Russia GosLoto PredictionsRussia GosLoto is the most popular lotto draws in South Africa. SA punters enjoy the thrill of betting on lottery numbers online and potentially winning the big jackpot prize. Russian lotto has several subdivision lotteries from the European continent and it has the support of the Russian government. the GosLoto draws are privately owned by Orglot Ltd and have been operating since 2003. There have been numerous winners that have won the Russian lottery jackpot, you could be next.

SA players can find a list of Russia GosLoto lottery draws that they can bet on online. We provide players with Russia GosLoto results every day upon release after the draw so that you can see if you won. Below is a list of top sports betting sites that you can visit that offer Russia GosLoto online lottery draws every day.

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How to Play Russia GosLoto

To play Russia's GosLoto, all you need to do is pick 6 numbers out of a pool of 45 and if your chosen combination matches the jackpot, you're a winner! Even if players don't get all 6 numbers correct, there are still rewards for those who have 2-5 numbers selected correctly.

GosLoto is a lottery game that takes place in Russia every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Players are required to guess 6 winning numbers to win the jackpot which starts with a minimum guaranteed amount. If no one wins the jackpot, it will roll over and accumulate until someone matches all six winning numbers and takes home the prize.

Russia is home to a popular lottery game known as GosLoto. This lottery game consists of various formats that have drawings taking place three times per week — on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — with some other formats having their draws on different days of the week, thus allowing players to play a GosLoto game every single day.

Here’s a list of all the different times that the draws take place.

Name of Lotto Draw Closing Time
Lunchtime 10:50
15:00 Draw 13:50
18:00 Draw 16:50
21:00 Draw 19:50
Midnight 22:50

Russia Gosloto Odds and Betting Options

When it comes to betting on the Russia GosLoto, there are a variety of wagering options available at online bookmakers. Betway, for instance, offers a Regular Draw market wherein you may select any numbers of your choice. The odds of winning in this type of game will vary depending on the bookmaker you decide to use.

Russia GosLoto is a type of betting game based on lottery draws. Players pick a set number of balls and if they match the drawn balls, they win prizes. There is also Draw Sum betting, where players must guess whether the total sum of the balls drawn will be odd/even, over/under, etc.

Russia GosLoto 6/45 Predictions

Keep connected to our page to check the Russia GosLoto 6/45 Results, which will be released at 11: 00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK). Players of the game can find their winning numbers by looking at the Russia GosLoto 6/45 Results. All players can easily access the results right here and have chance to become a winner in no time! Russia's GosLoto offers players the chance to win a jackpot prize. To do so, simply select six numbers from 1 - 45, or choose up to 7 for added chances. Each combination of 6 within your set counts as a single entry, costing an average of 100 rubles per play. Playing is made easy with options like online and SMS lotteries in the country.

Some of the popular GosLoto draws include the following:

  • GosLoto 7/49
  • Russia GosLoto 5/36

Closing times

The GosLoto draw held in Russia has a one hour time difference when compared to the closing time of the draw for South Africa. Please take note of this, as the results posted on the Russian website will be based on Draw Name time and not South African draw close time.

Russia GosLoto is a lottery game in which players must pick six numbers from a range of 1-45. This lotto follows the same format as the South African Lotto and consists of one set of balls drawn at random. Winning depends on how many of your chosen numbers match those selected in the draw.

Players having the options of placing bets on different combinations of numbers. Players can choose their desired combinations either manually or randomly generated by the back-end software. Depending on the bet combination chosen, payouts can range from below 1:1 ratio to jackpot prizes of up to several million rubles.

Players can choose how many numbers to bet on and the odds of winning increase with more numbers chosen. For example, a player who bets on one number has an R50 prize potential, while betting on four numbers has an R66000 prize potential. GosLoto does not have a Bonus Ball. As such, it is impossible to bet on the bonus ball as no such number exists in this game.

Want to find out the winning numbers for the Russia Gosloto 5/36? Check out our website for the latest results! When viewing the results of Russia GosLoto, please take into account the time difference.

Russia GosLoto is the official state lottery of Russia, providing players with the chance to win exciting cash prizes. Each week, a draw takes place and those who have played are eligible to check the result via Twitter and Facebook. Players simply need to click the links provided on these platforms in order to find out if their numbers have won.

Main Draw Set

Betting Option Odds Bet R10 & Win
1 Number 6/1 60
2 Numbers 58/1 R580
3 Numbers 400/1 R4000
4 Numbers 4000/1 R40000

Russia GosLoto Hot Numbers

Like every other lotto draw, we keep documentation of certain numbers that appear the most amount of times. These are the most common numbers that feature in the draw. They are separated based on the lotto draw and the number of players that select the numbers online. We juxtapose these hot numbers with cold numbers as part of our tips. The Russia GosLoto cold numbers are some of the numbers that rarely appear on the draw. Players should avoid choosing these numbers if they intend on winning.

Top Lucky Numbers Betting Online