Direct your attention to Liga wagers: crucial details to keep in mind.

One of the most renowned and fiercely contested football leagues across the globe is the Spanish La Liga. Referred to officially as the Spanish Primera División, this league harbors the crème de la crème of football talent, with players representing top European teams. Similar to the Spanish national team's hegemony over soccer during a certain era, Spanish clubs have also left an indelible mark. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Seville, and Atletico Madrid, these La Liga powerhouses have triumphed as the most successful cup-winning teams in Europe over the last twenty years.

Delve into a plethora of personal and collective data, and you'll uncover a championship boasting an exceptional standard of skill, securing the top spot in the UEFA ranking. Take your pick from the menu at the top to explore various focal points or relish our comprehensive overview to embrace it all!

Our top picks for the best Liga betting sites.

Without further delay, let us delve into the vital aspect, the one that captivates both seasoned punters and novices venturing into the captivating realm of sports betting: which online bookmakers reign supreme when it comes to placing wagers on the prestigious Spanish league? There is no need to dawdle any further; the following names, showcased in the comprehensive table below, represent the crème de la crème - the Top 5 bookmakers to consider if your desire is to place astute bets on La Liga.

Top 5 online bookmakers that offer an unparalleled betting experience LaLiga

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Let's begin by exploring the remarkable five, the bookmakers that offer the most captivating probabilities, an extensive range of pre-game, individual match, and live betting choices. Additionally, they boast the most precise live section, equipped with live video broadcasts, and an exceptionally generous welcome bonus, alongside regular promotions tailored specifically for Spanish football enthusiasts. Once you've uncovered the extraordinary five, delve into our assessment of why they are regarded as the supreme Liga betting platforms. However, before we proceed, let's familiarize ourselves with the distinctive features of these websites.

The top 5 best bookmakers for La Liga in 2023 by category:
  • PariPesa - Numerous betting options are provided for La Liga matches.
  • William Hill – A top-notch mobile app for betting on La Liga matches.
  • Wazamba - A wide variety of promotional offers available for betting on La Liga.
  • Betwinner - Unbelievable betting opportunities in La Liga
  • Yesplay Place bets on La Liga matches using a wide range of payment options.

Our selection process for identifying the best bookmakers for La Liga.

The selection of the best 5 Liga bookmakers was not arbitrary, but rather a thoughtful process in which we carefully considered specific parameters that we deemed essential. Remarkably, the operators we have chosen have exceeded our expectations in meeting these criteria. We have detailed all the important aspects in the subsequent sections, allowing you to effortlessly navigate to the one that piques your interest the most using the convenient navigation element below.

Is it a sign of impeccable adherence to all parameters if a betting operator ranks in the Top 5 for La Liga? Well, not quite. True excellence can only be attained when a harmonious synergy is established among numerous factors. For instance, a generous payout should be accompanied by a diverse range of markets, or an exciting live section should be complemented by enticing promotional offers. Now, let's delve deeper into these essential aspects.

La Liga betting: seek out the most lucrative returns

In the realm of gambling, it is crucial to perceive it as nothing but a form of entertainment. Nevertheless, considering the fact that one can potentially increase their earnings through accurate predictions, there is no harm in pursuing such opportunities. Payouts play a pivotal role in determining the magnitude of one's potential winnings, and they are determined by employing a method known as the blackboard system, which we extensively discuss on our main page.

We've got you covered: the range of payouts from our handpicked bookmakers can be found in the handy table below. Rest assured that we've considered your needs and compiled the minimum and maximum payout values for your convenience.

The existence of recurrent promotional activities

If you're looking to foster loyalty among bettors, implementing a structured framework of regular promotions is the ultimate strategy for any bookmaker. On the Liga betting platforms, special offers await ardent Spanish football fans eagerly anticipating high-profile matches like the "Clàsico". It's worth noting that these periodic promotions, which are typically open to bets on the Liga, extend beyond just the "norm." Rest assured, finding the perfect offer for your needs won't pose a challenge. Curious about promotions in general? Explore our bonus page for a comprehensive understanding of all things promotional.

Placing bets on La Liga matches can also be done in real-time.

The live schedule of top .it operators must include the highly esteemed Spanish championship. Therefore, the distinction among betting platforms on Liga is influenced by seemingly insignificant facets that hold great importance. Explore the intricacies of in-play betting on our exclusive live betting page, where the finest bookmakers are those who can offer an extensive array of markets alongside comprehensive and up-to-date statistics, accompanied by real-time scores for timely updates. The inclusion of video streaming only enhances the overall experience, enabling you to watch the match you have placed your bets on.

The variety of markets available for selection

In today's era, bettors are not content with simply predicting the outcome of a match or identifying the top goal scorer. They crave the thrill of making more diverse and exhilarating predictions, such as the number of corners or the first player to receive a cautionary yellow card. These various betting options, known as markets, present a plethora of choices for gamblers. When avid gamblers decide to place their bets on the Liga, they are presented with an impressive selection of approximately 100 markets to choose from. This substantial number ensures their satisfaction, irrespective of whether they access the bookmaker through a desktop or a mobile device. With the exponential surge in the number of players opting for mobile devices for their betting activities, it is crucial for this number to remain consistent across both platforms. We delve deeper into mobile apps on our dedicated page, providing insights on these convenient betting tools.

Predictions for La Liga Betting

When the La Liga season is about to commence, utilizing betting tips can prove to be highly profitable. With the upcoming season featuring 20 competitive teams from 12 August 2022 to 4 June 2023, the task of selecting winners requires both skill and experience. Reigning La Liga champions, Real Madrid, hold the advantage of their previous Champions League victory. However, due to the multitude of exceptional teams participating, identifying a potential winner this time around will undoubtedly present a challenge.

Get ready for an exhilarating season of La Liga that will captivate both sports aficionados and betting enthusiasts. The race for the top spots is intense, as the four leading clubs secure coveted berths in the Champions League. Meanwhile, the fifth-placed team seizes an opportunity to shine in the Europa League, while the sixth-ranked club showcases their skills in the Conference League. If you're eager to make astute wagers and emerge victorious this season, don't miss out on these invaluable tips that will pave the way to successful bets in La Liga!

To successfully generate profits through betting on La Liga matches, it is vital to acquaint yourself with the Spanish football league system. At the conclusion of each season, the Segunda Division welcomes three teams that have garnered the fewest points in La Liga, whereas the higher echelons of football embrace those situated atop the league standings. Familiarizing yourself with this intricate hierarchy can grant you invaluable foresight in formulating your betting strategies.

La Liga Betting Predictions

Betting Tips for La Liga in Spain

La Liga, renowned for its global popularity among players and fans, continues to captivate the audience with its thrilling progress. Betting enthusiasts seeking monetary gains from this competitive league can greatly benefit from valuable tips. These tips serve as a compass, guiding punters towards making informed decisions by choosing specific teams and grasping the art of distinguishing underdogs from favorites. With an array of expert advice at their disposal, bettors can strategically place successful wagers on exhilarating La Liga matches.

  • Be sure to check the match date before placing your bet. This will help you stay updated on when the game will occur and, more importantly, enable you to monitor the recent performance of the teams involved, which can greatly influence your betting choices.
  • It is crucial to take into account the timing of the match. Understanding the usual schedule of each team's games and its potential impact on their performance is key. Conduct thorough research on the start and end times of each game to formulate an informed betting approach.
  • Conduct thorough research on the teams you have chosen.
  • Observe the current performance of players and consider their previous achievements or shortcomings.
  • Examine momentum thoughtfully and comprehend recent managerial choices.
  • Compare the odds offered by various bookmakers.
  • Before placing a bet, ensure that you check the latest updates on team news.
  • The ratings of a tipster provide insights into their past performance and level of success. The higher the ratings, the more trustworthy and precise their recommendations are expected to be. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research before relying on any betting tips.

Stay one step ahead of the game by familiarizing yourself with essential La Liga betting advice as the season unfolds. Make well-informed betting decisions by considering various factors such as the latest odds, recent performances, team updates, and previous head-to-head encounters. Armed with a vast pool of insights and expertise, you have every opportunity to elevate your betting experience in the La Liga. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource – seize the moment and elevate your game!

When it comes to wagering on La Liga soccer matches, there are several crucial pointers and recommendations to bear in mind. If you're betting within Spain, ensure that you have access to the most exceptional bookmaker on the market. Seek out special offers, including improved odds or cashback deals, that can enhance your betting experience. Although the bookmaker's odds may yield the greatest profits for La Liga bets, it's also important to factor in elements such as recent performance and player injuries. Lastly, exercise caution when placing bets - refrain from pursuing losses and steer clear of external influences that may sway your decision-making.

La Liga Favorites & Betting Odds

If you're placing bets on the La Liga, a smart move would be to support Real Madrid as the frontrunners in their quest to defend their title. Led by Manager Ancelotti, the team has bolstered their roster with the acquisitions of Tchouameni and Rudiger, who together with Karim Benzema form a formidable force. With these new additions, Real Madrid possesses everything they need to safeguard their triumph in the Spanish league.

When it comes to the summer transfer window, both teams have spared no expense in bolstering their squads. Barcelona has made some impressive acquisitions, securing the services of Xavi, Raphinha, Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen, and Robert Lewandowski. Atletico, on the other hand, has also made significant signings, including Luis Suarez, Geoffrey Kongdobia, and Jose Gimenez. With these formidable reinforcements at their disposal, these two teams should undoubtedly be at the forefront of your considerations when placing bets on La Liga matches.

When seeking alternatives, one need not search far, for Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, and Sevilla present themselves as formidable contenders. These three clubs possess the potential to unsettle the hegemony of the top two Spanish teams. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the forthcoming season shall witness yet another fierce clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid as they vie for the championship.

When considering La Liga betting, the leading trio comprises Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid presently boasts the most favorable odds at 2.06, trailed by Barcelona at 2.37, and Atletico Madrid at 6.37. Despite higher odds, alternative esteemed teams like Sevilla and Villarreal, with odds of 16.51 and 44.55 respectively, warrant contemplation when deliberating upon La Liga match wagers.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the top-notch wagering advice on La Liga. It's essential to stay updated with the latest odds since they might fluctuate prior to the commencement of the La Liga season.

List of Previous La Liga Champions

League Season Winner Runner-Up Third Place
2021-22 Real Madrid Barcelona Atlético Madrid
2020-21 Atlético Madrid Real Madrid Barcelona
2023-20 Real Madrid Barcelona Atlético Madrid
2018-19 Barcelona Atlético Madrid Real Madrid
2017-18 Barcelona Atlético Madrid Real Madrid
2016-17 Real Madrid Barcelona Atlético Madrid
2015-16 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2014-15 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2013-14 Atlético Madrid Barcelona Real Madrid
2012-13 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2011-12 Real Madrid Barcelona Valencia
2010-11 Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia
2009-10 Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia
2008-09 Barcelona Real Madrid Sevilla
2007-08 Real Madrid Villareal Barcelona

Placing bets on La Liga: the markets with the highest demand

Once you've been with us this far, it's likely that you've grasped our methodology for selecting the top-rated bookmakers for the Liga. But now it's time to delve into a fresh subject, exploring the most widely favored wagering options for the Spanish championship, specifically focusing on statistical analysis and data. We'll kick things off by presenting a range of figures and bets associated with individual matches, before shifting our attention to long-term ante-post bets. Prepare yourself for a comprehensive look into the realm of Spanish football betting.

Bets in the Liga carried out in individual match format.

We'll begin by delving into the wagers associated with the individual matches comprising each day of the Spanish league, just as we promised. While there exists an extensive array of approximately one hundred markets, numerous of these are essentially derived from a few fundamental bet types. In the subsequent sections, our primary emphasis will be on a selection of these markets, predominantly highlighting the statistical aspects pertaining to the Liga. For a deeper understanding of how these markets operate, kindly refer to our dedicated football betting page. As for the finest bookmaker for the Liga, you will find it conveniently listed in the box below!

Three football players contrasting during a game and the Betwinner logo
The best for La Liga

Plenty of betting options across various markets, consistently refreshed promotions on offer.

Bonus up to 100€

Should we expect more victories at home, on the road, or an equal number of draws?

The undeniable truth lies within the statistics of the 2020/21 season's 1X2 market, where one must predict the victor of a Liga match. Surpassing all, the home team emerged victorious in over 41% of the matches played in the championship. Although by a slim margin, away wins outnumbered draws, presenting a noteworthy contrast to betting markets such as Ligue 1. In Spain, settling for a mere point is not always the norm.

Home Team Victory

Among the total seasonal results, the occurrence of the numeral "1" was recorded 158 times, making up approximately 41.58% of the occurrences.


Out of the total results in the 2020/21 season, the draw manifested itself on 109 occasions, accounting for approximately 28.68% of the matches.

Away Team Victory

There were 113 instances where the visiting team emerged victorious, constituting 29.74% of the overall outcomes.

Statistics for the Goal/No Goal market

During the 2020/21 La Liga season, there were instances where the "Gol" sign was seen, although its occurrence was relatively limited. This indicates that in the majority of cases, both teams managed to score during the game, leading to frequent result turnarounds. This statistic can be compared to Serie A betting, serving as a noteworthy factor to take into account. It further affirms the widely held perception that Spanish league matches are consistently characterized by an open and attacking style of play.

La Liga and the Over/Under betting market

When it comes to the Under/Over (2.5) market, a bet that involves predicting whether the number of goals scored will exceed or fall short of a predetermined threshold, the Liga demonstrates a distinct pattern in the 2020/21 season. It shows a significant inclination, nearly thirteen percentage points, towards the "Under" sign. This suggests that defenses in the Liga perform admirably, rarely leaving gaps for opposing attackers to exploit. This sets Spain apart from the Bundesliga in terms of betting trends in this particular market.

Antepost bets

Now, let's shift our attention to more strategic wagers, commonly known as antepost wagers. These particular bets revolve around the ultimate results of the championship, such as the teams that will emerge as winners or face relegation. In our football markets section, we have a dedicated segment that offers an extensive explanation of these bets, providing you with all the necessary details. However, in this section, we will focus primarily on analyzing antepost bets concerning the Liga, taking into account valuable statistical insights.

The champion of the Spanish league

In recent times, the quest for supremacy in Spain has transformed the championship into a captivating spectacle rather than a monotonous affair, with the dominating forces of Barcelona and Real Madrid occasionally having their reign disrupted by Atletico Madrid. Currently, it is the valiant Colchoneros hailing from Madrid (depicted here is their emblem, ed), led by the astute "Cholo" Simeone on the sidelines and the formidable Suarez on the pitch, who proudly hold the coveted trophy, marking their eleventh triumph in their illustrious history. The prospect of witnessing other teams ascend the Spanish throne seems challenging to fathom, resulting in significantly diminished odds for any contenders outside the top two. Nevertheless, venturing a preseason wager on a dark horse like Valencia during the 2003/2004 season could potentially yield substantial rewards.

The battle for the runner-up position

Reading the season in advance can yield substantial profits, especially when it comes to predicting who will claim the runner-up spot in the Liga. This exciting and widely followed game is fueled by the intense competition between the three aforementioned teams, as well as the underdogs Valencia and Sevilla, making the market exceptionally captivating. In the 2020/21 season, Real Madrid's Blancos secured the second position, despite enduring internal controversies that ultimately led to Coach Zidane's departure. Remarkably, they trailed the top spot by a mere two points in one of the most evenly balanced seasons ever. By excluding the dominant forces of the Liga, astute bettors can find lucrative odds and maximize their potential profits.

Relegations, a marketplace for the utmost cynics.

It's a captivating and cut-throat game to predict which three teams will face relegation to the Segunda División, necessitating a deep understanding of the Liga's participating teams. In the previous season of 2020/21, the dishonorable distinction was attained by Eibar, a team hailing from Basque region (depicted in their emblem) along with Real Valladolid and Huesca. Placing bets on the recently promoted teams might prove fruitful, provided that you diligently monitor the summer transfer market's developments. As we look ahead to the forthcoming 2023/22 season, Espanyol and Mallorca will claim the coveted direct promotions to Liga.

The coveted honor of Pichichi, awarded to the highest goal scorer

There's no need to beat around the bush: it is the forwards, the ones who find the back of the net most frequently, that truly ignite the passion of supporters. Anticipating who will claim the coveted title of the season's leading scorer, or "el pichichi" as they say in Spanish, is an exhilarating and fiercely debated notion. In the 2020/21 campaign, the exceptional Leo Messi clinched the accolade with a remarkable tally of 30 goals, including 3 from the penalty spot, leaving his closest competitor, Karim Benzema, trailing behind with a respectable 23 strikes. It appears that the Argentinian "Flea" now stands unparalleled, with the departure of Ronaldo to Juventus.

Fresh updates on La Liga sports events

Placing bets on La Liga: insights regarding the championship.

Short league
The headquarters of La Liga
First name: The top-tier football league in Spain is known as "Primera División" or "La Liga".
Site: Madrid
Foundation year 1928
Sponsors: Santander
Number of teams: 20
Champions League teams: 4
Participating Clubs in the Europa League: 3
Relegated teams: 3

La Liga, also referred to as the Primera División, stands as Spain's most prestigious and vital football league. Established in 1928, it follows the traditional single round-robin "all'italiana" format, featuring home and away fixtures. A total of 20 teams participate in this fierce competition. An intriguing change was implemented in the 2018/2023 season: the top four teams in the standings secure a direct entry into the group stage of the esteemed Champions League. Gone are the days when teams had to endure the playoffs before progressing further.

In the Europa League, the fifth-ranked team and the champion of the Copa del Rey both earn a chance to compete (directly in the group stage), alongside the sixth-ranked team, who will have to go through the preliminary rounds. For nearly four decades, it has been a tradition for the winner of the Primera División and the victor of the Copa del Rey to clash in August, battling for the prestigious Supercopa de España.

In Spain's Liga, there are three teams that will face direct relegation, unlike Germany where they have the playout system. When it comes to the transfer market, there are no surprises as it follows the standard pattern seen in other prominent European leagues, with separate sessions for summer and winter. The first session concludes just a day prior to the official commencement of the tournament. Holding a strong position at the top of the UEFA ranking, the Spanish Liga is recognized as one of the most competitive and highly regarded national competitions in Europe.

The LFP (Liga de Fútbol Profesional), an organization responsible for organizing both the Primera División and the Segunda tournaments, takes charge of managing the tournament sponsorships and the TV rights. In the season of 2008/2009, in a move driven by sponsorship motives, the tournament was officially named LaLiga BBVA. However, when the contract with Banco Bilbao Vizkaya Argentaria expired in the season of 2016/2017, a new commercial name for the competition was introduced, and it became known as LaLiga Santander.

The stadiums of the Liga 2023/24 on Youtube

Information and statistics regarding the teams in La Liga.

Finding statistics for a renowned tournament such as the Spanish championship is undoubtedly effortless with the vast resources available on the internet. Nevertheless, to assist you in making informed bets on La Liga, we have meticulously crafted a collection of paragraphs delving into the analysis of various team statistical data. Within these paragraphs, we explore an array of records and delve into the illustrious trophy cabinet of the premier football competition in the Iberian Peninsula. Rest assured, our comprehensive breakdown will equip you with the necessary insights to navigate the intriguing world of La Liga betting.

The teams that have achieved the highest level of success in Spain.

Real Madrid, the undisputed rulers of Spanish football, have triumphed in an impressive 34 championships, making them the most successful team in the country. Close on their heels is Barcelona, with a commendable tally of 26 titles, while Atletico Madrid, the other formidable team from the capital, boasts an admirable 11 championships. It is worth noting that Simeone's Colchoneros currently hold the prestigious title of reigning champions. These three powerhouses, often referred to as the "magnificent three," have dominated the Spanish league for several years, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

The squads with the highest number of Spanish championship victories.
Squad Logo league won Site Foundation
Real Madrid 34 Valdebebas Park, located in Madrid at Parque de Valdebebas, 28055, 28042. 1902
Barcelona 26 Onze de Setembre, street number s/n, postal code 08970, Sant Joan Despí, located in Barcelona. 1899
Atletico Madrid 11 Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, 67, Madrid 28005 1886
Athletic Bilbao 8 Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 23, Bilbo, Bizkaia, 48009 1898
Valencia 6 de Suècia, s/n, 46010 Valencia -> Valencia, 46010, Spain, on de Suècia Street 1919
Real Sociedad 2 Anoeta Pasalekua, 1, 20014 Donostia, Gipuzkoa is the address of a location. 1909
Betis Sevilla 1 de la Palmera, s/n, Seville, 41012 1907
Seville 1 Address: 18-20 Calle Pastor y Landero, Seville, 41001. 1890
Deportivo la Coruña 1 Rua Manuel Murguía, S/N, 15011 A Coruna 1906

La Liga clubs with the largest fan bases

We have an intriguing fact to share with you regarding betting on Liga at Сomeon. It pertains to the clubs that boast the highest proportion of supporters. Surprisingly, the top three positions remain unchanged, with Real Madrid clinching gold, closely followed by Barcelona, and Atletico securing the bronze. Nevertheless, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao have also garnered impressive results, as depicted in the accompanying visual representation.

A histogram with the 10 Liga teams with the most fans

The prime team records in La Liga hold significant importance.

Discover the captivating details of the football world that lie beyond the ordinary. Delve into the realm of consecutive triumphs, unyielding teams that have never tasted relegation. Or perhaps you yearn to unravel the secrets of the goal-scoring maestros and uncover the guardians of impenetrable defense. Step into a world of intrigue and excitement as you explore the contents of the five enigmatic azure boxes, where revelations and unexpected marvels await your curiosity.

Go back to the list of top bookmakers.

The exceptional victors of the Spanish football league, La Liga.

Now, turning our attention to the real stars of the game, let's dive into the world of champions who never fail to ignite the passion of fans. In the following sections, we will delve into the finest athletes who have graced the Spanish arenas, irrespective of their current status, providing you with invaluable records and statistics that can greatly enhance your betting experience in the Liga.

The highest achievers over the past 5 years

Barcelona has held the prestigious title of "Pichichi" for the past five seasons, dominating the conversation in this elite circle. Within this realm, it has been an uninterrupted monologue for Leo Messi, with only one exception occurring six seasons ago when the formidable Luis Suarez momentarily silenced him. With CR7's transition to the South African league, there emerged a sole ruler, leaving Benzema to annually challenge the throne in his quest for glory.

The top scorers in La Liga over the past five years.
Season Player Membership team Goals scored Coming in second place in the rankings
2020/21 Lionel Messi Barcelona 30 Benzema (Real Madrid), 23
Moreno (Villareal), 23
2023/20 Lionel Messi Barcelona 25 Benzema (Real Madrid), 21
2018/19 Lionel Messi Barcelona 36 Benzema (Real Madrid), 21
2017/18 Lionel Messi Barcelona 34 Ronaldo (Real Madrid), 26
2016/17 Lionel Messi Barcelona 37 Suarez (Barcelona), 29

The top performers in La Liga.

In the realm of Spanish football, the league showcases a multitude of exceptional talents, particularly within its three most esteemed clubs. Picking a mere 5 individuals becomes an arduous task, yet after extensive deliberation among our knowledgeable panel, we have opted to highlight the names encapsulated within the distinctive blue boxes below. It is worth noting that this selection is by no means definitive, as there are other luminaries to consider, such as the remarkable Diego Costa.

  • Lionel Messi
    "The Flea," Spain's rightful sovereign.

    Following Cristiano Ronaldo's departure to Juventus, Lionel Messi, the renowned Barcelona forward, has emerged as the epitome of the Liga. With an astonishing tally of 472 goals, Messi solidifies his status as the most prolific player in the Primera División throughout history. His remarkable achievements have made him the face of Spanish football, showcasing his unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication on the field.

  • Luis Suárez 
    A forward possessing an innate ability to exploit and disrupt opposing defenses.

    Luis Suárez, a prominent figure in the Spanish league, is known for his years spent alongside Messi at Atletico Madrid in 2020/21. He emerged as the sole challenger to the Messi/Ronaldo duopoly in the Pichichi title during the 2015/2016 season, asserting his prowess as a striker. Additionally, Suárez played a vital role in Atletico Madrid's triumphant campaign, which resulted in them clinching the championship.

  • Antoine Griezmann
    A citizen of France in the royal court of Spain.

    Antoine Griezmann, the renowned French striker who achieved glory as a World Cup victor alongside his compatriots, made a resolute move to Barcelona during the 2023/20 campaign. With a career primarily rooted in Spain, he emerged from the ranks of Real Sociedad's youth system, ultimately becoming an emblematic figure for Atletico Madrid.

  • Karim Benzema
    Numerous objectives and exceptional football acumen

    For years, Karim Benzema, the prominent French center-forward of Real Madrid, has personified the essence of Spanish football, albeit often finding himself in the shadow of Messi or Ronaldo. With his relentless goal-scoring prowess and astute understanding of his position, he has become an indispensable asset to his team.

  • Sergio Ramos
    Impressive charm, yet not without a hint of excessive ruggedness.

    Sergio Ramos, the esteemed leader of Real Madrid, holds a polarizing position within La Liga. While adored by the fervent merengues supporters, he is simultaneously despised by rival fan bases due to his controversial conduct on the pitch. One such instance etched in memory is his infamous takedown of Salah during the 2018 Champions League final, an action that pushed the boundaries of fair play.

The symbolic figures of the recent seasons

Selecting the legends of the past two decades in La Liga has been a challenging task, considering the plethora of top-tier players who have graced the Iberian pitches. Our criteria revolved around players who not only exhibited prolonged presence in the league but also possessed an innate ability to score goals while exuding a winning mentality. In the ensuing table, you will discover the chosen football icons, whose fame extends even to South Africa and beyond. Rest assured, these names are well-acquainted with the limelight.

The tales of the Spanish Premier League over the past two decades have been nothing short of legendary.
Player Seasons within the League Participations in the League Tournaments won Goals scored in the Spanish League.
Cristiano Ronaldo 9 292 2 311
Raul 16 550 6 228
Iniesta 16 442 9 35
Ronaldinho 5 145 2 70
Zinedine Zidane 5 155 1 37

La Liga players who have achieved personal milestones

Discover the extensive repertoire of records in the Spanish La Liga, encompassing appearances, unbeaten streaks, goals scored, and red cards received. Delve into the next five captivating blue boxes, where a treasure trove of statistical achievements awaits. Prepare to be enthralled as you unravel the remarkable feats accomplished by both past and present players. Uncover a mix of long-standing records, as well as those that remain within reach, held by active players who continue to push the boundaries of excellence. Embark on a journey through the annals of Spanish football and witness the evolution of these remarkable records.

  • Andoni Zubizarreta
    The individual who holds the record for the most appearances

    Andoni Zubizarreta, the esteemed goalkeeper, holds the remarkable record for the highest number of appearances in La Liga. Throughout his illustrious career spanning from 1981 to 1998, donning the kits of Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, and Valencia, Zubizarreta graced the pitch an astonishing 622 times. His outstanding achievement surpasses that of Joaquin Sanchez, the esteemed captain of Betis, who currently follows closely behind with a commendable tally of 571 appearances.

  • Abel Resino Gómez
    An unbeatable goalkeeper

    Abel Resino Gómez, the talented goalie for Atletico Madrid, achieved an extraordinary feat in the Spanish Liga. From November 25, 1990, to March 17, 1991, he displayed unmatched prowess by safeguarding his goal for an astounding 1275 minutes without conceding a single goal. This remarkable record solidifies Abel Resino Gómez's place in football history and exemplifies his exceptional skills as a goalkeeper.

  • Lionel Messi
    A genuine scorer of goals

    Could anyone other than Lionel Messi embody the position of the greatest goal-scorer of all time in La Liga? At present, the Argentine forward reigns supreme with an astonishing 472 goals scored in 517 matches played, boasting an exceptional average of 0.91 goals per game. With such remarkable achievements, Messi undeniably secures his place as the Pichichi or leading scorer in the history of La Liga.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Scoring in sets of three

    Cristiano Ronaldo, boasting an impressive Spanish career, has secured the top spot in La Liga's hat-trick leaderboard, notching an astounding 38 hat-tricks. Surpassing him closely is none other than Leo Messi, who has notched an admirable 33 hat-tricks. With an abundance of opportunities in the upcoming season, Messi stands a chance to catch up and potentially overtake the legendary CR7.

  • Sergio Ramos
    A player affiliated with the "reds"

    Sergio Ramos, the active Madrid defender, holds the record for the highest number of dismissals in La Liga history. Throughout his career in the championship, he has accumulated an astounding 26 "red cards," solidifying his place as the most expelled player in the league. Notably, among the top ten players in this ranking, Ramos is the sole participant who is still actively competing in the league.

The connection between La Liga and the world of sports betting

The Spanish Liga has a rich history that dates back to the late 1920s. Alongside this storied league, the world of betting has also played a significant role, with a longstanding connection that can be traced back to 1946. It was in this year that the Quiniela, Spain's equivalent of the Totocalcio, made its debut, marking the beginning of a new era. Over the years, this relationship has undergone numerous changes and advancements. To illustrate this, take a look at the image below which highlights the key milestones. Notably, it becomes apparent that the introduction of online betting arrived slightly later for our Mediterranean counterparts compared to South Africa.

The four most important stages in the history of La Liga


Key aspects to consider when placing bets on La Liga matches.

Here are some recommendations to enhance your informed betting experience in Liga. The statistics we have presented indicate a clear trend: the title race has become a three-way battle, occasionally with the potential for underdogs like Valencia or Sevilla to challenge the favorites. This insight can be valuable, especially for antepost bets. If you're feeling ambitious, consider placing your wagers on an underestimated team and crossing your fingers for a remarkable season from them.

If you have a deep passion for markets that revolve around the thrill of betting on the number of goals, then La Liga is undeniably the perfect choice for you. From a technical standpoint, this Spanish championship showcases a mesmerizing display of beautiful football, placing an emphasis on the attacking phase rather than constructing defensive walls. With an array of skillful players and teams that possess an innate ability to find the back of the net, La Liga promises an exhilarating experience for football enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled betting adventure.

La Liga teams and the companies they collaborate with for betting purposes

In contrast to the various leagues we have analyzed, it is undoubtedly true that La Liga currently boasts the most extensive array of business alliances between clubs and internet-based betting platforms. At this very moment, an impressive number of ten teams, constituting precisely half of the league, have opted to collaborate with a bookmaker for promotional endeavors. These initiatives range from prominently displaying the bookie's name on the players' jerseys to discreetly featuring their presence on the advertising boards surrounding the pitch. The table provided below presents the latest information, which is updated until the year 2023.

La Liga teams and their partners in the betting industry.
Alaves Huesca
Athletic Bilbao Leganés
Atletico Madrid Levant
Barcelona Rayo Vallecano
Betis real Madrid
Celt Vigo Real Sociedade
Eibar Seville
Espanyol Valencia
Getafe Real Valladolid
Girona Villarreal

Bookmakers that are not specialized in La Liga

Trust our selection! We presented you with the Top 5 operators in our comprehensive guide to betting on La Liga. We carefully chose these bookmakers for several compelling reasons. However, you might wonder if popular betting sites like, where you might already have an account, would be a suitable option. Well, the answer to this query is subjective. Each bettor has their unique preferences and seeks platforms that cater to their specific requirements. Nevertheless, what we can guarantee is that the bookies we have handpicked provide the most enticing offerings for the Spanish championship. So, rely on our expertise and make the most of our recommended choices!

Additional details regarding La Liga gambling.

Discover a trove of captivating facts and figures to fuel your La Liga predictions. Brace yourself for the riveting realm of sports betting, where fascinating tales and intriguing tidbits abound. In our unwavering commitment to keep you informed, we proudly unveil three enlightening vignettes nestled within informative panels below, each shedding light on the intertwined tapestry of the Spanish league and the captivating world of wagers.

Soccer coach Carlo Ancelotti

Every coach with a sense of honor should, at some point in their career, have the privilege of coaching the prestigious Real Madrid. Being the largest and most renowned club globally, it offers an unparalleled and exceptional opportunity that holds immense value. This remarkable experience, despite the chance of dismissal, is undeniably awe-inspiring and one that should be embraced wholeheartedly.


If you have any queries regarding placing bets on La Liga or if there are any aspects of our guide that you found unconvincing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our dedicated team of operators will make it a priority to address your concerns and provide you with the necessary assistance in a timely manner.

Which are the top online gambling platforms for the Spanish football league?

In our ranking of betting sites for La Liga, the top three contenders are William Hill, Wazamba, and Betwinner. However, when it comes to the noteworthy aspects of these five operators, all of them excel in terms of quality. This is particularly evident in the remarkable payout values and exclusive promotions they offer for the tournament.

Is it possible for me to place bets on the Copa del Rey as well?

Absolutely, you can definitely find the Spanish championship available at the majority of online bookmakers. This means you have the opportunity to not only place bets on the eventual winner of the entire tournament, but also engage in traditional bets for individual matches within this esteemed Iberian competition. So, whether you're looking to predict the ultimate victor or simply wager on a thrilling showdown, the Spanish championship offers a multitude of exciting betting options that cater to every preference.

What is the total number of relegations in La Liga?

As mentioned in the dedicated section of this comprehensive guide on La Liga, the Spanish championship imposes three direct relegations. In the previous season of 2023/20, the unfortunate teams that faced relegation were Espanyol, Leganés, and Mallorca. Delving into the fundamental details about La Liga, this informative section sheds light on the consequences faced by clubs unable to maintain their position in the top tier of Spanish football.

⚡ How many betting options are available for the Spanish league?

Ranked highest by UEFA, La Liga stands as the most prestigious league in Europe. Consequently, it comes as no shock that bookmakers showcase an extensive array of betting options for its matches. Our research indicates that the Iberian championship typically offers an impressive selection of over 100 betting markets, making it incredibly captivating for bettors.

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