SupaBets review: Unveiling the undisclosed aspects of this bookmaker

SupaBets holds a rich legacy for avid sports bettors. Originating in 1958 in Northern Ireland and subsequently relocating to Liverpool, this brand has experienced remarkable growth across Europe, ultimately establishing itself as the largest retail betting network on the continent in 2011. In 2015, SupaBets made its grand entrance in South Africa through its Malta division, presenting a comprehensive range of offerings. Our comprehensive analysis delves into the remarkable features of this renowned online bookmaker, encompassing not only sports betting but also an extensive array of options such as casinos, card games, horse racing, and virtual sports. Dive deeper to discover the intricacies of SupaBets and its diverse proposition.

Our SupaBets review
Overview: Access your desired topic instantly with a single click.
Sports 20+
Markets 250+
Live streaming Yes
Average payout (football) 94.20%
Partner or sponsor
Languages available English
Customer service Chat/Email
License NGB Number: 15247
40% off your initial deposit Bonus 10$
Overall opinion 4.0 / 5.0
Strengths SupaBets:
Cricket Bookmaker Ranking: Bookmakers for Cricket
Payout Rank: The leading bookmakers that accept Postepay
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In order to provide you with a thorough and extensive understanding of SupaBets, we have meticulously scrutinized the key elements when assessing various online betting platforms. We initiated our assessment by delving into their comprehensive schedule, followed by an in-depth analysis of their diverse markets and ample opportunities for live betting. Additionally, significant emphasis has been placed on their enticing bonuses and promotions, along with the availability of their mobile applications. We have also taken into account vital factors such as user-friendly navigation, secure transaction procedures, and the provision of exceptional customer service. With all these aspects meticulously examined, we invite you to embark on this journey with us, wherein you can uncover the remarkable strengths of this esteemed bookmaker hailing from Malta, as well as areas where enhancement can be achieved.

Direct your attention to the SupaBets and put your primary focus on it. 8 betting schedule

SupaBets leads the pack among renowned betting platforms in the country with a wide array of betting options encompassing nearly twenty diverse sports. With an extensive lineup of sports to choose from, SupaBets caters to both mainstream favorites and lesser-known niche disciplines. By offering a comprehensive range of sports, SupaBets ensures that every bettor can find their preferred sport to wager on, setting itself apart from other operators in the industry.

Sports and markets offer an abundance of options to choose from, giving you a wide range of possibilities to explore.

Soccer remains the beloved sport in South Africa, even though it has been a while since the country experienced remarkable international triumphs. Let's start our exploration of SupaBets with this in mind. We must acknowledge that there is no shortage of championships to follow, both in Europe and the rest of the world. You have the opportunity to place bets on high-profile matches from the Guatemalan championship, as well as leagues in Qatar, Rwanda, and the Thai Top League. Undoubtedly, Europe dominates the scene. When it comes to South Africa, you'll find a comprehensive schedule that covers Serie D and the South African Cup. Germany and England, with Сomeon and League Two respectively, also have a significant presence. Major nations like France and Spain, alongside other renowned European countries, offer three to four tournaments to engage in. Smaller countries like Estonia are not overlooked and have representation in the main leagues. Naturally, the most prominent international competitions from Europe and South America, including the World Cup and the European Championship, are also included.

SupaBets provides a variety of sports and leagues for users to enjoy.
Football Tennis basketball Volleyball Hockey
World Cup Roland Garros NBA South Africa's Serie A1 NHL
Serie A US Open Serie A CEV Cup Ebel Liga
Champions League ATP Finals Euroleague Poland Plusliga KHL
Serie C Wimbledon Olympic Games Russian Super League Euro Challenge
Europa League Miami Open French Championship Greece A1 Austria EHL
Serie B Indian Wells Germany championship Champions League Germany DEL

SupaBets has got you covered when it comes to various sports. Whether you're into basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, or tennis, they have a wide range of options available. You can choose from top championships like the NBA and NHL, as well as lesser-known leagues. What sets them apart is their focus on winter sports and less popular sports in South Africa, such as badminton, darts, and cricket. Being one of the leading bookmakers in South Africa, SupaBets offers a diversified selection, including eSports, which is gaining popularity among the public. If you're a fan of markets, this betting site will not disappoint. They provide over a hundred types of bets for top football matches, and maintain a respectable offering for basketball, volleyball, and handball, with at least twenty markets available for the key matches.

Experience the excitement of live betting with SupaBets' wide range of offerings.

SupaBets South Africa deserves commendation for its many positive features. However, it is important to address an area that requires improvement: live betting. While the offerings from this Anglo-Saxon bookmaker are satisfactory, they primarily focus on popular sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and hockey. Although the daily selection of events may not be extensive, it is still satisfying for enthusiasts. The variety of markets available is decent, totaling around thirty. One notable advantage is the provision of statistics and livescore for events. However, live streaming services are currently limited to a select number of events, leaving room for improvement. If live streaming is of paramount importance to you, consider exploring other betting sites like intertops or Сomeon. It is worth mentioning that Сomeon, as we will later discuss in the mobile section of our review, allows for seamless live streaming and real-time betting experiences on your portable device.

Unique and Google-friendly rephrase: Single, multiple, and complex systems

SupaBets, like other operators in the South African market, offers the flexibility to place single, multiple, and system bets. Opting for a single bet can enhance your chances of success, while the latter two options amplify the potential payout through a multiplier effect. If you're seeking guidance on making the right choice, our football strategies page provides valuable insights. During our assessment of this Maltese online bookmaker, we found that the maximum number of bets allowed is capped at 30. Conveniently located on the right sidebar, you can easily and intuitively place your bets using the designated box. From here, you can click on the appropriate button to select your preferred betting mode. If you opt for the system feature, simply choose the desired amount from the automatically generated options.

Bet and Limits on Winnings

SupaBets, like any other betting site targeting the South African market, is obliged to comply with the rigorous regulations set forth by the NGB. Without exception, these guidelines serve as the foundation for operating within this jurisdiction. Sports betting, regardless of whether it takes the form of single, multiple, or system bets, is subject to a mandatory minimum wager of $2 as stipulated by the law. In the case of system bets, a minimum bet of $0.05 per column is required. Similarly, the maximum winnings limit is established at $10,000 for single and multiple bets, while systems carry a higher cap of $50,000. Abiding by these regulations ensures a fair and transparent betting environment for all South African customers.

Investigating SupaBets: A Close Examination of Odds and Payouts 8

Let us now address a vital aspect when evaluating SupaBets - the examination of odds and payouts. We are pleased to inform you that this bookmaker stands out with its highly appealing odds and reasonable payouts. There are no extravagant variations here: the minimum and maximum values are consistently close to each other, indicating a sense of equilibrium and reliability. SupaBets may not make extravagant promises, but it ensures commendable winnings for its users. A quick glance at the football section reveals an enticing average payout of 94.2%, which fluctuates within a narrow range of 94.0% to 94.4%.

The payouts of the most clicked sports

If we turn our attention to alternative sports, we can construct a similar discourse. The realm of basketball displays a range of odds, commencing at 91.2% and ascending to 93.9%. Tennis, in a like manner, presents a fluctuation between 91.5% and 93.6%. Rugby aligns with these patterns, offering values spanning from 90.7% to 92.5%. The sport of table tennis, on the other hand, exhibits the lowest payout at 89%, yet it compensates its enthusiasts with the most unpredictable nature, as its maximum value reaches an astonishing 97%. Examine the percentages of other operators at your leisure and determine whether SupaBets serves as the ideal wagering platform for your preferences.

If you're looking for highly competitive odds in South Africa, make sure to pay a visit to Supabet.coza. This online platform provides a convenient app feature that grants you access to up-to-the-minute sports updates, enabling you to make well-informed betting decisions. Additionally, Supabets offers a check coupon functionality on their website, allowing you to effortlessly check if your ticket is a winner. Explore the plethora of betting markets available and seize the opportunity to rake in substantial online winnings.

Basketball Soccer American Football Rugby Motorsport Golf Boxing
Ice Hockey Aussie Rules Football Cricket Tennis Darts Sailing Volleyball
Cycling Floorball Futsal Baseball Table Tennis Snooker Pesapallo
Lucky Numbers UFC Winter Sports Handball Water Polo Martial Arts Badminton

The SupaBets website's ease of use and design 7

The SupaBets platform boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface, featuring an elegant black backdrop that accentuates the operator's striking red logo. The white font used for event listings ensures optimal readability. The navigation bar, prominently located in the red section of the website, allows users to effortlessly explore various betting options offered by the bookmaker, including casino games, poker, horse racing, card games, virtual sports, and highlighted or upcoming events. Images are strategically placed on the landing page, serving as visual aids to showcase enticing welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, which will be discussed in detail in our dedicated SupaBets bonuses review. Similar to SportPesa and other leading platforms, the left side of the betting section features a comprehensive list of sports, with special focus on trending and real-time events. Upon selecting a desired sport, a dropdown menu appears, facilitating the choice of nation and tournament. The chosen event is then displayed in the central part of the page, previously occupied by the day's most important matches. It is worth noting that the seamless intuitiveness of this process may require some acclimation time for novice users.

Experience a seamless live betting journey with our enhanced navigation features. Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces as we have simplified the layout for your convenience. The left bar vanishes, giving you a full-page view of the current offer schedule. We have also introduced a new navigation bar, which, although not as smooth to manage, offers diverse display modes for matches and a calendar of upcoming events. In the heart of the page, you have the freedom to explore events based on your preferred sport or browse through all scheduled events. Enjoy a user-friendly and tailored betting experience like never before.

A guide on how to make a wager

At last, we arrive at the pivotal aspect of a bettor's gaming journey: placing a wager. How does this operation transpire on SupaBets? The entire procedure is remarkably straightforward, even for novices venturing into the realm of online betting. Begin by perusing the left column and electing the sport and championship that pique your interest. Subsequently, scrutinize and opt for the odds associated with the matches you are contemplating, effortlessly accomplished by clicking on the corresponding box. Your chosen selections will manifest in the box situated at the upper right corner. A comprehensive breakdown of each step is meticulously delineated in the table provided below.

Make your selection from the identical selection, this time around, and decide how much you want to invest in your preferred type of wager, be it a single, multiple, or system bet. In case you wish to make changes to your bets, simply hit the "cancel" button and start afresh. Alternatively, if you plan on placing the bet within the next three days, opt for the "book" option. Once you are confident in your decision, simply tap the green "play" button and wish for a stroke of good fortune!

Registering a Supabets Sportsbook Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

To begin your journey with Supabets SA, all it takes is a simple click on the vibrant ‘Register’ button, beckoning you to embark on an exhilarating adventure. Fill out the registration form with utmost ease and let the excitement unfold. Once you have successfully registered, a treasure trove of exhilarating betting markets and remarkable services await your exploration. Supabets South Africa extends its arms to sports enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of options from the thrill of horse racing to the intensity of rugby union. Immerse yourself in the world of live-streaming, while relishing the freedom to cash out at your convenience. Furthermore, the realm of entertainment extends beyond sports, with a plethora of casino and bingo options at your disposal. Get ready to kick-start your Supabets SA experience by simply embracing the allure of the ‘Register’ button!

Supabets SA is a fantastic choice for those in search of an internet-based platform for sports betting. Once you access the site, you'll find yourself guided to a registration form that offers an array of diverse input fields. It is within this form that you can effortlessly fulfill the mandatory requirements and establish your personal account on the Supabets platform.

In order to create an account on Supabets South Africa's platform, you will need to furnish the necessary information. This includes your desired username, phone number (including the country code), your identification number or passport details, email address, as well as your first and last names. Once these details have been provided, you will be prompted to set a password of your choice, which you will need to confirm by retyping it.

How to Register a Supabets Account

To ensure a smooth review process, Supabets SA kindly requests that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions prior to submitting your feedback. Once you have thoroughly reviewed and acknowledged these terms, you can conveniently finalize the process by clicking the 'Submit' button. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as it allows us to provide you with the best possible service.

Sharing your review on Supabets South Africa is a breeze. Just a simple click on the “Submit” button will ensure that your valuable feedback reaches fellow users. It’s important to provide specific insights about your own experience while crafting your review, as it will greatly assist others in maximizing their own enjoyable encounters. Rest assured, your contribution will be greatly appreciated by the Supabets South Africa community.

After successfully registering with Supabets SA, be vigilant for an exclusive verification code dispatched to your designated mobile number via SMS. When the message arrives, promptly insert the code into the convenient popup window and proceed to confirm and enable your account.

Supabets Sportsbook's Terms and Conditions

To begin your Supabets Sportsbook journey, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions pertaining to bonuses. Familiarizing yourself with these can be effortlessly accomplished by exploring the footer links available on Supabets' website. To provide some helpful guidance, here are a few essential highlights regarding the bonus terms.

  • When examining Supabets SA, it is important to mention that the entertainment platform does not accept liability for any gambling dependencies, negative outcomes, health issues, or any other harm resulting from the utilization of the information provided on its website.
  • To open a Supabets South Africa account, you need to be 18 years old or above and submit a valid identification document, proof of your address, and proof of your age to meet FICA regulations.
  • Once a bet has been accepted by Supabets, the bettor is unable to make any changes, cancellations, or modifications to it.
  • Rest assured, if you've wagered on Supabets SA, rest easy knowing that your account will promptly and securely receive all your winnings.
  • Players need to ensure that they collect any winnings from their bets within 90 days of placing the wager, as failure to do so will result in the bet being invalidated. This rule has been implemented by SupaBets SA, and it is crucial for players to remember in order to prevent any potential financial setbacks.

Supabets SA, a well-known digital gaming platform, provides a plethora of betting opportunities encompassing various sports and occasions. It's important to be aware that the website has implemented upper limits on potential winnings for specific types of wagers. As a result, it's essential to note that the payout received will not encompass the initial stake amount.

Supabets Desktop Site

Supabets SA is renowned for its vibrant and bustling interface, which warrants special attention. The website exudes a multitude of captivating visuals and eye-catching banners, creating an atmosphere that may appear cluttered and overpowering to some. Despite its extensive selection of betting options catering to sports aficionados and casino enthusiasts alike, the visual aesthetics might dissuade prospective users from venturing deeper into its offerings.

Supabets SA provides an exceptional user journey through its user-friendly interface. To place your sports bets, effortlessly locate your preferred sport from the menu on the left-hand side, granting you access to a wide array of leagues and competitions to select from. By utilizing the side-scrolling menu, you can easily explore the exciting range of promotional offers and casino games showcased on the homepage. Moreover, the Live Sports betting section is conveniently accessible at the top of your screen, ensuring swift access to real-time betting opportunities.

Supabets' Mobile Betting Platform

When exploring Supabets South Africa, customers will discover numerous reasons to feel satisfied. The user-friendly mobile platform presents a seamless browsing experience, with a well-structured layout that ensures effortless navigation. The mobile version offers the same array of products and features found on the desktop site, yet it is optimized for pocket-sized convenience without compromising functionality. In addition, to further enhance betting opportunities while on the move, Supabets provides SMS and USSD betting services, granting users even more flexibility and convenience.

Supabets has established its presence all over South Africa with numerous outlets, offering a seamless experience for customers to deposit funds, place bets, and effortlessly collect their winnings in hard cash. This exceptional convenience factor renders Supabets an appealing choice for bettors seeking a trustworthy online betting platform that seamlessly integrates with brick-and-mortar establishments. The rave reviews of this operator commend Supabets for its unparalleled blend of convenience and utmost security, creating a winning formula for all betting enthusiasts.

Supabets Mobile Betting Website

SupaBets identity card

SupaBets, the renowned player in the realm of global gambling platforms, originated as the overseas arm of Stanley Leisure PLC, an esteemed sports betting enterprise founded by Lord Leonard Steinberg in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as far back as 1958. Throughout its extensive chronicles, this distinguished label has firmly entrenched its presence not only in the English domain, where it operates both virtually and physically through multiple betting establishments but also across Europe. Presently, the organization boasts an expansive workforce of 3000 individuals and operates not only in the United Kingdom but also in Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Denmark, and Cyprus. Since 2015, SupaBets has further extended its influential network to South Africa, solidifying its status as the foremost retail hub for wagering activities on the African continent.

SupaBets provides supplementary details for users.
Agency Customer care Safety Player protection
Name: SupaBets Malta Ltd Hours: 10.00 – 22.00 (every day) Encrypted connection: 256, GoDaddy Inc. Deposit limit: Expected
Headquarters: Valletta Telephone: License: NGB Bet limit:
Key people: Giovanni Garrisi Email: [email protected] Identity verification system: Expected Game Ban: Expected
Employees: 3,000 Fax: Accepted documents: Personal identification card, taxpayer identification number Protection of minors: Guaranteed
Registered users: Live chat: Indeed (for users who have completed the registration process) Electronic mail for transmitting documents: [email protected] Partner organizations: Siipac, Abele Group, and

SupaBets LTD, headquartered in Valletta, the vibrant capital of Malta, operates under the astute leadership of Giovanni Garrisi as the CEO for South Africa. This dynamic platform boasts an impressive array of entertainment options, including poker, card games, casino classics, and immersive role-playing experiences. In addition, SupaBets caters to the adrenaline-chasing enthusiasts by offering exhilarating horse racing and virtual sports betting opportunities. This esteemed betting site has also earned recognition in our nation for its noteworthy contributions to society. From making the most substantial private donation towards aiding the earthquake-affected Abruzzo regions, to generously supporting archaeological excavations in Albenga, Liguria, and providing valuable funding to the esteemed Policlinico di Tor Vergata ONLUS in Rome, SupaBets has become synonymous with impactful social initiatives.

A rating for customer service 7

When considering the complete assessment of SupaBets, it is essential to take into account their customer service. In this regard, it must be mentioned that there is room for improvement in terms of attentiveness towards customers. Specifically, the absence of provided telephone numbers for direct consultation is notable. However, an alternative option is the presence of a live chat feature, accessible between the hours of 10:00 and 22:00, albeit requiring registration on the platform. To address concerns such as document verification, inquiries, and complaints, the Helpdesk service email address is explicitly provided. It should be noted that this email service is available every day, during the same operational hours as the live chat.

Insight into SupaBets and its security measures. 9

Fear not, SupaBets Italia patrons! Rest assured that, just like any other novel web-based wagering establishment in our region, this Anglo-Maltese bookmaker possesses a valid NGB license. The responsibility of safeguarding your data and employing top-notch encryption techniques lies in the capable hands of GoDaddy, a reputable Arizona-based enterprise with decades of experience in this field, utilizing state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption. Rigorous inspections are conducted on all transactions, both within individual profiles and during betting activities, to thwart any potential instances of fraud or money laundering. Furthermore, meticulous scrutiny of player profiles guarantees a secure and equitable gaming environment. As a final layer of protection, we provide valuable advice on simple yet effective measures to enhance your personal security, encompassing the realm of passwords and access control.

At SupaBets, the well-being of minors and addressing gambling addiction are of utmost importance. Our first line of defense is verifying the accuracy of all entered information and conducting thorough checks on identity documents to ensure that no individuals under the age of 18 gain access. To vigilantly combat gambling addiction, we implement self-imposed deposit limits and offer the option of self-exclusion, be it temporary or indefinite, from any form of gambling. Should there be a concern regarding addiction, there are various organizations available for assistance, such as Gamcare, Gambling Italia, Siipac, and GruppoAbele, who specialize in interventions for compulsive behaviors. On our dedicated page for responsible gambling, you will discover invaluable guidance and information to proactively prevent the risk of gambling addiction.

Bonus points 5

Exploring the intricacies and finer points of a betting platform is essential in order to fully comprehend its distinctive features. Within the extensive SupaBets review, we direct our attention towards several key elements that, while not necessarily constituting the fundamental pillars of an operator's offering, undeniably enhance the overall player experience. These factors shall be allocated what we aptly refer to as "bonus points". Upon perusal of the accompanying infographic, it becomes evident that the Valletta bookmaker exhibits commendable performance, with only a minor shortcoming in the realm of prizes and accolades, a void that can be effortlessly addressed in the forthcoming days.

  • Streaming .1/3
  • News and social media .2/3
  • Awards .0/2
  • Horse racing .1/1
  • Virtual sports .1/1
  • Bonus points .5

SupaBets offers a delightful feature of betting on horse racing and virtual sports such as football, horse racing, and dog racing. This stands as a remarkable advantage for SupaBets, which also excels in terms of its social engagement. The betting site, actively present on Facebook, regularly shares captivating content. This content encompasses a diverse range of topics, including sports betting news (which we will delve into in our SupaBets news review) as well as intriguing and captivating general news, all accompanied by visually appealing imagery. While the streaming service provided by SupaBets might have its limitations, being restricted to a limited number of events, it refrains us from awarding a more positive evaluation. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that time is undeniably on the bookmaker's side, and improvements can be expected in the near future, bringing it closer to the standards set by renowned betting sites like Betwinner.

Supabets Registration Bonus Codes

Supabet Gaming Group, a prominent sports betting company with multiple locations, acknowledges the importance of incentivizing online registrations. With the goal of attracting South African online gamblers, Supabet regularly introduces various promotional deals and bonus offers. Upon signing up, players have the opportunity to claim a generous 100% deposit match bonus, allowing them to potentially receive up to R10,000 in bonus funds.

To qualify for a splendid Supabets FICA bonus, we highly recommend verifying your account by providing your details. There's an array of captivating promotional offers awaiting you, which can be availed using exclusive Supabets promotion codes. Discover a world of exciting rewards and incentives that will elevate your betting experience to new heights. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to maximize your winnings and enjoy unparalleled benefits. Join the league of savvy bettors who have unlocked the door to extraordinary bonuses and perks. Take the plunge and reap the rewards that Supabets has in store for you.

  • Massive Multi-Bet Special
  • Free Bet Bonus
  • Predict and stand a chance to win R500.
  • Money Back Special

A trustworthy and dependable operator.

At the conclusion of our evaluation on SupaBets, we find ourselves satisfied with the overall assessment. The array of sports available, along with the extensive selection of tournaments and competitions within each discipline, is comprehensive and thorough. Moreover, the assortment of markets for the major events is plentiful. Although the selection for live betting is not extensive, it remains satisfactory, particularly in terms of available markets. Regarding odds and payout, the presence of moderate margins may not ignite the thrill-seekers, but it signifies stability and practicality. This aspect can offer reassurance to less seasoned players and proves more than satisfactory for real-time bets.

Strengths and weaknesses of SupaBets
  • Strengths
  • Impressive assortment of events and markets
  • Interesting promotions
  • Many football leagues
  • Minor strengths
  • The existence of markets outside the realm of sports
  • Major weaknesses
  • Live chat is exclusively available for individuals who have completed the registration process.
  • Minor weaknesses
  • Not many live events

The assessment shows a clear affirmation, particularly when taking into account the incentives and advancements. As demonstrated in the dedicated segment of our analysis, SupaBets offers captivating promotions alongside a highly appealing welcome bonus. The inclusion of horse racing and virtual sports betting is undeniably advantageous, as is the guaranteed accessibility to the casino section. Concerning the user-friendliness of the website, despite room for enhancement in terms of smoothness, there is no reason to lodge complaints. Nonetheless, there are certain reservations regarding customer support, which is limited to a solitary email address and a live chat solely available to registered users. It is important to highlight that registration does not impose any obligation to engage in gameplay. Hence, we can affirm that this site is trustworthy, stable, and well-versed, resembling a seasoned Irish mariner. In essence, it is one of those wagering platforms that may not astound with extravagant effects but consistently exceeds expectations.


To ensure a comprehensive overview, we have upheld our tradition of incorporating all essential details in the SupaBets guide. Should you possess any inquiries or a desire for further information on the subjects encompassed within this wagering platform, kindly direct your queries to [email protected] via email. Our dedicated support team will be delighted to address your concerns and satiate your curiosity.

How do I go about reporting malfunctions or filing complaints?

To report any malfunctions or file complaints, kindly reach out via email to [email protected].

Is it feasible to place bets on electronic sports with SupaBets?

Certainly! Here's a new and completely unique paragraph: "Discover the possibilities with our innovative Malta-based booker that brings you an exciting range of eSports. Indulge in the thrill of virtual football matches and experience the adrenaline rush of horse and dog racing simulations. Immerse yourself in the world of competitive gaming and betting, where virtual sports come to life. Our platform offers a diverse selection of eSports, providing endless opportunities for entertainment and excitement. Join us today and embrace the future of online gaming!"

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