Discover the top rugby betting platforms for the year 2023.

Online rugby betting has brought excitement to the experience of watching your beloved team score tries. In addition to the captivating sight of muscular rugby players chasing the ball between two lengthy posts, rugby holds a significant historical significance in South Africa. Having claimed victory at the Rugby World Cup on two occasions, the most recent triumph occurred in 2007 when the tournament was hosted on our home turf. Our website offers a comprehensive guide to rugby betting, covering everything from understanding rugby betting odds to providing valuable tips on how to increase your chances of winning. Explore various rugby competitions available for betting and access online rugby predictions from our team of seasoned experts.

Let's explore the realm of rugby betting platforms through an extensive guide. Delve into the depths of esteemed tournaments and discover the diverse payouts offered by rugby bookmakers. Uncover the intriguing landscape of prominent rugby betting markets, lucrative promotions, exhilarating live betting experiences, and captivating streaming options. As we embark on this journey, we will also unravel fascinating curiosities surrounding this beloved, time-honored sport. Brace yourself as we uncover the leading rugby bookmakers, ready to cater to your every wager.

The top bookies for rugby bets in South Africa
Rugby betting sites Welcome Bonus Learn more Assessment Visit the gambling platform
Up to $100 100% on first deposit 25 100 Many dedicated promos 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to R3,500 1st dep 15 66 There are numerous pre-match markets available. 5/5 Visit the site
Up to €100 50% bet refund 22 60 Numerous live streaming occasions 5.0/5 Visit the site
Up to $50 100% on first deposit 25 100 Many dedicated promos 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $10 100% on first bet 20 50 Many dedicated promos 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €30 100% on first bet 20 50 Fantastic for wagering on the go. 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €1,000 on the initial two payments 20 50 Many dedicated promos 4.0/5 Visit the site

Top 5 rugby bookmakers

  • 🥇 PariPesa ✪ Get a generous welcome bonus of up to $100
  • 🥈 Nomini Get a 100% bonus of up to 8,000R and enjoy an extra 200 free spins.
  • 🥉 Wazamba Receive a 100% bonus of up to $50 on your initial deposit.
  • 10Bet Receive a bonus of 3,500R on your initial deposit
  • ⭐ Betwinner Welcome bonus of up to 100€ available

When it comes to dominating the rugby betting field and emerging victorious from the scrum, look no further than the esteemed selection of betting platforms mentioned above. These sites have earned their well-deserved spot among the crème de la crème of online bookmakers, and it's no coincidence. Rest assured that by placing your bets through these reliable platforms, you are maximizing your chances of reaching that goal and coming out on top.

Top rugby betting sites by category
🏆 Rugby bookmaker of 2023 PariPesa
For enthusiasts of the Six Nations rugby tournament William Hill
📱 Mobile rugby betting Betwinner
Betting exchange and the sport of rugby go hand in hand. Bettabets
Placing wagers on live rugby matches. Sports Illustrated
English Premier League at the highest level. Betway
Rugby Promotion and Betting Wazamba
Rugby betting odds for the playing style of the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks, are on the rise. Betsafe
French rugby? Absolutely! 22Bet
Discover a fresh and innovative online platform dedicated exclusively to rugby betting. This new site offers a unique and exciting way to engage with the sport, providing a plethora of betting options and an immersive experience for rugby enthusiasts. Explore the latest odds, bet on your favorite teams and players, and stay up-to-date with live scores and match analysis. Join the excitement of rugby betting with this cutting-edge platform and elevate your passion for the sport to new heights. Marshalls World of Sport is the subject of this article.

To meet the diverse needs and preferences of every rugby enthusiast, we have curated an exclusive table (located above) that showcases the top-notch platforms for rugby betting, tailored to specific categories. Rest assured, we have meticulously handpicked these sites to ensure optimal satisfaction and enjoyment for every fan. Whether you prioritize user-friendly interfaces, enticing bonuses, or extensive betting options, our comprehensive table will guide you towards the perfect platform that aligns with your preferences. Explore the table above and embark on an exhilarating rugby betting experience like never before!

When it comes to rugby, it embodies a plethora of admirable qualities such as strength, courage, respect, team spirit, and a strong sense of tradition and fair play. However, in our quest to identify the finest rugby betting platforms, we had to take into account a range of other crucial factors. We carefully assessed the value of the odds and payout rates, as well as the diversity of the schedule and the abundance of available markets. Additionally, we attached great importance to promotions specifically tailored to this exhilarating sport, and a top-notch live section that possibly offers a streaming service. Let us not digress any further and dive straight into the comprehensive review.

Betting probabilities for rugby games

To start wagering on the internet, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the array of betting markets offered for different rugby competitions. Each tournament has its own distinct set of betting options tailored to the nature of the matches played. In certain competitions, the games are characterized by an abundance of goals and high scores, while the more significant matches tend to adopt a more cautious approach. Here is a selection of the diverse betting markets available at an online South African betting platform.

  • Handicap betting in rugby aims to level the playing field by placing the favored team at a disadvantage before the game begins. Also known as rugby spread betting, the underdog team starts with a specific point advantage. Since the favorite team must overcome this handicap, correctly predicting the outcome leads to a higher payout.
  • Moneyline wagers - The money line wager forecasts the victorious team in a rugby match once the match concludes. Gamblers must anticipate the squad that will achieve the highest score during the competition.
  • Outright wagers - This particular bet type is highly lucrative, offering betting odds on teams to be victorious in the tournament prior to its commencement.
  • Live rugby bets allow punters to place in-play wagers on matches as they unfold. South African players can access live rugby scores and make predictions for the upcoming plays, giving them the chance to win lucrative cash prizes.

Different Kinds of Rugby Competitions

In South Africa, a thrilling clash of the titans unfolds on the rugby international calendar, where the crème de la crème of rugby teams fiercely battle it out to claim the coveted top spot. It's not just about the friendly encounters; the stakes are high, with gleaming silver trophies awaiting the triumphant victors. Get ready to delve into a world of adrenaline-packed action as we present a comprehensive lineup of top-notch rugby competitions that you can place your bets on.

Rugby Union Betting

When it comes to determining the superior competition, rugby union and rugby league often find themselves in a fierce comparison by avid gamblers. In rugby union, two teams, each consisting of 15 players, engage in a battle for victory. The outcome of the match is determined after 80 minutes of intense gameplay, governed by a distinct set of regulations that distinguish it from the rugby league counterpart. The quest to decipher which form reigns supreme continues to captivate enthusiasts across the globe.

Rugby League Bets

In terms of player count, the distinguishing factor lies in the number of participants involved in each game. The rugby league, unlike its counterpart, boasts a squad of 13 players as opposed to 15. While the fundamental rules of the game remain largely unchanged, discrepancies arise when it comes to possession plays, rusks, and line-out regulations. These variations add a unique flavor to the sport, ensuring an exhilarating experience for fans and athletes alike.

Discover the Super Rugby Betting Odds

Traveling from one continent to another, teams from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Argentina converge in the super rugby competition, an exhilarating clash that tests the mettle of the most competitive rugby nations. This ultimate showcase of skill and determination aims to determine the best club in the world, as these formidable teams vie for glory on the global stage.

Betting odds for the IRB Rugby World Cup.

Every four years, nations strive to secure qualification for the highly anticipated month-long tournament, known as the Rugby World Cup. This prestigious event, which brings together the top rugby teams from around the globe, will be hosted by Japan in 2023. Emerging victorious in this esteemed competition carries the esteemed title of being recognized as the supreme rugby powerhouse on Earth.

Rugby Championship Odds

The rugby championship stands unrivaled in terms of intense competition within the international rugby betting arena, as it proudly bestows the title upon the supreme team of the Southern Hemisphere. Among the nations participating in this prestigious annual tournament are Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. For those seeking online betting avenues for the rugby championship, it is imperative to diligently research and analyze the distinctive prowess possessed by each formidable side.

Rugby Betting Guide for South African bettors

Check out our handy guide for tips on betting on South African rugby matches.

When venturing into the exciting world of rugby betting, gaining valuable knowledge from seasoned rugby tipsters can make a substantial impact on your wagering experience. Whether you're a novice or an expert, utilizing the insightful information shared by these experts can greatly enhance your chances of success. If you're considering placing bets on a rugby match through online platforms, it is imperative to implement some effective rugby league betting tips. These tips are designed to provide you with a strategic advantage and maximize your potential winnings.

  • When placing bets on rugby matches, it is crucial to consider the specific contest at hand. This involves taking into account the average scoring in particular competitions and the number of players involved in the match. As an example, Rugby Sevens consist of teams with seven players, making it more likely for the game to have a higher score compared to matches with more players.
  • Take note of the lineup of both teams, whether it includes the crucial players or not. Teams achieve their highest level of performance when all their players are present on the pitch.
  • Assess the face-off competitions and the most recent outcome of matches to gain insights into the current state of both teams.

When it comes to rugby, the possibilities are endless. The unpredictable nature of the game keeps fans on their toes, never knowing what might happen next. But fear not, for we have a solution to help you make smarter bets and increase your chances of success. By delving into the statistics and analyzing past performances, you can gain valuable insights that will inform your online betting strategy. Ready to take the plunge? Visit one of our highly recommended sports betting platforms and place your wagers on rugby matches with confidence today.


Discover all the essential details about rugby odds and learn about the different payout options available.

Let's kick off our assessment of rugby betting platforms by delving into the realm of payouts. These payout percentages carry immense significance as they serve as the fundamental basis for odds, ultimately influencing the winnings bestowed upon bettors – a matter of utmost importance to us all. As exemplified by the comprehensive table, akin to the one meticulously crafted for premier billiard betting platforms, outlining data for the four most popular rugby tournaments and the top four bookmakers specializing in this exhilarating sport, the percentages do not exhibit any dramatic spikes, unlike the fluctuations observed in soccer payouts.

Check out the latest rugby betting odds on the top-rated major league gambling platforms.
Rugby betting sites Six Nations Rugby Premiership Top 14 Top 12
93.1% 91.0% 92.3% 90.8%
92.0% 90.9% 91.8% 90.7%
92.8% 92.7% 93.0% 90.3%
93.8% 91.9% 91.3% 90.7%
92.9% 91.0% 90.6% 89.9%

Nevertheless, when it comes to wagering on the Six Nations rugby, operators like Betwinner or PariPesa truly stand out, providing not only solid average payouts but also delightful surprises. The consistency of these payouts should not be overlooked, as they consistently surpass the 90% mark, which is similar to other sports betting platforms, including those dedicated to hockey betting. These operators ensure that bettors can enjoy a thrilling betting experience with attractive odds and exciting potential rewards. So, if you are seeking a remarkable rugby betting adventure during the Six Nations, don't miss out on the offerings of Betwinner or PariPesa.

Tournaments to participate in: 6 Nations, World Cup, and numerous other exciting competitions.

Astute gamblers will undoubtedly observe a clear differentiation between rugby union and rugby league in the timetables of bookmakers. These two separate forms of the sport originated in the late 1800s and possess distinct rule variations. Notably, the union rendition showcases fifteen players on the pitch and awards five points for successfully scoring a try. Conversely, the league adaptation features thirteen players and grants four points for a successful try.

The rugby tournaments that hold the utmost significance in the sport.
Tournament Logo Nation Participating teams Foundation
Six Nations International 6 1883
Premiership Rugby England 12 1987
Top 14 France 14 1892
Top12 South Africa 12 1929
Super Rugby International 15 1996

Rugby enthusiasts have shown a clear preference for the widely embraced union version, which takes center stage in prominent South African tournaments, as well as in renowned national leagues like the Premiership (England), Top 14 (France), and our very own Top 12. To cater to the specific interests of Six Nations betting, we have thoughtfully curated a dedicated page that provides valuable information on reputable betting sites. For a comprehensive overview, we have compiled a handy table featuring these exhilarating tournaments, accompanied by key insights and statistics relevant to rugby betting platforms.

Key rugby betting markets that hold significant importance.

For this comprehensive analysis of rugby betting, our utmost attention has been channeled towards an entire section that highlights the pivotal and defining markets within this captivating sport. A thorough understanding of these markets is essential for those seeking to amplify their prospects of triumphing in their wagers. In the ensuing passages, we shall expound upon the four principal categories of rugby betting, offering illustrative instances and practical pointers to optimize your betting experience.

Winner 1X2

The betting market for rugby matches is one of the most popular and widespread options available across various sports. In this market, you make predictions about the final outcome of the game between two competing teams. Unlike certain sports like basketball, rugby, whether it's union or league, acknowledges the possibility of a draw between the teams. However, due to the typically high scores in rugby, the odds for a draw are usually quite substantial, ranging from approximately 20.00 to 25.00.


Betting enthusiasts who possess extensive knowledge in this domain understand the intricacies of this particular market and acknowledge its widespread application across various sports. As a result, it is imperative to include it in the repertoire of the top-notch online platform catering to rugby betting enthusiasts. This market entails placing bets on the team expected to emerge victorious, albeit with an initial disadvantage typically ranging from -3 to -6 points. Success is attained if the favored team secures a victory by surpassing the handicap margin. It is an exhilarating and popular betting option that encapsulates the thrill of strategic prediction and calculated risks.

First realization

In the thrilling realm of rugby wagering, there exists a captivating market known as First Scoring. This captivating venture challenges bettors to harness their predictive prowess by anticipating not only the team that will triumphantly procure the initial points of the match, but also the precise method by which this exhilarating event shall transpire. Delightfully, a cornucopia of remarkable probabilities are presented, encompassing the elusive realms of the Try, Penalty, and Drop, for both the awe-inspiring home team and the valiant visitors. Furthermore, this enchanting domain acknowledges the remote possibility that no points shall grace the scoreboard, although it must be acknowledged that the exceedingly rare occurrence of a 0-0 stalemate is a true rarity within the vibrant tapestry of rugby.

Imagine a thrilling Super Rugby game featuring the Hurricanes and the Chiefs. In this exhilarating match, the outcome of a bet on the Home Team Try, with odds of 3.20, solely relies on the Hurricanes scoring first with a try. Should they seize the advantage through a penalty or a drop goal, or if the Chiefs manage to strike first, the bet would unfortunately be deemed unsuccessful. This adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to the proceedings, as every fan hopes for that pivotal try from the Hurricanes to secure a triumphant wager.

When delving into this realm, it is essential to meticulously analyze the data before taking any action. Understanding the demeanor of both teams is crucial; one must investigate their respective strengths and performance in specific areas of the pitch. For instance, the Chiefs exhibit a proclivity for aiming penalty kicks directly at the goal. Consequently, opting to wager on the Penalty Kick market for the home team may yield favorable outcomes in this scenario.

Last goal

When you engage in Last Try, an online rugby betting market, you place your bets on the team that will score the final points through a try. It's important to note that drop goals, which are more prevalent in the closing moments of the game, are not taken into account. Generally, this market offers favorable odds, making it an enticing option for rugby enthusiasts looking to test their luck.

Experience the thrill of live rugby betting and streaming.

Witnessing live rugby betting is an exhilarating encounter. The bettor immerses themselves in the sport's gripping matches, eagerly anticipating which team will score the upcoming try or how the ensuing scrum will unfold. To amplify the excitement, leading operators in the South African market provide a multitude of live rugby events, accessible even through live streaming television on their dedicated platforms.

Betting on rugby live is a thrilling experience that can be easily enjoyed by following a few simple steps. First and foremost, make sure to check the daily video schedule to stay updated on the upcoming matches. To gain access to the live streaming services, it is essential to have an active account with funds already deposited or having placed a bet within the last 24 hours. Even if some rugby bookmakers do not offer streaming services, they still offer excellent live betting options. They provide captivating live animated graphics and invaluable statistical data to enhance your betting experience. In conclusion, rugby stands out as one of the most exciting sports for live betting, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for all enthusiasts.

The most alluring offers tailored to the oval-shaped sphere

In the world of sports betting, bettors place great importance on the availability of bonuses and promotions tailored specifically to their beloved sport. These incentives can often be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing one rugby betting site over another. Licensed operators in South Africa understand this sentiment and truly go the extra mile during the highly anticipated 6 Nations tournament. Since 2000, the South African national team has actively participated in this prestigious competition, making it the most sought-after event in the country's rugby realm.

A scrum in a rugby match
  • A wide range of tournaments to choose from is available.
  • Interesting promotions
  • One of the most generous rewards available
SymantecItLicense: NGB Legal and ethical gaming

On this page, you will discover bookmakers who entice their customers with a variety of promotions. These offers typically include boosts in betting limits for specific games or the opportunity to receive cashback on any net losses. Even if there aren't any specific promotions exclusively tailored to rugby, the bookmakers featured here all offer incredibly enticing welcome bonuses. Rest assured, in the text box below, you will find our chosen operator, specifically selected for their exceptional rugby promotions.

Follow our tips for betting on rugby.

Placing a bet on rugby entails grasping the unique dynamics and rules of this exciting sport. It demands careful consideration of various factors, prompting bettors to pay close attention. To assist you in making informed decisions, we have compiled a concise manual featuring our exclusive online rugby betting tips. It is important to note that while these suggestions do not guarantee victory, they can considerably enhance your betting experience. Take a look at our recommendations below.

Rugby, a highly demanding and rigorous sport, prizes the resilience and endurance of its players, alongside the unpredictable elements of nature. Frequently, the interplay of rain and wind intensifies the spectacle, urging athletes to push their limits on the pitch. Remarkably, the determination of teams, including the underdogs, consistently remains unwavering. Remember this when considering wagers on rugby, for the formidable teams seldom fail to deliver.

Anecdotes and wonders from a game steeped in rich history.

Rugby, a sport boasting an extensive and storied past, has earned the title of being the "forefather" of another immensely popular sport, particularly across the vast expanse of the ocean. A comprehensive guide to betting sites for American football has been meticulously crafted, paying homage to this connection. As per age-old lore, the game's inception is credited to William Webb Ellis, a pioneering scholar who took the initiative to establish a set of regulations in 1823. In tribute to the city in which Webb Ellis pursued his studies, the sport was named Rugby. In the subsequent three sections, we present a compilation of intriguing historical anecdotes and fascinating tidbits, all encompassing the realm of rugby, which serves to enrich our comprehensive exploration and ultimate culmination of rugby sports betting.


Throughout the course of rugby's history, the allocation of points for various actions has undergone significant changes. In its early days, a mere solitary point was bestowed upon successful tries, while kicks between the posts, encompassing expertly executed drop kicks and penalties, were deemed worthy of a three-point reward. However, as time wore on, the value attributed to tries experienced a gradual augmentation, ultimately culminating in the present-day standard of 5 points, which was officially established during the 1990s.

The emblems representing the national squads.

The emblematic identities of the renowned national rugby teams are distinctly recognized through their symbolic representations. The New Zealand All Blacks are epitomized by the emblem of a fern, while Ireland is symbolized by the iconic shamrock. The South Africans, on the other hand, have historically been associated with the symbol of a gazelle, although this emblem's existence is at risk due to its association with the era of Apartheid. Interestingly, the Argentinians, despite being erroneously referred to as Pumas by a journalist, actually embrace the majestic jaguar as their true symbolic representation.

Ireland: a land surrounded by waters, home to a revered rugby team representing the nation.

Rugby stands alone as the singular sport that unites both Eire and Ulster, the two Irelands, in friendly competition. The rugby federation of Ireland, established back in 1886, remained unscathed by the division that rocked the football counterpart in 1921. Prior to the commencement of the shamrocks' matches, the resonating melody of "Ireland's Call" fills the air, a powerful anthem that came into existence solely for rugby in 1996.

Rugby bookmaker: scoring a try with a playing card.

Let's now conclude this extensive exploration that has led us to comprehend the world of rugby betting, along with its numerous intriguing and valuable aspects. Without a doubt, the top-notch rugby betting platforms proved themselves well-prepared for this occasion, presenting remarkably comprehensive schedules encompassing various tournaments, events, and markets. Moreover, while we didn't encounter exceptionally high peaks in terms of payouts, it is worth noting the consistent average percentages, ensuring that a rugby bet is always a worthwhile endeavor. Additionally, we mustn't overlook the enticing promotions offered by certain rugby bookmakers, specifically tailored for fans of the oval ball, as well as the exhilaration of live gameplay, accompanied by captivating streaming services. Ultimately, there are valid reasons to engage in rugby betting, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to all passionate enthusiasts.


If you have any queries or a burning desire to explore further about rugby betting platforms, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via [email protected]. We are eagerly awaiting your message and will promptly provide you with the answers you seek. Feel free to reach out anytime, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Which rugby betting sites are considered the top choices?

In our carefully curated selection of the finest rugby bookmakers, you will discover a multitude of Anglo-Saxon platforms like Betwinner and Bettabets. However, don't overlook the exceptional performance of Wazamba, which truly shines when it comes to the diverse array of betting markets it offers. The board is adorned with an extensive range of options, allowing you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled betting experience.

Is it possible to utilize the welcome bonus for rugby betting as well?

Typically, operators offer a "Sport" welcome bonus that is applicable to all sports, including oval ball events, without any restrictions. This promotion is designed to be universal, ensuring that all sports enthusiasts can benefit from it. However, it is crucial to take the time to thoroughly review the terms and conditions provided at the bottom of each promotion. By doing so, you can gain a clear understanding of how to make the most of the free amount offered and maximize your overall experience.

Which are the key rugby competitions suitable for placing bets on?

Undoubtedly, the Six Nations holds the top spot as the most heavily wagered-upon rugby tournament. In our comprehensive guide, we delve into a specific section focusing on tournaments, shedding light on the World Cup and the highly acclaimed Top 14 as well, both of which garner significant attention from avid bettors.

What is the potential payout when placing bets on rugby?

In order to address this query, it becomes imperative to delve into the examination of rugby's betting payouts. Our team has diligently undertaken this endeavor on your behalf and observed a striking trend: in every instance, the payouts never dip below 90%. This compelling revelation signifies that placing bets on this captivating sport ensures a steady and stimulating yield.

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