The top cricket betting websites for the year 2023

On this webpage, you will find a comprehensive evaluation of the finest sports betting platforms authorized in South Africa for the thrilling game of cricket. Our expert team has diligently selected the leading operators that cater to the immense popularity of this sport, which ranks second only to football in terms of global following, particularly in Commonwealth nations. Prepare to delve into the essential knowledge required for successful cricket betting, including details on payouts and match schedules, available markets and enticing promotions, effective strategies, and the esteemed tournaments that define this captivating sport. Before we proceed, let's explore the cream of the crop, the top 10 bookmakers dedicated to this exhilarating discipline.

The year 2023 marks the pinnacle of cricket betting, owing to the much-awaited World Cup. A plethora of online platforms cater to the fervent South African cricket betting community, providing them with ample opportunities to secure tantalizing cash rewards. Our platform holds a prominent position as a reliable hub for all cricket betting forecasts and valuable insights. With our assistance, enthusiasts can elevate their betting experience and enhance their chances of success.

When it comes to cricket betting, South African gamblers now have access to more than just their instincts. Our platform brings together the knowledge of seasoned gamblers and ex-cricket players who provide in-depth analysis of cricket matches. Take advantage of our comprehensive online cricket betting advice and accurate predictions. Moreover, explore our curated list of the finest global betting platforms, offering diverse betting odds for both domestic and international tournaments.

The top bookies for cricket betting in South Africa
Cricket Betting Sites Welcome Bonus Learn more Assessment Proceed to the online gambling platform.
Up to €100 50% bet refund 20 25 Promotions are applicable to all tournaments. 5.0/5 Visit the site
Up to $100 15% cashback refund 10 10 A satisfactory level of live payouts 4.0/5 Visit the site
Up to €1,000 40% on first deposit 15 33 Competitive level payouts 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to R3,500 100% on first deposit 10 10 Betting exchange option 4.5/5 Visit site
Up to $50 100% on first deposit 7 21 Also outstanding while in live mode. 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $10 100% on first bet 8 20 Great mobile playability 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $200 1st bet + coupon 8 10 Complete statistics apparatus 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €25 First bet refund 12 23 Exceptional live segment of superior quality. 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $150 on the initial two payments 15 15 Competitive chances and payouts 4.0/5 Visit the site
Up to R1,000 100% on first deposit 6 18 Well structured schedule 4.5/5 Visit the site
Migliori siti scommesse cricket e uno stadio

Top 5 cricket bookmakers

  • 🥇 Betwinner ✪ Get a warm welcome with a bonus of up to €100
  • 🥈 PariPesa ✪ 100% up to $100 bonus
  • 🥉 Nomini Receive up to €1,000 and enjoy 50 complimentary spins.
  • Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of R1,000 on your initial deposit.
  • Wazamba Receive a welcome bonus of up to $50.

Rest assured in our wealth of expertise: behold the finest online platforms for cricket wagering, those to entrust without trepidation and amid the esteemed contenders in the realm of betting, traversing the upper echelons of the premier catalog of exemplary online bookmakers in South Africa.

Top cricket sports betting sites by category
🏆 Cricket bookmaker 2023 Betwinner
A fantastic blend of fixtures and markets in the cricketing world. Nomini
📱 Mobile Cricket Betting PariPesa
Cricket and the world of betting exchange
📈 Competitive cricket payouts SupaBets
Exciting live cricket betting options 10Bet
Promotions for betting and cricket Wazamba
📊 Timely cricket stats 22Bet
Crushing live cricket payouts. Betsafe
Discover the latest online platform for placing bets on cricket matches. YesPlay

We understand the importance of providing you with diverse options for your convenience. Hence, we have curated an additional selection of top-rated cricket betting platforms, organized by categories and their unique features. This comprehensive list aims to cater to the preferences and requirements of different users, ensuring that you receive unparalleled assistance in making informed decisions. Explore the finest cricket betting sites available, tailor-made to fulfill your needs and maximize your betting experience.

Starting our review, we wasted no time delving into the selection process for the top cricket betting sites. Our criteria were carefully chosen, relying on a set of established guidelines. Among these guidelines, the significance of payout values took center stage. Equally vital were the composition of the schedule and the extensive range of markets catered to this exhilarating sport. Additionally, we left no stone unturned in evaluating the live and streaming proposition, while meticulously assessing the bonuses and promotions on offer. It's time to kick off our review without any further delay!

Beginner's Guide: How to Place Bets on Cricket

Do not worry if you're new to cricket; we have all the information you need. Our comprehensive guide to online cricket betting explains the process of understanding and calculating odds, allowing you to make well-informed bets. However, before diving into the world of online betting, it is essential for bettors to acquaint themselves with the various types of cricket bets offered by different online bookmakers.

  • To help new players get started, the first thing they should do is search for the online bookmaker offering the most favorable betting odds. Every online betting site offers unique odds determined by their match analysis. Choose the bookmaker with the greatest potential for payout and one that provides a deposit bonus for new sign-ups.
  • The deposit options offered by a bookmaker play a crucial role as they determine the waiting time for processing your deposit. South African bettors should opt for sports betting platforms that offer banking methods well-known to them.
  • After depositing funds into their casino account, players must select a cricket tournament on which they wish to place bets. Due to the extended duration of certain cricket matches, it is important for players to choose a game that they are committed to following until its conclusion.
  • To maximize earnings, players must place their wager on the bet that offers the highest potential payout. Once selected, the bookmaker will present a confirmation bubble for players to click on. This bubble will show all the bets placed by the player and generate a ticket once the bet is confirmed.

Online Cricket Bets Gain Popularity

Cricket enthusiasts can maximize their betting experience on the top-rated online platforms, as they offer an extensive range of markets. These markets go beyond predicting the overall victor of a match, encompassing various betting options that revolve around the team's cumulative performance as well as individual achievements. The versatility of these platforms allows users to place bets on a match-to-match basis, while also providing the opportunity to wager on the team's triumph in a series.

  • Players have the opportunity to place bets on the victorious team in a cricket match, even after it has concluded. This wager can last for several days, with the team that accumulates the highest number of runs emerging as the winner.
  • Place your bet on the cricket player who will be awarded the title of "Man of the Match" once the game concludes.
  • Punters can select the player who will excel as the match's top bowler, determining this by considering which player takes the highest number of wickets.
  • Bet on the player who hits the highest number of boundaries. Place your wager on the batsman's ability to score sixes or fours throughout the match and emerge victorious.
  • Gamblers have the ability to forecast which cricket batsman will achieve the highest run count during the match.
  • Cricket live betting is also highly favored. Place your bets on the ongoing cricket match rate and predict the exact moment when a streak will come to an end, all in real-time.

Cricket Betting Odds

At South African online betting sites, players need to grasp the different variants of cricket betting odds. These odds are a representation of the potential winnings players can earn from their wagers. Familiarizing oneself with the two prevalent types of betting odds is crucial for any cricket enthusiast.

Decimal Odds Betting

The potential payout can be determined by multiplying your stake with the displayed decimal betting odds. These odds, presented as decimal numbers like 2.50, are prominently showcased.

Fractional Odds Betting

When it comes to fractional betting odds, they are displayed in the form of fractions, such as 3/1. In this case, the number on the left is multiplied and then added to the number on the right, which indicates your stake. These fractional odds offer a unique way of expressing potential winnings and provide valuable information for making informed betting decisions. By understanding how to interpret these odds, you can better assess the profitability and risk associated with different betting options. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of gambling, grasping the concept of fractional odds is essential for maximizing your potential winnings.

Check out our exclusive tips for betting on South African cricket matches.

For successful cricket betting, it is crucial to rely on statistics and implement a well-thought-out strategy. Blindly placing bets on cricket matches based solely on intuition will inevitably result in substantial financial setbacks. To optimize your chances of winning, it's worth exploring the tried-and-true cricket betting advice provided by seasoned bettors online. Our esteemed cricket betting expert has meticulously curated a collection of invaluable tips for your perusal:

  • Study the Game In order to maintain a winning streak, players must make informed bets. This requires bettors to comprehend the game's rules, stay updated on each match, and be familiar with cricket's history.
  • Stay Updated To increase their chances of winning bets on cricket matches, bettors must stay updated on all aspects of the sport and its various leagues. It's essential to be aware of player trades and injuries, as these can significantly impact a team's performance.
  • Place your bets according to the most recent performance. Cricketers are often driven by their previous performances, especially if a batsman falls just a few runs short of reaching a century. In such cases, they will ensure they put in their best effort in the next match.
  • Make a wager on  cricket leagues  that you can view – The top bookmaker provides cricket leagues from India, Australia, and Europe. Players must place bets on league matches that they can watch via online streaming.
  • Verify if the betting site is compatible with mobile devices Bettors desire the flexibility to place bets at any location and time. Opt for a bookmaker that offers a mobile app download option, allowing you to conveniently play using your smartphone.

Cricket betting payouts: everything you must be aware of

For a bettor, payout percentages hold utmost significance, and the rationale behind this is simple to comprehend. These percentages are instrumental in determining the odds, and as the odds increase, the punter's likelihood of winning also escalates. Our meticulous analysis technique has enabled us to extract the payout percentages utilized by cricket bookmakers in South Africa for the four pivotal cricket tournaments of the season. The outcomes of this comprehensive analysis have been compiled in the table presented below for your perusal.

Discover the cricket betting odds offered by the finest betting sites for major tournaments.
Cricket betting sites ODI Series T20 Blast Global T20 County Championship
95.0% 93.8% 94.1% 92.1%
94.1% 93.0% 92.2% 90.7%
92.9% 92.2% 93.7% 90.1%
93.3% 91.3% 90.8% 91.1%
92.7% 90.8% 91.1% 90.7%

In the realm of successful bookmakers, especially in the context of the One Day International Series, it is worth mentioning the commendable performance of certain British operators. Prominent among them is the esteemed Betwinner, a company that has consistently proven its mettle. Likewise, another British operator, PariPesa, has truly excelled in their overall performance. These bookmakers have established themselves as reliable and trustworthy, garnering praise from both seasoned bettors and novices alike. With their impressive track record and dedication to providing an exceptional betting experience, they have undoubtedly earned their place at the pinnacle of the industry.

Wishing you the best of luck in your betting endeavors, whether you prefer Test matches or T20 cricket.

Cricket, a sport that exudes an intimate connection to its timeless roots, is undeniably captivating. Its allure stems from an unyielding commitment to tradition. In contemporary times, two distinct variations have emerged, each possessing its own unique appeal. One embraces an infinite number of overs, enabling matches to endure for several days, while the other restricts the overs, adding an element of excitement and conciseness.

The primary cricket competitions
Tournament Logo Nation Participating teams Foundation
ODI Series International 16 1971
T20 Blast England, Wales 18 2013
Global T20 Canada 6 2018
County Championship England 18 1890
Test Cricket International 12 1861

The 20 over version, lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours, known as Twenty20 for marketing purposes, and the 50 over version, commonly referred to as ODI or One Day International, are the most frequently employed formats among cricket enthusiasts. The inception of the former variant took place in recent years to cater to television requirements, primarily driven by influential broadcasting conglomerates like the one helmed by Rupert Murdoch. These formats have captivated fans globally with their thrilling displays of skill and strategy on the cricket field.

The unique domains of cricket gambling markets

Understanding the sports markets you engage in is of utmost importance. It grants you the ability to diversify your approach, thereby opening up a plethora of opportunities to maximize your earnings. Consequently, we have made the deliberate choice to outline and elucidate a selection of the most distinctive markets available through cricket sports betting platforms. Additionally, we shall furnish you with practical instances and valuable recommendations on how to effectively leverage these markets to your advantage, much like we did in our comprehensive guide to rugby betting platforms.

Winning match

The most traditional market in the realm of cricket is the famed Winning encounter. In this market, participants must make a vital decision: predicting the victorious team in the match. It is crucial to note that, depending on the specific format of cricket being played, the possibility of a tie may or may not exist.

Top player in terms of batting skills on the squad.

The bet called team's finest slugger anticipates that the gambler accurately predicts which player will amass the highest number of runs throughout their turn at the plate.

During a thrilling test match showdown pitting Sri Lanka against South Africa, you have the opportunity to meticulously construct an exceptional batting lineup from a diverse selection of 15 players. In this exhilarating undertaking, you possess the freedom to merge the phenomenal talents of the finest Sri Lankan batsman, such as the remarkable Karunaratne with odds standing at an impressive 4.00, alongside the exceptional South African batsman, the revered Amla, whose odds soar at an enticing 4.50. The triumphant culmination of this wager hinges on the stunning display of prowess exhibited by both batsmen, as they endeavor to outshine their rivals and secure the coveted title of the best in their respective teams.

Benefit from this market's potential to significantly boost the odds on your ticket, comparable to the Marcatore Yes/No market in football. By utilizing this option, you can greatly enhance your chances of securing higher payouts. Incorporating it into your betting strategy can prove to be an advantageous move, increasing the potential profitability of your wagers. Explore this valuable market and uncover the exciting possibilities it holds for expanding your winnings.

The team's top pitcher

The team's Best Pitcher market essentially encompasses the identical concept as the team's Best Batter market, albeit with a focus on pitching rotations. However, the distinction lies in the fact that while every team member is obliged to face the batting turn, only a restricted subset of players will participate in pitching turns.

Most run outs

In the thrilling realm of cricket betting, there is a captivating option called Most Run Outs. This engaging wager beckons the astute bettor to predict the team that will exhibit this remarkable feat more frequently throughout their bowling innings. In the enthralling sport of cricket, a run out ensues when the ball strikes the wicket while one of the intrepid batters is scurrying out of the crease. Will you dare to unravel this riveting mystery and seize the opportunity to embrace the exhilarating world of Most Run Outs wagering?

The existence of live cricket betting and streaming

Live betting has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts due to the rise of online betting in recent years. This new passion is fueled by the captivating involvement it offers during a game in progress and the opportunity to decipher its evolving dynamics. Cricket bookmakers holding NGB licenses have wholeheartedly embraced this trend and now provide live cricket betting that rivals their UK counterparts. Cricket, with its extended match durations, is a sport that truly excels in live betting. Moreover, the thrill of live cricket betting is often enhanced by seamless streaming services, vibrant graphics, and informative statistics that further enrich the experience.

The exclusive incentives to utilize.

Cricket enthusiasts in South Africa can make the most of their betting experience by taking advantage of the enticing bonuses and promotions offered by cricket bookmakers. These exclusive offers present a golden opportunity for bettors to amplify their winnings. Although cricket is still gaining momentum in South Africa, there are limited promotional incentives specifically tailored for this sport among licensed operators, especially for live cricket betting enthusiasts. By capitalizing on these promotions, bettors can maximize their potential gains and enhance their overall betting adventure.

A cricket ball, a cricket glove and a cricket bat
  • English cricket experience
  • Numerous competitions and markets
  • One of the top welcome bonuses available.
EGBAGo DaddyLicense:NGB

In addition to the exciting world of cricket, there is an opportunity to incorporate these thrilling events into accumulators, harnessing the potential of multiple bonuses, unless specifically forbidden. Moreover, the cricket enthusiasts will be delighted to discover that each of the bookmakers featured on this platform provide enticing welcome bonuses that can additionally be utilized on captivating cricket tournaments.

Here are a few suggestions for betting on cricket matches.

Understanding and placing bets on cricket can be a challenging endeavor that demands careful analysis. Before committing any funds to wagers, it is crucial to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the game's intricate rules. Moreover, thorough preparation is essential in order to navigate the complexities of cricket. With that in mind, the subsequent online cricket betting tips will serve as valuable resources to assist you on your betting journey.

Winning bets cannot be guaranteed by the aforementioned tips. Otherwise, chance, the essence of gambling, would be non-existent! Nevertheless, when it comes to wagering on less popular sports like this or baseball, it becomes crucial to place bets with awareness and readiness. Even then, there is always the possibility of the favored team defying all predictions in a spectacular manner!

Cricket in a nutshell: intriguing aspects, fascinating tales, and memorable personalities

Cricket has gained immense popularity in numerous regions that were once under British rule. In fact, it is regarded as a national sport in certain territories. The countries of the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, have embraced cricket fervently, elevating it to the status of the second most widely supported sport globally. To truly immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of cricket, we have curated a collection of captivating tales that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable game. These captivating anecdotes will transport you to the extraordinary realm of cricket.

Test cricket: preserving the essence of tradition

Dating back to approximately 1300, cricket holds a rich historical legacy and is celebrated through diverse variations played across the globe. Amongst the most ancient forms, 'test cricket' stands tall within the esteemed First Class category. Spanning a duration of up to 5 days, a test match boasts limitless innings and is exclusively open to a select roster of 12 national teams.

Tendulkar, the unrivaled legend (unbeknownst to Sharapova), stands as the pinnacle of greatness.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, a former Indian cricketer, has earned the admiration of experts worldwide. Having been born in the year 1973, Tendulkar showcased his exceptional skills as a prominent batsman, amassing a remarkable record of 200 test matches and 463 one-day international appearances representing India. Despite his illustrious career, Tendulkar's fame remained largely confined to the realm of sports. Surprisingly, even tennis star Maria Sharapova, after attending a riveting match at Wimbledon, confessed that she had no knowledge of his existence.

The spirit of cricket stands as an unparalleled phenomenon in the realm of sports.

In cricket, the spirit of the game is distinctly defined within the official regulations, setting it apart from many other sports that rely on intuition and instinct. The principles that govern this spirit are explicitly stated and leave no room for interpretation. These regulations unequivocally condemn any form of violence and emphasize the utmost respect for opponents, umpires, and the cherished traditions of the game. These guiding principles are regarded with reverence, as they hold an almost sacred place within the cricketing fraternity.

Diverse options available for enthusiasts of the sport of cricket.

Our comprehensive assessment of cricket betting platforms has come to a close, enabling us to gather insightful conclusions about our earlier discussions. Despite cricket being a relatively less popular sport in South Africa, bookmakers focusing on this domain meticulously cover the most significant events of the season, presenting a plethora of wagering options to their customers. Although it is unfortunate that the range of special promotions dedicated to this sport remains somewhat limited, we were highly impressed by the live coverage of events. The abundance of statistical data accessible empowers bettors to make well-informed decisions and strive for victories. With an extensive array of choices at your disposal, we are confident that you will discover the optimal cricket betting site that caters to your gaming preferences.


Are you still intrigued by the idea of engaging in online cricket betting? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Which are the top cricket betting platforms?

Betwinner has emerged as the standout performer in our carefully curated list of the best cricket betting websites. This exceptional platform sets itself apart by delivering a winning combination of generous payouts, an extensive range of markets and tournaments to wager on, a top-notch live betting experience, and an array of exclusive promotions tailored specifically for cricket enthusiasts. With a commitment to providing an unparalleled betting experience, Betwinner reigns supreme as the ultimate destination for cricket betting aficionados.

Can you place bets on cricket using multiple and system modes?

Sure! Here's the new paragraph: Certainly, the option to engage in such activities is available on virtually every online platform that specializes in cricket betting. This particular feature encompasses all the diverse markets presented on their user interface, as well as the dynamic in-play segment.

What are the available cricket tournaments for betting?

The operators have the autonomy to decide the extent of their schedules, particularly with regard to sports that have not yet gained widespread popularity in our nation, such as cricket. Nevertheless, there is still a commendable array of options for betting on competitions, encompassing all the crucial test matches and T20 fixtures.

Are there any exclusive offers available for cricket betting?

In countries such as England, where cricket holds a more prominent position in society, it is more pervasive to encounter specialized incentives and promotions aimed at fostering our cricket wagers. Despite this, the customary deals, particularly the enticing welcome bonuses, offered by numerous online bookmakers, can also be availed for this exhilarating sport. The prevalence of cricket betting bonuses and promotions may not be as widespread as in the aforementioned countries, but rest assured, avid fans can still reap the benefits of exciting offers from various online bookmakers.

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