Daily LottoThe new South Africa Daily Lotto game is another fantastic product from the Ithuba National Lottery. The lottery game provides an opportunity for SA bettors to possibly win the jackpot every day. Just like all the National Lottery games, you can bet on the lotto draw at your local accredited vendors as well as online betting sites.

Whether you play online or at a retail store, you can find the latest Daily Lotto results easily using your smartphone. We’ve shortlisted the best sports betting sites that offer the Daily Lotto game on the internet. Stand a chance of winning an amazing Daily Lotto jackpot prize every day and buy a ticket online today!

Where to Play Daily Lotto Online

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Play Daily Lotto Online Guide

How to Play Daily Lotto

Have you been playing the Daily Lotto? Check the results to see if you're a winner! All you need to do is get five numbers right to win the jackpot, which starts at R100,000. Remember that the prize amount can vary depending on how many players there are. Good luck!

The Daily Lotto results are released each day, and if you match two, three or four out of the five numbers that are drawn then you will win a share of the prize pool. However, if you only get one number right then unfortunately you won't win anything. Nevertheless, every little bit helps and any winnings can be used to buy another ticket for the next draw!

If you have every played SA lotto, you will easily understand how to Daily SA lotto game online. Players that do not know how to play daily lotto in South Africa needn’t fret, we got you. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to quickly learn how Daily Lotto works:

  • Choose any five numbers from 1-36 on the lotto betslip.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the automated quick pick option and let the computer generate numbers on your behalf.
  • You will be charged R3 per line on your tickets at a retail store or online.
  • Buy your lotto ticket and confirm all chosen numbers before the cut off time at 20:30.
  • After the draw, you will receive a notification on your phone if you won.
  • The is a maximum bet set per betlsip, limited to R150 per player.

Daily Lotto Predictions

All of the Daily Lotto prizes are divided based on the number of correct numbers combinations you have on your betslip. The below table features the different divisions along with the odds and potential payout of the Daily Lotto.

Class Odds Payout
Division 1 all 5 correct numbers win 35.60% of the total prize fund
Division 2 4 correct numbers 8.20% of the prize fund
Division 3 3 correct numbers 16.40% of the prize fund
Division 4 2 correct numbers 39.40% of the prize fund

SA Daily Lotto App Download

Bettors can play Daily Lotto South Africa online by simply using their mobile phone. There are plenty of betting apps that provide the option for SA punters to bet the lottery online. You can download the software onto your mobile hard drive for easy access. It definitely simplifies the process of betting online as you are able to also bet using your banking app. Players can deposit funds and withdraw their winnings every day.

Your maximum Daily Lotto bet

The maximum investment for Daily Lotto is R150, but you can use multiple betting slips to increase the number of entries and thus improve your chances of success. Check for the Daily Lotto results here to find out if you are the latest jackpot winner.

Want to know the latest Daily Lotto results? Check out the official South African lottery website for the draw numbers and prize totals of every daily lotto drawing throughout the year.

Looking for the Daily Lotto results? The Daily Lotto draws are held nightly at 21:00, aside from Christmas Day (25 December). That way, you can stay up to date on your lucky numbers for almost every day of the year!

The Daily Lotto results will be announced every day at 9:00pm SAST, and there is no rollover if the jackpot is not won. If there are no winners, then the prize money will remain in the draw and increase for the next one.

How To Play Daily Lotto in South Africa

Daily Lotto Results SA

You can find Daily Lotto results winning numbers on multiple platforms that offer the lottery game. The best place to look is online, where you can cross-reference archived Daily Lotto results history to see if you won the jackpot. Players should always keep their lottery ticket safe as well as write their names on the back to ensure that the winnings are credited to the original owner.

Additional Information Of Winning Prizes

Every day, the Daily Lotto draw takes place in South Africa and gives players the chance to win big! Players need to select 5 numbers between 1-36 on their ticket and can check the official website for the results after each draw. Prizes are awarded according to how many numbers you match, with matching all 5 giving you a chance to win the top prize.

Daily Lotto offers a chance to win thousands of rand with each draw! Just match five of your chosen numbers, and you could be the lucky one taking home the jackpot. Even if you’re not able to get all five numbers right, you could still be a winner with two or more numbers matched. Good luck!

Want to know the Daily Lotto results? Every day, a certain amount of money is placed into a pool which is then split among the winners according to pre-determined percentages. Depending on how much money was originally in the pot, the prize amounts can vary from drawing to drawing. So be sure to get your tickets, and check back for the latest Daily Lotto results!

What Time Does Daily Lotto Play

The Daily Lotto draws time is set at 21:00 every day in the evening. Players need to buy the lotto tickets and play before 20:30. If no players match all five numbers, the jackpot prize is split among players who match four numbers as it 'rolls down'. You have the option to play lotto online or at a local retail store and all entries cost R3 each.

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