Tips for Betting on the English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL), known for its intense competition, stands as one of the most fiercely contested soccer leagues globally, featuring a collection of 20 clubs hailing from England and Wales. In this captivating league, each team engages in a grueling regular season consisting of 38 matches, wherein points are duly awarded for every hard-fought victory. As the season draws to a close, the four leading teams earn the coveted opportunity to participate in the prestigious UEFA Champions League, potentially gaining entry into additional esteemed European tournaments. Furthermore, the team finishing in fifth place earns the privilege to battle it out in the Europa League, while the sixth-placed side secures a spot in the esteemed UEFA Europa Conference League. Conversely, the three teams languishing at the bottom of the league table face a demoralizing relegation to The Championship, a league beneath the EPL in terms of status. For those seeking to place wagers on EPL matches, it is crucial to base their betting decisions on meticulous analysis encompassing facets such as the teams' strengths and vulnerabilities, statistical data, historical head-to-head outcomes between the chosen competitors, and any noteworthy forms or injuries that may have a bearing on performance. South African bettors looking to immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of English Premier League betting can effortlessly find an array of enticing odds from esteemed betting sites. To further enhance the betting experience, our panel of experts offers invaluable insights, encompassing betting tips and predictions for each exhilarating fixture gracing the Barclays Premier League.

Looking to place your bets on the English Premier League? It's a thrilling and potentially lucrative undertaking, but it's crucial to stay well-informed. Devote time to researching the various teams, delving into their players, managerial tactics, and strategic approaches for every match. Be sure to closely follow exceptional talents such as Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, and Virgil Van Dijk, as well as rising stars like Erling Haaland at Manchester City. Acquaint yourself with the powerhouse clubs, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City, so you can gauge their potential on any given day. Armed with this knowledge and a sprinkle of good fortune, you can significantly boost your betting success.

Betting has deep roots in England, being the birthplace of this popular pastime. Devoted fans in the country have made it a tradition to savor a pint in a cozy pub while placing bets on their beloved teams. In South Africa, the Premier League betting platforms have gained significant popularity, and on this page, we will explore them. The electrifying atmosphere of the English championship is truly unparalleled, captivating the hearts of millions of fans who closely follow the triumphs of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, the formidable United, and the dynamic Liverpool led by the cool Jürgen Klopp.

Discover the top five betting platforms for Premier League enthusiasts.

Finding your way through the vast array of bookmakers that provide betting opportunities for the top-tier British football league is no simple task. England, being the birthplace of football, boasts the most popular championship in the world. This is due to the captivating atmosphere that English stadiums exude and the intense nature of the game, where outcomes are often unpredictable and underdogs have the potential to surprise even the top teams. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have meticulously analyzed and handpicked a wide range of betting sites. It is worth mentioning that while these platforms offer the Premier League in their betting options, we emphasize that betting does not guarantee definite victories and is strictly for individuals who are of legal age (+18).

The top five online bookmakers for the ultimate betting experience. Premier League

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If you've always enjoyed betting on the Premier League, our comprehensive analysis has yielded valuable insights. Drawing from our expertise, we proudly present a handpicked selection of the top five online bookmakers. Look no further for a reliable list of recommendations. In the table provided, you'll find all the essential information, including their impressive track record of competitive odds, live betting options, streaming services, frequent promotions, and generous welcome bonuses. Prepare to delve deeper as we explore the distinctive features that make these premier league betting sites stand out from the rest.

The 5 best Premier League bookmakers of 2023 by category:
  • PariPesa Unbelievable statements about betting in the Premier League
  • William Hill Placing wagers on the Premier League using your mobile device.
  • Betwinner – Numerous promotions that are suitable for betting on the Premier League.
  • Betway - Evaluating the platforms for wagering on Premier League matches.
  • SupaBets - A wide array of betting options available for Premier League matches

Placing bets on the Premier League: factors to consider when selecting the top choices.

To properly assess and gauge the worth of a wagering platform with regards to its provisions for a particular sports league, it is essential to consider several pivotal aspects. These key factors play an integral role in forming an accurate judgment and evaluation of the site's overall quality and suitability.

In the forthcoming sections, let's explore the aspects of betting selection and enticing offers, alongside the quest for bookmakers with the most generous payouts. It is crucial to underscore that while payout rates are highly sought after, the allure of promotions and the diversity of betting options should not be overlooked. We acknowledge the significance of these factors and delve into them further in the ensuing paragraphs.

Betting odds for the English Premier League

If you're a passionate devotee of Football and have a desire to engage in wagering within the English Premier League, it is highly recommended to closely monitor the performances of Liverpool and Manchester City. Over the course of the past three years, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have engaged in an intense rivalry, with Guardiola emerging victorious in the previous two encounters. Nevertheless, Klopp is now diligently preparing to reclaim the coveted title for Anfield in the upcoming season. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain a vigilant eye on their performances if one wishes to place successful bets.

When it comes to seeking out valuable insights for your Premier League betting endeavors, direct your attention to the pinnacle of the standings. Liverpool and Man City have proven to be formidable forces, consistently showcasing their dominance. However, London-based clubs, such as Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal, have emerged as fierce contenders, challenging the status quo. With the arrival of manager Erik ten Hag, Manchester United has ignited high hopes among their devoted fan base, eagerly anticipating a marked improvement in their performance throughout the season.

Make sure to take your time and carefully analyze all the relevant information before making any wagers, as the upcoming season of the English Premier League promises to be a thrilling one. With the acquisition of Erling Haaland by Manchester City and Liverpool strengthening their offensive lineup with Darwin Nunez, both teams are bound to showcase formidable performances. It is essential to weigh the odds and stay well-informed to maximize your chances of success.

If you're thinking about placing a wager on the English Premier League, we have a few pointers that might come in handy. To start with, pay close attention to players who have recently changed teams. Take, for instance, Raheem Sterling, who made the move from Manchester City to Chelsea, or Gabriel Jesus, who transferred from City to Arsenal. Let's not forget Richarlison, who signed with Tottenham after his time at Everton. Such transfers can potentially alter the dynamics within teams, presenting opportunities to capitalize on their new strengths and weaknesses when placing your bets.

Manchester United and Arsenal have the least favorable odds, with 40/1 and 33/1 respectively, making them less likely to emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are seen as slightly more promising contenders, with their odds standing at 18/1 and 14/1 respectively. Liverpool, though trailing behind Manchester City, still maintains a strong chance, with odds of 2/1 in their favor. However, it is Manchester City who currently hold the highest odds of all, standing at a favorable 8/13.

Make sure to stay updated with the latest odds as the season approaches to ensure you're aware of the most favorable bets to place. The probabilities have a tendency to change as the season draws closer, so it's important to keep a close eye on them. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make informed wagers by regularly checking for any fluctuations in the odds. Stay one step ahead and maximize your chances of success by staying informed about the best bets available.

Betting Projections for the English Premier League

EPL Betting Odds 2023

The reason the Premier League stands out as the world's most fiercely contested league is simply because it is impossible to anticipate the league champion. In the 2015-2016 season, the unexpected triumph of Leicester City, a team that no one considered a strong contender, defied all odds with a 5000/1 chance of accomplishing such a feat. Some may attribute it to sheer luck, but in reality, anything is possible. Each year, the top honors are constantly sought after by the renowned "big six" clubs, namely Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea Football Club.

The Golden Boot race presents an exciting opportunity in the market. Over the past few seasons, the likes of Salah, Kane, and Son have consistently emerged as top scorers. However, this season, Erling Haaland is leaving his mark with an impressive tally of 18 goals, a notable six goals ahead of Harry Kane, who currently sits in second place. It's crucial to closely monitor Haaland's form to gain an advantage over your betting rivals. Stay vigilant and stay ahead!

If you aim to enhance your prospects of triumphing in the English Premier League wagering arena, there are several pointers worth remembering. To begin with, take into account not only the prowess of individual players but also the collective strength of their respective teams. It's important to recognize that certain midfielders possess the ability to create numerous scoring opportunities for notable strikers like Kane and Haaland. Additionally, pay close attention to penalty takers and exercise caution when betting on players from recently promoted teams, as they may be comparatively less competitive than well-established ones.

What is the process of placing bets on Premier League games?

To optimize your winnings and improve your chances of success while placing bets on English Premier League matches, it is crucial to monitor the performance of each team and its individual players. This approach will allow you to capitalize on advantageous situations. Take, for instance, a hypothetical match between Leicester and West Ham. Evaluating Jamie Vardy's current form becomes imperative. If he has successfully scored in three out of his last two games, it becomes more probable that Leicester will find the net. Conversely, if his recent performances have been lackluster, it might be more advantageous to consider a bet on the double chance of "Nil or West Ham" for a potentially higher return. Remember, this principle holds true for every team in the Premier League.

When placing bets on the English Premier League, it is essential to meticulously assess the potential risks and rewards associated with every match. It is crucial to analyze the possible outcomes for both teams, particularly in the latter stages of the season, when squads are striving to claim the league championship, secure a spot in European competitions, or evade the dreaded relegation. Before making any wagers, it is advisable to consult the latest standings and gather additional insights from the official Premier League website.

To maximize your betting experience in the English Premier League, it is crucial to meticulously assess and compare the odds provided by various bookmakers before finalizing your wager. Whether your allegiance lies with Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, or Leicester, it is always prudent to explore the odds offered by different platforms and capitalize on any lucrative opportunities that come your way. For instance, if you were inclined to bet on Manchester United prevailing over Tottenham in a home game, it is advisable to scrutinize the odds offered on multiple sites. While one platform may present odds of 1.9 for a home victory, another might offer odds of 1.85. Opting for the site with the higher odds will yield a more substantial payout in the event of your triumphant prediction. Thus, it is paramount to survey all available options diligently before finalizing your bet, ensuring you extract the maximum value from your wager.

When it comes to seeking advice on wagering in the English Premier League, there are numerous avenues to explore. A multitude of resources ranging from specialized sports websites to informative news outlets and active social media platforms offer a plethora of information that can prove invaluable. Gaining profound insight into teams, stadiums, and players can significantly contribute to making informed choices when placing bets on the Premier League. Remaining well-informed about the most recent updates and match outcomes can greatly enhance the likelihood of placing a successful wager.

EPL Betting Tips

When wagering on the English Premier League, it is crucial to take into account the dynamics of the teams involved. Teams like Liverpool and Manchester City are renowned for their offensive tactics, which makes them a viable choice when placing bets on high-scoring matches. Conversely, clubs like Stoke present favorable prospects for betting on strong defense and low-scoring encounters. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique traits of each team will provide you with valuable foresight regarding the potential outcomes of every game.

To truly excel in the realm of English Premier League wagering, it becomes imperative for ardent fans to acknowledge the formidable challenge posed by the inclement, muggy environment prevalent during Stoke matches. Remarkably, amidst these trying conditions, lies a treasure trove of unparalleled betting prospects and invaluable insights that can greatly assist astute bettors in optimizing their profits. Thus, if one aspires to gain a competitive edge in the realm of English Premier League betting, dedicating special focus and scrutiny to the fixtures held at Stoke becomes an absolute necessity!

To increase your chances of successful betting, it is important to take a comprehensive approach. Start by conducting thorough research on the teams participating in the league. This will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of their performance and potential outcomes. Furthermore, pay close attention to the form of individual players. This analysis will assist you in differentiating between predictors and assessing which team or player has a higher probability of achieving success. By integrating these two key factors into your strategy, you will set yourself on a path towards profitable betting endeavors.

List of Previous Champions of the Barclays Premier League

League Season Winner Runner-Up
2021-22 Manchester City Liverpool
2020-21 Manchester City Manchester United
2023-20 Liverpool Manchester City
2018-19 Manchester City Liverpool
2017-18 Manchester City Manchester United
2016-17 Chelsea Tottenham
2015–16 Leicester City Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea Manchester City
2013-14 Manchester City Liverpool
2012-13 Manchester United Manchester City
2011-12 Manchester City Manchester United
2010-11 Manchester United Chelsea
2009-10 Chelsea Manchester United
2008-09 Manchester United Liverpool

Find out your potential winnings with Premier League odds.

When evaluating a bookmaker, the return to player is an undeniable aspect that should never be overlooked. This holds true for all tournaments and leagues, including the Premier League. On this particular webpage, our focus solely revolves around the payout rates provided by authorized betting platforms that are regulated by the NGB.

The bonuses offered

When it comes to wagering on soccer, there is certainly no shortage of enticing incentives provided by different bookmakers. Numerous bookies offer a plethora of promotions including accumulator bonuses, refunds in the event of scoreless draws, and a variety of other enticing offers. In our comprehensive evaluation, we have meticulously examined these enticing propositions alongside the welcome bonuses accessible to those interested in placing bets on the Premier League.

The live proposal

When it comes to selecting an ideal bookmaker for English championship betting, the live betting options are crucial. It is essential to evaluate the range of real-time markets available for betting on the Premier League with each bookmaker. Additionally, we have meticulously considered the quality of infographics and real-time statistics provided by each bookmaker. Moreover, if any bookmaker offers live streaming of the matches, it adds an extra advantage to the overall betting experience. Hence, for an exceptional betting experience, look no further than Сomeon!

The quantity of marketplaces has increased.

We cannot disregard the variety of pre-match betting options offered by a single game when it comes to finding the best bookmaker for English football. Rest assured, we did not overlook this crucial aspect. Not long ago, we discussed the excitement of live betting in the Premier League. However, it is equally important to explore the array of betting types available before a match commences. If you had any doubts about our thoroughness, we are delighted to prove you wrong.

The betting markets for the Premier League

Make the most of the data provided below, which pertains to the previous season of the esteemed football competition in the United Kingdom. These statistics are crucial for comprehending the trajectory of the English league, whether you are placing wagers on Serie A or the Premier League. The primary markets remain consistent regardless, with the only variations lying in the numbers. Take advantage of this valuable information to gain a deeper insight into the trends of the English championship.

Premier League

Single match bets

Firstly, let us introduce the leading bookmaker renowned for its exceptional selection of gaming markets for Premier League betting. The information provided below pertains to the 2020/21 season, as we delve into the most sought-after forms of wagering on individual matches.

A soccer player cheering in front of a soccer goal and the PariPesa logo
The best on the Premier

Numerous opportunities for market exploration, with ever-changing promotional offers.

Bonus up to 100$

1X2 and Statistics of the Premier League for the 2020/21 season

The most commonly used bet among gamblers is the 1X2, which is considered the classic option. When analyzing the statistics provided in the table below, one notable observation is the significant percentage of "2" signs compared to bets placed in the Premier League. During the recently concluded English championship, away teams emerged victorious in over one-third of all matches played away from home. This implies that the concept of home advantage holds little significance in the Premier League, and teams are not particularly inclined towards draws.

Home team win

The symbol "1" appeared a total of 144 times, accounting for 37.89% of all the seasonal outcomes.


The tie took place on 83 occasions, which accounts for 21.84% of the overall outcomes.

Away team win

Out of all the outcomes, 153 matches were won by the away teams, making up 40.27% of the overall results.

Analyzing the statistics from the previous season for Goal/No Goal wagers.

Is it more probable in England for both teams to score in a 90-minute match or for "clean sheets" to prevail? The disparity appears to be quite negligible based on the 2020/21 season. The number of matches ending with goals from both teams was only slightly lower by approximately 2.00% compared to matches where only one team found the net. Now, let's contrast this statistical observation with the Goal/No Goal market in Serie C betting, where this discrepancy becomes more pronounced and noteworthy.

2020/21 English championship statistics: Analysis of Over/Under trends

Among analytical bettors, the Over/Under wager holds significant appeal. Its popularity stems from the reliance on statistical analysis to forecast potential outcomes. In the realm governed by Queen Elizabeth II, the 2020/21 Premier League fixtures concluded in a state of equilibrium. However, during the final five matchdays of the tournament, marked by intense action and decisive judgments, the prevalence of the Under sign became more pronounced. In this context, the Over surged to a 56% representation, as the heat of competition reached its zenith.

Anticipatory wagers on the Premier League

Anticipating the proceedings of any tournament is a fascinating pursuit, and the English Premier League is no exception. It presents an opportunity to speculate on the teams that might face relegation and other significant outcomes. In this section, we offer valuable insights and suggestions regarding ante-post betting in the realm of the English Premier League.

The champion of the league

There have been scarce moments of astonishment for bettors ever since Arsenal claimed the Premiership trophy in 2004. The victors of the UK's prestigious football tournament have frequently been the pair of Manchester clubs (United and City) and Chelsea in subsequent years. However, two remarkable outliers emerge: Leicester under the astute guidance of Claudio Ranieri during the 2015/16 season and Klopp's magnificent Liverpool in 2023/20. The 2020/21 season witnessed a return to "normality" as Manchester City reigned supreme, exhibiting a commanding performance to finish a staggering twelve points ahead of the runner-up.

Victorious despite finishing second.

Premier League wagering platforms also offer the option of betting on the "Runner-Up" market, excluding the team that finishes in first place. This unique betting format allows you to place your bets on the second-place finisher. Over the past few seasons, we've witnessed several teams making their way onto the prestigious podium. As a result, the level of risk associated with this market is considerably high. Let's take a moment to reflect on the 2015/2016 season, where Leicester emerged as victorious contenders under the guidance of Ranieri. Tottenham, on the other hand, was engaged in an intense battle for the title but ultimately fell behind on the final day, being overtaken by Arsenal. Similarly, in the 2020/21 season, Manchester United (depicted above) enjoyed a remarkable campaign, securing the second spot on the podium and providing the city of Oasis and Joy Division with an unforgettable experience.

Relegation bets

The following season, which three clubs will face the unfortunate fate of being relegated from the Premier League and relegated to the Championship? It's a challenging prediction, but not an insurmountable task. Take into consideration the number of times these clubs have graced the top-tier league. Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham are among the most frequent participants in the league, with a staggering 28 appearances each. Not far behind, West Ham boasts a respectable 24 appearances, despite often finding themselves in the lower ranks of the league table. For the sake of historical context, the relegation trio for the 2020/21 season comprised Sheffield United, finishing in last place with a meager 23 points, as well as West Bromwich and Fulham. If you're interested, we also invite you to explore our comprehensive guide to Championship betting.

The top scorer

When it comes to ante-post bets on the Premier League, few are as captivating as predicting the winner of the top scorer table. The clubs in the Premier League boast an array of champions that surpasses any other league in the world. Additionally, they are not lacking in star strikers either. If you're seeking advice, it's wise to place your bets on those who play for top-tier teams. History has shown that this is a promising strategy, and it was further confirmed in the 2020/21 season. Harry Kane, the formidable striker from Tottenham, emerged victorious in the top scorer table with an impressive tally of 23 goals. He narrowly surpassed Liverpool's Mo Salah by a single goal, solidifying his status as the league's leading marksman.

Premier League Wagering: Insights about the English competition.

The Premier League in brief
The Premier League quarter
First name: Premier League
Site: London
Foundation year 1992
Number of teams: 20
Champions League teams: 4
The Europa League consists of various teams. 3
Relegated teams: 3

The Football League, established in 1888, is often hailed as the oldest soccer tournament globally, a fact that is unknown to many. Nevertheless, it now exclusively oversees the competitions for the three lower divisions. In 1992, the Premier League emerged as a separate entity, marking a significant schism from the Football League. Unlike its predecessor, the English top division currently comprises 20 teams, reduced from 22 teams until 1995. Following a classic championship format, the league features both a first and second round. What sets it apart from the norm, as observed in South Africa, is the rearrangement of match schedules between the two rounds.

In Serie A, the allocation of points in every match mirrors that of the English league: 3 points are awarded to the victorious team, 0 to the defeated side, and 1 in the event of a draw. The four leading teams secure their place in the upcoming Champions League, while the fifth position grants entry to the Europa League in the subsequent edition. An additional berth awaits the victor of the FA Cup or League Cup, or alternatively, the team ranked sixth, determined through intricate calculations involving the interplay of these diverse competitions. The relegation process to the Championship is straightforward, with the bottom three teams being demoted, sans any playoffs or play-ins on the horizon.

The Premier League, renowned as the wealthiest football league globally, has earned its reputation as the most diverse tournament in the realm of football. With players hailing from more than 20 different nations, it exemplifies the true spirit of internationalism. The 2018/2023 season witnessed a fascinating fact: among the 20 managers, a mere four were English, a figure matching the count of Spanish coaches. The league owes its economic success to the exorbitant value of television rights, reaching an astounding 815 million pounds in the 2017/2018 season. In a transformative move, the league introduced a novel merit-based distribution system for the 2018/2023 season, departing from the erstwhile equitable model. Such is the league's stature that it has relinquished the need for an official title sponsor.

The official video channel of the Premier League

Complete details about the teams and statistics of the Premier League.

As we delve deeper into the realm of English football, we will uncover captivating details and data regarding renowned clubs, equipping you with valuable insights for your Premier League wagers. Who reigns as the ultimate victors? Whose fanbase stands as the most fervent? Which team boasts an impregnable defense throughout history? Peruse further to uncover resolutions to these inquiries and more, as knowledge awaits your avid perusal.

The teams that have achieved the greatest success

There must be a valid explanation for the worldwide recognition of certain teams. Manchester United, boasting an impressive tally of 20 English championships, stands as the preeminent club in the British Isles. Following closely behind is Liverpool, another esteemed UK team, with a total of 19 titles to its name. Taking the third spot on the podium is Arsenal, hailing from London, having achieved an admirable 13 triumphs. The remaining contenders, although respected, find themselves trailing further behind. Provided below is a comprehensive list of the top 10 teams along with their respective accolades.

The teams with the highest number of Premier League titles won.
Squad Logo Won premiers Site Foundation
Manchester United 20 Sir Matt Busby Way, located in Old Trafford, Manchester, has the postal code M16 0RA. 1878
Liverpool 19 Anfield Road in Liverpool has the postal code L4 OTH. 1892
Arsenal 13 The Armoury, located at Emirates Stadium on Hornsey Road in London N7 7AJ. 1886
Everton 9 Goodison Park, located on Goodison Road in Liverpool, has the postcode L4 4EL. 1878
Aston Villa 7 Villa Park, located in Birmingham with the postal code B6 6HE. 1874
Manchester City 7 Etihad Stadium, located at Etihad Campus in Manchester M11 3FF 1880
Sunderland 6 Sunderland's Stadium of Light, located in Sunderland, SR5 1SU. 1879
Chelsea 6 The address is Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1HS, United Kingdom. 1905
Newcastle 4 St James' Park is located at Strawberry Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST. 1892
Sheffield Wednesday 4 Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 1SW remains unchanged. 1867

The English clubs accompanied by the largest number of supporters

In the exciting realm of football, it is safe to say that the English stadiums boast an atmosphere like no other. Gone are the days of hooliganism and unruly brawls, and we can confidently assert that the ambiance in these stadiums is nothing short of captivating. The cheers and chants that reverberate through the stands send a spine-tingling sensation, while the unwavering devotion of the fans transcends the boundaries of mere team loyalty. When it comes to the most passionately followed clubs, the top three not only claim the most fervent supporters but also stand as the pinnacle of success: Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Nipping at Arsenal's heels, in a closely contested battle for supremacy, lies Chelsea. To explore the rest of the football landscape, refer to the comprehensive chart below.

A histogram with the 10 Premier League teams with the most supporters

Some team records

In order to enhance the appeal of this dedicated section for Premier League teams, we have decided to add an exciting twist by including a collection of current team records that continue to hold their validity. Below, we provide a comprehensive list of these remarkable accomplishments.

  • Manchester City's Jersey
    City and their remarkable consecutive run of 18 victories

    Between 26.08.2017 and 27.12.2017, the formidable Manchester City team under the brilliant leadership of Pep Guardiola achieved an astonishing feat, securing an impressive streak of 18 consecutive victories. This remarkable accomplishment not only propelled them to the forefront of the English top flight but also surpassed the long-standing historic record for the most consecutive wins. The Citizens would go on to replicate this incredible achievement in the 2018/19 season and were later matched by Liverpool in the 2023/20 campaign.

  • Everton's Jersey
    Everton holds the record for the highest number of appearances in the Premier League.

    Everton, the pride of Merseyside, holds the illustrious record of making the most appearances in the prestigious English top-flight, a remarkable feat of 118 appearances. This outstanding achievement places them firmly ahead of their counterparts, Aston Villa, who trail behind with a still impressive 107 appearances. The passionate football city of Liverpool follows closely in the race with 106 appearances, showcasing their enduring presence in the top-flight competition. Not too far behind are the mighty Arsenal, an institution in English football with 96 appearances, along with the two prominent Manchester teams, United and City, who share a commendable tally of 96 and 92 appearances respectively.

  • Manchester City's Jersey
    Which team holds the record for scoring the most goals in a single season? It's City!

    During the remarkable 2017/2018 season, Guardiola's dominant Manchester City achieved not only a remarkable winning streak but also etched their name in the annals of the Premier League with a significant milestone. They set a new record for the highest number of goals scored by a single team in a championship, totaling an impressive 106 goals. This incredible feat was accomplished by the likes of Aguero, Sterling, and their formidable teammates, who left an indelible mark on the league's history with their exceptional attacking prowess.

  • Chelsea's Jersey
    Chelsea had the strongest defense during the 2004/05 season.

    The 2004/2005 season saw José Mourinho's Chelsea earn the coveted title of having the Premier League's most formidable defense. Mourinho, renowned for his defensive expertise, solidified his reputation in London during this time. With only 15 goals conceded throughout the tournament, John Terry and his fellow teammates showcased their defensive prowess, ultimately clinching the championship.

  • Leicester's Jersey
    Leicester experienced a total of five red cards during the 2017/18 season.

    In the 2017/2018 tournament, Leicester City, known for their astonishing triumph in the 2015/2016 Premier League season, found themselves occupying a rather less enviable position. This time, their standing was marred by a less than desirable record – the team amassed a total of 5 red cards, earning them the unfortunate distinction of being the most penalized team in the league that season.

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English Premier League Wagering: Familiarity with the elite athletes

The Premier League boasts a rich tapestry of legends and icons, each championship weaving a unique story. In the forthcoming sections, our attention will be dedicated to illuminating the revered figures who have left an indelible mark on the league's history, for their contributions have been truly monumental.

The bomber jackets from previous seasons.

Without wanting to upset the formidable players excelling in alternative roles, it is safe to say that the forwards seize the lion's share of admiration from the devoted fans. They are the ones responsible for delivering the elation of netting goals, which becomes a source of unbridled delight for the supporters. Here, you will discover the most remarkably prolific strikers from the preceding five seasons of the Premier League.

The top goal scorers in the Premier League over the past 5 years.
Season Player Membership team Goals scored Ranked second in the standings.
2020/21 Harry Kane Tottenham 23 Salah (Liverpool), 22
2023/20 Jamie Vardy Leicester 23 22 goals each were scored by Aubameyang of Arsenal and Ings from Southampton.
2018/19 Mohamed Salah Liverpool 22 Agüero (Manchester City), 21
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arsenal 22
Sadio Mané Liverpool 22
2017/18 Mohamed Salah Liverpool 32 Kane (Tottenham), 30
2016/17 Harry Kane Tottenham 29 Lukaku (Everton), 25

The top players

Choosing the top 5 iconic champions from the wealth of talent in the Premier League is no mean feat. It's a challenge that we've embraced, although we acknowledge that there may be differing opinions among our esteemed readers. Without further ado, here is our selection.

  • Harry Kane
    Hurricane, the most formidable goal-scorer

    In recent seasons, Harry Kane has emerged as the Premier League's unparalleled goal-scoring sensation, showcasing his formidable skills on the international stage as well. During the illustrious World Cup in Russia, the tenacious Tottenham striker solidified his status as one of Europe's most dominant players. Remarkably, in the 2020/21 season, he reigned supreme as the tournament's leading scorer, netting an impressive total of 22 goals. This remarkable feat cements his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of football.

  • Phil Foden's shirt
    Phil Foden, a promising contender for the top spot in the future.

    Phil Foden, the rising star of English football, burst onto the scene during the 2020/21 season with Manchester City. With a proletarian stare reminiscent of a Ken Loach masterpiece, Foden possesses lightning speed and exceptional technical skills as a midfielder. Moreover, he showcases versatility by seamlessly transitioning into an attacking midfielder or even a "false nine" position. His left foot only adds to his awe-inspiring prowess on the field.

  • Mohamed Salah
    Klopp's court is graced by the presence of the Pharaoh.

    In his inaugural season in England, Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah swiftly established his prominence following his move from Roma to Liverpool. His remarkable achievement of scoring 32 goals promptly elevated him to the position of top scorer, an accomplishment he replicated in the 2018/19 season. As an integral figure for the Reds, Salah has solidified his status as one of the elite athletes on the global stage.

  • Sadio Mané's shirt
    Mané, an epitome of a contemporary forward.

    Mané, the embodiment of the contemporary forward, showcases a myriad of objectives, accompanied by an abundance of dynamism and camaraderie towards his fellow players. Under the guidance of Klopp's distinctive Liverpool gameplay, he flourishes, attaining remarkable seasons, culminating in triumphs in both the Champions League and the Premier League. This exemplifies the epitome of his success, as he thrives within the framework of his team's distinctive style and strategy.

  • Son's shirt
    "Sonaldo," the prodigious skill from the Far East

    Son Heung-min, a young talent not yet in his thirties, stands proudly as a prominent figure for Tottenham, solidifying his position as one of the most remarkable Asian athletes in history. Possessing both skill and speed, he exhibits unparalleled versatility, excelling both in the midfield and as a second striker. Consistently, he has dominated the performance rankings of the esteemed Premier League, leaving an indelible mark on the football world.

Tales from days gone by.

Apologies to the devoted supporters of David Beckham or John Terry, as the task of selecting a quintet of revered players who have graced the Premier League over the past two decades proves to be a formidable endeavor. We invite you to embark on the challenge of omitting any of the esteemed individuals listed below!

Top football icons of the past two decades in the Premier League
Player The Premier League experiences distinct seasons. Premier League appearances Championships won Number of goals scored during matches in the Premier League.
Thierry Henry 9 258 2 175
Frank Lampard 20 609 3 177
Steven Gerrard 17 504 0 120
Didier Drogba 9 254 4 104
Alan Shearer 19 441 1 260

The players possess the records.

Discover a treasure trove of fascinating statistics and extraordinary records that will captivate even the most ardent fans. Delve into the depths of the Premier League's remarkable history and unearth a plethora of remarkable facts to astound your companions. These hidden gems are perfect for igniting spirited conversations and impressing your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of football's most prestigious competition. Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing feats and extraordinary achievements that have shaped the legacy of the Premier League.

  • Gareth Barry
    Gareth Barry holds the record for the highest number of appearances in the Premier League.

    Gareth Barry, a remarkable English midfielder who has played for Villa, City, and Everton, holds the record for the highest number of appearances in the prestigious Premier League. With an astonishing 653 appearances under his belt, Barry's dedication and skill have etched his name in football history. Two iconic figures, Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard, closely trail behind Barry with 632 and 609 appearances respectively, leaving an indelible mark on the league's legacy.

  • Edwin van der Sar
    Van der Sar, the goalie

    Edwin van der Sar, the renowned Dutch goalkeeper, achieved a remarkable feat during his time at Manchester United, setting a record for the longest undefeated streak in the history of the Premier League. Astonishingly, he managed to keep his opponents at bay for an impressive 1,311 minutes without conceding a single goal. Joining him in the annals of goalkeeping excellence is Petr Čech, who equally deserves recognition for his outstanding performance. Čech shares the record for the highest number of clean sheets in a single season, an astounding achievement of 21, which he accomplished alongside the legendary Van der Sar.

  • Alan Shearer
    A forward known as Shearer

    Alan Shearer, the former striker for Southampton, Blackburn, and Newcastle, holds the coveted title of the Premier League's all-time leading goal scorer, boasting an impressive tally of 260 goals. His remarkable feat has led to him being crowned the recipient of three Golden Boot awards. Trailing closely behind Shearer are two other notable names in football history: Wayne Rooney, with a commendable 208 goals, and Andy Cole, who has netted an impressive total of 187 goals in the Premier League.

  • Ryan Giggs
    Giggs, the assist-man

    Synonymous with Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, the charismatic and elegant player, has etched his name in football history. He holds an impressive record in the Premier League for the highest number of assists, amassing a staggering 162, effectively contributing to his team's triumph in 13 championship titles. Trailing not far behind, Fabregas claims the second spot with 111 assists, closely followed by Rooney with 103, showcasing their undeniable impact on the game.

  • Patrick Vieira
    Avoid any contact with Patrick Vieira.

    Patrick Vieira, a former French footballer who played for both Arsenal and Manchester City, holds a notorious reputation as one of the most mischievous players in the history of the Premier League. Throughout his English career, Vieira received a staggering total of 8 red cards, solidifying his position among the league's "naughtiest" players. Joining him at the pinnacle of this leaderboard are Duncan Ferguson and Richard Dunne, who have also left their mark with their unabashed physicality and occasional indiscretions on the field.

The betting chronicles of the Premier League

In 1992, the Premier League emerged as a breakaway from the English Football League, as we mentioned earlier. Football betting and sports betting in general have been synonymous with the English people's enthusiasm for the sport. This tradition can be traced back to 1923, when Littelwoods, a Liverpool-based company, pioneered offering wagers at Old Trafford, the iconic home ground of Manchester United. However, this venture was still regarded as unlawful until the Betting and Gaming Act was enacted in May 1961, leading to the proliferation of unlicensed bookmakers operating within the Premier League. The momentum for betting further accelerated in 2001 when the 9% tax on bets, previously shouldered by bettors, was abolished. Furthermore, a pivotal development came a year later with the introduction of placing bets on individual games, a significant departure from the previous requirement of a minimum of three matches.

The four most important stages in the history of the Premier League


Effective Approaches and Pointers for Wagering on the Premier League

In order to maximize your success in betting on the English championship, we have provided some valuable tips throughout this article. Now, let's summarize everything for you. The key to triumph remains consistent: acquire comprehensive knowledge about the specific tournament. Once you have registered with one of the premier bookmakers for the Premier League, it is wise to immerse yourself in the intricacies of the competition before investing your hard-earned money. Keeping yourself up to date with the latest statistics pertaining to the Premier League is an advantage that should never be underestimated. Undoubtedly, this league is one of the most enthralling in the world, where outcomes are far from predictable as in some other countries. The home advantage, however, holds significant weight. The stadiums are buzzing hives, and visiting players often feel the intense pressure from the roaring fans, as there are no barriers to separate them. Therefore, betting on the favorites when they are playing at home can be particularly perilous. This is mainly due to the fact that the odds for such teams tend to be remarkably low.

Premier League clubs affiliated with gambling platforms as sponsors.

The realm of online gambling has found its home in the United Kingdom, earning it the reputation as a hub for betting websites. The evidence lies in the extensive list of sponsorships that English clubs proudly display. Nearly every team that participated in the 2018/19 Premier League season flaunts a partnership with a bookmaker, with the exceptions being Watford, Brighton, and Huddersfield. Notable among the prominent bookmakers operating in South Africa are Betway, who are aligned with West Ham; Bettabets, the proud partner of Arsenal; Chelsea's trusted companion William Hill, and SportPesa, who have forged connections with Everton and Southampton. A comprehensive list of other bookmakers can be found in the table provided below.

The Premier League teams and their betting partners have been updated for the 2018/19 season.
Arsenal Burnley
Chelsea Cardiff
Everton Crystal Palace
Fulham Leicester
Liverpool Southampton
Manchester City Watford
Manchester United Wolverhampton
Newcastle Bournemouth
Tottenham Brighton
West Ham Huddersfield

Operators not recommended

The Premier League presents an array of options for betting enthusiasts seeking the best operators, and interestingly, all of them hail from England. This occurrence is not a mere coincidence, but rather a testament to the superior expertise displayed by these bookmakers in terms of the variety of bets offered and the level of attention given to this esteemed league. In comparison to betting platforms in our own nation, their proficiency surpasses expectations. If you desire a comprehensive and gratifying betting experience, we wholeheartedly advise placing your trust in our discernment and opting for a British betting site. Conversely, for those with an affinity for South African football, we recommend exploring Sports Illustrated and Wazamba bets. As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," or in this case, "Wives and oxen of your country."

Discover interesting facts about placing bets on the English Premier League.

For those still craving knowledge about the Premier League, we present a delightful array of tidbits to satiate your curiosity. Here are three intriguing snippets related to wagering on the esteemed English tournament, handpicked just for you.

  • The Leicester logo
    Leicester: the unexpected underdog

    In England's 2015/2016 season, an extraordinary triumph unfolded when John Pryke, armed with sheer determination, defied the staggering 5000 to 1 odds laid out by 10bet. With an audacious £20 wager, he placed his faith in Leicester City's quest for the English championship. As the final whistle drew near, his anticipation grew, and with ten games remaining, he made a bold decision: to seize the opportunity and embrace the cashout. Choosing the path of prudence, he settled for an impressive £29,000, forever etching his name in the annals of sporting glory.

  • Grandfather celebrating winning a bet
    Grandparents and grandchildren

    In Great Britain, there have been instances where grandparents, having unwavering faith in their grandchildren's prowess in football, have triumphantly outsmarted the bookies. Such remarkable stories have unfolded more than once. Take, for instance, the case of Harry Wilson's grandfather, who emerged victorious with a staggering £125,000 windfall following his grandson's sensational debut for Wales back in 2013. Similarly, Lewis Cook's granddad made headlines five years later when he netted an impressive £20,000 by seizing the opportunity presented by his nephew's maiden appearance for England. These heartwarming tales serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of grandparents and the fortunes that can be won through unwavering belief and a little bit of luck.

  • Kenyan bettor Gordon Paul Ogada
    Kenyan individuals also engage in betting on the Premier League while enjoying the thrill of victory.

    The English top league, known as the Premier League, stands as the most popular and heavily wagered national championship across the globe. Remarkably, in South Africa, bets on this prestigious league account for an impressive 5.1% of all wagers placed. A captivating tale unfolded in Kenya, where Gordon Ogada achieved an extraordinary feat by placing a bet on the Premier League and subsequently clinching the highest payout ever witnessed in the country—a staggering 1.8 million euros in a single stroke of luck.

José Mourinho allenatore in Premier League

On August 14th, my utmost aspiration is to emerge victorious in the inaugural clash of the Premiership. Seizing that triumph would be an unparalleled accomplishment for our team, fueling our determination and setting the tone for an exceptional season ahead. Following this milestone, my subsequent goal is to secure triumph in the subsequent Premiership encounter on August 21st, thereby establishing a pattern of relentless victory and unwavering dedication. By persistently striving for excellence, we will forge an indomitable spirit that propels us towards an unrivaled level of success.


If you have any lingering uncertainties or queries regarding placing bets on the Premier League, do not hesitate to contact us directly via email at [email protected]. We are more than happy to address any concerns or provide further clarification.

If you already possess an account, would it be advantageous to sign up with a leading Premier League bookmaker?

To make the most of your online gaming experience, it's essential to recognize the pros and cons of each website. We highly advocate maintaining several active gaming accounts, enabling you to select the ideal bookie based on the bet or league you wish to stake in. Whether it's the thrilling Premier League or any other English league, we suggest opting for the finest bookies available. Diversifying your options ensures that you have access to top-notch bookmakers that cater specifically to your preferences and requirements. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of scoring big wins and enjoying a seamless betting journey.

Do the bookmakers you've mentioned also provide betting options for the Championship?

Of course! The array of recommended gambling platforms we present ensures a wide range of betting options. These platforms cater not only to the prestigious Premier League but also embrace the lower tiers of English football and various other leagues. In today's world, bookmakers have broadened their horizons by including even the most obscure leagues. It's the finer points that set them apart.

⌛ What are the primary future bets for the English league?

In the specialized section of this comprehensive guide to Premier League ante-post betting, we delve into the essence of these wagers, which predominantly revolve around determining the championship-winning team, the runner-up, the squads destined for relegation, and the leading scorer.

⚽ What is the potential prize money from betting on the Premier League?

Analyzing and comparing the payouts for wagers made on the English championship provides the solution to this query. By assessing this percentage, which measures the potential profit, we uncover that the potential returns are genuinely captivating, particularly for platforms such as Betway. Operators like Betway offer enticing opportunities for bettors, rendering the potential earnings highly appealing.

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