudes familiarity. No less than 44 languages are supported, ensuring that information is accessible to a wide range of users. Although the web page may appear visually busy, an ingenious and intuitive navigation system enables players to swiftly locate the key sections of the site.

At the forefront of the webpage, you will find an array of primary functionalities, encompassing mobile applications and connections to the platform on various social media platforms. Additionally, you will discover a portal to your personal account and an inviting "register" button, beckoning you to join our community.

The primary menu comprises these divisions:

  • bonus;
  • line;
  • live;
  • results;
  • eSports;
  • TV games;
  • live games;
  • fast-games;
  • section with bonuses.

The pre-match betting section can be found as the player scrolls down, while the interactive window with live bets and bet games takes center stage on the website. On the right side of the page, there are various categories organized by the different betting markets for sports enthusiasts.

Placed at the site's base are a multitude of pertinent and valuable details, encompassing the regulations of the bookmaker, the security protocol, and the licensing particulars.

The player can reach out to the technical support service by utilizing the contact information provided by BC.

The official website of YesPlay offers a wide range of features and functionalities.

The YesPlay official mobile site boasts numerous undeniable advantages owing to its array of remarkable features. Not only does it offer a plethora of functions, but it also provides the opportunity to stream high-quality broadcasts without the need for any additional payment. The site places great emphasis on online sports betting as a means to swiftly augment one's balance, leading to consistent enhancements in the user interface. With these notable attributes, YesPlay's official mobile site is truly a cut above the rest.

  • the exit menu's convenient location and the positioning of all other sections
  • the simplicity of the website, facilitating convenient access to the specific events you seek;
  • vibrant visuals and appealing aesthetics
  • swift shift to wagering games and slot machines
  • Here is the informational section, providing a concise description of the rules!

YesPlay, a premier bookmaker in South Africa, has earned its place among the top-ranking platforms. Its innovative design eliminates the need for beginners to delve deeper into the intricacies of the interface. The intelligently crafted YesPlay mobile version ensures seamless navigation, allowing players to effortlessly explore different sections. Moreover, exclusive promotions are prominently showcased on the main page, ensuring that you never miss out on exciting offers.

If you're an enthusiast of online betting predictions and enjoy engaging in various forms of gambling, then the ideal option for you would be the YesPlay live betting platform. By simply signing in to BC YesPlay, you will gain instant access to a wide range of thrilling and significant sporting events from around the globe.

An individual's betting platform profile

Once the registration process is successfully done, clients gain access to their personal account, which serves as the primary hub for all their activities on the offshore bookmaker's platform. Subsequent logins to the account require the use of a generated password. Within the personal account interface, players are given the ability to modify their password by creating a unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that they can easily remember.

The player has access to a range of convenient and speedy features through their personal account. They are presented with the following choices:

  • the option to add funds to your YesPlay gaming account, submit a withdrawal request;
  • Receive and peruse communications from the BC YesPlay management.
  • Connect virtually with an expert for online communication.
  • Select and utilize the incentives provided by betting companies.
  • Accessing the personal betting history.
  • Unveiling the entire transaction history for all users' accessibility.

Betting on sports is exclusively offered through individual accounts, encompassing wagers made with bonus funds and free bets. Place your bets and enjoy the excitement of sports betting within your personal account.

Mobile and desktop iterations of the website.

YesPlay offers a mobile version of its website specifically designed for the Windows platform. To access this version, simply visit the site and download YesPlay directly to your computer. Whether you have Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10, our software is compatible with all these operating systems. Experience the convenience and seamless performance of YesPlay on your Windows device today.

By utilizing the mobile website, you have the ability to conserve your data usage, which can lead to substantial savings. The mobile platform offers a wide range of features that allow you to swiftly partake in live games and place bets, whether it be during the excitement of pragmatic play live games or in advance of the matches. With the convenience and efficiency of the mobile site, you can optimize your gaming experience while minimizing your data consumption.

In the mobile version, users can access all the key features of the website, such as the totalizer and TV games. These exciting functionalities are conveniently accessible on-the-go, ensuring an immersive experience for mobile users. Stay connected and enjoy the full range of options right at your fingertips through our mobile platform. Whether you're on a train or relaxing at home, take advantage of the mob version to make the most out of your gaming experience.

The installation of the software is a breeze, consuming minimal memory and completing swiftly, without the need for any supplementary device configurations.

Access to the line, as well as the input and withdrawal of funds, is entirely unrestricted. To gain entry into your personal account, you simply utilize the current password that you have set up. Feel free to navigate the platform and manage your finances without any limitations.

Mobile apps available

For South African bettors who favor wagering on mobile devices, the bookmaker provides three different application choices.

  • for smartphones and devices utilizing the Android operating system.
  • for iOS-based devices
  • The YesPlay program is available for use on a personal computer (PC).

You can access the Android version 4.1 software by downloading it directly from our website, while the YesPlay iOS application can be found and installed through the link provided in the App Store.

Installing programs on your Android mobile device is a seamless process that requires no further modifications to your device or configurations. The first step is to download the apk file, which will be subsequently unpacked and installed on your phone. This ensures a hassle-free installation experience without the need for any additional adjustments or settings alterations on your mobile device.

Players can enjoy the seamless functionality of our program, thanks to its small size. Moreover, when users have access to the incredible mob platforms offered by BC YesPlay, they unlock a world of possibilities. With these platforms at their disposal, players can explore the extensive line of games, manage their game account effortlessly, and even take advantage of exciting bonuses. Rest assured, there will be no issues when it comes to the program's performance.

YesPlay can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones by users from any country.

Comparing the mobile version of the website with the application.

The software for phone devices exhibits only minor variations compared to the mob version of the site. These slight divergences can be summarized as follows:

  • Large fonts enhance the visual perception of information blocks in applications.
  • In mobile apps, the feature rapidly loads the primary sections and menus.
  • You can effortlessly access the mobile BC YesPlay by simply using a scanned fingerprint, in addition to the usual password and login method.
  • By possessing a smartphone equipped with a mobile application, one can effectively circumvent any current restrictions in place.

Users from all around the world can freely access and utilize the applications without any limitations based on their geographic location. It doesn't matter where you come from or what your nationality is, anyone can easily download and install the mobile version as well as the application for their mobile devices.

YesPlay login

There are four different methods available for users to register with the offshore bookmaker YesPlay. You have the option to create an account either on the official website of the office or by using the mobile version. YesPlay provides its users with a variety of choices when it comes to registering, ensuring convenience and accessibility for everyone. Whether you prefer to register through the website or the mobile version, YesPlay has got you covered. Take advantage of the four different registration options offered by YesPlay and start enjoying the exciting world of online betting today.

  • mobile phone number;
  • electronic mail;
  • in one click;
  • Social media profiles on various platforms.

To start off, there are two scenarios where you'll need to input your existing phone number and email address in the designated registration fields. In the initial situation, you'll be required to provide your current phone number and email address during the registration process. Similarly, in the second case, you'll also have to enter your present contact information, including your phone number and email address, when filling out the registration forms.

To ensure accurate processing, kindly provide your country, region, and place of residence. Following that, we will determine the currency associated with your account and apply any applicable promotional codes you may have.

During the registration process, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile phone via SMS, which needs to be entered for verification. Similarly, an email confirmation will be required when signing up via email. Make sure to enter the provided code to successfully complete your registration.

To access YesPlay with a single click, users just need to specify their country of residence and complete a simple captcha. Our system will then generate a unique game account number and a secure password for accessing your personal account.

During the registration process, there is no need for verification. However, when you decide to make your first withdrawal, the YesPlay office may request electronic copies of specific passport pages containing your photo and date of birth. This can be easily done by sending the required documents to the technical support service via email. Rest assured that this is a standard procedure to ensure the security and integrity of our platform.

Utilizing social media platforms for user registration

To gain access to our platform, the registration process on our website is quick and effortless. Simply navigate to the top left corner of the main page, where you will find the option to download our club application. Alternatively, you can choose to utilize the convenient automatic synchronization feature through your social media accounts. At YesPlay, we understand the value of your time, which is why we offer various registration methods that are both efficient and hassle-free. With the possibility of utilizing messengers for instant verification, there is no need to complete lengthy questionnaires. Once registered, you can easily open up a world of online sports betting by logging into our site using your designated email address and password.


YesPlay, the renowned global bookmaker, is widely recognized for its exceptional odds and reasonable margin percentage. The margin value is contingent upon the specific sport and the prestige of the sporting occasion. Remarkably, the margin indicator diminishes as the event garners higher status.

The margin for top events in the leading leagues and championships is typically 3-5% during the pre-match phase. However, for sports that are less popular and tournaments that are relatively unknown, the margin tends to increase, reaching a range of 7-9%.

When it comes to sports, here is the breakdown of the margin percentage.

  • Football - 4.7%
  • Hockey - 5.8%
  • Tennis - 4.3%
  • Basketball - 6.1%

The coefficient's body allows players to determine the percentage of the margin invested in each specific case. They have the freedom to calculate this independently, ensuring that they have complete control over their investment. This empowers players to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies accordingly. By understanding the margin's allocation within the coefficient, players can make more efficient use of their resources, enhancing their overall chances of success. It is a valuable tool that puts the power in the hands of the players, allowing them to navigate the world of coefficients with confidence and precision.

For these objectives, there exists a specific formula.

The formula to calculate the margin is as follows: subtract 100 from the sum of 100 divided by coefficient 1, 100 divided by coefficient 2, and 100 divided by coefficient 3. This mathematical equation allows you to determine the margin based on the given coefficients. By using this formula, you can easily calculate the margin for various scenarios. It is a helpful tool for businesses and individuals alike in analyzing their financial performance. Make sure to input the correct coefficients to obtain accurate results.

A margin indicator calculator can be utilized to determine the margin indicator.

Average margin of Pre-match and In-play betting markets.

The margin in Prematch and in live exhibits distinct odds for repercussions of varying proportions. Conventionally, the prematch sector entails a lower margin, fluctuating within the 3-5% range. However, during high-profile events, this indicator escalates to approximately 5-6%.

The Live section of our platform offers a wide range of betting options, each with its own unique set of odds. These odds are carefully calculated, taking into account various factors to ensure a fair and exciting betting experience for our users. We have implemented a margin percentage that ranges from 8% to 10%, guaranteeing competitive odds that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your betting journey. Place your bets now and enjoy the thrill of Live betting with confidence!

The bookmaker's exposure to significant risks stems from the Live service, where they place bets on popular sports events. This intricate dynamic is intricately explained by the precarious nature of the bookmaker's position.

BC YesPlay — line review

YesPlay's official website is situated on the YesPlay domain within the global com zone. With an extensive selection of over 40 sports, the platform caters to the diverse interests of its users. Betting enthusiasts can easily place wagers on conventional sports like hockey, football, and basketball. Moreover, YesPlay goes beyond the mainstream, providing access to South African national lotteries and less mainstream sports such as snooker, handball, and more.

If you're looking for more than just sports betting, our bookmaker offers a diverse range of options that go beyond the norm. You'll find an array of unconventional pairings, granting you the opportunity to place bets on politics, weather forecasts, and even TV shows. Take, for instance, our bookmaker, YesPlay Lucky Numbers, where you can wager on the existence of extraterrestrial life. We're offering a coefficient of 6 for the possibility of it being proven by the end of this year. To put that into perspective, the same coefficient was given for Ajax's victory in the return match of the Champions League quarterfinals.

The painting's depth is another crucial aspect of sports betting, which we excel in at YesPlay. With a vast array of options, you can place bets on over 1,500 diverse outcomes for numerous significant sporting events. We also pay attention to local leagues, ensuring that they are not overlooked. For instance, we offer a selection of 1,000 betting opportunities for a second English League match and nearly 500 options for a Brazilian Serie C match.

The coefficients, and let's not forget this vital aspect, play a decisive role. YesPlay, a bookmaker that is still in its infancy, adopts a strategy of offering players enticing odds with minimal margins to entice them away from established bookmakers. As an illustration, in the nail-biting NBA playoffs final, the margin hovered around a minuscule 3-4%. This remarkably narrow margin ensures that players have the potential to reap substantial rewards.

Forward match line

Fans of sports betting will find a wide range of options on the YesPlay website. With four different types of children's gambling and racing board cpopt available for future competitions, players can indulge in thrilling and varied experiences. Every day, the site provides predictions for over five hundred football matches, as well as exciting matchups in hockey, tennis, basketball, ping-pong, and basketball. While there may be fewer events in less popular disciplines such as biathlon, flopball, billiards, potting, and figure skating, the popularity of lottery games and championships is sure to captivate sports betting enthusiasts.

The teams participating in the tournament arrive at the venue anywhere from a week to ten days prior to the commencement of the event. The scoring system in each game is influenced by the frequency of certain outcomes throughout the week. Take, for instance, the renowned leagues such as Champions League, KHL, NBA, and European top divisions, where an extensive range of bet variations, such as penalty kick predictions, first goal number, and total goals scored, can be chosen from a pool of up to 1,500 possibilities.

When it comes to observing friendly matches, lower division games, youth football leagues, and women's leagues, YesPlay offers a plethora of betting options, surpassing other bookmakers in terms of variety. For instance, the first division of the Calvadora Championship in football boasts an impressive selection of approximately 200 betting markets, while the Cupepliza in flopball offers around 50 options. As for other sports and disciplines, YesPlay provides comprehensive results for the primary events, similar to the fifth division.

Live line

By entering this mode, players are granted unrestricted access to an extensive array of 500-700 daily events, thereby enabling the bookmaker to present an all-encompassing selection of gambling and racing options that extend beyond the confines of typical ticket offerings found in the line. Lately, the bookmaker has introduced a novel feature that allows for previously unavailable games in the pre-match, thus affording players an enhanced repertoire of choices.

In the YesPlay Live section, the nature of sleep is not as profound as in the match, yet it offers ample opportunities for engagement. In popular games, bettors will discover approximately 400-500 permutations to explore, while lower divisions offer around 100-150 options. Exotic types of games provide a more limited selection, with no more than 20 choices available.

Approximately one-third of the live events come with accompanying video broadcasts, allowing all viewers, including unregistered users, to enjoy them. To optimize the video-watching experience, it is vital to have the most up-to-date FlashPlayer installed on your device. In cases where live games are unavailable, users have the option to switch to the interactive infographics mode for an engaging alternative.

The YesPlay official website offers a special feature called Multi Live, catering to music enthusiasts who enjoy streaming multiple songs simultaneously. This unique mode, referred to as betopam, allows users to effortlessly combine several ongoing events onto a single screen. By doing so, customers can conveniently keep track of multiple live matches without the hassle of constantly switching between different tabs.

Bet on sports with YesPlay in advance or in real-time.

The company's specialists continuously update the odds every second, ensuring that registered visitors of the website have the opportunity to place quick bets in both the pre-match line and the Live mode. With the dynamic nature of the matches, everything evolves rapidly, prompting the need for real-time adjustments.

At YesPlay, you have the option to place monetary wagers on various events within the BC, allowing you to create express and system bets. The coupon feature enables you to select your preferred cups in a user-friendly manner, with the flexibility to make changes as the match progresses. Betting online at YesPlay offers numerous benefits, including the ability to accurately predict outcomes and potentially win multiple times within a single event.

Basic bonuses

In certain nations, the bonus program offered by YesPlay bookmaker may not be universally available, but rest assured, they do provide an array of enticing bonus offers to their esteemed clientele.

For players hailing from South Africa and other nations, the primary incentives consist of:

  • The initial deposit grants users a generous welcome bonus in the form of a complimentary bet worth 200 USD.
  • free play on the client's birthday, in the sum of $5.
  • Receive a 10% cashback on lost bets, capped at $150.

Every week, customers who actively engage in gaming activities are eligible to participate in the exciting prize draw, adding an extra element of thrill to their experience at the office. Furthermore, apart from the conventional bonuses, our office boasts an exclusive club system designed to incentivize and reward our valued customers. With this innovative approach, we prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that their loyalty is duly recognized. Join us today and embark on a gaming journey filled with exhilarating opportunities and enticing rewards!

Upon joining YesPlay, players are greeted with a generous welcome bonus. This enticing offer manifests as a complimentary wager that matches the exact value of the funds deposited into their account.

In order to qualify for the initial deposit welcome bonus, it is imperative that you place 20 bets and wager an amount equivalent to twenty times the bonus funds. The entire bonus amount must be utilized in its entirety for the first deposit match. By utilizing the bonus funds, you have the opportunity to place regular tickets with odds of no less than 1.5, as well as accumulator tickets with odds of no less than 1.5. The range of outcomes is restricted to clear outcomes, including victory, draw, and precise score.

You have a span of 30 days to utilize the bonus funds before they expire. Complete execution of the wager is a prerequisite for withdrawing any accumulated winnings from your account.

At YesPlay, we pride ourselves on our dynamic bonus program, constantly evolving to offer you even more rewards. Our regular updates include a wide array of promotional codes, giving you the opportunity to enjoy special privileges and exciting offers. By utilizing these codes, you can benefit from complimentary gifts, secure your bets with insurance, and even receive a reimbursement for any losses incurred from an express bet. Keep an eye out for our ever-expanding range of promotional codes and unlock a world of exclusive perks and benefits.


If you consistently engage in betting activities over the course of a month, we are pleased to offer you a generous cashback reward of 10% on your total lost bets. The criteria to qualify for this exciting bonus are as follows:

  • The minimum wager for game bets is $1.50.
  • A special account will be credited with a cashback of 10% of the lost bet amount.

You can claim a refund of up to $150, which should be redeemed within 24 hours once the funds are credited to your bonus account. To fulfill this requirement, you must place a regular bet that is 25 times the bonus amount. The odds for this bet should be at least 2.0, while for express bets, the minimum odds should not be lower than 1.4.

Following the gameplay, the funds are transferred to the primary account.

Promo code

Promotional codes for the YesPlay bookmaker frequently surface across various online platforms. Generally, acquiring a YesPlay promotional code is attainable through partner betting websites as well as prominent sports, information, and analytical sites. These codes often contribute to enhanced betting experiences, rewarding users with exciting bonuses and exclusive offers. Stay alert and keep an eye out for these sought-after promo codes as they can greatly amplify your enjoyment and potential winnings on the YesPlay platform.

During the login process at YesPlay, customers can often take advantage of a promo code, which grants them a range of enticing benefits. These perks can include complimentary items or the choice of an alternative bonus offer. It's a fantastic opportunity for new users to enhance their experience right from the start. Secure your promo code and unlock the door to exciting rewards at YesPlay.

Normally, promotional codes are distributed prior to significant occasions such as a customer's birthday or the commencement of a major tournament. These codes serve as a token of appreciation to our valued clients, allowing them to enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers during these special moments. We believe in cherishing our customers and celebrating with them on important milestones, providing them with unparalleled benefits and privileges. Our aim is to make these occasions truly memorable by offering personalized incentives that enhance our customers' experience and bring them closer to our brand. So, keep an eye out for these exciting promotional codes, as they are carefully crafted to make your celebrations even more delightful.

The utilization of a promotional code on the account grants access to a plethora of bonuses, each accompanied by a straightforward wager requirement. In the process of placing a bet, the player is required to input the necessary information in a designated section of the coupon. Upon the successful outcome of the bet, the resulting net profit can then be withdrawn through various payment options.

Deposit/withdrawal of funds

To kickstart their betting journey, players must fund their game account. The bookmaker provides customers with a whopping 63 methods to top up their balance. The availability of deposit options may vary depending on the GEO-location, with some regions offering a greater variety than others. Take South Africa, for instance, where players can choose from the following array of options to deposit money into their account:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Masterpass, and Apple Pay bank cards.
  • WebMoney, Jeton Wallet, Sticpay, and Piastrix virtual wallets.
  • Neteller and ecoPayz are two popular payment systems.
  • There are 31 different choices available for adding funds to your cryptocurrency account.

Alternative paragraph: Numerous countries embrace diverse financial instruments to supplement the commonly recognized methods of replenishment. These alternatives encompass online banking, digital currency exchange platforms, and transfer banking options. In addition to traditional channels, individuals can utilize internet-based banking services, electronic exchange points, and secure transfer mechanisms.

The minimum top-up amount for your account can vary depending on your location and the method you choose. If you opt for bank cards, you will be required to deposit at least $1.5. On the other hand, payment systems and electronic wallets allow a minimum limit of $1 to $5 for account replenishment. Please note that these requirements may differ based on your geographical location.

You won't be charged any commissions by the bookmaker when you top up your account. However, it's important to consider the commission imposed by the financial instrument used for the transaction when you're depositing funds into your account.

Depending on the payment method you select, the arrival time of funds into your account may fluctuate between 15 minutes and 1 hour. The duration of the transfer greatly relies on the option you opt for and can vary within this specified time frame. The speed at which your funds are deposited will be determined by the method you choose, and the time taken can span from 15 minutes up to 1 hour. It is important to note that the timeframe for funds to be credited to your account depends on the method you select, and this can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The length of time it takes for the funds to be received into your account is contingent upon the method you choose, and this can fluctuate anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

The funds credited to the specified details for withdrawal payment options are typically processed within a timeframe ranging from 1 hour to 72 hours, depending on the chosen method used by the client for account top-up.

If the customer breaches any of the bookmaker's regulations, there is a possibility of payment postponement. This could arise from engaging in gambling activities, employing the account for illicit money transactions, surpassing the withdrawal limit on debit cards, or exceeding the maximum betting amount.


To encapsulate the aforementioned details, we recommend acquainting yourself with the chart that delineates the primary pros and cons of YesPlay review bookmaker. Take a gander at this comprehensive table to gain insights into the various perks and drawbacks associated with this esteemed bookmaker. Familiarizing yourself with this informative summary will equip you with a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages entailed in opting for YesPlay bookmaker.

Sports and markets

If you have a passion for football and enjoy placing bets on tournaments held in the most far-flung corners of the world, then Sports Illustrated Matchpoint is the perfect choice for you. Due to the demographics, football receives more attention and investment from bookmakers compared to other sports, and the platform we are discussing in this article is no different. You can even place bets on matches from lesser-known leagues such as the United Arab Emirates or Oman championship. Of course, all the major global leagues are covered as well. In addition to that, there is a wide range of lower-tier competitions you can explore. For instance, you'll find options like the third division in Austria or the fourth division in Sweden. What truly sets this platform apart is the sheer number of football markets available, exceeding an impressive 200. Among them, you will discover a plethora of intriguing combination bets that you may struggle to find elsewhere.

Sports Illustrated Matchpoint provides a range of sports and leagues for enthusiasts to enjoy.
Football Tennis basketball Rugby Ice Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA Six Nations NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A Pros 12 Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Top 14 France KHL
Serie C South Africa's International Community Olympic Games Championship Euro Challenge
Europa League Wimbledon French Championship New Zealand's top football division. Austria EHL
Serie B Australian Open Germany championship South African championship Germany DEL

With Sports Illustrated at the forefront of football betting, it's important to note that they offer a diverse range of sports wagers. Alongside the thrilling world of football, Sports Illustrated also covers a wide variety of other sports. Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy quotes on ATP, WTA, ITF, and Challenger matches throughout the year, including prestigious tournaments like the Grand Slam as well as lesser-known events. Basketball and ice hockey are also regular features on the Sports Illustrated Matchpoint's daily schedule. Moreover, rugby, baseball, handball, and even niche disciplines like sailing are included. The options don't stop there - motorsports and cycling are also part of the extensive offerings. Rest assured, there's no shortage of choices to explore.

Experience the thrill of live betting and enjoy direct streaming of your favorite sports events.

When it comes to live betting, the Sports Illustrated betting chapter offers a delightful array of options. This tricolour bookmaker is always fully prepared in this regard. No matter the time of day or season, you can engage in real-time betting on football, tennis, and various other sports events. The selection of live markets is impressive, accompanied by informative infographics that provide updated statistics on ongoing matches. However, the real cherry on top is the live streaming feature. Sports Illustrated has secured an agreement to broadcast not only tennis and other sports but also the thrilling matches of Serie A, Serie B, and Lega Pro championships. This offer is truly exceptional.

Multiples and systems

To ensure utmost precision, we would like to clarify that Sports Illustrated Matchpoint, akin to its counterparts, offers the option of multiple and system bets. This can be easily done by choosing more than one match, which will then be seamlessly added to a singular betting slip. It is important to note that the maximum number of sporting events that can be included in a single bet stands at 30. For added convenience, you can explore the "system" tab located above the slip, which presents a range of combinations that can be formed with the selected events.

Betting and limitations on potential winnings

NGB sets specific regulations that apply to all authorized bookmakers in South Africa, including Sports Illustrated online betting. In adherence to these rules, each bet has the potential to yield a maximum prize of $10,000 individually or up to $50,000 when combined with a system. It is important to note that a minimum wager of $2 is necessary to validate any bet. These limitations have been put in place to ensure fair and responsible gambling practices throughout the country.

The payouts implemented by the bookmaker. 8

For all you astute and meticulous game enthusiasts out there (and we genuinely hope you are), it is vital to consistently assess the payout options provided by gaming providers prior to initiating a gaming account. Below, we present a comprehensive breakdown illustrating the return to users for Sports Illustrated bets across a diverse range of sports. On our website's main page, you will discover a wealth of information necessary to successfully navigate the process of obtaining payouts based on odds. Nevertheless, thanks to our easily accessible table, you can already garner a fairly comprehensive understanding. The percentages align with the industry's standard ranges, encompassing not only football but various other sports as well.

The payouts of the most clicked sports

A site that is both efficient and practical 9

The Sports Illustrated Matchpoint's betting site is visually captivating, boasting a delightful arrangement and impeccable tidiness. Its user-friendly interface grants effortless navigation across various sections, guided by an intuitive design. The portal adheres to a traditional layout, with sports smartly positioned on the left sidebar. In the center, the spotlight is on live events and prominent matches scheduled for the upcoming hours. On the right sidebar, the ticket reservation takes precedence. Furthermore, you will find internal links leading to statistics, livescore updates, results of concluded matches, and the insightful "Giocata" blog. Distinguished from its rivals, Sports Illustrated has opted for a pristine white as its primary color, complemented harmoniously by shades of blue, light gray, and sleek black. In sum, the website is an epitome of excellence in design and functionality.

A guide on how to make a wager.

It's incredibly simple to complete the betting process on Matchpoint, featured on the renowned Sports Illustrated platform, and there's no deviation from other operators. To get started, all you need to do is browse through the left-hand menu, which conveniently displays a list of available sports and their schedules. Once you've selected the league that catches your interest, locating the desired match and clicking on the odds is the next step. For those opting for single mode, you can proceed by entering the desired amount into the slip on the right-hand side, after making a deposit, of course (for instance, using MasterCard for your wagers), and then confirm your choice with a simple click of the "VISIT THE SITE" button. On the other hand, if you're keen on creating a multiple bet, you can effortlessly continue adding matches before determining the amount you wish to invest (you might even consider placing bets with the widely accepted CartaSi option) and validating the entire selection.

  • [1] Make the selection Choose bets on YesPlaySelect the odds associated with the sport events you desire to place bets on.
  • [2] Select the wager category. Selection of bet on YesPlayYou have the option to include multiple games and choose whether to play them collectively or individually using a system of your choice.
  • [3] Confirm the operation Confirming a bet on the YesPlay websiteEnter the sum you plan to invest, and then select "VISIT THE WEBSITE" to proceed.

In case you have a preference for placing bets on live events rather than pre-match, it is important to note that the process remains unchanged. At times, if you delay in confirming your bet, the system may prompt you to accept the revised odds before proceeding. This occurrence is a result of the rapid and dynamic shifts in live fluctuations, which closely mirror the progression of ongoing events.

Sports Illustrated: Additional details on Matchpoint betting.

Founded in 1945, Sports Illustrated is the progenitor of the Totocalcio game, a prize-based game centered around professional football championships that has captivated generations of South Africans for countless years. In 1948, the introduction of Totip revolutionized horse betting in the region, leaving an indelible mark. Nowadays, the betting scene has transitioned onto the online platform, and Sports Illustrated has seamlessly adapted to the changing times by offering an exceptional product that encompasses virtual bets as well. Alongside these offerings, a plethora of other prize games are available, both online and in physical outlets. These include the immensely popular online casino, the captivating "Win for Life" contest, and the ever-tempting SuperEnalotto. This progressive approach has contributed to a staggering collection of $15.1 billion in 2015, involving a staggering 200 million transactions annually. With approximately 46,000 physical sales points scattered across the territory, Sports Illustrated employs a dedicated team of 1,800 individuals to ensure seamless operations and exceptional customer service.

Additional details regarding YesPlay
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: YesPlay Group S.p.A. Hours: 10.00 – 24.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 256, Symantec Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Milan Telephone: 800.999.445 License: NGB Bet limit:
Key people: Emilio Petrone Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: About 1,800 Fax: 28.868.281 Accepted documents: Identification card, driver's license, and passport Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Yes Email address for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner institutions:

Customer service 9

There must be a rationale behind Sports Illustrated's consecutive victories at the EGR South Africa Awards in 2015 and 2016 as the top-rated customer service provider. The level of care dedicated to the website's subscribers is truly commendable. Round the clock, from 10 a.m. till midnight, seven days a week, the bookmaker's customer service can be reached effortlessly. Whether it be via telephone or live chat, prompt and expert responses are guaranteed. Alternatively, you can opt to send an email, although the response time may be slightly longer. The choice of communication channel solely relies on your personal requirements.

License and security 10

Sports Illustrated, just like every bookmaker we've assessed on our platform, operates under a license issued by NGB, which is denoted by the number 15155. In order to guarantee users a thoroughly enjoyable experience while prioritizing their safety, Sports Illustrated has implemented a comprehensive player protection policy. This policy strives to assist members in times of need by connecting them with relevant organizations that specialize in providing support for gambling-related concerns. Furthermore, the Sports Illustrated website enables users to establish personal spending limits, ensuring responsible gambling practices. To verify the age of applicants and maintain a secure platform, Sports Illustrated mandates the submission of a valid identification document for account registration, thus effectively excluding minors from participating. To safeguard sensitive user information and uphold the highest standards of privacy, Sports Illustrated has partnered with Symantec to implement state-of-the-art encryption technology for its website pages.

All the additional betting options available on Sports Illustrated 8

In our evaluation of Sports Illustrated Matchpoint, we would like to commend operators who go the extra mile by providing exceptional additional services. One particular aspect that deserves recognition is the inclusion of high-quality supplementary offerings. Our enthusiasm is particularly directed towards the live streaming feature that encompasses matches from the esteemed national football championship. This remarkable provision showcases the dedication of these operators in delivering top-notch experiences to their valued customers.

  • Streaming .2/3
  • News and social .2/3
  • Awards .2/2
  • Horse racing .1/1
  • Virtual sports .1/1
  • Bonus points .8

In the in-depth analysis of Sports Illustrated news, our focus will be on the captivating categories and impeccably written articles found on their blog. Their social media profiles are equally impressive, ensuring a strong online presence. Moreover, the noteworthy accolades they have received at the EGR South Africa Awards over the past few years cannot be overstated. Additionally, the inclusion of virtual betting and horse betting options adds the perfect finishing touch to their repertoire. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review!

A proficient and exceptional operator of unparalleled excellence.

We are extremely pleased with the extensive range of services provided by Sports Illustrated Matchpoint, as we conclude this comprehensive webpage dedicated to football betting and all sports. Our domestic bookmaker is renowned for its superb selection and unparalleled variety. Sports Illustrated Matchpoint is truly a one-stop destination for every betting enthusiast, offering a wide array of sports disciplines, an abundance of pre-match and live markets, top-notch live streaming, exceptional customer support, and a host of other remarkable features. The completeness and profusion of options available make Sports Illustrated Matchpoint the ultimate choice for all your betting needs.

Strengths and weaknesses of Yesplay
  • Major strengths
  • Ample opportunities exist within the realm of football markets.
  • Streaming events
  • Horse betting
  • Minor strengths
  • Placing wagers on virtual sporting events
  • Excellent customer service
  • Main Weak Points
  • None
  • Minor weaknesses
  • None

Yesplay is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking the exhilaration of sports wagering. Its offerings are particularly well-suited for beginners, as this South African establishment enables newbies to delve into the vast realm of virtual betting. If you desire to embark on this thrilling journey without compromising any aspect, then Yesplay is undoubtedly the bookmaker that caters to your needs. In sum, we wholeheartedly endorse Yesplay to all betting enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.


At this website, we strive to provide thorough and extensive information, but occasionally we might unintentionally overlook certain aspects. Thus, we wholeheartedly welcome and encourage your inquiries, as they aid us in further enhancing our content and addressing any gaps that may exist. Our commitment to transparency and responsiveness means that we value your input and actively seek to ensure that your questions are promptly answered. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, as we truly appreciate your engagement and actively embrace the opportunity to provide you with the most comprehensive assistance possible.

Is it possible for me to open an account at this particular agency?

Once you decide to engage with Yesplay, you can explore the vast potential it offers at authorized agencies and retailers. Unlocking your account is effortless – simply input the designated account number along with the temporary PIN provided. Take note that you have a generous window of 90 days to finalize this process, granting you ample time to prepare for your betting journey. Once the activation is complete, you can commence your betting endeavors without further delay.

⏱️ What is the typical timeframe for the account to be brought into compliance?

Receiving validation for your account usually takes several days after you have submitted a valid form of identification. If you desire updates regarding the progress of your application, you can easily get in touch with our dedicated customer service team.

How does the Yesplay schedule organization work?

Yesplay offers a wide range of betting options, encompassing nearly twenty different sports categories, encompassing even lesser-known options that may not be as popular among the masses. However, the real standout of their offerings is undoubtedly their football betting options, which boast an impressive selection of over 200 markets to choose from.

How is the security of gamblers ensured?

To begin with, the primary assurance lies in possessing a legitimate NGB license with the number 15155, which is the foremost priority. This license grants the utmost level of security and supervision to all activities conducted on their platform, thereby eliminating any potential threats such as fraudulent schemes or deceptive acts.

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