The top-rated table tennis betting platforms on the internet in 2023

For all those ping pong enthusiasts in South Africa, we have compiled a list of the finest online platforms for table tennis betting. Discover the exhilarating world of supersonic speed balls and awe-inspiring spin shots, all from the comfort of your own home. Get ready to dive into the realm of pre-match and live schedules, as well as the availability of streaming options. But before we reveal the top 10 table tennis bookmakers, let's delve into the intricacies of odds and payouts. Embrace the fusion of cutting-edge technology and the beloved sport, as ping pong takes on a new dimension with online betting.

The top bookies for table tennis bets in South Africa
The gambling platforms dedicated to table tennis wagers. Welcome Bonus Learn more Assessment Visit the online gambling platform.
Up to R3500 First dep. 5 14 Large statistics section 5/5 Visit the site
Up to $100 100% on first deposit 5 5 High-level payout 5/5 Visit the site
Up to €25 100% on first deposit 5 5 High-level payout 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to $50 100% on first deposit 9 6 Statistics are consistently punctual. 4.5/5 Visit the site
Up to €1,000 50% cashback refund 5 5 High-level payout 4.5/5 Visit the site

The top five bookmakers for table tennis matches

  • 🥇 PariPesa Get a warm welcome with a bonus up to $100.
  • 🥈 Wazamba Get up to $50 in bonus cashback.
  • 🥉 10Bet ✪ Welcome to our website! Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of up to R3,500.
  • Nomini ✪ Up to €1,000
  • Betsafe ✪ Receive a welcome bonus of up to €25

Discover the ultimate destinations for your table tennis passion, where balls, rackets, and that perfect topspin are celebrated like never before! Unveiling a handpicked selection of top-notch online table tennis bookmakers, where excellence meets excitement. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the realm of ping pong, as we present you with the crème de la crème. Rest assured, these exceptional operators not only dominate the table tennis scene but have also earned themselves a place among the elite of online bookmakers.

Top table tennis sports betting sites by category
🏆 Table tennis bookmaker 2023 PariPesa
⚡ Experience the thrill of live table tennis betting. Wazamba
Placing wagers using your mobile device Betwinner
Swap and ping pong Betsafe
Diversified portfolio of markets and tournaments Nomini
Place your wager on the Europe Top 16. 10Bet
Get ready for some excitement with betting and a special bonus dedicated to ping pong enthusiasts! Wazamba
Real-time odds from experts Betway
For fans of Liga Pro 22Bet
Introducing an innovative bookmaker exclusively dedicated to table tennis. YesPlay

For those of you who engage in betting activities, it's important to acknowledge that each individual may have unique preferences and requirements. With this in mind, we have taken the initiative to create an additional table that caters to these specific needs. Within this table, you will discover a comprehensive compilation of the finest online platforms for table tennis betting. What sets this table apart is its categorization, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through the different options available based on your specific interests.

Why did we make our decision? The significance of bonuses and promotions, the competitiveness of the odds, and the extensive range of events offered are all factors that must be taken into account when determining the top table tennis betting platform. These aspects are crucial in determining the ultimate selection. So, without further ado, let us delve into the essence of our in-depth analysis of online bookmakers specializing in table tennis wagering.

Table tennis odds: bookmakers' payout rates for bets on table tennis matches.

The primary concern for bettors revolves around determining which bookmaker offers a higher likelihood of profitability in case of a victory. It is imperative to first consider the significance of payouts and odds in our analysis. To that end, we have thoroughly evaluated the conduct of four bookmakers with regards to four crucial table tennis competitions. Our findings indicate that 888sport emerges as the most dedicated operator for enthusiasts of table tennis, boasting the most enticing payouts across all tournaments. In fact, their values exceed an impressive 93%, making them exceptionally appealing to bettors.

Find the top-rated bookmakers offering competitive table tennis odds for major tournaments.
Popular online platforms for placing bets on table tennis matches. Challenger Series Liga Pro Europe Top 16 The Asian Championship for Table Tennis
93.2% 92.3% 91.9% 92.2%
92.2% 91.1% 90.7% 90.8%
91.1% 90.2% 90.4% 90.1%
90.8% 90.1% 89.9% 89.9%
92.3% 89.9% 91.1% 89.7%

Wazamba and PariPesa have consistently achieved impressive numbers, averaging above the 90% mark. Nomini, on the other hand, surpasses this threshold, setting a new standard. It's worth noting that such high percentages often come with exciting promotions that can enhance the odds even further. Be assured that these platforms prioritize offering enhanced opportunities to their users.

World Championships, Olympic Games, and every highly esteemed competition.

Table tennis, unlike most other sports, has the advantage of being played indoors, allowing it to be enjoyed year-round without a specific season. This flexibility makes it a favorite among betting sites, as they can incorporate it into their schedules virtually any time. While all competitions hold significance, some draw more attention from operators. The Olympics, being the pinnacle of the sport, offer unparalleled visibility. Similarly, the World Championships, held biennially, are highly anticipated events. Additionally, there are annual tournaments that hold great importance, such as the European Table Tennis Championship and its Asian equivalent. These tournaments, comparable to the European Football Championships, feature various categories including individual, double, and mixed doubles for both male and female players. Take a look at the table below to learn more about these prominent competitions.

The table tennis championships that hold the highest significance
Tournament Logo Nation Participants Foundation
Challenger Series Europe 64 2009
Liga Pro Moscow Russia 32 2001
Europe Top 16 Europe 16 1971
Asian Ping Pong Tournament Asia 128 1952
Article Excerpt: The European Table Tennis Championship. Final Version: The Championship for European Table Tennis. Russia 64 1958

The European Top-16 tournament can be likened to the grand finale of the Tennis Masters. This prestigious event brings together the crème de la crème of European table tennis, comprising the top 16 players from the European ranking. Undoubtedly, the European Top-16 is dominated by the legendary Jan-Ove Waldner, a Swedish maestro who is widely regarded as one of the greatest table tennis players in history. With an astonishing record of seven championship titles, Waldner has etched his name in the annals of the sport. Turning our attention to the Challenger Series, these tournaments span the entire year, from January to December, providing a platform for budding talents to showcase their skills. These tournaments serve as a breeding ground for the future stars of professional table tennis, nurturing them into potential champions of tomorrow. On a national level, the Liga Pro Moscow holds an esteemed position as one of the most fiercely competitive and esteemed championships. This league attracts top-notch players who vie for glory and prestige, as they battle it out on the table tennis court.

The table tennis betting markets that attract the most attention

Online betting on table tennis may not be as popular as other sports in South Africa, but it's essential to familiarize yourself with the different markets to make informed bets and minimize reliance on luck. In the following four paragraphs, we will delve into various markets, providing detailed explanations for each of them. Even if you've only played ping pong casually, understanding how to bet on table tennis can significantly enhance your betting experience. So let's explore these markets and equip ourselves with knowledge to make strategic and calculated bets in the world of table tennis betting.

The victor in a direct confrontation.

In the realm of sports, particularly in games like tennis, there exists a market where one can engage in thrilling individual competitions. This market revolves around the simple yet exhilarating task of predicting the ultimate victor of a match. While the primary focus typically lies on determining the winner of the entire match, there are also intriguing variations available, such as placing bets on the winner of a specific set, often the first one. Additionally, avid bettors have the exciting opportunity to place ante-post bets, wherein they predict the triumphant player of a particular tournament in advance.

Total match points

In this particular market, one must make predictions regarding the cumulative score achieved during a match. This category closely resembles the Under/Over wager found in numerous other athletic disciplines, with a typical threshold of 55.5 points.

Consider the scenario where Freitas and Mizutani, two prominent contemporary table tennis athletes, engage in a thrilling contest. Let's place a wager on the Over 55.5 outcome. Remarkably, the match concludes with a series of closely fought sets, resulting in scores of 11-8, 11-8, and 11-8. Consequently, the cumulative total amounts to an impressive 57, effectively securing a victorious outcome for our bet. Conversely, had the match concluded with scores of 11-5, 11-5, and 11-7, the overall total would have amounted to 50, rendering our bet unsuccessful.

Opting for this particular market, which may seem familiar to seasoned bettors who have already placed wagers on various sporting events, undeniably demands a certain level of expertise. It necessitates a keen understanding of the comparative strength between the two athletes, as well as a thorough analysis of their past head-to-head encounters to determine the level of competitiveness expected in the match. Additionally, being well-informed about their current form becomes crucial in making an accurate prediction.

Handicap – Games

When engaging in this particular wager, your task is to anticipate the tally of sets triumphed by each player, incorporating the handicap factor. The handicap is subject to alteration based on the specific match and aligns with the number of sets awarded as an advantage to the underdog player. The underdog is bestowed with a positive handicap, while the favored player is assigned a negative handicap.

Outstanding among the selection

For avid fans who possess comprehensive knowledge of their favorite discipline's top contenders, this particular market offers a thrilling opportunity to predict the standout athlete in a specific event handpicked by the bookmaker. As an illustration, a selection of four names may be presented, prompting participants to make a choice regarding the individual who will secure the top spot for Сomeon in the Liga Pro Moscow. This unique market caters primarily to those who are passionate about the sport and possess an in-depth understanding of its prominent figures.

Placing wagers on live table tennis matches, whether with or without the option of streaming.

The thrill and excitement of live betting perfectly complement the fast-paced nature of table tennis, and the top online bookmakers specializing in this sport are well aware of this fact. They understand that a single break of serve has the potential to completely shift the dynamics of a match. It's fascinating to witness how a game can take a sudden turn, ensuring an exhilarating experience for the bettors. The availability of various markets for live table tennis betting remains consistent, with a wide range of options just like the pre-match bets.

In contrast, basketball betting sites offer a wider range of betting markets compared to table tennis. Punters also have the added benefit of live streaming services, which are offered by multiple online bookmakers. These services enable players to watch the table tennis competition in real-time while placing their live wagers.

Does the establishment have any exclusive deals or promotions available?

Table tennis, despite being a globally renowned sport, lacks the massive user base that football enjoys. Consequently, it does not attract the same level of attention from bettors. This disparity in popularity also means that bonuses and promotions exclusively tailored for table tennis are quite rare to encounter.

A tennis match
  • Many prestigious tournaments
  • Top live markets
  • An irresistible welcome bonus awaits you that is truly worth dying for.
G4TSTLicense: NGB

Table tennis betting platforms have the capacity to provide occasional promotions, especially during highly anticipated occasions like the Olympics. Take, for instance, the aforementioned bookmaker that actively engages in this practice. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the welcome bonus is still applicable to wagers placed on this exhilarating sport. Moreover, periodic incentives for multiple bets are also available, ensuring a well-rounded experience for bettors.

Tips for making more informed table tennis bets, to improve the quality of your betting decisions.

When it comes to betting, having ample information about the event is crucial. Even in niche sports like table tennis, where you might be unfamiliar with the players, it's wise to gather as much knowledge as possible. To assist you in making informed bets on table tennis, we recommend exploring these valuable tips.

Placing a winning bet is never a sure thing, especially considering the unpredictable nature of gambling. However, when it comes to niche sports such as table tennis, being well-informed before placing a wager is definitely more beneficial than relying solely on luck and randomness. By adhering to these recommendations, you can increase your chances of success, even though there are no guarantees in the world of betting.

A game of ping pong amidst tales, triumphs, and pivotal personalities.

The fascinating origins and global dissemination of table tennis are a subject of great intrigue and worth exploring purely out of personal interest. Below, our skilled team has meticulously crafted three captivating narratives for you to delve into. Who knows, perhaps these stories will kindle a fervor for this fast-paced sport that revolves around focus, skill, and agility. Prepare to be enthralled!

The origins of table tennis: a historical account

During the late 1800s, enthusiasts in English and American clubs started exploring methods to play tennis indoors when faced with unfavorable weather conditions. The game gradually gained momentum, thanks to the support from the emerging toy sector and the introduction of celluloid balls. It quickly gained widespread popularity, particularly in the form of table tennis and ping-pong variations.

The disparities in the sport of tennis.

The dissimilarities between tennis and table tennis extend beyond the evident variation in court dimensions, encompassing notable disparities in regulations and point tallying. Notably, table tennis does not feature a second serve, wherein a failure to execute a successful serve results in awarding a point to the adversary. Furthermore, matches conclude after the completion of 5 or 7 sets, with each set comprised of 11 points.

What are the reasons behind the immense popularity of table tennis in Asia?

The dominance of athletes from China in the sport of table tennis can be traced back to the late 19th century when the English colonial penetration brought about its spread across the continent. This expansion led to the emergence of the unique "penhold" grip, which quickly gained popularity among Asian ping-pong players, setting them apart from their Western counterparts. However, it was the visionary decision of Mao Zedong to declare table tennis as the national sport of China that truly solidified their supremacy in the game.

The top-notch platforms for wagering on table tennis provide a comprehensive range of features and options, catering to all your betting needs.

We have come to the conclusion of our extensive review dedicated to the finest online platforms for table tennis betting, featuring intriguing stories and captivating facts related to this sport. These carefully chosen websites distinguish themselves by offering a wide range of betting options, including all the major tournaments held throughout the year. The odds are particularly enticing, exceeding an impressive 93%, which undoubtedly ignites the imagination of avid bettors. By venturing into the realm of table tennis, with its unique and vibrant atmosphere, individuals can explore unconventional and eccentric bets that deviate from the more traditional options found in football or tennis, providing ample opportunities for substantial winnings. Moreover, the live section of these platforms is frequently enhanced by live streaming, enhancing the overall betting experience. So, put down your racket and release your expert "penhold" grip, as you embark on a thrilling journey into table tennis betting, where you may just become the next fortunate victor. If you're interested in exploring betting options for less mainstream sports, we recommend perusing our comprehensive guide to dart betting sites.


Do you find the realm of table tennis wagering rather enigmatic? Fret not; reach out to [email protected] via email, and we shall endeavor to dispel any uncertainties that may cloud your mind.

Which online platforms offer the most optimal table tennis betting options?

When it comes to table tennis, there are several bookmakers that stand out from the rest. From renowned platforms like Sports Illustrated and 888sport to emerging operators like BetZest, we have carefully curated a list of the top five bookies in this field. These bookmakers have demonstrated excellence in providing a superior betting experience for table tennis enthusiasts. We have evaluated various factors such as payout rates, the diversity of available markets and tournaments, enticing promotions, and the overall quality of the live betting section. By considering all these aspects, we have identified the bookmakers that offer the most comprehensive and enjoyable betting opportunities for table tennis fans.

Are the payouts for live ping pong matches higher or lower compared to the pre-match payouts?

In the realm of live betting, the payouts offered are typically slightly lower compared to pre-match payouts. This is a logical outcome, as the bookmaker upholds a greater profit margin due to the rapid fluctuations that can occur during live games. The aforementioned principle naturally extends to wagers placed on in-play table tennis events.

Which are the primary table tennis tournaments available for betting?

The Europe-Top 16 and the Moscow Liga Pro are among the numerous ping pong tournaments that top operators offer for betting. While the World Championships and Olympics naturally take the center stage, there is a wide range of options available for enthusiasts of this sport. These tournaments provide exciting opportunities to wager and showcase the immense talent and competitiveness within the ping pong community. Expand your horizons and explore the exhilarating world of table tennis by placing bets on these thrilling events.

⚗️ Which strategies should one consider when placing bets on table tennis?

Please note that no playing tactics exist that can ensure a 100% victory. To bolster our faith in betting on balls and rackets, we have allocated a section within this guide to present a collection of beneficial pointers. These tips aim to amplify our assurance and enhance our decision-making process while engaging in such sports bets.

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