An in-depth analysis of 1xBet's operations in South Africa.

1xBet is a well-established global brand that has recently entered the South African sports betting market. With an exclusive offer for new players, this bookmaker stands out from the competition and provides unmatched opportunities. SA punters can access 1xBet movies online while also enjoying the best odds on both local and international sports events. Moreover, players can use their bankroll to explore the thrilling 1xBet casino, which offers a unique selection of games with lucrative wins in store for South African players.

Our 1xBet review
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Sports 20+
Markets 120+
Live streaming No
Average payout (football) 93.75%
Partners or sponsors Nobody
Languages ​​available Italian
Customer service Chat/Phone/Email
License ADM Number: 15023
A whopping 120% increase on your initial wager. Bonus R3000
Overall opinion 4.5 / 5.0
Strengths 1xBet:
Darts bookmaker ranking: Darts betting sites
Payout Rank: Postepay top bookies
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When it comes to assessing a bookmaker, numerous factors need to be taken into account. The variety of games provided, encompassing sports, leagues, and market options, along with the availability of bonuses and promotions, odds and payouts, visually appealing graphics, efficient customer service, and reliable payment methods all play a crucial role. In this comprehensive evaluation, we will thoroughly explore these elements in relation to 1xBet. Additionally, it is worth noting that they have recently entered the market in our country, leaving ample scope for future enhancements and advancements.

When exploring the 1xBet betting site, you will unveil the mysteries concealed within its virtual realm. Following a management transition, this bookmaker has reemerged in South Africa under the watchful eye of the Stars Group, leaving an indelible mark. The product itself has proven to be captivating, brimming with delightful surprises. The foremost distinguishing characteristic of this revamped platform lies in its seamless user interface. However, as we delve into this 1xBet assessment, we will embark on a joint expedition to uncover numerous other idiosyncrasies offered by this operator, ranging from novel bonuses to an extensive roster of exhilarating events.

8 Betting overview

When it comes to betting, 1xBet truly stands out from the crowd in South Africa. The range of betting options they offer surpasses that of many other operators in the region. What sets them apart is their impressive selection of sports to bet on, covering a diverse array of disciplines. Moreover, they provide a plethora of betting types for individual matches, meeting industry standards with exceptional quality.

The choice of sports and markets available

Soccer, undoubtedly the most beloved sport among South Africans, takes the lead, with tennis following at a respectable distance. This assertion doesn't require any intricate statistics or elaborate research to be confirmed; it is simply an unequivocal truth. In their pursuit of advancing sports betting, 1xBet has wisely chosen to lay the foundation. The soccer page they offer presents a plethora of options and stands firmly at the summit of the South African market. A staggering array of approximately 150 competitions from around the globe is available for exploration. Soccer powerhouses, such as England, Germany, and South Africa, boast coverage across five different levels. Yet, there are also more unconventional tournaments to discover, such as the enthralling Thai FA Cup or the captivating Kenyan Premier League. Within numerous matches, imaginative bettors can explore an extensive selection of over 120 markets, providing ample opportunities for excitement. Moving on to the tennis page, the Leeds book features all the prestigious tournaments of utmost significance. From the revered four Grand Slam tournaments to the various ATP and WTA levels, encompassing Masters 1000 and Premier Mandatory, as well as ATP 250 and WTA International, enthusiasts can revel in the vast array of options. Furthermore, one can engage in thrilling wagers on multiple Challenger events, with the inclusion of Futures further expanding the package of possibilities.

1xBet provides a range of sports and leagues for enthusiasts to participate in.
Football Tennis basketball Volleyball Ice Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA South Africa's Serie A1 NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A CEV Cup Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Poland Plusliga KHL
Super Lig South African Internationals. Olympic Games Russian Super League Euro Challenge
Liga Wimbledon French Championship Greece A1 Austria EHL
Bundesliga Australian Open Germany championship Champions League Germany DEL

If you have a penchant for less mainstream sports, you'll be delighted to discover the array of options available. From basketball to rugby, volleyball to ice hockey, the diverse range of championships and tournaments from around the globe will keep you thoroughly engaged. Moreover, motorsports aficionados can revel in the thrills of Formula 1, MotoGP, and Moto2. The selection has been meticulously curated, incorporating an assortment of sports like table tennis, snooker, darts, futsal, American football, and baseball. In fact, there are over 20 different disciplines for you to immerse yourself in. Explore the schedules of intertops and Betting-World for an extensive list of these so-called minor sports.

Discover an array of betting options that have gained immense popularity in Europe, opening doors to South African bettors. Embrace the thrill of Russian sports across various levels, alongside a diverse range of sporting events from neighboring European nations. Immerse yourself in an extensive selection of over 500 sports events, including soccer, MMA, politics, cricket, lotto games, local and international basketball, top tennis matches, and exhilarating hockey fixtures. Seize the opportunity to place bets and experience the excitement firsthand.

During the off-season, the 1xBet App grants bettors the opportunity to indulge in the vast array of exhilarating gambling games offered by renowned providers. Engage in a thrilling experience as you spin the illustrious Wheel of Fortune, where countless online rewards eagerly await. Delve into the expansive casino platform and immerse yourself in a world of captivating slot games, exhilarating roulette, captivating blackjack, and riveting poker tables, all presenting incredible opportunities to strike it big and claim your well-deserved victory.

Football offers a wide range of markets to explore. While the traditional options like Under/Over, Goal/No goal, and Half-time/Full-time are popular, there is an extensive selection of combinations to try your luck with, including exact results and available scorers, even in matches that aren't considered top-tier. In addition to these, recently introduced markets on corner kicks and cards add more excitement to the game. Other sports also provide ample opportunities, with basketball, volleyball, and hockey offering numerous combinations of classic markets and partial results to wager on. Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of sports betting!

Live betting and streaming

Under the management of Stars, 1xBet has made significant strides in the live betting arena, narrowing the gap that once separated it from other industry giants. The range of sports and events available for in-play betting has expanded, ensuring that scheduled matches can be found at any given time of the day. The director manager of 1xBet South Africa has consistently stressed the operator's commitment to further enhancing this particular section of the betting site. Additionally, as the development of the live streaming service progresses, the number of sports open for betting may exceed the current roster of eight or ten.

Multiples and systems

The possibility assessment unequivocally clears any uncertainties: securing a solitary wager is significantly simpler than securing a combination wager. Nevertheless, avid bettors are well aware that combination bets boast significantly higher odds and provide a more pleasurable gaming venture. In order to designate the desired bet type for your gameplay on 1xBet, you need to simply select the corresponding button directly on the betting slip. Although system bets are currently not accessible on the 1xBet betting platform, the English operator is actively developing this section, which will soon make its debut on the .it page.


The betting limits in South Africa, like those imposed by other bookmakers, remain unaltered. The National Gambling Board (NGB) has set these limits, dictating a minimum wager of $2 for both single and multiple bets, while capping the potential winnings for each bet at $10,000. Although system bets, as elucidated in the preceding segment, are currently under development, they too will be subject to the Agency's regulations, mandating a minimum stake of $2 and a maximum payout of $50,000 upon their implementation.

Analysis of odds and payouts 7

Novice bettors may not immediately realize that there can be notable variations in the payouts provided by different operators. Nevertheless, when it comes to online betting, 1xBet's odds generally yield no significant surprises. In fact, their payouts are commendable, both in terms of maximum stakes and upon closer scrutiny of averages. For football, their rates surpass 95%, while for tennis, they exceed 93%. Furthermore, rugby payouts are also notable, surpassing the national average for bookmakers, ranging from 92.8% to 94.6%. Though basketball odds may be slightly lower compared to their competitors, ice hockey and volleyball do not offer exceedingly high odds. Yet, it's worth noting that no operator in South Africa consistently provides substantial payouts for hockey and volleyball. Nevertheless, we are confident that, in due time, the bookie from Leeds will demonstrate some intriguing aspects in this area as well, following an initial period of necessary adjustment.

The payouts of the most clicked sports
  • .
  • Football 89.7 - 95.6%
  • Basketball 89.7 - 92.2%
  • Tennis 90.8 - 93.7%
  • Volleyball 91.0 - 92.3%
  • Hockey 90.3 - 91.7%
  • Rugby 92.8 - 94.6%
  • ..
  • .....
  • Payout (%)

1xBet's graphics and functionality 9 betting site

The South African portal of 1xBet has undergone significant enhancements in its design, showcasing the dedication of the Stars Group bookmaker. Rather than an extensive overhaul, the approach taken by the new management was a prudent one, recognizing the portal's long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional user experiences. The layout exudes simplicity and clarity, enabling users to navigate effortlessly and locate relevant information promptly. The background color of choice, white, proves to be a timeless and effective option. Additionally, the strategic utilization of the Sky logo's signature blue and red hues provides users with a visual compass. Furthermore, the implementation of a refined font for the texts elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the portal.

To ensure a seamless user experience, we have optimized our design to minimize the number of clicks required. The icons representing the various sports are conveniently located in the top navigation bar. On the left sidebar, you will find a comprehensive list of competitions available for each sport. Our betting menus provide a wide range of options including pre-game, live, ante-post, as well as today's, tomorrow's, and weekend's selections. We have structured the live events based on their respective disciplines, eliminating the need to scroll through lengthy lists. This innovative approach allows players to effortlessly locate their desired matches, a feature that will prove even more advantageous as we continue to expand our range of sports disciplines.

A guide on how to make a wager

Placing a wager has never been simpler. Every aspect of the website has been meticulously crafted to ensure that each action is effortlessly executed. When it comes to placing an online bet on the 1xBet platform, the initial step is to navigate to the top menu and select your desired sport. On the left-hand side, a comprehensive list of available leagues will be at your disposal. Whether you opt for pre-match, live, or outright betting, the left sidebar will always cater to your preference. The main section of the page showcases all the matches that are open for betting. Take your time in assessing the odds: by clicking on the + icon alongside an event, an array of markets will unveil itself, providing you with an extensive selection to choose from.

  • [1] Select the market Sports and leagues available on 1xBetChoose your desired sport, league, and the specific match you wish to place a bet on from the available options.
  • [2] Choose your bet An image of 1xBet's oddsCarefully choose the market and its corresponding odds, then include it in your betting slip.
  • [3] Confirm your bet Screenshot of 1xBet's bet slipConfirm your bet by selecting the desired wager amount and clicking on "PLACE A BET."

Upon visiting our website, you will find a convenient coupon on the right-hand side of the page where you can place all your chosen selections. It is here that you will need to make a decision regarding the game mode. Currently, you have the option of selecting either the single or multiple game mode. Once you have made your choice, simply input the desired amount you wish to play with. To expedite the process, you can utilize the +1, +5, and +10 buttons. Finally, click on the yellow button labeled "VISIT THE SITE" to validate your bet and proceed further.

When South African bettors sign up at 1xBet South Africa, they will be greeted with a generous offer for a welcome bonus. In order to gain access to these enticing bonus opportunities, there is a simple registration process that must be followed. At this current moment, there is no available promo code for 1xBet South Africa. Registration simply entails filling in the required information in the designated fields and clicking on the register tab. If you encounter any issues while logging in, fear not! There is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide available for South African users on how to bypass any website blocks that may arise.

On the website lobby, South African bettors have the option to access and install the desktop applications offered by 1xBet. After successfully setting up your betting account, you will be eligible for a generous 100% match bonus, allowing you to wager up to $100 on your preferred sporting events. To ensure a seamless betting experience, it is recommended that players carefully review the rollover requirements associated with the bonus, familiarizing themselves with the applicable terms and conditions. It is important to note that the bonus must be utilized within 30 days from the date of registration, providing ample time for players to make the most of this exciting offer.

Discover additional information regarding the betting platform known as 1xBET.

In July 2000, BSkyB made a notable move by acquiring Sports Internet Group, an online betting company, thus marking the inception of 1xBet. The company experienced steady growth and by 2002, it adopted the name 1xBet. Fueling its expansion, the Leeds group established new offices in various locations including Sheffield, London, Guernsey, and Germany, while also setting its sights on launching in South Africa by 2015. After considering several options, Rome was ultimately chosen as the headquarters for the South African venture. The highly anticipated launch finally took place towards the end of 2016, accompanied by an impactful video campaign helmed by director Julie Gautier, featuring the enticing catchphrase "Bet at the best." However, due to unforeseen corporate circumstances, Sky decided to discontinue its involvement in the South African project by the end of 2018. Nonetheless, the domain was subsequently acquired by the Stars Group, which successfully revitalized it in our country in 2020, alongside other popular platforms like Pokerstars and Casino Stars.

Further details regarding 1xBet
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: The Stars Group Hours: 10.00-24.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 128, Convenient Deposit limit:
Headquarters: Toronto Canada Telephone: Members only License: NGB Betting limit: Expected
Key people: Rafael Ashkenazi and Divyesh Gadhia Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: More than 1000 Fax: Documents accepted: Identity card, driver's license, passport Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Members only Email address for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner institutions:

The level of customer support provided 8

The support team at 1xBet is highly skilled and accommodating, ensuring top-notch customer service. When it comes to reaching out to them for assistance, the chat feature stands out as the swiftest and most efficient option. Nevertheless, contacting the call center via chat or phone is exclusively available to registered and logged-in users. Their customer service is available between 10 am and midnight daily, providing assistance throughout a substantial duration. Given the extensive service hours, we are pleased to commend their support with an excellent rating.

Guidelines for licensing and ensuring security measures. 9

1xBet, a renowned global brand, is much more than just a betting platform. It prides itself on its unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest security standards. To protect sensitive information, a cutting-edge 128-bit encryption system is employed. This formidable security measure is provided by Comodo, a reputable American computer security company and the pioneering Certificate Authority that introduced SSL certificates to the world. With such stringent security protocols in place, users can have peace of mind knowing that their data is safeguarded.

In South Africa, 1xBet operates legally under license number 15023, which has been issued by the NGB. Being a highly esteemed operator, they actively engage in the realm of proactive measures and are deeply involved in various initiatives concerning Responsible Gambling. To ensure the well-being of individuals who may be susceptible to developing detrimental betting habits, they have implemented a range of tools such as self-restraint and self-exclusion from gambling. Moreover, the dedicated customer support team undergoes comprehensive training to tackle these concerns and deliver unparalleled assistance. Furthermore, the operator has developed user-friendly applications that enable parents and adults to exercise control over the platform's accessibility to individuals under the age of 18.

Bonus points

If you reside in South Africa and enjoy casino games or betting, then 1xBet is worth your attention! This online gambling platform presents an incredible welcome bonus that matches 100% of your initial deposit, up to R1500. Moreover, their clients can take advantage of frequent promotions boasting fantastic perks. Don't let these unbeatable offers slip away – seize the opportunity and register with 1xBet today!

Great news awaits you! Experience an incredible welcome bonus from 1xBet: register today and enjoy the opportunity to have your deposits matched, up to 1,500 ZAR each week. Opening an account, funding it, and placing your bets is all it takes to seize this fabulous offer. No need to hesitate any longer – jump into the excitement and embark on your journey with 1xBet South Africa now!

If you're located in South Africa, 1xBet has an enticing welcome offer in store for you. Prepare for a thrilling experience with a weekly reward for your initial deposit made on Fridays and a delightful surprise when you sign up. Make your first deposit after creating an account and get ready to receive a special token of appreciation!

If you're engaging in internet betting activities in South Africa, you might be familiar with the generous bonuses offered by 1xBet. Prior to embracing these enticing rewards, it is crucial to allocate some time to peruse and comprehend the terms and conditions stipulated on the official 1xBet site. Neglecting this significant measure could potentially jeopardize the seamless nature of your interaction with 1xBet. So, don't overlook this vital step if you wish to guarantee a hassle-free experience with 1xBet.

Make sure to explore the enticing range of bonuses and promotions at 1xBet Casino, an exceptional destination for thrilling rewards. Their website is brimming with an abundance of extraordinary surprises waiting to be claimed, so be sure to pay it a visit to delve into all the captivating details.

In the realm of bonus points, we delve into the additional facets of a bookmaker that enhance the overall betting experience. 1xBet falls slightly short in this category, which is not surprising considering its recent entry into the South African market. Its main focus lies in the fundamental aspects of betting. As a result, the Stars Group operator receives a modest score of 2 out of 10 points. While there is currently no live streaming service, rumors suggest that developments in this area may be on the horizon. Nevertheless, the company's expertise in the industry remains widely recognized.

  • Streaming .0/3
  • News and social media .1/3
  • Awards .1/2
  • Horseracing .0/1
  • Virtual sports .0/1
  • Bonus points .2

Take a glimpse at Sports Illustrated's website to explore their offerings on horse racing and virtual sports if you're seeking a provider who specializes in this type of betting. The box dedicated to horse racing and virtual sports currently has a score of zero. However, in the review of 1xBet news, we will delve deeper into this topic, awarding it one point in the news and social section. Additionally, we granted one point in the awards section due to the recognition received by the parent company at the prestigious European EGR Awards.

An internationally acclaimed book with promising potential

In our comprehensive review of 1xBet, we acknowledge that this Canadian operator has made a recent foray into the South African market. Nevertheless, it possesses all the necessary components to thrive in this competitive landscape. The platform's visuals are exquisitely crafted and captivating, leaving a lasting impression. Only the word "simple" does justice to the seamless user experience. Meticulous attention to detail has been given to ensure that the site is user-friendly and pleasurable to navigate. Above all, functionality reigns supreme in this online platform. The bookmaker's offerings have expanded significantly, surpassing its previous range of sports to bet on. Our position is strong, not only in terms of championships, tournaments, and markets for major sports, but also across a myriad of categories.

Strengths and weaknesses of 1xBet
  • Main strengths
  • Excellent graphics
  • Many markets available
  • International network
  • Minor strengths
  • Rapidly evolving platform
  • Efficient customer service
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Markets Average
  • Minor weaknesses
  • The absence of real-time broadcasting

We were pleasantly surprised after meticulously examining the payout rates and odds, as they surpassed our expectations. Regrettably, a few significant features like live streaming, virtual events, and horse racing are currently absent. Nonetheless, we anticipate substantial advancements in these aspects from the bookmaker, considering their vast international experience and strong support. We eagerly await the opportunity to personally experience these enhancements. If you require assistance, you can easily reach out to the customer support team at 1xBet in your preferred language. There is an impressive selection of 58 languages to choose from, ensuring effective communication. A skilled customer agent is always available at the other end of the line, ready to assist you. To receive prompt help, simply click on the phone icon to initiate a call back request. A pop-up will promptly appear on your screen, allowing you to provide your country of origin. Rest assured, they will contact you within a few minutes.


If you have any inquiries or uncertainties, feel free to reach out to us via our dedicated email address [email protected]. We have taken great care in conducting a thorough evaluation of every crucial element pertaining to this service provider. Our aim is to furnish you with a comprehensive understanding of all relevant information. In the event that you require further clarification or have any lingering doubts, our team is here to assist you.

What is the reason for the request to submit an official identification document during the registration process?

In order to uphold the integrity of our platform and comply with state regulations, we kindly ask you to submit a scanned copy of your identification document. This important step is crucial in preventing any fraudulent or illegal activities. It is important to note that without the submission of your document, withdrawals from your gaming account will not be authorized. Rest assured, this process is in place to safeguard your account and ensure a safe and transparent gaming experience.

Where can I locate the webpage for live betting on 1xBet?

Navigating through the pre-match and live schedule is made easy on the 1xBet by Stars online betting site, thanks to its well-structured primary and secondary navigation bar. Users can effortlessly explore the various options available and find the desired events they wish to bet on. Whether it's before the game or in real-time, the navigation system ensures a seamless experience while browsing through the extensive schedule of events. With this intuitive feature, users can quickly find their way around the platform and make informed decisions when placing their bets.

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